List of Best Adsense Revenue Sharing Websites

Adsense Money Revenue Sharing

Adsense Revenue Sharing
Adsense Revenue Sharing

List of Best Adsense Revenue Sharing Websites:

Work From Home Forums

Digital Point Forums – Search Engine Optimization and Marketing forum – 50%
Pakeeza Anchal - Fashion Directory for baclinks and SEO
Domain Name Portal
– Domain name forum – 20-50%
Free Forum Hosting
– Forum hosting and support – 50%
– Webmaster forum, SERP and SEO forums – 50%
International Domain Names
– 50%
Internet Marketing Forum
– Marketing and advertising – 50%
Name Pros
– Buy, sell, and discuss domain names – 50%
Revenue Source – Advertising discussion site – Unknown
SEO Meeting
– SEO, webmaster forum – 100%
The Webmaster Forum
– Webmaster forum – 50%
Total Web Talk Forum
– Webmaster forum – 50%
– SEO, webmaster, affiliate – 100%
– Webmaster forum – 100%
Webmaster Talk
– is a webmaster discussion forum – 50%
– A webmaster discussion forum – 40/10%
WebTalk Forums
– WTF webmaster forum – 70%
Whooked Forum
- Webmaster, SEO, etc – 80%

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Article Directories:

Article Trader – Free articles for your site – 50%Articles Revenue – Write articles for them – 100% *reduced later unknown percentageDotNetSpider – Tutorial, articles, etc – – User submitted advice and guidance articles – 40 to 55%MeshPlex – Tutorial Database – 100%Scratch Projects - Write articles – $50 per article, plus 50%Share Your Expertise – An information sharing community – 100%

Blogging: Cybersist
EverythingMom.comBlogEvolve - Blogging community – 50%Blogger Party – A blogging community that shares Adsense advertising revenue – 50%Writing Campus – Blogging community – 70%


SoundChilds – Music sales, forum – 90-95%

Rating Sites:

RateItAll – Consumer ratings and reviews – 50%
Music Nerds – CD Review Site – 100%


Simpy (bookmarking)
Rummage4Money (search) (opinions) (social networking) (document creation) (classified ads) (classified ads) (IT Q&A) (tips) (tutorial wiki)


Dosh Dosh – Invite only revenue sharing community – Unknown

Free Ads with Adsense Revenue Sharing – Interesting link building venture – Unknown

FunAdvice – Advice and answers site – Unknown

Google Earth Hacks – Google Earth hacks forum – 75%

Hub Pages Publish information on a topic you love to write about – 10% (oh boy!)

Trend Hunter Report trends that you find – 100% New!

Senserely Yours – An entire community based around sharing Adsense Revenue – Unknown

That’s Pretty Dumb – Highlighting the stupidest things businesses do to us – 100%QooForum – A general forum about anything and everything – 50%- 75%

You Say Too – Revenue Sharing Community – 50%

Home Improvement:

eFloor Plan – Home Improvement – 60%

News: – Microsoft .NET information, links, community – 50% – Tracking the best of the Irish web – 50%

Value Investing News – Investor powered stock market news – 50%

Social Networking:

Google Knol – Wikipedia-like site by Google – 100%

FriendTrain – social media site – Unknown

Lensroll – Directory of Squidoo pages – 50%

Squidoo - An excellent social media site – Shares revenue based upon various criteria *

very good source of revenue!

Qassia – Articles Submission and social media – 100% New!

Tagfoot - Excellent social bookmarking site – 50%+New!

Xomba - Make posts, share links with other Xomba users – 50%


Golf Nation – Golf, Golf, and more Golf – 75%

I Gotta Rant – Sports, Music, etc – 50%The Sand Trap – More Golf – 50%

IT, Tech-related:Kernel Trap
– Kernel development and news – 80%

Scratch – Write Programming Tutorials for them – 50%

SpiceFuse Forums General computer forum – 75%

Tech Support Humor – Tech support humor site – 100%

Technology Parent – Info for parents about technology – 50%

Video and Photo:

Flixya – Share videos, photos, and blogs – 100%

Free Range Stock – Stock photo directory – 80%

Howcast - Video sharing – 50%

Rever – Video sharing – 50% – Photo directory for aspiring photographers – 100% – Free image hosting – 100%

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shaf_prince 6 years ago Author

Thanks for the List

Silver Poet profile image

Silver Poet 6 years ago from the computer of a midwestern American writer

You must have worked a long time to test and post all these links. Thanks.

thevoice profile image

thevoice 6 years ago from carthage ill

amazing hub great explanation

hotshan profile image

hotshan 6 years ago

Gr8 work by the Gr8 Hubber of Hubpages.....keep marching on....

amazingshaf profile image

amazingshaf 6 years ago from Hyderabad

Really Cool Hub I got all the Adsense Revenue Sahring Websites here.....Thanks You Very Much

weiliang 6 years ago

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deepakkumaarr 6 years ago

i to have some list of Google AdSence Revenue Sharing Sites

wsrinivasu 6 years ago

i have a list and i will give prove throug support where you are living .my mai````````` my mobile number 09298603241

MK Maran 6 years ago

very useful list. you must have spent a lot of time to get this much information. keep it up!

MK Maran 6 years ago

I really appreciate your work :)

adsense 5 years ago

Most of them do not work right now --2011. Here is the best cool adsense revenue sharing sites list for earning real adsense $$$

shaf_prince 5 years ago Author

All of them are working

DonDaSh 4 years ago

hi thanks for ur efforts its rly good information and i would like to add my experience i recently had with adsense sharing site

when i was exploring on internet i found this site : , it`s new , but imo its the best offering site , i got account and put my google adsense code in my panel , it`s offer adsense revenue sharing 100% ,

No restrictions, no conditions,

this site for short links ,

just saying : try ur luck in it for more money ,

after i short my link and used it . i forgot about this site , after 2 days i look on my adsense account ,

result : page views : 763 , Clicks : 60 , Estimated earnings : 58 $

when day ended i was surprised when i saw this : Estimated earnings : 104 $

GERALD100 profile image

GERALD100 4 years ago

Um .Where do I add my adsense code on

thegadgets 4 years ago

Please update list again. Few of sites are now no revenue sharing. e.g flixya

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