Amazing facts about animals !

Ostrich -A bird that can't fly

The sight of an ostrich striding across the African plains is a striking one. With an impressive height of 9 feet,the bird stands taller than an average man!It is native to Africa and largest ,and the largest and the heaviest living bird in the world.Even though ostrich can't fly ,their wings are surprisingly strong .Ostrich use their wings for aggressive display and courtship rituals.They have a small head ; a long downy neck and a plumpĀ  body covered with soft feathers .Males in contrast have bright white and black plumage while females are fairly uniform in colour ,with earthy gray-brown plumage.Its eyes are bigger than an entire humming bird.Ostrich are fast runners and can easily outpace most pursuers,such as lion and leopards.

One ostrich egg equals up to 24 hen's eggs.And it takes approximately 2 hours to boil !A female ostrich shows remarkable ability to recognize her own eggs even when mixed in with those of other female ostrich eggs

Gorilla beating a chest


  • Gorillas beat their chest to release tension

How is baby kangaroo born?

Before giving birth to a baby ,mother kangaroo squats down and lick her pouch and fur down to her birth opening ,a tiny inch long embryo appears and crawls slowly up her wet fur towards the pouch In three minutes it has climbed in and quickly closed its mouth over one of the nipples .The tip swells inside its mouth and holds its securely within the pouch while it is being suckled

How can a chameleon look at two things at once ?

Chameleon has very curious eyes , each has a thick conical lid which covers nearly the complete eye apart from a small peephole at the tip .Each of these lids can revolve independently of the other and swivel around focusing on objects. They can look all around them on either side without turning their heads.

How does snake shed their skin?

Slithering along the ground tends to wear out the snake's skin ,so it replaces it from time to time with a new one the new skin grows underneath the old skin and when it is fully formed ,fluid is secreted between the two to keep them apart and lubricated The snake splits the old skin is turned inside out as the snake wriggles out .

Note:-do you know snake skin is regarded as luck charm .

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docadvocate 7 years ago

awesome,i mean facts such interestingly put forward a difficult find these mam,n i loved what a kangaroo baby does,we humans beat our head to release our tension-gorillas have nice brain.

lotuslove19 profile image

lotuslove19 7 years ago Author

These facts are the one which I teach in my oral classes to the kids.

docadvocate 7 years ago

so you are a teacher-i had that intuition,salute to your profession.

lotuslove19 profile image

lotuslove19 7 years ago Author


frogyfish profile image

frogyfish 7 years ago from Central United States of America

Hey, I want to be the owner of that brown feather, ok? :-)

I SAW it but is that chameleon for really real? Amazing!

Thank you for an intriging hub!

lotuslove19 profile image

lotuslove19 7 years ago Author

Yes, that chameleon is real I saw those creatures in orrisa (Puri)and saw them changing their colors in a great style .amazing creatures!

Pratibha 7 years ago

great facts!!!

lotuslove19 profile image

lotuslove19 7 years ago Author

Thanks for your Appreciation! Pratibha .

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