Animals Habitat

Animals Habitat

1.       Land – animals that live on land are called terrestrial animals.

a.       Wolves, tigers and lions stay in the forest where they can eat smaller animals.

b.      Cows, goats and sheep stay in the field where grasses grow abundantly.

c.       Some snakes stay in the forest where bird’s eggs are found. They swallow the whole bird’s eggs.

d.      Birds live in trees where fruits, seeds and insects are plentiful.

e.      Whales and sharks stay in the oceans where planktons are which serve as their food and readily available.

2.       Water – Animals that live in water are called aquatic or marine animals. Examples of aquatic animals are:

a.       Clams, oysters and mussels live in water where they can eat minute plants and animals.

b.      Hydras stay in water to eat small aquatic animals such as water fleas, worms and insect larvae.

c.       Salmon swims for algae and other food.

d.      Barracuda is always on the lookout for other fish as its food.

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