Application of Refrigeration

The application of refrigeration are numerous in our daily life, some of them are given below:

· Comfort air conditioning of auditoriums, hospitals, residences, hotels, offices etc.

· Manufacture and preservation of medicines, Surgery has found a wide application because preservation of blood and human tissue has become possible by refrigeration only.

· Storage and transportation of food stuffs such as meat, dairy product, fish, fruit, vegetables and fruit juices etc.

· Manufacture of ice.

· processing of textiles, printing work and photographic material etc.

· Cooling of concrete for dams.

· Production of rocked fuels.

· Computer functioning.

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reneboy 5 years ago

just wanna laser cooling may consider as example of commercial refrigeration?

xcrazyforfoodx profile image

xcrazyforfoodx 3 years ago

Good article. I do have a question, however, do you know any places that are good for commercial refrigeration? I was recommended this: I would like to keep my options open though.

Thanks for the article!

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