Are Atoms and Molecules capable of Rational Thoughts?

Intelligent design or evolution? Has this question ever nagged you?

Charles Darwin, in his last days, was convinced that he had got it all wrong and was man enough to own up to his folly of propagating his revolutionary evolution theory. The scientific community kept its own counsel and was reluctant to acknowledge Darwin this time with the same enthusiasm it had displayed for the original theory. Perhaps it did feel defiant but did not want to appear with egg on the face by saying yes to Darwin, no matter what he said. and irrespective of the relevance.

Another shining example of great minds not shying away from retracing their steps, thereby tarnishing their image, was provided by the greatest physicist of our times. Stephen Hawking stunned the world recently by debunking his own original theory that light could not escape a black hole and contended that it could just do it.

Be that as it may but, how did the atoms and molecules perceive the external agency gravity and its pulling everything down to the ground and "design" the human anatomy with mouth at a higher level at one end and the anus at a lower level at the other end facilitating the exit of excreta without any contortionist act involved?

Cell division does not answer this either. Cells just latch on to the next cell and bond together to form whatever they form. How did the individual cell decide they had to form a liver or a pancreas? Had cells been that intelligent, why did the cells in lowly creatures stop at being in animals and did not evolve further and strive to become higher life? For, if atoms and molecules had been so intelligent, the cells which are a collection of atoms with their consequent collective wisdom should have worked overtime to achieve this.

In deed, why do cells in cows and cats, even after witnessing the cells in man, the highest of all creations, want to remain trapped in a cow or a cat? Do not tell me they see what fine mess man got himself and them into with his 'intelligence' and had thought better of it! Come to think of it, it could well be the case!

No sir, no evolution. It is intelligent design. By who? You know who!


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