Are you ready for the ultimate adventure ?

Difference of recalling and remembering

There is a hugh difference between remembering something and recalling something..For example-If I wanted to remember eating a pizza or riding a bike...I may see myself or others eating or see myself peddling down the street..If I wished to recall these things I would utilize all of my senses...Re-being there so to speak..What do I see?What do I smell..How does the bike seat feel?How warm or cold are the handle bars or the weather?How hot is the pizza in my hand..Re-taste it..Hows it taste?Do I feel the wind in my face?Who else is there?How big or they compared to me?..This is called recalling...And each time you recall an incident more and more pieces will snap into place to create a better picture of it..You relive the feeling and everything..It'll happen automatically.This applies to a memory from yesterday to even a memory that's decades old..

What is the ultimate adventure?

Many folks have ideas of what the ultimate adventure means to them..Perhaps its the most recent movie at the theatre..Or maybe its the ultimate vacation destinations and all they have to offer..Maybe its something like skydivng or mountain climbing.I suppose there could be millions of examples for us all to choose from..Some adventures are long lived and some short..One commonality is that they all seem to relate to present time activities outside of ourselves..That is,all of them but one..The ultimate adventure is the one that occurs in our own minds because our mind retains everything it experiences..It always has from the very beginning..We all have conscious access to everything that we have ever experienced in our lifetimes..Most people will say they can't remember..There was a time when I would say that too. I had no interest in my past because of all the horrible things that had happened to me along the way..I suppose many themselves still feel this way..Im am giving you here the secret that will increase your mind power and self beingness on many levels..This was learned by me long ago..It is very easy to do and once one learns the basic concepts behind it they often become rather intrigued by it..When lost memory suddenly reappears-it is euphorically mind blowing..That's the best way I can put it..

Robots and MachinesHow and why we forgot

Robots and Machines

All religions and various teachings teach of becoming it with a God or the universe or ones own self or something..Man has 3 distinct parts..The body mind and spirit.The spirit is housed in the mind and the mind occupies the body..Throughout life we go through the cycle of beingness=doingness=havingness..Many people think its the other way around..Some become programmed at an earlier age to see it this way..So what is Know Thyself mean?To know ones true self can be a lot easier said than done.We live in a macine robot society..Throughout the ages children have been seen as the purist of our species. As Jesus said-Blessed are the little children..When a child is born that child is a true know thyself person..As he begins growing he will still retain his own beingness and will also take up the beingness of those closest to him such as mother and father or other siblings..He may take on similar mannerisms as them..He is still fairly free ussually up to about age 6..By the word free I am meaning that he is still his own basic self..He has parent created rules for his safety but he still awakes each morning in wonder and awe at the splendid world he is in.As he enters school this begins to change..He is now ordered...You will sit will will listen to will do as we will believe all we tell will belong to the will be here when we tell will raise your hand...When you obey you will be rewarded.When you dis-obey you will be punished...If you reach our satisfaction we will grade you high..If we are dissatisfied with you in our judgements we grade you low..Once this child reaches that age his own beingness gets gradually chipped away by family,friends,teachers and society..Oftentimes we can see a grown up clean looking kid with a sharp educational mind but very little beingness and rarely even remembering where they came from..I was one of those kids..So many facets of our society is set up like machines that practically run on automatic..Back to the boy..He now becomes older and the moment hes out of school hes to go into a chosen field of endeavor to make money to survive the rest of his life..If you asked him to recall a memory it may well be blocked now..He can't really remember much of anything..When he was little he could still remember and easily create..As an adult he can still create but has to deal with all of the counter creation of others around him..He also has to contend with his own robotism..Because of years of massive repetition we subconciously learn to obey those who order us...Like robots we operate in and with machines..A machine can also be an ideology..Example--Police department runs like a machine..Its not up to the officer to write you a ticket..He just does his job...Hes become a part of the machine..Trouble is when he gets off work and heads home..Hes no longer in the machine but his mind may still be there..So he comes home and interrogates his family..But that's not fully him interrogating them..A part of his mind is still stuck in the machine..Then he accidentally brings it home with him.Do you see what I mean?He can't seem to conciously separate himself from his job.

The energies of thought

It has been long discovered that our thoughts and experiences have various real energies attached to them..Science has proven this..All memories and experiences are not only recorded by the mind when they occur but are also recorded by the body on a celluler level as well..It becomes what is called-keyed in..There is something in a present environment that somehow approximates a past environment..When this happens the person may have deja-vu.The feeling like they've been there before..In some way they have but because of all the blockage their mind has built up over the years they ussually cannot access it..They have deja-vu but can never seem to be able to pinpoint it.Perhaps you've experienced this before.I know I sure have.When I have deja-vu now however,I seem to know where its coming from when it occurs..Theres nothing special about me..Im just like any other person seeking answers to lifes many questions..I certainly don't know it all..I do know that our thoughts and consciousness are forms of energy.To be more conscious and free is to be more alive..

Life force and incidents

Life Force-Just as the universe is believed to be a world of life force energy so are we..Our mind distributes life force in 3 directions.These 3 are also called attention units..1.What we presently recognize in the present..2.What we have conscious remembrance of the past and 3.Our contemplations about the future..The world is moving so much faster today..Its no wander that most peoples attention units are always on the present..With each generation many wish for the good ole days..Perhaps they're longing for the less complicated and simpler days.

.Incidents we have throughout life will be felt by us as either good or bad...pleasurable or painful or whatever other comparisons we wish to use..When too many bad incidents occur our mind will block those incidents out on a conscious level and so we forget all about them..But this doesn't mean they've disappeared.The memory hasn't disappeared..Its only disappeared from the conscious mind and its still there and now also blocking conscious access to other memories before it..So now the poor guy doesn't just forget...he also forgets all the similar incidents before that one as well.

The ultimate self help book-May you never be the same again

Over the years I have read a lot of books and tried a lot of self help systems but none of them has ever cam close to the power of the book-Self Analysis..I do not care for Scientology nor Dianetics..However,I cannot deny that this book has done all that it claims to do..It is one of a kind..As I began doing 20 minute sessions each day I began to notice and remember things back to the age of two.These were all proven as well..Because the system only has you recall good memories it became a pleasure each day to relax with..I made it a routine..Soon I was remembering things and dejavu-ing all over the place..There were so many beautiful moments that had been long forgotten..Friends that I had when I was very little began to pop up along with all the fun we shared in a much less enturbulated world when life was really truly grand..A different world we lived in..No computers,cellphones and tablets..Cable television that got 3 channels and transistor radios..There were a lot less people and they/we seemed to care more about lifes happiness more than we do today..I was so touched that I actually sent a christmas card with pictures and trinkets to a friend I hadn't seen in 45 years..Does he remember? I kinda doubt it..Should he ever happen to read this book he would.That's for sure..I would recommend to reading the intro and first chapter before deciding whether to go any further with it..If you do you'll be quite glad that you did because you will then be on the Ultimate Adventure of a lifetime..The adventure of you.And may you never be the same again.

Do not harkken too well to he who would tell you that this system will not work.He would not feel safe if those around him grew too strong.The wise man tests before he talks.The critic but follows the fad of a cynical and apathetic age.You have a right to your own opinion.It either works or it doesnt according to your experience.Not all the authorities in christondom can alter natural law LRH

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