Artist Pino: Reminiscing the Modern Master of Impressionism

Giuseppe Dangelico aka Pino Daeno
Giuseppe Dangelico aka Pino Daeno | Source

Born Giuseppe Dangelico in the Italian coastal town of Bari, artist Pino Daeno as he is widely known, was probably the greatest Impressionist Painter of our age. He was prodigiously artistic from early childhood and it was at the recommendation of his first grade teacher that his father first recognized his son’s talent.

Though the father doubted whether or not a career in art would serve his son’s prosperity, the innate talent seemed almost impossible to put down and it wasn’t long before Pino enrolled at the Art Institute of Bari. His long and illustrious career spans nearly forty years since counting from the time he graduated professionally at the renowned fine arts Academy of Brera in Milan.

The Inventor of Illustrations

The artist Pino is famous particularly because of his excellent illustrations which can be found on the covers of over 3000 published novels, magazines and posters. He was simply a master illustrator. In fact this is a genre which can be attributed to him directly as many believe him to have invented this commercial art form. His speciality was depicting romanticized images featuring beautiful women on book covers – think ‘Mills & Boon’.

During the 60s and 70s Pino received raving reviews all over Europe and was the recipient of many awards and prizes. In 1978, accompanied by his wife Chiara, his 7 year old daughter Paola and his 5 year old son Massimo, Pino migrated to New York seeking greener pastures in the land of opportunity.

Back to Impressionism

In 1992 due to the overwhelming demand for his illustrations, Pino decided to finally put that part of his artistic talents aside in order to pursue his actual and dormant passion for impressionistic painting. With his son at his side acting as his marketing agent from 2001, Pino artwork became quickly recognized in many countries of the world.

His paintings are mostly oil on linen and are worth thousands of dollars. The vast collection of his works depict his ardent appreciation of Romanticism and mainly feature gorgeous women in subtle yet seductive poses with imagery harkening back to the 19th century. Many times a muscular suitor is placed in the picture overlooking the woman hinting at topics of love, romance and sensuality.

The Founder of Romantic Impressionism

The artist Pino will be remembered especially for his dynamic use of chiaroscuro – which is the dynamic play of contrasts of light against dark – so reminiscent of classical Romanticism. Pino’s work reflects his uncanny ability to ‘capture a moment’ in time and space as often the women in his paintings always seem to be lost in deep thought, almost as though they are daydreaming about a lover or waiting for the right one to come along.

The girls seem to be highlighted as though soft lighting has been thrown on them bringing out their youth and desirability quite glamorously. The women are then shrouded by a smooth flow of shadows which simply makes each of them seem uniquely - the center of attraction, rendering every figurative work of the artist a masterpiece.

Pino was born in 1939 and finally succumbed to cancer on the 25th May 2010. He will be missed by genuine fine art collectors the world over and we can expect that his tradition will continue to influence many modern day painters for generations to come.

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