AutoCAD Land Desktop Civil 3D Companion

Land Desktop 2009
Land Desktop 2009

Land Desktop for Road Design

Civil 3d Land Desktop Companion is one of the best software programs for Roads & Highway design. I started to use Softdesk before which is the previous name for Land Desktop and it works on AutoCad14. Now Land Desktop Civil 3D companion come up with one package - which includes Land Development, Civil design, Survey and Map.

Autodesk have also come up with a new Software called AutoCAD Civil 3D and I have to admit it - it is pretty impressive. But even though, still Land Desktop has a big advantage in terms of working in a large scale projects and bulky drawings for submittal. So, when we talk about designing of 350Km road – putting all points, all tin surface & contours, all profile existing ground & proposed grade, all cross section and Cut & fill volume table in one drawing - surely your computer will be out of memory and exhausted with this long and winding road. But Land Desktop has the ability to separate this large project into different drawings so that your computer will work more faster and easier.That’s why I choose Civil 3D Land Desktop Companion in designing for roads over 50Km.

My Project

Land Desktop Project
Land Desktop Project

Advantage of Land Desktop

What I like most about Civil 3D Land Desktop Companion was – we can start a project in 2 different ways. Each either you can start by importing survey points data or by imputing Offset – elevation points in the cross section to create existing surface and profile which Civil 3D don’t have. And this is still the standard practice in other country for final cut & fill quantity and that's the reason why Land Desktop is still widely used by engineer especially in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia and Libya) where they have hundreds of kilometer roads to design.

Section Editor for offset-elev. input
Section Editor for offset-elev. input

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jahnbar profile image

jahnbar 7 years ago from Ozamiz City Author

The pot tackles the misery.

amiar 6 years ago


tuiday17 6 years ago

Too many errors in side this software

+ Error in .NET (may be conflic with Nuance PDF Converter professional 6., 7.); can not enter *.txt (for example) in file dialog box

+ Can not use DCL dialog preview in VLIDE environment.

+ Many others mistakes.

jahnbar profile image

jahnbar 6 years ago from Ozamiz City Author

Hello tuiday17,

I know the problems because you are using none genuine version of Civil Land Desktop. It is not the program mistake but user. Thanks anyway.

Richard 5 years ago

Hello Jahnbar, i need your help. May you teach me how can i get a full profile in civil Land Desktop including natural ground elevation, project elevation and the geometric curves in the same grid. Thanks for your help

avin 5 years ago

if I creating the cross section when I click on the view/edit sections in cross sections I cant see any number or name on the cross sectoin why ?

hossein 4 years ago

karsmurat 2 years ago


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