Your Own Little Ecosystem- The BLUEiQ Review

Intro to Ecosystems

Our whole world is a huge ecosystem made up of many, many more smaller ecosystems. An ecosystem is defined as an environment, and it includes all of the organisms and nonliving parts of the area. Each organism is part of a much larger system, or cycle, that allows life on earth to exist on such a huge scale.

The following hub explains all of the details of the BLUEiQ, and my review is at the bottom. I recently purchased one of these and I feel that it is necessary to spread the awesomeness.

What is a BLUEiQ?

A BLUEiQ is a miniature aquatic ecosystem that you can purchase online from Art and Science for All. You can purchase it either on their website or from Amazon. It does not take up much space, and it makes a great addition to any room or office.

What comes in a BLUEiQ?

The BLUEiQ is ordered in two separate packages.

Package One costs $80 and Includes:

  • Hand-blown glass container
  • large pair of tweezers
  • thread
  • thermometer
  • magnifying glass
  • owner's guide+ code to order Package Two

Package Two is free after purchasing One and Includes:

  • at least 5 neocaridina heteropoda (shrimp)
  • at least 2 snails (either ramshorn or pondsnails)
  • your choice of plant
  • your choice of substrate(rocks)
  • seeded water

Why would I want one?

Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they are also very informative and will help you learn about the balance of nature. People will find it very fun to watch, and it makes a great conversation starter.

Is it hard to take care of?

Absolutely not! After the initial setup, the BLUEiQ is designed to take care of itself as long as it has enough sunlight, the right temperature, and enough water. That's right, you don't even have to feed your shrimp or snails.

What do the shrimp and snails eat?

The BLUEiQ forms a natural cycle so that you will not have to feed your shrimp ever. Shrimp and snails eat algae which grows in the tank. The biological waste of the shrimp is food for the bacteria that live on the surfaces of the substrate and glass. The bacteria then transform that waste into nutrients that the plants and algae can use. The cycle continues indefinitely.

How long will the BLUEiQ last?

If you get both male and female shrimps (which is very likely), then your BLUEiQ should maintain a population of shrimp and snails indefinitely.

My Personal Review

I received part one of the BLUEiQ as a Christmas present, and I was very excited to order the second part for myself. I went online made my choices of plant and substrate, and ordered it for free. The second part got to me very quickly after it finally left their facility in California. I was not aware before I ordered that they only ship the live organisms on Mondays-Wednesdays in order to avoid mail carrier closures on the weekends. Anyway, when it got to my house, I was surprised at how well-packaged it was. Also, I was even more excited to see that I had received over 7 shrimp, 3 snails, and 2 plants. The setup was easy if you follow the directions in your owner's guide. It only took me about 30 minutes. Since then, it has been doing great, and all of my friends that come over are always interested in it. It is also very relaxing to watch after a long day. Overall, this is an amazing product, and I highly recommend it to everyone who is interested.

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Comments 3 comments

Seeker7 profile image

Seeker7 5 years ago from Fife, Scotland

This is really fascinating and it's the first time I've heard of this. I think many of us would love to have some kind of aquatic room piece but unless you know what you are doing, my understanding is that it can be quite tricky to keep fish etc., healthy. The BlueIQ not only seems a great alternative but perhaps an excellent way to be introduced to having something aquatic in the home. I'm not sure if the Blue IQ is available in the UK, but I'll certainly look out for it.

Many thanks for sharing this fascinating hub!

Charlie 4 years ago

"If you get both male and female shrimps (which is very likely), then your BLUEiQ should maintain a population of shrimp and snails indefinitely."

That is true, but it can still potentially cause a problem. I have pond snails, and they breed without a partner, yet they lay hundreds of eggs. That tiny glass container won't be enough in the long run.

cipto junaedy profile image

cipto junaedy 3 years ago from Indonesia

"The BLUEiQ forms a natural cycle so that you will not have to feed your shrimp ever. Shrimp and snails eat algae which grows in the tank" this is great info, thanks :D

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