The Devolution of B.Obama

Non-survival of the "smartest"

It must have been paradise in tiny Mauritius/ Before Homo Sapiens landed on its sandy shores. Bringing with them exotic knowledge of calculus/ As well as rats, dogs, and Oh no! domestic boars.

Along with the island's other colorful fauna/ Raphus Cucullatus never seemed to get lost. Among the towering and oh so plentiful flora/ Until nightfall, then it was time to roost.

Man and dog started to hunt the ill-fated bird/ While rats scampered about to steal its eggs. The hogs thought the dodo bird looked absurd/ What with its useless wings and stubby legs.

It's sad how the birds instantly disappeared/ Never to return to their hallowed place of birth. The law of the jungle is still loudly heard:/ " The fit survives and the smart inherits the earth."

Hannity and O'Reilly observed: This is an apt metaphor/ For Obama and his all too cherished socialist load/ Lenin and Gorbachev have long departed from the store/ But he and his ilks refused to move to the center, thus they got mowed.

Fox news added: Since they are now in such a fix/ We're telling them to get a real tight grip. Before they go the way of mighty Tyrannosaurus rex/ Or of lowly Raphus C., the little dodo creep.

So alone in the wilderness...
So alone in the wilderness...


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