Becoming a Dane: How to obtain Danish citizenship

Danish passport

How difficult is obtaining Danish passport?
How difficult is obtaining Danish passport?

Applying for Danish citizenship may seem tricky.

And it is! In fact, there are many conditions to satisfy before you can apply. And it's always best to make sure that you do right BEFORE you apply, because if you make one mistake, your application will be simply refused... 8 months later! And you will have to repeat the whole procedure, and pay the fee (1000 Kroner) - again. 

First, make sure you are actually eligible. That implies: having lived in Denmark for at least 6 years, if you are married to a Dane (and married for 3 years), or for at least 8 years, if you are a refugee; or for 2 years, if you are a Nordic citizen. Otherwise, 9 years is minimum. 

Second, check that you don't have any criminal record or debts to public Danish institutions, i.e. tax debt. Also: if you have ever received public assistance, check that it didn't last for more than 6 months in total, in the last 5 years.

Third: inquire at your country's embassy in Copenhague, about the conditions to give up your current citizenship, - you will need to do that in order to become a Dane.

Fourth: enroll for a Danish citizenship test at your nearest citizenship testing centre. A map with all centres in Denmark can be found here. Apply early, as there are only two exams per year - in June and in December! Training for citizenship test can be found on sites like is another site for practicing, but their questions apply to the OLD version of the test, which is no longer valid. Nevertheless, you can use it to practice, as many of these topics are still included in the current test.  

Fifth: Once you passed the test, fill in the application which you can get from your nearest police station, pay the fee, and wait. The final answer will take about a year, as the Parliament has to approve each Naturalization Bill (and they only do it twice a year as well, in April and in October). 

It is often said that obtaining Danish citizenship is too difficult, but it is not true - provided you do it correctly, step by step, and comply with all the requirements which are, after all, not that tough. 

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stars439 profile image

stars439 6 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

interesting. nice hub

Victoria 4 years ago

Here is another test you can practice with. They have changed the test.

laxmi 2 years ago

Thank you for the information,now we knew core factor of denmark.

thorin 14 months ago

my mom was born and raised in danmark but I in in canada. would I be able to obtain citizenship faster or with less hassels?

Compcort 8 months ago

If I volunteer in Denmark as a US citizen could I become stateless before applying for Danish citizenship? Could I volunteer for a number of years, up to 9 years?

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