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I will preface this hub with the words I am a secondary Science and Mathematics teacher and therefore many of the sites that I recommend will be from these areas... I am also an Australian teacher and I appologise for the antipodian nature of many of the sites I use:

Science This is a great start for Science teachers who are looking for ideas


looking for Authentic and rich maths tasks look no further than is also a good place to look for help with tasks for quizes and questions this is a site that you need to pay for but they have great resources for schools and for individual students This is site for the University of NSW compettion, some great practice questions 


Other This is a Western Australian Site that is run by the Department of Education, they troll the net for good sites a great place to start looking for ideas and resources some of the information on this site you do need to pay for but there is a lot of free stuff here. 


Cybersafety think that you are being textually harrassed, get some advice here! Another good information site is

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guidebaba 7 years ago from India

This is short and sweet article Anna Mam. Thanks for answering my request. I think it can be little longer covering more topics. Also there should be links and a couple of pictures. Good job anyway.

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