Black History Month 2009

History Made in 2009

Every February the United States celebrates Black History Month. A month dedicated to remembering and honoring those African Americans who have made an impact on the world. Twenty-eight days set aside to remind the world that African Americans have made a huge impact on our world and how we must not forget their achievements, accomplishments, and contributions.

Black History Month 2009 will be one that will go down in history itself. This year, just 12 short days before this month of honor and dedication, we inaugurated our 44th President of these United States. What makes this year's inauguration so unique is that our 44th President is a black man. Yes. A Black Man...

It was an historic race and election for President Obama. We all watched his progress over 2 years in the news and on a multitude of special broadcasts. We watched him rise to become the Democratic Party Presidential Nominee. And from there we watched him rise to President-elect. On January 20, 2009, we watched him step into his new role as the leader of this great country.

"You Can Be Whatever You Want To Be When You Grow Up..."

Not many people I know have not heard that phrase at one point or another in their upbringing. Not many have failed to say that very thing to their own children. With the inauguration of President Barack Hussein Obama, now our African American children don't have to just believe their parents' words -- they can SEE it for themselves. They are living the dream right now. They are witnessing what hard work can possibly have them achieve.

When they get discouraged because the playground politics put them on the disadvantaged team, they can look to President Obama and remember his rise from uncertain and lop-sided circumstances. If someone outside of your family circle discourages them and tells them that they will never amount to anything, they will be able to realize that a black man amounted to "everything" -- he was able to land the highest job in this country. Never again should any African American child feel as if they are being told something that they cannot achieve. There is no stronger reinforcement than President Obama's rise to the White House.

You can be whatever you want to be when you grow up...  Really.

Our Next Steps

Our next steps are simple.  Continue encouraging your children and letting them know that they really can be whatever they want to be when they grow up.  Make sure you keep them in front President Obama's TV appearances -- whether positive or negative.  Let them see for themselves that a black man really is running this country...

Support your children in their endeavors.  If they endeavor to be a musician and all you see is them strumming a "gee-tar" on the street corner for spare change, suppress your fears and encourage their dreams.  You never know...they could become the next Beyonce or Jay-Z.  If they want to become an artist and all you think about is "my daughter, the starving artist," don't allow your feelings to hinder their dreams.  Encourage them.  She could be the world's next Picasso...  When your child dreams of becoming the next Dr. Ben Carson, we know you will encourage them.  What you cannot do is become overbearing and pushy.  Give them the support they need to reach that goal, while also giving them the room they need to make -- and learn from -- their own mistakes.

This is an amazing time not only for African Americans, but also for our country and the world.  Let us take this opportunity to make the world a better place.  We all will benefit from the Change whose Time Has Come...

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Kiri A. White 4 years ago

I went to veiw this presentation when it came to Los Angeles, California and I was impressed and inspired. As an African-American woman who has had an awesome African-American woman as a parent, I have some idea about how hard women of color have worked to get where they are today and the many sacrifices they have made along the way. As I continue to grow as a woman and a parent I am always appreciative of the outstanding examples set forth by these women. I just hope to live up to their examples.

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