Black Ops Hypnosis FAQ | What Exactly Is Black Ops Hypnosis?

What Exactly Is Black Ops Hypnosis?

Black Ops Hypnosis (also known as Underground Hypnosis and Covert Hypnosis) could best be described as the art of social manipulation. It is basically knowing and thinking more about social interaction than your peers. As opposed to traditional hypnosis techniques, which involve a controlled environment, Black Ops Hypnosis techniques can be performed covertly, at any time or place and in a completely uncontrolled situation.

How Does Black Ops Hypnosis Work?

The skilled Black Ops Hypnosis practitioner is well versed in social interaction and is fully aware of the reasons for people´s behavior around them. They can achieve complete control over another person by simply out-thinking, out-smarting and out-researching the dynamics of whatever social situation they are in.  This makes it possible for them to be the “King” of any social situation because they are more aware and because they are applying the correct techniques.

What Are The Techniques?

Black Ops Hypnosis techniques are based on a set of ground level strategies know as The Majors, the first Black Ops techniques invented.

The Majors are comprised of four main strategies, these are:

  • Hypnosis
  • NLP ( Neuro-Linguistic Programming )
  • Social Engineering
  • Seduction


The Majors are used to achieve what is known as “preparation with intention” Which basically means being prepared for any situation with the intention of manipulating the outcome of the situation for your own gain.

The Majors strategies are broken down into various tactics or arts that are involved in implementing them.These tactics include:

  • Alpha Functions: The art of becoming the Alpha-Male/Female in any social circles through social-engineering techniques.
  • The Iron Man Pattern: The art of gaining extreme confidence in yourself using advanced personality controls known as “versions”.
  • The Black Mirror Operation: The art of making any person like you immediately upon first contact.
  • The No Cleaver Technique: The art of dropping someone into trance without their knowledge through normal conversation.

And many other tactics which enable the practitioner to instantly change people´s minds, and have them do as he wishes.

Who Will The Techniques Work On?

Anyone who doesn´t understand the techniques can be manipulated. A massive majority of people are unaware of the techniques and are therefore susceptible to them. The only people Black Ops Hypnosis won´t work on are other Black Ops Hypnosis practitioners because they will be aware of the fact that they are being manipulated. So by learning the techniques for yourself you will become immune to them.

See the quick 2 minute long video below for an awe inspiring, real life example of the hypnotic suggestion techniques in action!

Derren Brown Using NLP/Black Ops Hypnosis Techniques

The L.A.S.H.K. ( Lost Archive of Secret Hypnotic Knowledge)
The L.A.S.H.K. ( Lost Archive of Secret Hypnotic Knowledge)

Can I Master The Art Of Black Ops Hypnosis? Where Can I Get More Information?

Yes, you can learn hypnotic techniques quite easily in the Lost Archive of Secret Hypnotic Knowledge. In fact, we are offering FREE INSTANT ACCESS to our newsletter where you will receive powerful and effective advice from master hypnosis gurus such as, Joe vitale, Wendi Friesen, Dr. Brian Alman, Michael Lovitch, Bill Harris, Steve G Jones, M.Ed, Marc Savage, Adam Eason, Keith Livingston, Tom Nicoli and MUCH, MUCH MORE!

Master The Art Of Black Ops Hypnosis!

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hypnosis-review profile image

hypnosis-review 8 years ago

Really informative hub. Thanks for the information.

therese 8 years ago

hi my name is therese could u try to hypnotized my friends for real

hypno hal 8 years ago

who needs black ops.........any good salesman can do it without hypnosis ha ha

Demosthenes 8 years ago

Hypno Hal, it isn't necessarily about a salesman's attempts at selling a product, there is persuasion and then hypnosis, honestly I find the hypnosis more intriguing. Man has always been obsessed with the control of his fellow man, it's why people get into politics whether they know it or not. However, I digress, most, if not all, of the Black Ops hypnosis mentioned on and in the internet is crap. Because if people could use these techniques, then we'd all buy their books wouldn't we? If you ever find a site, and wake up the next morning with what it was trying to sell you, look into who you bought from.

Self manipulator 8 years ago

Can I hypnotize myself to become superwoman?

Hypno Bob profile image

Hypno Bob 7 years ago

I do agree that it's important to get hip on covert hypnosis. A lot of the claims these people are make are just over the top (probably because they want to sell you their stuff), but if you master conversational hypnosis or black ops hypnosis, it will make you a lot more influential and persuasive than you ever were before.

The Open Road profile image

The Open Road 7 years ago Author

Yes Bob. Black Ops Hypnosis is no science-fiction. A lot of people have issues accepting the reality of the power of covert hypnotic techniques, quite simply because they are unware of what hypnosis really is and how much it surrounds us in our everyday lives. Every time we watch a TV advert (modern adverts are REALLY powerful) or read a newspaper we are being influenced with more or less the same techniques taught in Taylor Starrs' Underground Hypnosis.

Covert Hypnosis 1 7 years ago

Just becoming aware of ALPHA-Techniques and social engineering made a huge difference in my life. Too many people live in a pink-bubble reality where everything is fair and nice - but the truth is, we are still hardwired like monkeys in many ways, it's evolution, and our "higher mental functions" can't override that.

The PUA Hypnotist 7 years ago

Aright, I know NLP and a lot of selfhelp, I know Igor Ledochowski cuz his conversational hypnosis program is endorsed by Real Social Dynamics. Here's what I've got to say. I think becoming the alpha male can easily be accomplished by practicing going to night clubs and developing social skills of natural game under the Pick-up artist criterias. I think the 'becoming the alpha male through hypnosis' is bullshit compared the learning about pick-up and actually becoming a true alpha male with real alpha like qualities, which is totally attainable contrary to social conditioning belief. On the other hand, I really hope this black ops and the conversation hypnosis program I'm going through right now works because I'm planning on becoming a stage hypnotist and am also a big fan of Derren Brown who has really enlightened me of what is possible through the learning of mentalism including hypnosis and nlp. Seduction also uses hypnosis in certain genres of it including Speed Seduction by Ross Jeffries and October Man sequence by In10se (I'm not sure if he's the creator but he came up with the program first). Well, that's my two cents, I still have a lot of love for hypnosis. Go Tony Robbins!! ~~

The Open Road profile image

The Open Road 7 years ago Author

@ Covert Hypnosis 1

I agree completely. Just being aware of the Alpha techniques and how they function will make a huge difference in anyone's life.

@ The PUA Hypnotist

My article never mentioned that it is possible to become the Alpha THROUGH hypnosis:

"Alpha Functions: The art of becoming the Alpha-Male/Female in any social circles through social-engineering techniques."

I agree that becoming the Alpha through "hypnosis" is horseshit. The point is that using the hypnotic techniques becomes much, much easier once you have established yourself as the alpha male/female in whatever groups/circles you belong.

You mentioned Derren Brown, he is a master of these techniques. Did you ever notice how he always establishes control over his subjects before he influences their behaviour? The Russian Roulette trick is a great example of these concepts in action. Right from the start he establishes himself as the alpha in the group (fairly easy to do since its his show)and immediately starts to reject anyone that isn't easy enough for him to manipulate. His example in the shopping center too when he hypnotizes the people in the shopping center to all stop and raise their hands at the same time to is an absolute classic and is made all the easier because of the fact that the shoppers are already under the influence of all the marketing hypnosis that surrounds them in the mall. I'm gonna try and find that clip and post it here, its a classic.

The Open Road profile image

The Open Road 7 years ago Author

Added Derren Brown's "shopping mall" video above

steven ferrara 7 years ago

Dont think this is a game its been done to me and its taken me since sep 9 07 to figure it all out.This is all intellectual me when i say i have no reason to promote this...iam the proof.

steven ferrara 7 years ago

Don't think this is a game its been done to me and its taken me since sep 9 07 to figure it all out.This is all intellectual me when i say i have no reason to promote this...iam the proof.

igotaquestion 7 years ago

is this actually real because ive found a lot of bullshit on the internet saying that it works and ive spent money only to find out that it didn't work. I just want to know if covert hypnosis actually works instantly and nobody even knows it. when i read everything about it im not sure if im being hypnotized while reading it so i just wanna know if i should buy it

Hypno Jason 7 years ago

Personal i find anything like this very fascinating, i recently went to a seminar on personal empoerment and found it very interesting to get to use things like NLP anchors and such. It's my belief that this is where a lot of the rest of human progress is going to come from

underground hypnosis 7 years ago

You the speak the truth. Knowledge of hypnosis is readily available online, and as you say, trance is absolutely experiential. I am an NGH Certified Hypnotist, and a Certified Instructor. I train 20-30 people a year to be professional hypnotists, and every one of them has tried to learn hypnosis without an instructor, at some point in the journey. It is not until they develop confidence in their instructor (hypnotist), that they are able to experience, and learn to deliver profound hypnotic phenomena.

anon 5 years ago

Hi, my name isn't important, but what noone knows about me is that i'm a sociopath. Don't confuse that with a psychopath. Psychopath are desensitized, and inflict pain onto another for a catharsis. Sociopaths just have no remorse for their actions, and an incredible amount of empathy i might add. Its not that i cant put myself in another shoes, its just that im looking out for number one.

I LOVE to manipulate people; in every setting, everywhere i go, with my boss, every girl i meet, so called friends, actual friends (who i treat as family, not like blood family, like people you would give your life for), sometimes i'll watch people's interactions in a waiting room and put myself in each one of their shoes simultaneously, figure out why they did what they did, what in their past influenced them to do it, what they will do next, how they view other people, how they think those other people view them, what tendencies are inherent in them, ect, ect.

I am no expert in nlp or srt, but i can manipulate people like noone i have ever met. What most people don't know is that manipulation involves the learned ability to control ones visage (facial expressions), semblance, body language, aspects of ones voice, ect. After all, another's perspective of oneself is what one is controlling.

What i do, what i live for, I am Black Ops Hypnosis. I am the best at what i do, and in many ways, insatiable. Although i can control my impulses, or prevent them from even arising, im not compulsive; im in control of my life and feel no need to compensate for any lack thereof.

To sum up any doubt among those who discredit b.o.h, it is real. Its around you everyday, inception is occurring in your head as you read this, your being influenced by everything around you, the social institutions in which you interact, the people in your life, the person sitting next to you, the state of mind your in can be altered by the convergence with another, anyother person you come into contact with.

I love to play with peoples heads, but they never know. Ive only had a few friends in my life that knew what i was doing and when i was doing it. Two if in not mistaken; but that was a long time ago and ive gotten better. Chances are you know me. I may be bad or I may be good. I may get off on our love and intimacy (that is real but orchestrated) or On your fear in the face of serenity. After all im not the only one. We're not all around you, but we are around.

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