Blood Type Personality: Diets

There is the idea that with the blood type you have there is a recommended diet that is best for healthy living. Many Asian cultures, Korean, Japanese, etc, tend to believe in this idea that blood type determines what are personalities are like to how we should eat with millions of books sold on how to eat for their blood type.

Find your blood-type personality

Here's a basic overview of the blood type diets:

Blood type A:

A's tend to have sensitive constitutions and commonly have stomach acid problems. Animal proteins should be eaten sparing and with care since it takes more stomach acid to digest these types. Digestive enzymes such as fermented foods and drinks are recommended. Such foods are tofu, yogurts, kimchi. Natural is best. Eat food in the most natural state for the most beneficial nutrients. To balance out a healthy lifestyle, gentle exercise is also recommended.

Blood Type B:

The motto for B's diet is: Balanced is best. Eat your veggies plentiful and meats in control. If diet isn't balanced may have problems with blood sugar, so make sure to incorporate starches such as corn, lentils, potatoes, wheat, and so on to keep blood sugar stable. Now it is claimed that in Blood type B there is a lectin, a sugar binding protein, that reacts differently than other blood-types to chicken that can lead to strokes and immune disorders, so it is recommended to replace chicken with other meats. Moderate exercise brings all into balance.

Blood type AB:

AB's have sensitive digestive systems that will be A or B like, so find out if you're more A or B and eat accordingly to so.

Blood Type O:

O's tend to have more sluggish blood flow, so boost blood flow it is recommended to eat lean meats, poultry, and fish to get protein to help with the blood. Also in the same mindset it is avoided to restrict grains, breads, and etc and do vigorous exercise.

Now of course even if you don't believe in the whole idea of Blood types defining you, a good diet and lifestyle is recommended. Healthy livings and prosperous life.

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John 2 years ago

I am ab negative . What should I eat to stay healthy ? 23 months ago

Each blood type has its own strength and weakness in terms of behavior so how can one person avoid its weakness? or is this weakness permanent that can not be improved?

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