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Despite the fact that it doesn't get the same level of press as big players like and Bookrenter, Bookbyte is actually one of the oldest and most well established book renting operations still in business today. They began offering their services to budget-conscious college students in 1999 and they've maintained their "family style approach" to running their business and serving their clients. But does Bookbyte' longevity necessarily mean they're better than other, newer textbook renting services?

To make a long story short- no, Bookbyte isn't better than the market's more successful newcomers like and Bookrenter. Bookbyte isn't a bad service, not by a long shot, but they just can't compete with these newer, nimbler and savvier textbook renters. Bookbyte might present itself as a "family style" business but the massive litany of customer complaints says otherwise. In fact you'll be hard pressed to find a textbook rental service that suffers from such a negative public opinion generated by its old clients.

The main complaint previous clients leverage against Bookbyte revolves around their dishonest pricing practices. If you just looked at the base numbers put out by all of the different book rental companies out there you'd see that Bookbyte often provides one of the best deals for most of the books you need to order. These numbers are deceptive due to the fact that Bookbyte is notorious for tacking a wealth of hidden fees onto their renting services.

Bookbytes' dishonest pricing practices show up most often when it comes to their book buyback services. Many previous clients find that not only does Bookbyte' litany of hidden fees take a big bite out of the money their paid for book buybacks, but the base number that Bookbytes' pays out for these buybacks is often considerably lower than their initial estimates. At the outset you might think you're getting a ton of money selling your textbooks back to Bookbyte, but by the time they readjust their bid price and tack on their hidden fees you'll likely end up with a mere fraction of your initial estimates.

If you order from you might also be gambling with the quality of your books. While a less common complaint than the numerous reports of dishonest pricing practices, a number of students have found the quality of used books that Bookbyte rents out to be lacking. Some students are merely disappointed to find out the books they've rented out contain more markings, highlights and torn pages than they expected. Other students receive books that are completely unusable.

At the end of the day you have better options than Bookbyte when it comes to renting out textbooks. If even half of the negative reviews and horror stories surrounding Bookbytes' reputation are true than that's enough to disqualify them as one of the top textbook rental services available to you these days. You're better served going to a large, well-established textbook renter with a good reputation, such as, than trying your luck with an ultimately inconsistent company like Bookbyte.

If you do decide to go with this textbook service, be sure to grab a Bookbyte coupon code before checking out. This way you can truly maximize your savings on your textbook costs.

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lundmusik profile image

lundmusik 5 years ago from Tucson AZ

need to break up your hub in sections, with bold-face type for the headings of those sections.

John 5 years ago

This is a pretty biased article, did you check out reviews of cheg?

Real Ratings 5 years ago

Article not worth commenting on, check out the REAL reviews of

Cassie 4 years ago

I tried the book buy back. I sent in my books to Bookbyte on Jan 10, and after six weeks with no response I contacted the company. There is only an animated phone system and hence I had to use the company’s chat on its website. I was told my box had arrived cut open and empty. The company never contacted me regarding this issue, nor did the company inquire any further with USPS about the box arriving cut open and empty. I am sure I am not the only customer who has received the treatment from the company, and I have filed complaints, and I am working with USPS on this matter. Although I am confident that USPS is not the cause.

Isabella 3 years ago

I think this is an honest review of Bookbyte. I was anble to rent my books for cheap prices, but returning them has been a nightmare and cost me $62 so far. Doing business with Bookbyte was a mistake and an expensive one at that.

HL 3 years ago

If you are looking to sell your books to buyback companies, shop around and use a price comparing site Also, it is a new site, so any reviews for buyback companies would be helpful.

Mary5 2 years ago

Scam Artists. DO NOT sell to them!!! Gave me an original quote for the book, approved price was less than 1/3 of the original quote. Canceling is not an option at this point. The book was practically new, used it for summer class few times. Find a more decent and honest company to sell your books to.

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