Bridgeport Police officers reach out to International students

Bridgeport Police reach out to the University of Bridgeport students


Bridgeport Police Officers reach out to University of Bridgeport Students

826 Paranormal February 9, 2010

Update 1816 02/09/10

On February 9th 2010, Police officer Paul Scillia and Sergeant James Myers reached out to the students of the University of Bridgeport. Scillia has been a Bridgeport police officer for 10 years and an active member of the Emergency Service Unit. Myers has been a police officer for the last twelve and a half years and recently promoted to the rank of Sergeant. They were called by Professor David Colmar of the University of Bridgeport to come to his class and speak about police work, campus safety, and the work they do involving their paranormal investigations. Colmar teaches the international students English. This is not just your average English class, this is a communications class. Colmar makes his classes interesting for the students by changing up the books for movies and guest speakers. He had his class watch the blockbuster “Paranormal Activity”, and once he saw their interest in the topic, he figured why not address two topics at the same time. Colmar knew that many of the University students expressed concern for their safety while living in the great City of Bridgeport. The students wanted to know the things they should know to communicate with the police and the community as a whole. Colmar decided to do some research to see if there was anyone in the area that could speak on both topics. He came across Sergeant Myers, through a friend that has works at WPKN radio station.  Myers jumped at the chance to lecture on the police, community safety, and the paranormal.  Myers stated that “this is a great opportunity to reach out to the international students at UB.” Myers continued “When you are in another country, and you do not speak the language, it is tough.” 

Myers and Scillia opened up by telling the class about each other and the jobs they do in the Bridgeport Police Department. They spoke very slow and clear, so that the students could understand what they were trying to tell them. Topics consisted of campus safety, what to do if you need to call the police, what to say to the officer if you need help, the information that is pertinent for proper and quick response, communications with the public, group travel, Emergency Service Unit tactics and job descriptions, and things they need to watch out for to be safe. The class was interactive as Myers and Scillia drilled the students simulating 911 phone calls. The students described themselves along with their friends in the class. They gave their name, address, phone number, location of the incident, and how to describe what happened. This was fun for the students, but also very helpful to show that the police do indeed care about the student. Many of the students expressed that police are unapproachable. This was the job of Myers and Scillia to show them that this is not true, and that they are here for them in any way possible.

The students then asked about the movie “Paranormal Activity”. Myers also knows as 826 Paranormal is the president and founder of the East Coast Paranormal Police investigation team. Scillia is a team member that works side by side with Myers on investigations. Myers started off over 20 years ago, taking photos of the urban decay and the abandoned buildings. He continued his hobby through school and after becoming a police officer, he found himself in very historical and abandoned buildings. Myers continued to take photos and found that people were making comments, stating “that there were strange objects in his pictures’” Myers started to research these claims and found that he might be catching something of the supernatural. Myers states” I am still a skeptic; I need to see the hard facts before saying anything is of the supernatural.” Myers had a fate meeting with World famed paranormal researcher Lorraine Warren at St. Vincent’s Hospital. He then started to investigate the paranormal through his skills acquired through his law enforcement training and experience. Warren took Myers under her wing and showed him the side of investigative work dealing with the paranormal, occult, and other supernatural topics.  Myers now runs the East Coast Paranormal Police investigation team. The team is made up of 36 members and 8 core investigators. They get calls from all over the country, people asking for help dealing with the paranormal. They do everything in their power to help to resolve their issues. This group is working with production crew, pounding out new ideas to take a different angle at a paranormal police TV show or documentary. The ECPP members never lose sight of their true job and all paranormal work is done outside the work hours. Myers and Scillia then played the recent episode of the Travel channel’s Ghost Adventure TV show that was filmed at the Remington Arms factory. They only played half the show and gave the students some homework to watch the remaining parts of the show on their own. They also showed the class the pitch taping of what Myers and Scillia hope will be a TV show in the near future.

In the up and coming weeks, Myers and Scillia will take the students on a local tour of some historical and some haunted locations throughout the city. The students liked the idea of having a field trip.

The idea of the police being friends with the students is a good one. The students now know they can approach officers and talk to them without concern. Business cards were given to the students and they were told that they could call the officers for anything they need.


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