Cloning Extinct Animals - Can Extinct Species be Brought Back to Life Using Cloning

Bringing Extinct Animals Back to Life Using Cloning
Bringing Extinct Animals Back to Life Using Cloning

Cloning Extinct Animals

It may now be possible to bring back extinct species by cloning dead specimens, and growing them in the wombs of similar or related animals.

Not long ago, the idea of cloning extinct animals sounded like science fiction. Films like Jurassic Park, made it seem plausible, but science was far behind the special effects, and the only rebuilt Dinosaur species existed on the movie screen. But now advances in cloning technology promise to turn science fiction into reality and make it possible to clone extinct animals such as mammoths or even, one day, dinosaurs.

How Cloning Works

To understand how cloning might be used to restore dead animals and even bring back extinct species it is important to understand how cloning works, and what it can and cannot do.

Cloning is the process of creating an identical copy of an oragnism or part of an organism. There are many different types of cloning and cloning techniques. Of interest here is the method called reproductive cloning which uses "somatic cell nuclear transfer" (SCNT) to create animals that are genetically identical. In this process, genetic material (namely the nucleus of a cell) from the animal that is being copied is transferred into an egg of a female mammal.

The egg is not fertilized in the normal way, in that no spermatazoa enter the egg. However, the egg begins to divide as if it had been fertilized, and reproduces the DNA of the copied animal. The egg is then implanted into the womb of a surrogate mother and grows into a fetus and eventually an identical baby copy of the original animal.

This method of cloning has some similarities to in vitro fertilization used to make "test tube" babies in that the fertilization of the egg takes place in a lab. The egg is implanted with the genetic material using state of the art tools. However, it is much more complex and difficult that the normal in vitro fertilization because instead of using sperm to fertilize an egg, the genetic material of the donor animal must be extracted intact from its cells and then implanted into the egg.

Dolly the Sheep, the first cloned animal, was put to sleep at the age of six. Her remains are now on display at the Royal Museum of Scotland.
Dolly the Sheep, the first cloned animal, was put to sleep at the age of six. Her remains are now on display at the Royal Museum of Scotland.

Cloning Animals is Difficult

Cloning an animal is very difficult. The first cloned mammal (there may have been an earlier successful cloning of a fish and a tadpole in China) was Dolly the Sheep. This success came after many failures. Most attempts to fertilize eggs through the cloning process failed to produce a pregnancy, and of the eggs that were fertilized most ended in miscarriages. The scientific team that produced the Dolly, first cloned sheep, reported that it took 277 eggs to produce 29 sheep embryos; of these only three survived until birth, and only one of these three - Dolly - lived for any length of time after birth.

Despite these difficulties, the cloning of Dolly the Sheep proved that genetic material from an adult cell could be used to grow an identical copy, or clone, of the entire organism.

The Wooly Mammoth has been extinct since 1,700 B.C. but its genetic copies may one day live again, if cloning works.
The Wooly Mammoth has been extinct since 1,700 B.C. but its genetic copies may one day live again, if cloning works.

Attempts to Clone Extinct Animals

Every time that a species dies, an important piece of our environment and our world dies with it. But science offers the hope of bringing some of these species back from extinction by using genes taken from the tissues of dead animals to grow new animals.

Several attempts have been made to regrow dead and extinct animals, so far with little success. The holy grail of extinct species cloning would be to bring back to life a dinosaur or a prehistoric animal such as a mamoth. So far, extracting DNA from fossilized dinosaur bones has proved difficult. But obtaining viable DNA from mammoth caracasses looks more promising since many mammoths have been found frozen virtually intact in the Siberian permafrost.

However, attempts to extract intact DNA from the frozen bodies of Wooly Mamoths found in the Russian trundra have so far proved unsuccessful. There is currently a joint Russian - Japanese project working on the project. If DNA is extracted it would be inserted into the egg of a large mammal such as a cow or an elephant in the hopes that the surrogate mother could carry the baby mammoth to term.

There have also been attempts to clone a Tasmanian Tiger, which has been extinct for 65 years, but it was found that the DNA from the stuffed museum specimens that still exist had degraded too badly to create a viable fetus.

Now, scientists are taking steps to collect and preserve tissue from endangered animals in order to attempt clone them in the future, once the technology improves. When the last Pyrenan Ibex died, tissue samples were frozen immediately in the hopes of recreating the species at a later date.

A number of so-called frozen zoos now store genetic material from endangered species. The zoos are cryogenic facilities in which tissue, eggs, and sperm from threatened species are stored for later cloning or use in reproduction programs using artificial insemination. Two of the main facilities are the Frozen Zoo at the San Diego Zoo and the Audubon Center for Research of Endangered Species. Both of these gene banks may one day furnish the DNA needed to bring species back from oblivion.

Cloning Dinosaurs May Be Possible
Cloning Dinosaurs May Be Possible

Can We Clone Extinct Animals Such as Dinosaurs or Mammoths

Bringing dinosaurs or prehistoric mammoths back to life would be amazing. But so far the only successful clones have been of living animals. The reason is that in order for a clone to be successful the "seed" DNA implanted into the host egg must be intact. If it is damaged, the DNA will lack important information needed to make the egg develop into a complete organism.

While DNA has been recovered from mammoth caracasses and attempts have been made to harvest dinosaur DNA, the samples that have been recovered so far have been too degraded to be useful. The fact that the dead animal is thousands of years old (or millions in the case of dinosaurs) means that the genetic material has been exposed to many decomposing factors such as weather, bacteria, and time. So far, our cloning technology has not advanced to the point where we can collect enough DNA to pull off the holy grail of cloning: bring a species into the world that no human being has seen within recorded history. Such an achievement would be a triumph for science and teach us a great deal about evolution and the development of species. Just think what we could learn if we had a living dinosaur to study!

The successes that have been achieved so far point to a bright future for cloning and hope for restoring lost species.

What Do You Think About Using Cloning to Breed Extinct Animals?
What Do You Think About Using Cloning to Breed Extinct Animals?

Cloning Dinosaurs and Extinct Animals.

What do you think? Should we tamper with Mother Nature? What are some of the risks and benefist of re-introducing species that have not been part of the environment for thousands or even millions of years?

Could cloning extinct species bring back unwanted diseases or parasites that might threaten the existence of modern species?

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Should Scientists Try to Clone Extinct Animals

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Should We Do It?

Just because we may be able to clone extinct animals and bring a species back to life, doesn't mean that we should do it? Would we be playing god and undermining the balance of nature? After all, there is a reason that these animals became extinct and most of these creatures, such as dinosaurs and giant reptiles no longer have any place in the current environment. It is possible that they might escape and cause havoc.

But a more likely scenario is that any extinct animal which is successfully brought back to life, especially something as exotic as a dinosaur, would be exhibited in a sort of modern day freak show and spend the rest of its life in a cage surrounded by gawking school children. After all, pure science costs money and no one wants to invest in these technologies without the hope of a pay off.

It would be sad indeed to see a proud T-rex pacing a tiny zoo enclosure, while humans - something foreign to its species - take pictures of it and make funny noises trying to imitate its calls to other dinosaurs, who have not existed on this planet for millions of years.

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FinancePortal profile image

FinancePortal 8 years ago from UK

This is a really nice writeup on the subject of DNA cloning. Interestingly enough, Silicon Graphics provided the computers for the special effects behind Jurassic Park, and are now providing the computers being using in DNA sequencing and genome analysis.

Maybe the Russians will be providing us with Woolly Mammoths in a decade or so?

Gozalien 8 years ago

I think it would be great to clone a mammoth or some extinct species.

John Citizen 8 years ago

i think it needs more info on "how to clone"

Usman 8 years ago

This would be great. I hope they can do this. Also, I would love to be a scientist.

Hello 8 years ago

This is great. It is not interfering with nature because most of these soecies were wied out by humans infact!

unknown 8 years ago

i think that its a great idea to clone some excint animals. life would be so much exciting!!

20020 8 years ago

i personally thought this was an excellent source of info on cloning, it provided me with tons of useful info for my debate class

20020 8 years ago

i personally thought this was an excellent source of info on cloning, it provided me with tons of useful info for my debate class

stg 8 years ago

wth....we got enough animals going extint at the present time..and they are concernerd about species that died out millions of years ago....

Extinction is a part of evolution...natural order of life. This is just disaster in the making.

quotations profile image

quotations 8 years ago from Canada Author

Stg - I agree that bringing back extinct animals may be result in a disaster. We have no idea how these organisms would affect other species. But at the same time we have to take into account that some of these species became extinct due to actions by humans such as the destruction of their environment or over-hunting. Perhaps bringing them back through human intervention would only undo the damage that we caused.

onabanjo.v 8 years ago

the idea sounds great,but the impact of suc action is an uncertainty,but since science is a very curious field we might as well bring extinct animals back to life. hopefully this could be done in my lifetime been a biologist myself. precautions should be made to avoid danger to humans and other species

DiDyy 8 years ago

I for one think that some thing as powerful as nature shouldn't be tampered with.

There's a reason those animals are extinct.

It will only lead to more trouble.

Michael 8 years ago

I think it's grrrreat!!! I think it's been said but yeah, we were the cause that they are extinct now so if we can, we must bring them back. Especially the mammoth and other recent extint species. Dino's are a bit scary. Maybe we should put them on Mars one day????

Cloning Conscience 8 years ago

Perhaps bringing back recently extinct animals (the ones we have caused to go extinct in the first place) could be considered, but in all reality it would most likely throw off the whole ecosystem - and bringing back something like a mammoth would be insane. hmmm, dino's on mars tho... that might make a good book. =)

xXyukikun 8 years ago

no because , it would disturb or nature and like , wats done is done . Also , if you accually DID bring one back , to life , think of the consiquince . We the PEOPLE , will like , be killled or what ever.. so on . :)

happyfen 8 years ago

maybe the resurrected animals will not be able to live in this constant changing world due to the global heating =S....if they attend to leave them wild of course and not having them at controled areas

well that's my opinion but its cool to bring extinct ones =P

Science Journal 8 years ago

Some extinct species should remain as they are, as some of you have stated, they are that way for a reason. However the more recent extinct species such as the Wooly Mammoth and others like the Tasmanian Tiger, that have suffered under the impact of human evolution, should be brought back. It would also provide us with a once in a life time opportunity to study and learn about evolution and the reason behind it all.

quotations profile image

quotations 7 years ago from Canada Author

Here is an exciting update: an extinct Ibex has been cloned! This is the first time that an extinct animal was brought back from oblivion using stored genetic material and cloning technology. Unfortunately the animal died shortly after birth.

Thanks for the comments everyone. The debate is very interesting. I have added a poll to let people have their say.

CPN 7 years ago

I read the comments of people, and what they think the right thing to do is in any situation. Most of the time the comments are from fear. Some plausable some not. The topic is cloning extinct species. Lets take fear away and contemplate our responsibilities even if it hurts us in some way. We should start seeing ourselves as guardians of nature instead of its rulers. Let me explain myself. I see comments on whether we should be bringing back extinct species. I say yes and no. If your talking about species that lived side by side with humanity at one time and we impacked on the species in anyway to tip there survival rate. Then yes we have that responsibility to bring them back. Example the woolly mammoth was alive until about 1650 BCE. Not a very long time ago. The reason of there extinction was 2 reasons 1) climate change 2) over hunting. If this is true then even though there numbers plummeted due to a changing enviroment, something even humanity suffered many times in our exsistence, would have still survived in small numbers all over our northern hemisphere to this day if not for the increased pressure that humans put upon it for there own survival in a changing enviroment. Then today mammoth and even woolly rhino's would still be walking the tundra. The tundra is almost unchanged, a huge vast area for these animals to thrive in. These areas are uninhabitable even for locals. They call them the dead lands. I live in the arctic of canada. Most places are lived in next to sea, lakes or tree line areas. If anyone does live on the tundra then they are reliant on supplies or are very isolated. What is the impact on the enviroment with these animals. None. They would only increase it. More food for smaller animals on there dead carcasses, larger carnivors too, like the grizzly and maybe even the polar bear. God knows the polar bear needs some help in there changing environment or there going to be extinct. Plus their feces will even be extra nutrients for the land and increasing bug populations that can feed birds and small rodents even more. Remember they were are big part of that enviroments success. Next question could they harm humans. Sure they can they are a 8 to 12 ton animal. If a man gets trampled or killed by such an animal. Then who's fault is that, the animal who protects itself or feels threaten, because some guy got a little to close. As far as im concerned he was asking for it. We must respect nature and fell a little fear from it in order to feel alive and humbled. I don't want to live in a world full of mice and cows because every time someone dies or is injured by a predator or stronger animal. Its got to be hunted down and killed because its a danger to people. Well my answer to that is get out of its enviroment and live in your protected bubble in the basement of your parents house. My point being these animals have the right to a second chance if we were the cause of its demise. Dodo bird, elaphant bird, tasmanian tiger are some examples that should with countless others. But where do we draw the line. Well any animal that can threaten the survival of the human species or any other living species today. That's right any talk about cloning dinosaurs should loose there licence and be cast away from the scientific community. This should be based on one principal. It is not only an insult on humanity but also an insult on every mammal on this planet. It should be considered an act of bio terrorism. Not only do these creatures act as a threat to every species on this planet but also that every species on this planet would not excist if it wasn't for the fall of these creatures. As for the mammouth or woolly rhinos, life would be very diferent today for all northern people of the past. if not for there species in the northern hemisphere, that gave them life and nurishment to survive such a harsh climate. Then maybe alot of the people today would not excist. We owe them alot so lets give them life instead of death.

anonymous 7 years ago

cloning extinct animals is an excellent idea because we were the ones who made that way in the first place so why not ? but cloning a mammoth or a dinosaur would be difficult and a waste of time because it is difficult to find related species to carry the cloned embryos and because they became extinct due to natural causes so we shouldn't feel implicated to bring them back.

im not sure if that makes sense , but yeahh ... that's my view . (:

anonymous 7 years ago

I don't think that we should even be cloning any of these animals at all. Who needs them.

... 7 years ago

anonymous, what is your problem??? people who say that are probably the cruel, heartless jerks who killed them al in the first place.

anyways, i like the idea. it makes the human race less guilty because of pollution

Michelle 7 years ago

I think if they clone animals that have been dead for thousands of years i think we should be trying to figure out ways to get rid of the over=populting squids all over the oceans that have been killing hundreds to possibly thousands of other marine life and some human beings!!!!!but only bring back the plant eating dinos b/c the meat-eating ones in jerassic park they got loose and killed alot of people!!!i think the world would be safer...............

Dexter John Marquez 7 years ago

whoa! a very good news!!! i really love DINOSAURS and lots of other prehistoric animals such as those mammoths and pterosaurs....

I'm 17 years old now, and i hope i would be able to meet a dinosaur or at least a mammoth someday..

spner 7 years ago

I don't think we should clone or bring back extinct animals, they're extinct for a reason, right? PLus, we're just playing God here with these animals. Then we'll clone people, I would not want a clone of myself, God only knows what damage that could cause. Why can't we use science to cure cancer instead of playing God and dabbling with life.

Genaro high school student Santa Ana Unified 7 years ago

I think that if some extinct plants could be reborn, it would be good because maybe some of them could be used for medicine to help people get well.

jkl 7 years ago

Cloning a Dinosaurs would be immposslbe because any dinosaur fossils that we have will have turned to rock .Cloning a mamoth is probaly also imposable because there,s no clompetely preserved mamoths .Just look at the Taismain tiger it,s only been exticnt for 60 years and we,ve only just got enogh DNA to make an embroyo with it .

we 7 years ago

I think bringing extinct animals back to life would be pretty impossible, but by the things we come come up with these days amaze me! Therefore, it be successful and something that would amaze me more than ever.

Sofia Cruz,12 yrs. old 7 years ago

Somehow it's amazingly good to cloneand revive extinct species but only IMPORTANT species must be cloned and reborn. I mean cloning dinosaurs and other extinct species might be cool but what are the consequences? For me, there would probably be a great threat to human lives and modern/evolved species, a MAJOR "end of the world" stuff/theme applied to the everyday life. and the worst case-scenario of all, a MAJOR imbalance of nature! But for now, try recloning and reviving the IMPORTANT species

Sofia Cruz,12 yrs. old 7 years ago

Somehow it's amazingly good to cloneand revive extinct species but only IMPORTANT species must be cloned and reborn. I mean cloning dinosaurs and other extinct species might be cool but what are the consequences? For me, there would probably be a great threat to human lives and modern/evolved species, a MAJOR "end of the world" stuff/theme applied to the everyday life. and the worst case-scenario of all, a MAJOR imbalance of nature! But for now, try recloning and reviving the IMPORTANT

osu85 7 years ago

why not bring dinos back? just not the meat eaters. we could learn from them and other speicis living

Fred Stone 7 years ago

Great qoutes from jurassic park guys! Real original. People can object all they want, but if someone figures out how to clone a T rex, they will do it, and you and me both are going to pay to see it in a zoo.

unkown 7 years ago

it not just the fact that life would be more exciting with mamothes and dinos but we chould clone endangered animals until they are stabel enough to breed on there own and there would be anough to

DesiOutlaw 7 years ago

Wow, I can't believe how boring some people can be, if we can resurrect a dinosaur or any other creature then we should because that would be amazing. If anyone says don't do it then I think we should replace them with dinosaurs. I don't think we're gonna have a problem feeding dinosaurs:)

DesiOutlaw 7 years ago

Maybe we should leave the dead animals in their graves, because if we did bring them back we'd probably start eating them, they'd prefer to be dead. Rest in peace deceased Animals.

youguys 7 years ago

i hate all of you and hope they create a jurassic park n you all go there and recreate the movie

IDK 7 years ago

I think is a really cool idea to have and have the ablity to do but also it a horrible idea. If to bring back Mammoths who died out because of warm weather how will they survive now when the earth warmed up even more since they were around. Also who is to take care of this gaint animals? A mammoth is twice the size of our present day elephant. It's a useless thing to do just really taken into the minds of people as to see this animal recreated into are world. Best to let these animals dead for no good could come from bring them back unless DTA that would be useless after they once again die out

Me 7 years ago

EVERYONE IS EXTREMELY STUPID! This is not a good idea! I love animals but, it would ultimately end in more extinct species. It will have a huge impact on species still living.`

laura  7 years ago

i thought this was a great article, it helped me alot with my report. i still cant believe what i read. like my teacher says science is all around us

Brian 7 years ago

Mother nature made these animals go extinct for a reason.we should just leave it like that.Mammoths would probably eat our vegetables and if a T-rex is revived it will eat humans and other animals which will lead to an extinction to a species that is hunted a lot by the T-rex.

Rmac 7 years ago

if we were to resurrect some of these animals, many would find themselves in a drastically altered environment to the habitats they once occupied, and without too many animals of the same species around, in fact they would be socially outcast in a world that no longer makes sence to them, would it be moral to resurrect them?

ralwus 7 years ago

I think we have done enough damage. Where would any Mammoth live or T-Rex? We barely have room for Elephants. Yes it is sad that man has caused the extinction of some and I wish we could change that.

zeeshan 7 years ago

HEY u stupid conservative idiot ppl who think that extinct animals must not be brought back to life ,because they will eat ur grandma shut the fuck up.extinct animals if we can should be brought back to life dinos and mammoths should be cloned so that we can see those creatures which have amazed us from the time when we were born.

Scottie lad 7 years ago

I think dinos should be left alone but other animals birds primates plants and such like should be brought back but also those that are near extinction should be helped out by it. The problem is with cloning a fair few would need to be created or the gene pool for the revived specimen would be far too close and thus if to replicate would result in imbred offspring. Great idea tho and hopefully one day i might live long enough to see a tazmainian tiger or even a wolly mammoth.

Derek 7 years ago

I think Mother Nature wanted us to bring those animals and plants that have gone extinct (in one way or another) back onto this Earth.

noob 7 years ago

i think no because i agree with the desease idea like what if there is like dino desease or something and like we all turn into dinosaurs.or maybe they can reproduce quikly or something what if they don't need a mate and they just drop eggs out their wombs. that would be crazy and if they can die they will kill us all.i also think yes but only for early extincted animals like tazmanian tiger or something so i am not going to vote.

celtickid 7 years ago

I would first like to comment on the appalling grammar and spelling of most of the commentators on this site. It is quite difficult to take your comments seriously when they are written without any thought for spelling, grammar, or punctuation. Beyond that, I fully agree with most of the posts here that if we were to resurrect these creatures it would have untold consequences, i.e. disease, extinction of other species. I cannot believe I am saying this, but perhaps our best model for carrying out such an experiment is indeed the movie "Jurassic Park". (Minus the death of humans and destruction of the environment hopefully) If we were to use an isolated location such as an island to launch the experiment, it would have to little to no impact on the present occupied world as we know it. Of course we would have to do it much more thoughtfully than our fictional friends from the movie. Imagine the benefits of such an undertaking! Perhaps some of these creatures could give us insight into evolutionary processes or even provide us with cures to some of the diseases currently ravaging our world. If the experiment were strictly controlled it would open our eyes to a world of new possibilities! I, for one, am excited about the idea and hope that this will come to fruition in my lifetime. Also, if some of you think this to be a moral or religious issue...why would God/Allah/whomever allow us/provide us these ideas, technology and possible functional specimen if he/she/it did not want us to experiment with nature?

dexter john marquez 7 years ago

i don't think of bringing extinct animals to life as bad...

we can put them in an isolated island and let them there.. and we could just look at them by a camera or whatever safe way...

let's just find a way to let those creatures be back again.... keep on finding a way,

any ways, if god don't want them back, he won't let it happen...

dexter john marquez 7 years ago

i don't think of bringing extinct animals to life as bad...

we can put them in an isolated island and let them there.. and we could just look at them by a camera or whatever safe way...

let's just find a way to let those creatures be back again.... keep on finding a way,

any ways, if god don't want them back, he won't let it happen...

Katieeee 7 years ago

This is just too much like Jurassic Park for my liking...

ninjapimp 7 years ago

i think that celtickid is very correct it is not ezy yo do it but we don't need ppl down our backz it dosent help at all

PITiFul@home 7 years ago

why is it our fault that the dinosaurs r extinct? isn't it because a meteorite hit the earth and made serious climate changes all around and blocked the sunlight to produce plants so the herbivores are dead. So the meat eating dinosaurs couldn't have anything to eat so they all became extinct.

SPANKyarrMoM 7 years ago

dude desioutlaw ur soo stupid why would we eat the dinosaurs. If weeat them then there was no point in this project.

anonymous 7 years ago

I beleive that these animals are dead and should remain in that state. By bringing them back to life,we're defying nature and what is moral and right. Everything has a purpose in life and when they have performed their role they are unuseable. Im not saying that they are useless but I am saying they really are no good to us. Im not sure if I totally believe that humans killed these animals, because we weren't really around in the day of these animals. Also, if we bring these animals back to life, we don't know how they will act and react with other species. And if we clone them using another species as a surrogate, theres really no saying how the animal will turn out with half of its own DNA and half of anotgers species' DNA.

Mossy 7 years ago

That is smart but dumb at the same time....what if the dinos get loose....

anonymous 7 years ago

We cna't clone the dinosaurs because we can't retrieve their DNA. Ir is very smart

Judi 7 years ago

Why is it science trys to play god . God has his reasons for all speices to live so long that is in his plans not science so if they try and succseed in cloneing then god plans are messed up and so will the lives of all the human raise could be reversed intime and think how you look as a neanerthal from the passed.

THEDevin 7 years ago

This is great information that helps form my debate... I am christian and i do believ it iis wrong for us to play God... But on the other hand... we played god in the first place and made them extinct so why cant we undo our actions... and even with dnosaurs. we might not have been around to kill them although if we were im sure we woud but god says he made the heavens and the earth but he will not tamper with them in any ways or times... so that means it was natural for the meteor to hit the earth...not his wants for exticntion of his first large life on earth... I am doing science fair this year . Called "The Tests Of Time" a study on animals that have survived millions of years virtually unchanged and learning if the popssibilities of bringing back the animals that are gone is possible. and how long it will take and how they will do it precisely.. Tank you though.

kddafh15 7 years ago

This world is dieing,fast.If we could somehow bring dinsaurs and extinct mammals back and reintroduce them to the wild,stop building so much,and maybe the world could rebuild itself.Life always finds a way,but that way takes time,humanity is destroying this world faster than it can heal itself.Extinct mammals and dinosaurs,I believe could live in harmony, maybe a t-rex would hunt an elephant,or a polar bear could hunt a wooly rhinocerous.If we could clone these animals and repopulate the world with life and plants it would be absolutly amazing.Ive seen on t.v. about scientists saying one day we could terraform mars and turn it into a new Earth and populate it with modern animals plus extinct ones like mammoths and dinosaurs,why do that we can save our own world.

pat 7 years ago

DOllie was a sheep and easy to care for and keep safe. What will the scientists do to ensure the safety and rewarding existence for extinct wooly mammoths, dinosaurs, giant sloths. etc? There is a poem about about a boy who was innocently playing with a frog - "but the frog, in earnest, died."

gogo23 7 years ago

Good! i agree with the cloning idea. i really detest humans for destroying species like the mammoth and homo neanderthalis(their relatives)!!!i hope cloning works.

anon 7 years ago

i guess cloning could work in some cases but think about this. Let's say they cloned a woolly mammoth. If it couldn't survive the conditions when there was an ice age, how can it survive now? There's something to think about. They would have to keep it in antarctica or somewhere really cold, but the ice is melting so it would just end up dying. What would the point be then if scientists spend a lot of money just for it to die?

quotations profile image

quotations 7 years ago from Canada Author

Anon, I see your point. But I think that if scientists ever cloned a mamoth it would spend in its days at a zoo. I am sure that people would pay a lot of money to see it. The zoo would have to recreate an environment for the mammoth like they do for polar bears in captivity.

Hi 6 years ago

Disease would be my major concern, I am all for resurecting extinct species however, it should be conducted with the cooperation of human and veterinary doctors who can identify potential opportunity for disease and adress it. That DNA may contain viruses or their remnants which had gone extinct with the species. THe potential for it to mutate into a virus capable of infecting humans is extremely unlikely but not impossible.

Lets do it.....responsibly!

lol u all suc 6 years ago

lol u are all sooo annoying!!!!!!

grammar chic just get over urself this is for opinons not spelling!!!!!!!!!!!

i think its a good idea to clone the extinct species, just so we can learn about them and use them to help the world. You peeps who say don't go against nature screw u!!

if we can then go 4 it

btw this site was rlly useful 4 my isu, thx!!

dnt matter 6 years ago

ok well whatever we choose to do its fine. just make sure we can give them what they need to survive and live just like any other animal (free) after that just let nature decide weather the animal is fit to live with the ever changing climate/envirnment. don't be dumb about it either and try to treat it like some test subject and tramatize the poor thing. keep in mind to make this animal thrive you would need a small population or community of them. just don't play god and bring them back just to kill them in some test and bring them back again. and i would like to see a documentrey if they are put in the wild again. "planet Earth"

matt 11 6 years ago

to heck with mother nature it would be great to clone extinct animals, I love this idea

matt 11 6 years ago

cpn is a smart guy totally agree

Cody 6 years ago

I think we could clone some dinos and just put them in a zoo or some thing don't be crazy it would not be jurassic park.

DIGNANEGRA 6 years ago


darthvader 6 years ago

first of all, i would like to say that i don't think it's right to clone anything for any reason cause it would just screw stuff up. but, im doing a debate on it and i have to debate that cloing extint animals is right and should be done.

so plz tell me some points that i can use

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Michael Shane 6 years ago from Gadsden, Alabama

Very interesting topic! I'm sure they can bring some of them back but they should probably leave well enough along...

Bob 6 years ago

Okay there's a difference between cloning animals that we caused the extinction of and animals like dinosaurs that no human has ever had a chance to cause the extinction of. Dinosaurs went extinct for a reason and by the way Jurassic Park was a zoo basically. What gives us the right to think we can control such magnificent power. This is the first time we should actually heed a fictional characters warning.

Peck 6 years ago

Cloning animals that we have caused the extinction of is fine but we are going to far with dinosaurs. Even just bringing back herbivores would be dangerous. Think of the diseases and the dangers to existing animals. Even if it was kept in a zoo environment, I doubt we could control is. God destroyed the dinosaurs for a reason and if people are arrogant enough to play God...go ahead but remember you'll be the first to learn your lesson and the whole worlds gonna be there to watch.

Whatever 6 years ago

scientist should be cloning species that are becoming extinct rather than worrying about animals that died millions of years ago.

john 6 years ago

hey mr whatever it is not any of your buisness get a life

man 6 years ago

sure it would be very very cool and exciting to do, but why? atleast with dinosaurs. sure it wuold be exciting to bring a dinosaur back from the dead but im sure in some way it would reak havok sooner or later. theres just really no benefit for today's society other than our own pleasure and pointless enjoyment. we already got facebook for that.

Jeff G 6 years ago

I think they should start with something small and recent like the Dodo Bird and the Tasmanian Tiger rather than the centuries old Wooly Mammoth or Dinosaur. That would be interesting!

Jesse A 6 years ago

I think it will be a good idea to clone dinosaurs and wholly mammoths. We can give the dinos another chance to live and protected them from harm like asteroids. And the mammoth we killed it off so if we can bring it back and we can learn from our mistakes to. Oh and that goes for the dodo and the Tasmanian tiger. We can learn more about them.

female14 6 years ago

we shouldn't clone anything extinct if they are gone y would u bring them back they will just dissappear again some species r gone for a reason can we keep it like tht the same devastyating events will happen while interrupting natures progress in life basicly unraveling time as it is nothing will be the same the world will over populate causing devastating blows to man kind maybe evn destroying the world NO WE SHOULDN'T CLONE ANIMALS

tinko 6 years ago

It's good to clone most of the animals who weren't naturally extincted. Some species like dodo bird,tasmanian tiger,etc were extinted due to human actions. It's unfair for us,the future generation for not seeing live creatures in their own eyes. Atlest, endangered species MUST be cloned. If not, there won't be diversity in nature.

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Ghost Buster 6 years ago

Bringing back the extinct after dieing in the battlefield of natural selection, is quite "nice".

If ever there will be a future of rampaging tyrannosaurs, I will be more than happy to terminate them back to extinction. Hey, anyone want to create new species of animals instead? Like a sheep with the size of a mammoth.

cabbbbbbbbbbb 6 years ago

my favourite extint animal is the woolley mammoth and it would be amazing if they could come back

by only thing is would it come out deformed???

HEA 6 years ago

I think it would be cool to bring back animals like Woolly Mammoths, Saber-Toothed Tigers and Giant Ground Sloths, maybe if you or me and my bff tame the animals enough, they can be living toeghter like the movie Ice Age 1, 2 & 3!

HEAM 6 years ago

I think it would be cool to bring back animals like Woolly Mammoths, Saber-Toothed Tigers and Giant Ground Sloths, maybe if you or me and my bff tame the animals enough, they can be living toeghter like the movie Ice Age 1, 2 & 3!

and if kids are reading this, try Zoo Tycoon 2 Extinct Animals there are lots of dinos and animals you can care for!

xXVengeancyScreamXx 6 years ago

Scientists... psh no matter what I hate them for what they do because sometimes they do stuff but never think why or for what reason for sometimes. Think about it, if your going ro see Jarasic Park and all people might survive as if remained but the so called Earth we live in somewhat unbalanced and that's why there is a life cycle. Your dead your dead only bring few back that is common to the world and it might be okay and fine to Earth. Mommoth I really don't think its going to cause much but other than that of dinosaur might cause issues with big difference in them. Isn't there a reason why they were made to be extinct those dinosaur looking creatures to be replaced for us and gives us more space to talk people to people and see each other? Life cycle huh... science will be much more difficult than already done and plants well more complicated and eating animals too now that's too much...

Mary 6 years ago

Personlly I feel we should hold on to the technology, refine it, but bringing back species of any type is a slippery slope. As we all are aware of now, that the introduction of certain spieces, such as the europeon starling to N. America caused a domino effect as in their case are aggressive and drove out spieces natural to the area. We live with these types of things all the time, like snakes inundating the everglades. How exciting it would be to bring back a dodo or a dino, but what about people. Are people making people? Are there underground DNA people factories where people are developing masses of cloned people to fight in wars for example. DNA can be actully spliced and you can take out defects such as hereditary disease. Should we do all of this. I thouht of the lady who brought her dog back by DNA. I'm sorry but when it gets close it gets creepy. Lost my loving dog last year, but can he be replaced even by his own DNA. I think not. I work in the medical profession (not a doc or nurse). when i think of all the ill people, and all the different disease they have. Can we cure everything and live forever and then what..where do you put everyone. We can't seem to feed the planet as it is. We cannot control global warming or wars. I know a man who lost a leg and he lamented all the time about what a loss it was and if he ever gets the chance to grow one he would by DNA. Then i thought, this man is an IT Administrator in a Western europeon hospital. He makes more money than almost anyone i know. He has top of the line prosthetic devices that money cn buy. When i look at his personal success i think can't you cellebrate what you do have. Who would you choose to "fix" using DNA. How much would it cost? Please do not get me wrong. Losing any limb, or any critical injury is horrible, but the point i am making is this guy adjusted and maybe had an even more successful life than he might have otherwise. I poised this question to him. how can you choose yourself over all those people in Rwanda, who's whole families have lost limbs and they carry on with no prosthetic devices. I think this would be a very elitist club. Technology has surpassed us. We have to wait until we have answers to what is happening around us now in the world before we can move on. Should scientists experimenting with anything that can help people, of course i am for it. All i am saying is i don't think we should go further than what we can handle in all types of technology, and when we are ready, lets make it available for everyone in the whole world at the same time.

Tom 6 years ago

If there was a global ,serious effort to clone animals that were made extinct by humans and restore the inviroment it would by amazing to see the planet when it was finished because for example a species of bird from the American Midwest that went extinct in 1918 called the passenger pigeon that reportedly had flocks so big they would block out the sun and took several hours to pass and there was a species of lemur that went extint several hundred years ago that was the size of a gorilla and Irish elk which had antlers 12 feet from tip to tip. It would also be scary to to get lost in the wild because there were so many giant carnivores like a 30 foot relative of Komodo dragons in Australia, flat faced bears, dire wolves lions, cheetahs and smiladons of north America and cave bears ,European lions and European hyena from ofcource europe. I also wonder if Neanderthals were brought back but were tot to live in the wild instead of with human if we would have to abandon Europe.

Burton 6 years ago

A mammoth park would be great!! A huge area filled with mammoth, they could even sell the meat and fur commercially. Imagine what mammoth-veal would taste like.

MatterTot 6 years ago

NO dinosaurs or mamoths. do sumthin like almost instinct animals,or dodos :)

lyle610 6 years ago

if global warming increases there wouldn't be anywhere for the mammoths to live!

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wilderness 6 years ago from Boise, Idaho

A very interesting and informative hub - thank you. You should consider, if there is additional information, updating the hub for the last two years work in the field. I would expect the field to continue to develop and, perhaps someday, actually clone extinct animals from DNA information. If necessary maybe we'll learn to make or repair damaged DNA strands to become viable.

DREW 6 years ago

evil don't mess with nature

speeshul 6 years ago

you don't bring back dinosaurs, its just stupid, like, look at the avg global temperatures back then, its like 20 degrees celcius difference..... ppl, don't just say, oh yeah i wanna see a dinosaur, think about them, and what they feel, imagine being brought back to life, you were just having a fight with someone, and all of a sudden your in a zoo with people staring at you going, ooo, and flashy things going in your eyes

Drakkenz 6 years ago

no matter what u say it will happen good or bad try to find the light thru the darkness. :)

a concerned child 6 years ago

i've seen a lot of comments that say things like:clone dinosaurs and leave them on an isolated island and then they never think about things like: "how did animals and all other life survive," a very likely answer: they evolved to survive in the water, then evolved back out. So, if we leave them on fictional island X, (or any other island, real or not) they will evolve, swim, escape, or somehow get loose eventually. Think of the millions of deaths for every species that can't defend themselves against these species. Think about Asian carp in rivers. They’re still herbivores, but they are eating the other herbivore fish's only supply of food: algae. So whether or not they will directly impact other species, best case scenario is they further the invasive species issue, if species that have lived a long time are causing problems, think about how many more could be caused by a species that has not been seen by another species (living) for 64 million years! Also, since they are all clones, new problems will eventually appear for them, like diseases, but most of these that would kill them would start only hundreds of thousands of years after the things I’ve said come true, and so, the Earth eventually becomes an inhabitable, but dead planet.

RadicalModerate 6 years ago

The argument against cloning the extinct species is bizarre. I have two thoughts on the issue, one about the danger to the environment, and one about the morality of cloning.

Earth is a living system, they say, so we shouldn't mess it up. That living system is exactly why we can: the whole system has changed since they last lived here. The Jurassic atmosphere was totally different from the Ice Age one, which was totally different from ours. They were never built for our world, so they'll never out compete us when they're in it. China and America may have different species that can invade each other's lands, but China and America only have a strip of ocean or an Arctic coastline separating each other. Think of the difference between Pangaea and Australia, or between Pangaea and Europe. Could a stegosauri really survive that difference? And out compete kangaroos to boot? I think not.

Of course, some would say that they were meant to die, whether by God's or fate's ordaining. If you are one of them, consider this: If God meant for them to die, did the people who killed them have a choice? The way God meant for them to die would have to mean he forced people to kill them. I, however, believe that God does not force our hand (although I believe he can), and that we choose to do things based on our own morality. I do not believe that God's morality involves killing his creation, and therefore, it was ours that killed it. Passenger pigeons, ivory-billed woodpeckers, moas (large flightless birds), tarpons (ancient horses), dodos, aurochs (enormous European cows), great auks (flightless, penguin-like birds), Bengal tigers, quaggas (zebra-horses, half-covered in stripes); all of these are creatures we killed. We should fix our mistake, through cloning. Dinosaurs were not our fault, nor were mammoths, but I believe that it is more moral to resurrect those gifts of God that we decided to kill.

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quotations 6 years ago from Canada Author

RadicalModerate You make some really good points about whether extinct species from long ago could survive in today's changed environment. Of course it may be possible to keep them alive in a specially designed habitat, if that's necessary. But keep in mind, that not all extinct species lived in a completely different environment from millions of years ago - some species like the Dodo only became extinct a couple of hundred years ago, so cloning these species may be a lot easier than cloning dinosaurs. Thanks for the comments everyone.

ais 247 6 years ago

It would be amazing to see these animals but you got to figure out where to put them.Perhaps maybe a diserted island with a perfect climate and envionment.

OZZY KINNEY 6 years ago

I think that we should do like they did off of Jurrasic Park and put them in cages... just make sure the possibility of them getting out was practically impossible like robbing the white house and getting away with it. I would like the past animals to become the future animals and who says this cant help us with the world? we could ride pterodactyles to work and save polluting the air... so many possibilities that could happen with this.

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quotations 6 years ago from Canada Author

Here is an interesting update: it seems that scientists are close to mapping the Neanderthal genome, which might make it possible to clone a neanderthal and bring this ancestor of humanity back from extinction:

The interesting thing is that neanderthals were clearly intelligent: they made tools, and knew how to make fire. So if they are brought back to life, there will be two competing hominid species on the planet, just like there were over 35,000 years ago. The implications are mind boggling.

Tom riddle 6 years ago

Thiis is one of the most interesting topic out there about animals. Thanks for posting this article : )

Will come back for sure.


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Joyus Crynoid 6 years ago from Eden

In my opinion cloning extinct species is impossible: it is a fantasy based on a misconception. There is no way enough of the DNA would ever be preserved, so DNA from a modern creature would have to be used to fill in the gaps (like they did in Jurassic Park). Not only that, the DNA is only functional in the physiological context of an intact cell with which it is co-adapted, and so that would have to come from an extant creature that is closely related to the extinct one. The best we could hope for under those circumstances would be some kind of monstrous hybrid, which would be a new creation, not a re-creation of the extinct species. To my mind cloning an extinct animal is about as likely as Frankenstein's monster, the alchemists' quest to turn lead to gold, or the perpetual motion machine.

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quotations 6 years ago from Canada Author

@Joyus Crynoid - very interesting comment on whether a cloned extinct animal would be a copy or merely some sort of hybrid. Not all extinct animals are that different from modern surviving species that could act as surrogate mothers. For example, the extinct mammoth is probably genetically not that different from an elephant. And since relatively intact mammoth corpses have been recovered in Siberia (there are stories of Russians thawing the meat and then eating the mammoth) I think that it is possible that we could recover enough DNA. Cloning dinosaurs would be much more difficult and it is unlikely that there is any intact DNA left.

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Joyus Crynoid 6 years ago from Eden

The real problem isn't finding a surrogate mother, but rather finding a surrogate egg and nucleus. Dolly wasn't cloned with naked DNA. Even if we got enough DNA there's the problem of getting it packaged into chromatin in the right configuration within a nucleus. That's far from trivial, but it's usually swept under the rug, based on the mistaken notion that a nucleus is just a bag of DNA.

So, even if we were able to reconstitute a nucleus using mammoth DNA and proteins etc extracted from an elephant cell, and place that reconstituted nucleus in an enucleated egg of an elephant, what would develop from that egg (if we were lucky) would not be a mammoth. The reason is that development is controlled by epigenetics as well as genetics.

Billy G. 6 years ago

I think this could be a very good idea but it may be impossible. Considering how long ago dinosaurs and mammoths were extinct, finding the right amount of DNA that could be used for cloning might take years. I am only 13 so I am hoping to see an extinct animal in my future. Thank you.

student 6 years ago

i think cloning sounds really cool but im afraid that we will be bringing te extinct animals back to life and then straight back to extinction. how, well lets say we clone around 100 of a specific extinct or indangered animal great but now lets say one of those hundred catches a sicknessof some kind that will spread and it will affect all of its cloned species and those hundred will become zero. they are all the same they are clones so if one gets it, they all do.

rasloo bux xxxxxxxxx 6 years ago

DNA and proteins etc extracted from an elephant cell, and place that reconstituted nucleus in an enucleated egg of an elephant, what would develop from that egg (if we were lucky) would not be a mammoth. The reason is that development is controlled by epigenetics as well as genetics.

Billy G. 3 weeks ago

I think this could be a very good idea but it may be impossible. Considering how long ago dinosaurs and mammoths were extinct, finding the right amount of DNA that could be used for cloning might take years. I am only 13 so I am hoping to see an extinct animal in my future. Thank you.

student 3 weeks ago

i think cloning sounds really cool but im afraid that we will be bringing te extinct animals back to life and then straight back to extinction. how, well lets say we clone around 100 of a specific extinct or indangered animal great but now lets say one of those hundred catches a sicknessof some kind that will spread and it will affect all of its cloned species and those hundred will become zero. they are all the same they are clones so if one gets it, they

MrPanCakes 6 years ago

It is extremely difficult to clone a living animal. The percentage rate of cloning a LIVING animal is 1%.

If its 1% for a living animal how much would you think it would be for an extinct one? That would be EXTREMELY LOW, considering that DNA from extinct animals are damaged or deformed. And how the hell are you going to get the egg? You will be needing a LARGE amount of eggs from animals.

TheRex 6 years ago

i think we should only bring back animals that have been recently (past 200years or so) been extinct by human interactions or poachind etc.

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quotations 6 years ago from Canada Author

It looks like we may be moving closer to making this a reality. Here is an article which says that there are plans to clone mammoth:

russ 6 years ago

we are of nature. and we will do what we do. we should let them live once more.

steven 6 years ago

We are all children of this world. If we bring back the dead then our NATURAL minds done this. If we went extinct wouldn't you want the chimps to revive us and give us a second chance.

Cloned Extinced Animals  5 years ago

I say that cloning has its own advantages and disadvantages.If we didn't bring back extinct animals they would be gone forever and their predators would not survive.Neither would humans.All humans but vegetarians depend on wildlife to eat.Animals deserve to live as much as humans deserve to live.God made those animals for a reason and the purpose should not be defeated.

peterson 5 years ago

i want to know how thay cloning

Helen 5 years ago

All this needs is the effects of if it's a good idea to clone extinct animals or a bad idea to clone extinct animals. Other than that, it's good.

Tiby Lerone 5 years ago

this helped me a bit

Ryan 5 years ago

so if my dog dies you can bring it back to life?

Joe Cahill 5 years ago


Rhiannon 5 years ago

I think with some species this would be okay for example if humans caused them to go extinct from over hunting them but some species went extinct due to natural causes, they couldn't survive is today's environment so it would not be very effective trying to bring them back as they simply do not belong anymore I mean where exactly would a mammoth live, really?! everywhere they used to populate was iced over and now is not and it is unethical to put them somewhere like Antarctica or the Arctic as this would have an effect on all the species' already living there... the ones that belong there, cloning however could be put to a better use as it could be used to clone healthy cells/tissue samples that could be used to fight diseases such as cancer and other life-threatening illnesses also you could use it to breed animals such as cows that have a certain useful property in there milk or such like these would be useful and ethical uses of cloning.

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superwags 5 years ago from UK

I liked the example of the Pyranean Ibex which became the world's only animal to become extinct twice a couple of years ago. I don't doubt that such animals will be brought back in the future as the technology improves.

yasser alhashme 5 years ago

From my perspective, I think it's great to clone mammoths, but not a dinosaur, the meaning is that you do not trust a dinosaur in any case, whether he eats meat or eating plants on each case size is too large it is impossible either clone any other animal does not exceed the size of Mammoth is acceptable at this time, we see elephants and are considered in the same mammoth print and see a lion and a tiger and see what is the inhibitor of cloning extinct species of it Or any type of bird species extinct and other animals, but should not be only on the cloning of one or a pair of each type, but must reproduce as much as possible and study the best places that she was living alternative for the missing or variable environmentally them and I hope to scientific progress In this issue as soon as possible.

sorceress88 5 years ago

bringing extinct animals back = not a good idea. even though it was because of us that some of them are extinct there would be another animal in its place in the order by now. it woul d totally screw up everything. they would also need something to hunt it so they don't over populate. none of this is good.

Dark-ange1 5 years ago

Animals adjusts to it's enviorment, if a new karnivore was to be released none of the animals would know how to act and it would not help in any way. It might be fun in a zoo but think of the animal as well. With no parents to learn it stuff that it needs to know, it would not be right. It might have a parent but of the wrong species that learns it the wrong things.I think this is a really interesting thing but when thinking of the animal I feel sorry for it, still I like the cloning idea. Kinda selfish, poor animals. One might accedently create a virus at the same time.

superwags profile image

superwags 5 years ago from UK

We've reintroduced animals to areas in which they haven't been present for hundreds of years and it always improves the health of the ecosystem when they come back in. Yellowstone is the most obvious example of that when they reintroduced wolves. The health of the yellowstone ecosystem has improved beyond what they could even have imagined - though it involved the coyotes getting a whopping.

How might you accidentally create a virus?! I'm not advocating cloning wild animals and reintroducing them per se - though I'm very much in favour of reintroducing locally extinct animals - just think that it's important that we keep it sensible!

ethan 5 years ago

this is a very big issue, but in my opinion some animals would be okay to bring back, such as the tasmanian tiger, which were wiped out through unnatural means, but things like dinosaurs shouldn't be brought back as they went extinct naturally.

rami al-kenayh 5 years ago

nice Article

but how to make sure that all the info in it are correct

anyway what about cloning humans ?????????????

anonymous 5 years ago

I like the topic, but i agree on some people out there saying revive those animals that are IMPORTANT, think of it that even our modern animals is dying out because of us what about the T-REX, the flying dinosaurs like pterodactyl? could we handle them? yes. but as time goes by we cant say how many they will produce. and when the time comes that we cant control them anymore it could cause MASS EXTINCTION of some MODERN ANIMALS, and horribly MASS EXTINCTION of HUMANS. sorry for bad English :P

blackheart4eva 5 years ago

i would enjoy someone cloning a long lost dinosaur and they could do a Jurassic Park but without them escaping

- (SourpatCh"] 5 years ago

-well ma Frend Lady thnks is a stupid idea tO brinq them back

tO lifee . what FOR ? wee arent qne bee the ones takinq caree of them

us humans qne bee dha ones killinq them oncee aqain , : ( RITEE ?

& well ithnk iht wuld bee Amazinq idea but den aqain theirs no POINT . !

Huaifa 5 years ago

It would be nice if dinosaurs are back again but it will cause human beigns and


lexi 5 years ago

yes i think it would be rather intrestng to see dinosrs romning around the the streets althow it could bquite dangours seeimg ppl getting eaten and are pets would go missing im sure and runing for your lives when a t-rex is chasing after you to eat you and are houses being destroyd when dinosurs are fighting with tere big tails /but it also can be fun to ride on there back and play with the non meat eaters

razanita profile image

razanita 5 years ago

i disagre wiv cloning extint animals cause those animals re no longer alive 4 a reason and i tink its messing wiv nature which i tink should be illlegal yes we all want 2 see dinosauras bt i tink its wrong so we should all move on and stop trying 2 get the future back!!!!

chelly . 5 years ago

so i would like dinsours to come bck to life because it would be so awsome to see them aqain walking and stomping around " ) i would love to plat with it in my room .

Chuck Norris 5 years ago

teeheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i love dinosaurs

Eric 5 years ago

Putting aside the fact that the animals extinct long time ago might find it hard to live in current environment, and that if introduced into the ecosystems might greatly destabilize it. Many animals we have now find it hard to live here, many of them got extinct recently, there are some species facing extinction within next decades. We could reintroduce those extinct recently, but then why did they die out? Over hunting or maybe lack of their natural habitat. Human population is growing, cities are growing, more food is needed to feed our population, more and more forests are being cut down either to make more farming space or just to fill demand for timber. So where will we put all those new cloned creatures so they have something to eat, and so we do not kill them all again or their habitat. In some countries most of the land is used in some way or another, be it cites or farmland. We can't put them in cities, nor anywhere near farms for they will be treated as pests. Imagine a herd of mammoths and the devastation it could do, so finally they would end up being killed or otherwise disturbed, not really withstanding a chance of competing with human for space and food.

josh 5 years ago

@ speeshul its not like a dinosaur that died exactly will be brought back into something new, it will be born into this time period, keeping the dinosaur contained would be a key n keeping the eco system how it is, as far as the climate,...things were hotter or a tad bit cooler depending on your time period (triassic,jurassic, and creataceous....even at that certain dinosaurs had sailfins that were possibly to maintain its tempature..I would like to see a dinosaur personally and I support the scientists and biologists trying to make my wish come true and I wonder with that t rex muscle still intact if they could maybe extract some dna from there and fertilize o say a komodo? Naa body type isn't right,..but maybe for a sauropod cause of the legshape

23159 5 years ago

Well i think bringing a dinosaur back might have to wait until humans get over their fear and trying to control nature. Mammels on the other humans don't have the same fear of also their time was much closer to ours and they might be more adapted to the climate then dinosaurs(who were reptiles and had a much warmer climate).This could help humans in a way cause then well have something to push us to protect not controle,but protect the enviroment. We already have 'living fossil' animals so why not add to it. We don't have living mammals from prehistoric times so lets add the gentle giant mammth and other mammals from ancient times. We caused there death and we took there land from them so lets give it back.

Random Smart Dude 5 years ago

It is a bad idea to attempt to bring back any species that we ourselves have not seen. They will be studied, do we did what, brought them back to be kept and studied, kind of defeats the point of attempting to 'unextinct' them.

5 years ago

I would not agree for the extinct to come bak to life........ it is against the nature...... let things be the way they are......... there is time for everything in life..... god can create anything he wants n destroy anything he wants, there is a reason to everything in life.....

Anthony 5 years ago

Humans have the power to protect all species and up to now have done a horrible job. We were given the greatest gift over all aniamls which is knowledge. That knowledge also comes with the greatest responsibilty to protect all. Many species have gone extict because people thought they looked great on their wall or that they caused a threat to the money they could make from farming. Humans were put on this earth to co-exist w animals not wipe them out. As the human popullation continues to explode the global extinction of all species is inevitable. The need for resources and habitat will take precedent over all. If we have the knowledge and means to bring back species then its our time to make right all the wrongs we have done to all species

quotations profile image

quotations 5 years ago from Canada Author

@Anthony - I agree with you up to a point but sometimes well intentioned efforts result in more damage to the environment and more species becoming extinct. Look at what happened in Australia. The British settlers imported some rabbits and they multiplied so much that they threatened the sheep industry and drove other species close to extinction. So the settlers brought in foxes, but these too became so numerous that they are considered a pest, driving other animals to the brink.

Perhaps if we bring back an old species they will multiply quickly because they have no natural predators and then this will upset the existing balance of nature.

Jack 5 years ago

I believe that cloning animals should not be allowed. think of the consequences that cloned animals will bring. diseases and viruses will spread everywhere due to their poor immune system, the animals will have defects in its genes because of their gene imperfections and they will ruin the natural habitat that they find themselves in if they where not supposed to be there in the first place. if we reintroduce extinct animals then the damage that will follow will be unimaginable.

Once we start to clone animals and release them into the wild, what comes next? will we farm and produce cloned animals for food? will there be, over time, nothing but cloned animals left? will it eventually lead to the cloning of humans? there are just too many questions and too many possible disasters that may occur from cloning, and that is why the chain should not be started.

Nature did not intend for us to change what it has created, so lets not change what nature has given us.

clone No. 85673 5 years ago

WOW! i completely agree with you jack. clones just aren't the answer ^.^

quotations profile image

quotations 5 years ago from Canada Author

jack, It is difficult to know what would be the result of cloning extinct animals because we have no experience with it. However, we may be able to get an idea by looking at what happened it Australia when rabbits and other animals were introduced by the settlers. Lacking any natural predators, the rabbits and other animals multiplied quickly and came to threaten the natural species.

This might happen in the case of cloned animals if they were the kind that were able to reproduce quickly and lacked natural predators. So for example, cloning some type of prehistoric rat would likely be a very bad idea. However, I do not believe that cloning a large dinosaur would carry the same risk. Larger animals need a lot of food so they tend to have a lower birth rate. Despite what Jurassic Park suggested, I find it difficult to believe that you could have thousands of dinosaurs roaming loose in a short period of time. Plus large animals like dinosaurs or mammoths are easy to find and if you had to, because you they were causing problems, they could be shot in order to bring their numbers down.

funguy 5 years ago

Thanks for the info!

No name 5 years ago

From what I have read the main reason people wanting to clone animals is either 1. for their own amusement or 2. because they are feeling guilty at causing the animal to be extinct. Are they really the best of reasons? It really sounds more like a self ambition to satisfy the human conscious and feelings. I believe people should think more about the cost of this venture relative to other more important needs, like providing enough water for our growing population and preventing endangered animals from becoming extinct.

IF cloning was to be done, the animal will NEVER be the same as the species, it will always contain a small amount of the host's DNA, in this sense you won't be bringing an extinct species back, instead only making a very similar copy of it. This will never makeup for how humans have effected the environment, it will only help with our guilt.

If all this think about the cloned animal! Dolly the sheep died at an early age after many complications. It sounded like she had a pretty painful life. If we did bring species back will their lives be much the same?

No Name 5 years ago

If extinct animals were brought back to life, there would be so many different factors that would occur, so many different laws, so many different diseases and such a much different planet.

Would they change any ecosystems?

The answer is yes, ecosystems would change, for a number of reasons, the first reason is other parts of that ecosystem might not adapt to the animal the way it should. For example if a brand knew car was meant to have diesel in it, and you put petrol in it, things could get a bit haywire. This is no different to an extinct animal that is habituating back into its nature. Also, most of these creatures were extinct millions of years ago, some other the animals that are alive now have never came in contact with them, this might weird them break up the habitats therefore dimensioning there ecosystem.

Many would find themselves in a drastically altered environment to the habitats they once occupied, and without too many animals of the same species around, in fact they would be socially outcast in a world that no longer makes sense to them.

We have no idea how these organisms would affect other species. But at the same time we have to take into account that some of these species became extinct due to actions by humans such as the destruction of their environment or over-hunting. Perhaps bringing them back through human intervention would only undo the damage that we caused.

This is one reason why bringing back extinct animals by genetic engineering is a bad idea.

TROY 5 years ago


Jesse V. 5 years ago

So...I believe in a young earth and an intelligent creator as in God and his son Jesus Christ died for our sins. The earth is only 6000 years old and there has been tissue in the process of decomposition of a dinosaur. We don't need to get caught up in playing God but by seeing how great these animals used to be and how much greater God must be to have created them. Its not a matter of if man kind can "create life" of a dinosaur but if God will allow us to. Looks like its been mostly a failure for you "scientists" to do it anyways.

cookie512 profile image

cookie512 5 years ago

great! please check out my blogs, and comment! and follow!

5 years ago

I think it would be great for this to happen - I am aspiring to be a scientist and do this when I'm older. But what if they carried diseases that could wipe out the human race? Aa!

Robert 5 years ago

If we brought extinct animals to life 2 things could happen

1. People wouldn't care for saving our endangered species since they know "Oh we can just clone it and bring it back"

2. If they went extinct for natural reasons, then it most likely won't survive now, like the dinosaurs, most of their food went extinct with them, or a mammoth would over heat and could go anywhere at the poles for the animal that already live there. Would you like it the brought some person or animal and they told you to move to live somewhere else for this person or a zoo for the animal? If it went extinct from human causes, then some people wouldn't hold back on hunting or anything since they can back.

jorge 5 years ago


MooCow 5 years ago

It would be great if they could this to animals that man has made extinct like the mamoth or the tasmanian tiger but if we where to clone and bring back a dinosaur we should only bring back the herbivores or if we where to bring back a T-rex for an example they should be kept away from today's species and there should specific parts where only dinosours should be the sahara desert wouldntt be bad if we could make it rain there fertilize and make rivers and also what we do with when the giants such as mamoths migrate through russia and what if they started destroying farmers crops if we could maintain all of this then its a great idea.

kieran taylor 5 years ago


who wuldnt want to go to see real life dinosaurs! it'll be amazing, what an experience really. If we have the technology to do so why not, its been done with a sheep! take it the next step with a massive dinosaur! wooooooo!

no it would be bad because there could be a sickness it causes imagine a rabid trex 5 years ago

rex athon read my naame

Meral 5 years ago

I really think we should consider the fact that humans are over-populating at a very fast pace, and we might not have room for the species we have soon enough. Bringing more back might be pointless if we are just killing off what we have, and eventually the cloned animals as well if we were to create them. I think we need to take a look at our own species and the danger we present to the world rather the cloned creatures. I'm sure we are by far the worst species the planet has ever held because of all the terrible things we do to it. Just saying.

Anonymous 5 years ago

I say it could be really exciting to see a real life dinosaur or a wooly mammoth. You should start by attempting to clone herbivores so that there is no threat to humans. Also you don't have to release the animals into the wild just keep them in a zoo. The worst thing you could do is clone a prehistoric carnivore and release it into the wild.

mick 5 years ago

let sleeping dogs sleep

Yar Mum 5 years ago

I think humanity should clone the species WE extincted, the Barbary Lion, the Thylacine, the Dodo, the European Lion, all those species would still be roaming this beautiful world if WE hadn't hunted them down or stripped them off their lands.

Nature is wise, and nature knew it was the time for some species to depart and make space for others.

Unfortunately Humanity knows little of when it's the appropriate time for a species to extinct or not, it shouldn't be on Human hands, it should remain ONLY in nature's

So my meaning is this, bringing back the species that Humanity has wiped out, and let die the ones that nature decided to leave.

If any, Humanity is the only species whose extinction would do no harm to the world, quite the contrary, in my opinion.

Marry Espitia 5 years ago

i say that it would be cool to be cloning extinct animals there for we can realy learn more about them

ll cool k 5 years ago

i think yhey should bring back manmoths sabertooth tiger

Thinkaboutthis 5 years ago

Im going to reach back to something mentioned in Jurassic Park, because it serves as a warning of sorts:

..I don't want to jump to any conclusions, but look...dinosaurs and man. Two species separated by 65 million years of evolution, suddenly thrown back into the mix together. How can we possibly have the slightest idea what to expect?

lexi 5 years ago

well, i don't think they should clone dinosaurs back to life but i was watching a show last night on TLC and these people cloned their pets. these dog were born again like before they died, it was awesome! some scientist in Korea found how to do it but it costs 50 thousand dollars!

vahid 5 years ago

I think we should be aware of ethical issues............

Kelton 5 years ago

I want a dodo bird for a pet....

quotations profile image

quotations 5 years ago from Canada Author

The fact that scientists are now able to clone dead pets shows that we are getting closer to being able to bringing extinct animals back. But keep in mind that it is easier to clone a dead dog than a dead dinosaur because 1) the DNA of the dead dog is in better condition. We do not have samples of perfect dinosaur DNA, though we may be able to get mammoth DNA and 2) we still have living female dogs that can carry the cloned fetus. But with dinosaurs we have the problem of who or what will give birth to the clone.

sousou the best 5 years ago

for me I think the animal it is noT important

unknown 5 years ago

let's clone extinct humans!!!!!!

noun of ur busness 5 years ago

i think that is dumb like i don't want the gov or the scientist to spend there money on thing that may or may not be suceful like it needs to go on other need things (i don't wanna be ate by no t-rex thanks)

noun of ur busness 5 years ago

i think that is dumb like i don't want the gov or the scientist to spend there money on thing that may or may not be suceful like it needs to go on other need things (i don't wanna be ate by no t-rex thanks)

Ur mom 5 years ago

Cloning dinosaurs will never happen retards

bronson 4 years ago

besides it possibly biting your face off i think it would be good.

Ve 4 years ago

Is there a possibility that if you have a dead pet, if you have their fur or and DNA, can you clone them?

quotations profile image

quotations 4 years ago from Canada Author

Actually some people have already cloned their dead dogs. It is very expensive however.

Allan 4 years ago

Strong follower of science, so I say of course extinct species should be cloned. Just like any form of science, if you don't experiment the factual knowledge will never be gained. It may also not just serve the knowledge of cloning, but also further understand genetics and explain an awful lot, even resulting in advancing medical science.

I would love to see mammoths returned, be quite something to see an animal that no modern human has ever seen in the flesh.

Dinosaurs would be remarkable, but creating a true dinosaur is probably impossible. However I have read about reverse engineering their descendants, birds, however that'd be a long way off, as you'd need to separate millions of years of evolution from what you really want. Only other means is to in effect fill in the gaps of any DNA with new genetic codes with what should or could be there. In that case, it'd not be a true dinosaur from the past, more of a rendition of how it may have been. All that would be some years away yet, when computing power is more capable. In essence, it'd be like how the dinosaurs were described in Jurassic Park 3 'genetically engineered [theme park] monsters'.

One thing to consider when thinking about it being against nature, is that everything built by humans is effectively our nature. I don't believe in the term playing god, since nature allowed us to develop to what we are today, everything we do is our own act as a result of years of natural evolution. But that is not to say we should just carry on destroying the planet because its in out nature, we have an evolved sensibility to understand and realise what is happening precisely, and we know what is happening is not positive.

TamedAggression 4 years ago

Myra Levin

Meat eaters & Plant eaters? Seriously? where I am from they call them carnivorous and herbivorous (bit of both equals omnivorous!) see I would like to see a Velociraptor or a Dimetrodon some day in the future, but I would prefer if we started off with something like a Compsognathus or something else small.

N/A 4 years ago

I am actually doing a "Mock Trial" in school on this exact topic. I find cloning of extinct animals to be very dangerous and costly. We could end up bringing back potentially harmful bacteria, diseases, and parasites that broke down the now cloned animal. Also, it costs way to much money for our economy to handle and only every 30 out of 1000 animals are successfully cloned. That means about 30% of the embryos (that are bought by the government) are put to a good use. This is just something to consider when you are voting in the poll above.

Joe Dirt 4 years ago

The basic premise of NOT bringing back most extinct animals would be that nature has funny ways of working. While it is nice to remember those that have gone before, there was a reason that these animals are extinct.

I see many references to Jurassic Park, which is conflicting with the lesson that was trying to be taught in that movie and those that succeeded it. Dinosaurs were large and majestic creatures, however consider that first part: large. Humans are all over the globe, and are even now pushing out nature to the farthest extremities. Were we to add an even larger set of species, where would they go? Are we going to put them in zoo's? The fences we have now are like a white picket fence to those humongous creatures, and about as strong in keeping one from escaping. Also, food is a concern. Most all sources of food to herbivore dinosaurs have become extinct as well, and I doubt that their own digestive system - something we know next to nothing about - would be able to handle today's plants.

And what about carnivores? It does not take much for us mistake-prone humans to have a repeat of either Jurassic Park one or two, where the Dino comes out and starts sampling from the buffet. I can imagine the thought process then, "A little lawyer puree, oh, gone bad. How about some old scientist bleu. OOH, a Twinkie!" Yes, that was a reference to the black gentleman missing everything but an arm.

The fact to the matter is, even if the technology develops, there is no place in today's, or tomorrow's, world. This would be the point were movie studios and animal trainers both start sobbing without a live T-Rex to be in Jurassic Park X and cause a huge scandal when the lead girl is missing. That is, who digs in the dino poo?

mitch13 4 years ago

i asked if it was possible not what were the variables involved

Yo 4 years ago

i think Its Dumb To Clone Other Animals they Are Supposed To Die for a Reason yeah they

JAMES 4 years ago

I really think you should try!It would be so cool!

me 4 years ago

...they cloned a t-Rex once...once...he was so cute when little...grew up, ate the scientist and died.... no record of the experiment survived.... The End

Alez 4 years ago

How cute maybe i will clone a clone trooper

hanna 4 years ago

i think they should bring back extinct animals that would be amazing. it is are faught of them went extinct in the first place

velociraptormadguy!!!! 4 years ago

I think the idea of cloning extinct animals is awsome!But just like jurassic park it may get out of hand. i personally wouldn't clone a Pterodactyl because it would fly everywhere and eat humans,besides they already have the Ropen!!!!!!! I LOVE VELOCIRAPTORS AND I KNOW ALL OF THE DINO PERIODS ON ORDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hanna 4 years ago

you are right it would take some work velociraptormadguy. but if you do think we extinct some of them in the first place so its only right to put things back to the way they were. and yes dinos would be fun to live with. that's why it will take scientist just a little while to fully perfect the experiment. but glad you have an interest in dinos to.

gaga 4 years ago

i think it would be amazing if scientists could bring extinct animals back to live but it would also be dangerous i mean just think if we had wild mammoths running around in the citys... so i think scientists should look deep in to which animals to clone

4 years ago

no, the are extinct for a reason and would put all humans in danger!

what it all turns out too good, they breed like crazy and ruin all modern buildings, facilities etc. scientists wouldn't be so happy then, when their labs are destroyed...

4 years ago

not nesasaraly the would be in an containment

andy bumgardner 4 years ago

YES,&Yes, Yes ,we could feed a T-REX the death row prisoners for breakfest lunch and dinner and a snack any time go science go

luna 4 years ago

using cloning as a way of "entertainment" is sick ..

to those people saying "you guys are so boring" ... ever think about consequences why bring something back when there are thousands of other species that are starving there is no room for more...

tw 4 years ago

it depends on the way you look at it and if we were going to feed a t rex prisoners don't u think that its taste for human blood would come overwelming

Me 4 years ago

i want 2 see a dragon did any of u hear that they found 1

in an ice cave perfectly preserved pretty cool right

bobby 4 years ago

lighten up! I say clone anything u can, T rex whatever! clone hitler & throw him in prison! hahaha. I wish I could clone myself for spare body parts.

K.B. 4 years ago

I really found this interesting. The possibility that we could bring back exctinct animals? It could really help endangered, threatened, and critically endangered species in the battle of extcinction. However we must consider what would happen if we did bring back dinosaurs or wooly mammoths. When we look in the past we see that introducing new species into new habitats has never been good, for example when settlers brought in livestock to places like hawaii or australia, resulting in the exctinction of many native species that could not compete with this other new species(ex. the po'ouli bird, tasmanian tiger, and many others). The tasmanian tiger could not compete with the dingos brought to australia and the po'ouli was killed by mosqitos that were brought by settlers and pigs that trampled down and ate many native plants that were important to the po'ouli. There are so many countless others that have suffered the same fate and their might be more if we introduce the dinosaurs or the wooly mammoth.Also these creatures require so much food, land, and resources that we already don't have for our species today. Not to mention ancient diseases they might bring back. But even though it would be really cool to meet a living breathing dinsosuar or mammoth think of the consequences. Instead this new science should be used to help conserve endangered species which are important in our planets ecosystem, which we need, and which is our responsibility. Hopefully it can be done.

quotations profile image

quotations 4 years ago from Canada Author

@KB - Thank you for your thoughtful comments. Whether for good or bad, it seems that we will have some extinct species repopulating the earth very soon. Many published reports indicate that scientists are confident that they will be able to clone the mammoth. And who knows what will come next?

Lex Lewis 4 years ago

Cloning a mammoth is one thing, as they are similar in size to modern elephants. Reproducing dinosaurs could prove disaterous, possibly upsetting the balance of the eco system. We should definitely clone endangered species though.

theking2020 4 years ago

Interesting article, science continues to advance at incredible rates, I don't have one doubt that it cant be possible.

rip jaw 4 years ago

the peaple who clone stuff should try to advance the cloning tech because after 2 years they would be millinairs.

rip jaw 4 years ago

if you guys put dino DNA into a chicken and hacth it you may create either a dino or a difrent speseis.

Darlene 4 years ago

I think we shold only clone recently extinct animals like the Passenger Pigeon, Eskimo Curlew or Ivory Billed woodpecker. We should never clone any prehistoric animal. If we clone ice age animals, they would not do well in the modern world. And, dinosaurs and people were not meant to live together otherwise God would have put them together in the first place.

Jordan Adams 4 years ago

bringing back animasl such those who have gone extinct due to human interference like the dodo, tasmanian tiger, barbary lion, mammoth, and the Auroch would be a good idea just keep a close eye on some of the species like the mammoth, other then that it would be fine just don't recreat the dinouars because theres a reason why there gone and it should stay that way for the dinos

Joey the Great 4 years ago

Well, I think that cloning mammoths or dodo birds would be a good idea. Just stay away from the dinosaurs. There's no telling what they would do.

Jordan Adams 4 years ago

in conclusion whatever animal is brought back it should be placed in its old habitat or ones with similar features as well as zoos.

dj not nice 4 years ago

we do not know how they will be when they see different animal or us they could eat us or worst we could be extinct

An angry Russian 4 years ago

we should only clone the recently extinct animals like the species we have caused to go extinct by hunting them until there were none left and ones that there is only one of such as the gallopogus tortise or animals that there are only a few left such as pandas and tigers and animals that poachers go after we shouldn't be screwing around with mammoths or brontosauruses and dinosaurs only recently extinct animals !!!

Anonomys 4 years ago

As long as we don't put the carnivores somewhere they could escape. JpCough... PaDDOCKhack!

quotations profile image

quotations 4 years ago from Canada Author

@Anonymys - nom nom nom!

Crazy Javan Scientist 4 years ago

There isn't enough space on the planet for these long extinct species that will distrupt the ecoysytems of the world if they are re-introduced to the wild. Therefore we shouldn't be brining them back from extinction because they will cause other species to become endangered and they will probably just die out again very quickly due to the small gene pool they will have and being unadapted to this modern environment.

Jeremy 4 years ago

bring on the mammoths,bring on the t-rexs,i must see a real Jurassic Park!

Connie 4 years ago

Well, there is something that most posters here are missing, and that is that if we clone an extinct animal, no matter what species it is, it is not going to mean that species can now reproduce. And even if it could, there is only itself to reproduce with. Many clones are sterile. If they are not, they are copies of one specimen. If they breed, they are breeding with themselves. To clone extinct species like mammoths would be an interesting and educational thing, but it would sure be a cruel thing for the mammoth, don't you think? Unless several different individual mammoths could be cloned, and as long as the clones were fertile, then I suppose they could be a herd and live a natural life. But if there is only one specimen to clone from, then no possibility exists for the species to regenerate. So that one clone would have a very lonely life. I think we need to think about that part a little more. Even if a dinosaur were cloned, it would just be locked up and studied. Do we have the right to do that to a living creature? I do not think we do. just sayin...

Lemuria 4 years ago

Crazy to think if animals can be cloned, why not an ancient type of human......

^_^ 4 years ago

If we're gonna bring back any species of animal, it should be one that became extinct because of human's actions, not a creature that naturally died out eons ago.

N473 4 years ago

If we kept the prehistoric creatures in special habitats like zoos,and the creatures that recently became extinct into their original habitats. I don't think we would have problems.

:) 4 years ago

I think it's a great idea but it comes with a risk. I think if we are going to clone prehistoric animals, we have to do it in a way that it wont cause any damage. Some dinosaurs may be okay to clone and herbivores like mammoths are good too. But I do suggest that they try cloning the ones that are recently extinct because of us. Those are more helpful and they died because of us.

int 4 years ago

maybe we can do it if we take the cell of the extincts body

then trying to reproduce in an animal which is right now living.will it be possible

Jordan Belanger 4 years ago

I believe, we need to bring back extinct animals who are necessary for the earth to continue. I don't think we need Mammoths, or Dino's. They are dead for a reason. We need to save animals! There is a recently extinct species of Zebra who was native to the mountains, and the ecosystem is suffering from the loss of the animal. We need to bring back animals that we, as man kind, have destroyed. We need to genetically clone eagles, tigers, animals that matter, not dinosaurs.

Ruby Thompson 4 years ago

This is A lot of info...

thanks! :)

Abhisha 4 years ago

This was vry usefullllll :)


smiley trinidad ans 4 years ago

I really hope that when they succesfully clone a dinisaur they can contain it. However I still think it is a wonderful idea.

Max 4 years ago

I wish that all of the really astounding extinct animals like mammoths and some bears and other carnivorous species would still be alive just for the sheer beauty and majesty of animals like those.

quotations profile image

quotations 4 years ago from Canada Author

I agree, but I would want to see these animals roaming free in a park like preserve and not stuck in tiny cages at a zoo.

scott 4 years ago

bring back the elephant bird,dodo,tasmainian wolf,quagga,cape lion,javan tiger,that ian cow and the passenger pigin and mamouths

belever 4 years ago

I have all ways dreamt the dinosaurs would come and repopulate, but this is not the wright way.I had a vision of finding a dinosaur egg and raising a three horn.

quotations profile image

quotations 4 years ago from Canada Author

I think that any dinosaur eggs out there are long passed their expiry date and would never hatch.

Lil' Black Kat 4 years ago

It all starts will a crazy scientist who does crazy junk he shouldn't be doing.

quotations profile image

quotations 4 years ago from Canada Author

You are so right. Here is an article about a scientist planning to make artificial life forms, including bugs that take in water and pee petroleum. What could possibly go wrong?

Jade 4 years ago

Very Helpful for my homework!

Terry/// 4 years ago

Bringing back to life extinct species is an amazing thing to comprehend and a truly remarkable thing to consider, so please tell me how can anyone think it is wrong? Especially for the species who met their fate due to our doing. I do think there are many conditions to be undertaken but in the end if we have the capability then we should do so.

quotations profile image

quotations 4 years ago from Canada Author

I think that whether or not bringing back extinct species is a good idea depends on how far back we go. Bringing back a recently extinct species would probably help restore the balance of nature, especially if we caused its extinction. But cloning a species that has been extinct for thousands of years may have unintended consequences. When species go extinct, other species take their place in the food chain. If we reintroduced one species, there may not be room for the ones that came after it, and this may cause unintended and even disastrous consequences. An example would be what happened in Australia when settlers released rabbits into the wild. With almost no natural enemies, the rabbits bred like crazy and upset the local ecology. It is possible that something like this might happen if a resurrected species were reintroduced into the wild.

gnate55 3 years ago

I think it is unatural to bring back extinct animals. What if bringing them back bring dedly diseases back? What if those animals are nothing we expect them to be? I think if god made them extinct, they should stay extinct.

asecret45 3 years ago

true enough God made them extinct I think god made them extinct so mankind can one-day settle their own curiosity after all God gave us free will

Philosopher 3 years ago

Wow! Spell check dude! It's always a good idea to extensively proof ANYTHING, including blog posts, before publishing. I personally found this to be a bland, barely scientific article completely tainted with the author's personal bias. Reading through the comments has also caused me much headaches. It seems that many people are interested only in bringing back extinct animals for human pleasure and not taking the interests of the animal, or species, into account.

eddie 3 years ago

totally biased poll.

eddie 3 years ago

To gnate55

"I think it is unatural to bring back extinct animals. What if bringing them back bring dedly diseases back? What if those animals are nothing we expect them to be? I think if god made them extinct, they should stay extinct."

I know gnate wrote this 6 weeks ago, but I still have to comment.

I don't think you deserve an opinion if you can't spell deadly right (sure, it was a typo...). God didn't make them all extinct, we did.

Also, god doesn't exist, its a fairy tale, like Santa and the tooth fairy.

infnity144 3 years ago

I think before they bring up the dinos they should first revive present animals like the dodo or tasmanian tiger

mimi45 2 years ago

Cloning these creatures could be possible, but can we live with them? for example: dinosaurs are giants, how could we survive if we are known as food for the carnivores? and the mammoth could become aggressive against us since our ancestors was huting them for resources.

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