Gold Prospecting Panning Trip in Australia- Prospectors Patch Midland Perth

Perth Australia gold panning trip

Are you planning to go gold prospecting in Australia some time soon ?

If you are thinking of heading out to go gold prospecting and need a metal detector , gold panning equipment or are looking at buying other necessary gear like maps etc then I reccomend you have a chat with Jamie or one of his mates at the Prospectors Patch in Perth first as they are friendly and helpful & they will advise and help you with your gold prospecting gear maps as well as fill you in with places to visit.

Jamie also will purchase your gold off you if and when you are fortunate enough to find it so keep his number handy for when you are ready to cash in !

If you are no where near Perth then you can get onto their website and also give Jamie a call or send him an email

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Make sure you mention the wytegarillaz when you are talking to them or in an email.

Prospectors Patch Midland Perth

They sell large range of metal detectors
They sell large range of metal detectors

Bushman Car Fridge

One item you will not want to leave the city without is a car fridge for your essential food and drinks that you need to keep cold .

Without it your food will not last long at all in the heat of the gold country .

The Busman Fridge is what we chose and we find it is great for what we need as well as want !

A cold beer or wine at the end of the day , fresh fruit & vegies and so on .

The Bushman fridge is tough with it's powder coated steel cabinet, double-chromed steel hinges & durable polycarbonate lids.
Also it is versatile with it's dual lids, extension collar and 3 internal baskets come as standard accessories.It gives us the the ability swap and change to our desired size from 35L up to 52L
With the Digital thermostat, set by one degree increments between +10C and -22C, with constant internal temperature displayed at all times. And it is easy on our battery which is great !

In fact no other 40Ltr fridge draws less power than the Bushman. With refrigerator set at -4C @ 24C ambient the Bushman uses a mere 16 Amp hours per day.With the ability to run of 12/24V DC and 240V AC (mains) through an external adaptor (provided with fridge)

Bushmans Fridge
Bushmans Fridge

The Prospectors Patch Place page 144 Great Eastern HwyMidvale WA 6056(08) 9250 8998

The Prospectors Patch - Australia’s Leading Outlet For LIFESYSTEMS Products.

Take the time to check out this new and exciting range of products. They will  be updating the site and the products list continuously but for now allow me to introduce the range broadly to give you some idea of the extent and breadth of this fantastic systems products.

They are  providing the very best in outdoor and travel health care. All LIFESYSTEMS products come with British Standard Health and Safety Executive testing and support. Additionally, every single LIFESYSTEMS product is guaranteed for the life of the product against defects in materials and workmanship.

LIFESYSTEMS products are used by International Disaster Relief Organisations, Government awareness campaigns, Environmental Expeditions and Mountain Leader training programs.

The product range includes:

First Aid Kits

Mountain Survival

Water Purification

Fabric Treatment

Mosquito Nets

Insect Repellant

DVT Prevention

Creating stylish, practical, reliable products for adventure travel. Over the last 11 years Lifeventure has become the most popular travel brand in the UK. Lifeventure sell more product by volume than any other outdoor brand.

Dedicated development team including record breaking climbers, expedition photographers and expedition leaders. Equipment testing takes place all year round. The Lifeventure product range includes:

Adventure Trail



Hip Packs

Wash Gear

Sleeping Gear


On The Move Items


It’s about families having fun in the great outdoors. All Littlelife products are fully HSE tested and are compliant with the latest British and European Safety Standards.

Littlelife Infinite guarantee … Every single Littlelife product is guaranteed for the life of the product against defects in materials and workmanship.

The Littlelife product range includes;

Child Carriers


Out and About Gear

Travel Gear & Accessories

It’s about practical, fun designs for dogs and their owners in the outdoors. Leads, collars, hang on harnesses and great toys for your family pet. No need to leave them behind when you trek the great outdoors again.

The Mountain Paws range includes;

Leads and Collars




Finding Gold in Australia

Make sure you have these with you.

One thing you must have before looking for gold is a miners right.

These cost $25 and  may be obtained for a fee of $25.00 at the Department of Mines EAST PERTH WA 6004 (May also be sent to any Mining Registrar's Office)

prospect for minerals (including gold);

conduct geological mapping;

conduct tests for minerals;

undertake limited sampling using hand held equipment and to remove samples up to 20


mark out mining tenements;

fossick for rocks, gemstones, etc;

take water and camp for the purposes of prospecting

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