Colorful Minds Learn Differently: The Electric Company

What Is A Colorful Mind?

My colorful background: I'm a dyslexic mom with two learning disabled teens.

One child shares my dyslexia, the other has what's called an auditory processing disorder and cerebral palsy.

We found that kids who have learning disorders compensate in amazing ways to learn, love and lead an exceptional life.

While many of these abilities make living with the learning disabled a challenge, they also make our lives more colorful because colorful minds have a unique perspective on everything.

A great learning tool for colorful minds has made a comeback from its shocking past! Read on to find out how this show can help your LD kids.

Thankfully, the Sesame Workshop launched a new and even more brilliant Electric Company (TEC) Series in 2008.

But for years it was rumored the original PBS series, which ran from 1971-1977 and further in reruns until 1985, was harmful to young readers.

The truth is... PBS ran out of funding.

The Electric Company for those too young to remember... was a high energy reading workshop geared toward the elementary school set but...

TEC was so entertaining it could hold the entire family's attention.... which was a blessing since illiteracy reached an alarming peak in the decade of decadence.

The show uses regular comedy sketches, a collection of colorful characters, music, and cartoons to develop reading skills.

If it were not for the Electric Company, I would have been totally lost as a dyslexic child growing up in the era that believed dyslexics were just lazy students.

I probably would have given up on reading completely, but...

the original 1970s show really helped bring me up to a reading level with my peers and... inspired a lifelong love of books and writing.

Here's how TEC will help your colorful kids too:

1) TEC Caters To The Left Sided Creative Thought Process

Neurological studies have shown that the left side of the brain plays a major role in happy feelings, Those "happy" positive feelings are necessary for enhanced long-term memory.

silent E

Using music and humor, TEC is able to facilitate transfer of difficult phonetics, and sight words into long term memory so reading gets easier.

Easier reading as positive reinforcement for the soul.

TEC also create songs to help kids remember spelling and reading rules with hits like, "Silent E" and "L-Y" (see video).

2) TEC Uses Mathematical Formulas To Facilitate Reading

In first grade, my colorful kid tried to add letters with plus signs, and tried break them down with minus signs, example, C+A+T= CAT.

It didn't really help, but I found out why she did tha.

Math makes logical sense to many colorful kids, sounds and letters don't, so they often attempt to turn words into mathematical formulas.

TEC breaks words up into groups instead of individual letters.

Instead of enforcing the rules of spelling and phonics like...

"A" makes this sound and "T" makes that sound. Unless they're pared with a certain letter, or come after another letter the the sound is, or... blah.. blah.. blah...

See where this gets confusing to a child who already doesn't see and hear letters and words properly?

TEC was the first to say ... Hey You Guyyyys!

The letters "T" and "H" put together sounds like "th" and... the letters "A" and "T" is where its "at"...You can add and subtract these "sounds" to make words.


Soft and Hard C... Cool

Got That Intro Song Stuck in Your Head?

If that doesn't hit home for you try reading each individual letter and sound like some of our colorful kids do. It doesn't work

T+H+A+T= Tee+H+Aye+Tee

TeeHAyeTee might spell something in another language, but it's almost exhausting putting all of that together in a colorful mind.

As a colorful adult ... Th+AT makes more sense to me.

3) TEC Sometimes Scrambles Sentences and Phrases

One thing colorful kids are good at doing is filling in the blanks.

In fact, once colorful kids are able to read, if something is missing their brain will correct it automatically which makes it really hard for them to edit their writing.

As a colorful writer, I still struggle daily with spelling and grammar errors.

But as a child watching TEC, I got a lot of positive rewards from being able to read the scrambled sentence.


Colorful kids are often gifted with being able to read backwards, upside down, and in circles better or equal to their ability to read from left to right.

Being quick to read a scramble like...I am cute very... offers the colorful kid the reward of accomplishment.

And better yet, the pride comes from inside.

The Electric Company Yesterday and Today

Even though the original TEC show was low-tech its still got a lot to offer.

The new and hi-tech, and hi-definition version creates a static along cable lines that will blow your mind.

However, the old TEC has found a new medium to reach the colorful kids of today...and

Rrrrr Car Trouble

The ly Song

bring back fond memories of the psychedelic dreams and disco days of a bygone decade.

TEC episodes can be downloaded at iTunes, or DVDs can be found online, and in a few choice stores near you.

This all may sound too simple, but TEC's multi-sensory learning helps colorful minds thrive.

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Earth Angel profile image

Earth Angel 8 years ago

WOW!! GREAT Hub!! Thank you soooooooo much for sharing!! I LOVE the positive tag, Colorful!! I passed you Hub on to some of my teacher friends!! Thanks again!! Blessings to and yours!! Earth Angel!!

Sangay Glass profile image

Sangay Glass 8 years ago Author

Thank you so much!

There will be more to follow for both teachers and parents, so keep your eyes peeled for more Colorful articles.


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