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DUI Attorneys can help you through the complex legal framework that California has in place for people arrested for being intoxicated by alcohol or drugs while driving. This is especially important for a state like California as DUI is by itself a specialized field of law and there are lawyers who are dedicated to defense for DUI charges.

Finding a DUI Attorney

DUI Attorneys and advice and counsel on the laws against DUI and he or she can not only explain the various provisions in layman terms, they can also surfaced out the specific segments of the DUI laws that pertains to your situation. A good attorney needs to be able to understand the situation and conditions surrounding your DUI charges, and also explain to you your rights and options. As the legal framework is complex, a good DUI lawyer in California is not easy to find.

To help you in your defense, a good attorney will attempt to annul the charges within the context of the law. Failing which a good DUI attorney will seek to reduce the penalties and also appeal for alternative penalties such as rehabilitation programs or community service. To annul the charges against your DUI offense, the lawyer can request for your blood alcohol test to be redone and he can also review the procedures that the police officer made when he arrested you. Should there be any proof that your blood alcohol was below the legal limit of .08% or that there was possible procedural mistakes by the police officer, there will be a good chance that the DUI lawyer can help to dismiss the charges.

Credibility of lawyers

To find a credible DUI attorney is not an easy task in California. You should research the NationalCollege for DUI Defense. They will have a list of lawyers who are specialist in DUI defense. At the same time, you should also find out whether they are recognized by their peers in DUI defense by checking their references as well as checking whether they have published books or papers on DUI laws previously. You can also check their ratings in the Martindale-Hubbell International Law Directory which will rate the attorney’s their ethics practices and competency. These are good sources of information to let us know the credibility of the DUI attorneys.


The DUI attorney fees can vary based on his credentials, his experience and on your case. Each DUI case that the attorney handles can vary differently in the fees and it is important to get a written quotation for all the included items. A general rule of thumb is that the more complex the case is, the higher is the charges as the attorney will need to spend more time on the case. By complexity, I mean that if for example the attorney is defending a person with previous convictions or if there are appeals required, the cost will increase.

When you have finally decided on whom to hire, ask for a detailed quotation with all the additional fees spell out carefully. You do not want to land up with an exorbitant bill at the end of the day which you have difficulty to pay. Items like blood tests or hiring of expert witness should be itemized to prevent unnecessary heartache later.

DUI is a headache by itself. Hiring a DUI attorney will be another headache. Hiring a good DUI attorney will be an even greater challenge. But be diligent in your research in finding a suitable DUI attorney so that you do not lose your driving license. Good Luck.

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