Can We Reformat History?

The beginning and trends in Civilization


Can we reformat history?

 Yes I have been seeing this happen in recent times with people thinking the best thing to do is to misinform people in order to bring their country to limelight. I was goggling for something and my eyes caught a piece of information that attracted my attention. I read the article and I was moved to offer a sharp reply. I might not be completely right but I would like to share my opinion with friends and well-wishers and those who reason the same way as I do. I would think I reason objectively. By this I mean giving credit to those who merit them. Whenever any theory is discredited the founder loses his glory not in the form that he lied but that his reasoning was either premature or that he was not knowledgeable enough for his subject matter. Some critiques would assume the founder utilized the opportunity of people being ignorant to take advantage of it. Well the blog link is

And this is what I replied to the writer who has opposing views to the historian.


The Origin and Cradle of Civilization:

I think that you are biased of your opinions and views. The first person to write about the civilization was an authority in his field. Fortunately this was the time when majority of people say a thing without any bias. Now everyone is segregating and trying to claim what his country is not and trying to proof everything with computer brain technology which has endless conclusion. The fact remains that in the true history of the world, civilization started from Egypt in Africa. The English man who wrote this fact had never faced any opposition until lately when people are now going to space. History tells everything. History tells us when and where a thing started. History also tells us when the trend of progress of a thing shifts or drifts to another location. Agree with the truth where the civilization started but add that at a period the trend of civilization moved elsewhere. America today is greater than other parts of the world in technology but they did not found all aspects of technology. America had been the world standard in measuring activities like economy but in recent times no country can compete with China despite their population. Call a spade a spade and let the truth prevails. 

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