Can you explain the difference between homeopathic and isopathic? Thanks I am really curious about this.

   They are both professed to be health remedies. 

   The fundamental theoryevolves from understanding the body as a system in balance. If your internal environment, referred to as the "internal milieu" , is healthy, the micro-organisms in you, keep you healthy.  

    "Pleomorphic" therapy, (pleo means many), (morphic means forms), applies to micro- organisms that can change form, therefore many forms, and can influence your "internal milieu". 

   Homopathic remedies can use many animal, plant, mineral, and synthetic substances in the attempt have the body to regain it's healthy state .

  Homopathic remedies also include treatments created from diseased pathological products from within the body, be they fecal, urinary, pus, blood, respiratory discharges and/or tissue.

   This is a definition for  Isopathy, (means same) (pathy means disease state). It is one  of  the homopathy remedies that are proported to be as many as 3000.   


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