Characteristics of a good tutor

Mathematic is my profession that is why I love to tutor it. In this way I am staying in touch with it. A lot of kids have big problems in mathematics. Thay usually don't understand it, others don't like their teachers and some of them are just not the mathematical types.

When I first meet with my student I try to see, what kind of a person he or she is. If she/he is more a logical person, they will understand quickly and they just need a lot of practice.

If they are oposite, than they need more of theorethical and practical demonstration and of course a lot of practise. So it depends on a tutorer not on me how my tutoring will go.

A good tutor has four main things:

1. First one is a understanding of people or a person, so you can adjust your teaching technique to a person.

2. Second one in quick adjusting. You can have a tutore that is on a wheelcher like I do right now. I can not work with her the same way as normal person whish doesn't hava a paralize condition.

3. The third one is a hard worker. I have to be persistent, so that we both can achieve our goals. And the last one is being firm, so I can have a respect that my tutorers are listening to me. I believe that I have all of that and that is why I have a lot of success at what am I doing. And I will keep trying to do it even better.

Other thing is that the most good feeling of all is, when your student thanks you and you see that you made a difference. I can not explain this feeling if you never lived it, but I can tell you that it is amazing. When I teached at secondery school I had 25 students and they almost all passed. Four of them went to matura and they all passed with a very good grade. I was so proud of them and I still am and thes say that they are proud of me.


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