Charisma: Genetic or socialized?

As defined by an online dictionary, charisma is a spiritual power or personal quality that allows someone to have influence or authority over a group of people.

Now for the spiritual version of it, the answer is easy. You're either born with it, or some celestial being gives it to you.

Now for the personal quality.

As taught by my college sociology professor, there are five agents of socialization that make up what an individual is. Family, government, media, peers, and religion (you don't have to be religious, but religion still affects us all in some way).

In following these five agents of socialization, interaction with these five different forces in our day to day life are what are said to ultimately sculpt who we are, including their personal qualities. Sociology also goes on to say that future decisions someone makes can be predicted based on the events that have happened in our lives, since these events are what mold us into who we are as a person.

But there are some personal qualities that sociology cannot control and those are the genetic ones. Can genetic traits cause someone to be less charismatic? Of course. If an individual has a speaking disorder, physical ailment that causes their facial features to be distorted, or a personality disorder then their ability to be charismatic may be hampered.Or even improved. Someone with a speech impediment, such as stuttering, that is speaking at a charity drive for what it is that caused the impediment would have much more of an effect than if they were to speak at a lecture on something else.

Genetics also influences how intelligent a person it since the brain structure is something that they inherit from their parents.

So are you born with charisma? Well if you're Jesus then yes. Can you be born with things that improve or hamper your ability to be charismatic? You certainly can. However it is made up of a few different things. Your genetics (how you look, how you think) and your day to day experiences (how you have learned to react and speak in certain situations).

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Run Down Battery profile image

Run Down Battery 6 years ago from UK

interesting perspective on charisma

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