Cheap Flying Lessons and Best Flight Schools in the Philippines-Pilot and Aviation Training

Want to become a pilot or have a career in aviation? Here are the best flight schools in the Philippines. Also discussed are the cheapest flying lessons and best pilot training schools in the Philippines.

Aviation is an awesome career. Why choose aviation as a career? The pay, the social status, and the awesome feeling of flying, what more can you ask for if you became a licensed pilot.

Best Flight Schools in the Philippines

More and more foreigners are enrolling to the aviation schools in the Philippines because it’s so cheap and the course of aviation training is so tough compared to other countries’ pilot schooling. For other countries, you are required to complete at least 250 hours of flying an aircraft to qualify to obtain a pilot license, in the Philippines, aviation schools will let you fly an aircraft with over 1500 hours within your pilot training. So it’s very impressive to obtain six times the requirement for you to really call yourself a pilot ;) Wouldn’t that be a great practice?

So do you want to learn to fly a plane or learn to fly a helicopter? Perhaps you just wanna be an aviation mechanic or to work under the aviation maintenance staff. You can enroll now on the top aviation technician schools because it’s so affordable. And have the best aviation job you dream of. Below are the top aviation schools in the Philippines. They are the best aviation schools in the Philippines, too. If you’re searching for the list of aviation schools, you’re in the right place. Read on and I’ve listed the best pilot schools in the Philippines.

Cost of Flight School in the Philippines

How much would you spend in a flight school in the Philippines?

Majority of flight schools presented in here offers flight course training package that cost from a range of $30,000 to $35,000 (USD) with food and accommodation already. Flight school package is for 7-8 months of aviation training. It usually includes commercial pilot course with instrument and multi-engine rating and covers:

Private Pilot Licence Course (PPL Course)
Commercial Pilot Licence Course (CPL Course)
Instrument Rating Course (IR Course)
Multi Engine Rating (MER)

Top Aviation Schools in the Philippines

If you want the most comprehensive flying lessons to be a private pilot and professional pilot, pick the best flight school for your aviation flight training. The following are the top flight schools in the Philippines which also accept international students.

PATTS College of Aeronautics – or the Philippine Air Transport and Training Services. This is one of the biggest school of aviation in the Philippines, founded in 1969 as a joint enterprise of Filipino and American pioneers in aviation. It offers courses such as:

BS in Aeronautical Engineering

BS in Air Transportation

BS in Aircraft Maintenance Technology

BS in Avionics Technology

BS in Industrial Engineering

BS in Airline Business Administration

BS in Tourism

BS in Hotel & Restaurant Management

Aircraft Technician Course

Its primary aim was to establish a manufacturing and assembly plant for trainer aircraft while its secondary aim was to put up an Aeronautical School to meet the domestic and international demands in the fields of aviation and air transportation industry. Visit PATTS website

Airlink International Aviation College - offers Bachelor of Science in Aviation as well as an array of other aviation related courses, including Private Pilot Courses and Commercial Pilot Courses. Airlink International Aviation School is also one of the biggest aviation college in tha nation which is located near the domestic airport in Manila. It also offers two year aviation tech courses such as Aircraft Maintenance Technology, Avionics Technician courseand Junior Tourism Management course. See all pilot training programs at Airlink’s website.

wanna be a pilot?
wanna be a pilot?

Philippine Airlines (PAL) Aviation School - Pal has also opened a flight school to those who wish to become pilots. They offer Private Pilot Training Course and Commercial Pilot Course as well. Also available for multi-engine and instrument rating training, equipment qualification courses and flight instructor's license conversion courses. PAL's aviation school website is on their official site, too.

Omni Aviation Corporation – is one of the famous aviation schools in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia because it is located in Clark Freeport Zone (a US military base in the Philippines). Omni Aviation promises they provide quality education at par with world-class standards. They see to it that students fly with all the necessary requirements set by the industry, with no compromise and no short cuts. The skills and capabilities of students are paramount in their flying school. They just do not graduate students but they are proud to produce and train pilots who become adept not only with the flying machine but are also honed to acquire excellence of faculties to make right assessments and decisions. Visit Omni Aviation’s website to experience their high standards in aviation training.

National Aviation Specialist Academy – (NASA) they are dedicated in providing the highest level of aeronautical training to their specialist in gaining the competitive edge in the aviation industry. So if you want to become a fully fledged pilot and aviation specialist this flight school is one of the best. NASA’s school and planes looks so new and well maintained. Their programs includes

Private Pilot Fixed-Wing / Airplane PPL

Commercial Pilot Fixed-Wing / Airplane CPL

Multi-engine Rating

Instrument Rating IFR

Flight Instructor

Visit NASA online

Delta Air International Aviation Academy - (currently closed by CAAP) A young entrepreneur, a flight instructor, and an airline jet pilot with ratings on Boeing 737 and Airbus 320, Capt. Jeremias Testado founded Delta Air International Aviation Academy in the first quarter of 2001. His principal ambition is to provide excellent training services and produce well-disciplined pilot trainees at a sensible schooling cost. Delta Air also operates in Nepal. It offers Private Pilot Ground Course Training, Commercial Pilot Ground Schooling, Private Pilot Flight Training, Commercial Pilot Flight Training, Flight Instructor Course and Multi-Engine Course.

Delta Air International Aviation website

Alpha Aviation Group – It caters world class solution for international aviation. They are dedicated to creating a network of world class international aviation training academies that span the globe: from Europe, through the Middle East and South East Asia. Their pilot courses include:

Commercial Pilot License with Instrument Rating (CPL/IR)

Multi Crew Pilot License (MPL)

Boeing 737NG Pilot Type Rating Course

Boeing 767 Pilot Type Rating Course

A320 Pilot Type Rating & Instructor Course

Private Pilot License (PPL)

Alpha Aviation Group Website

Achievers Airline Academy - is a pioneer academy dedicated to career oriented courses in aviation and hospitality. It doesn’t only provide highly specialized aviation hospitality training and courses, the academy also provides job assistance after training. If you want to be under the aviation hospitality and travel management, this school is perfect for you. Plus it has numerous worldwide recruiters such as Indigo Airlines, Kingfisher Airlines, Spice Jet, Shangri la group of hotels, Continental Airlines, Paramount Airways, Royal Jordan Airline, Jet Airways, and many more.

Visit Achievers Airline Academy online

Aero Equipt Aviation - Aero Equipt Base of Operation or training ground is Subic International Airport , one of the major international airport in the Philippines, once utilized by Fedex, it is equipped with complete and modern air traffic, navigation and communication equipment not found in some of the airports in the Philippines. They provide aviation courses such as:

  • Private Pilot Ground Training
  • Private Pilot Flight Training
  • Commercial Pilot Ground Training
  • Commercial Pilot Flight Training without Instruments Ratings
  • Commercial Pilot Flight Training with Instruments Ratings
  • Flight Instructor's Course

Visit Aero Equipt Aviation’s website

soar high!
soar high!

Indiana Aerospace University - The Philippines’ first and only Aerospace University, conceived to answer the rapid demand for qualified and well trained manpower in aeronautics and aviation. It provides courses like:

Aerospace Engineering

Aviation Technology-Major in Flying

Aircraft Maintenance Technology

Airline Management


Airframe and Powerplant

Pilot School

-Private Pilot Training Course (Ground/Flight)

- Commercial Pilot Training Course (Ground/Flight)

- Instructor's Flight Training Course

- Instrument Flight Training Course

Visit their website

Pacific Pearl Airways Aviation School – has a wide-ranging aviation programs including flight attendant course. Its special course outline is below. Visit its website here.

Pilot Short Courses

Commercial Pilot Program with Multi Engine and Instrument Ratings

Student Pilot License (SPL)

Private Pilot License (PPL) with Radio License

Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

E.Q.C. Multi Engine (Seneca PA34-200) and Instrument Ratings

Flight Instructor's Course

License Conversion Course (CAAP License)

CAAP License Renewal

Aviation Short Course:

45-day Flight Attendant Training Preliminaries Program

4 year Aviation Degree Course:

BSBA - Management with Commercial Pilot Program with Multi Engine and Instrument Ratings

WCC Aviation Company - offers private and commercial pilot training for airplane, with multi-engine and instrument ratings, ground and flight instructor certification, and multi-crew cooperation course (MCC). It also offers flight attendant and aircraft maintenance technology programs. WCC aviation flight school is one of the largest aviation schools in the Philippines.

Visit WCC’s website

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An-sOn 5 months ago

Hey guys, anyone of you who knows some organization or person who offers scholarship for aviation.. Thanks

ali reza malaekeh 7 months ago


with respect

iam lokking an good flying school for my student over there ,i will appreciate to have yours package quotation soon(ppl/cpl/ir/multi )





Dear Sirs,

I am an student.I want to make my carer one professional pilot.

You have offered including all food living and other course fee of professional pilot training course total amount is USD 30000.00.

let me know if i need loon facility 50% i can take it in Philippine.

How long time need to complete this course.

Waiting for your reply.

Thanking you.

with best regards.

Md.Mahamudul haque.

Aviator05 11 months ago

Hello miss twentyfive, are you still active with aviation topics?

Sam 22 months ago

Does Indiana Aerospace University has height requirement?

TCK 2 years ago

Greetings! I would like to ask if you have any idea about what aviation schools in the Philippines will do in connection or regarding to the K12 system?

And how much is the estimated tuition fee of students who would like to be licensed commercial pilots?

Mr J 2 years ago

I like to take up BS aviation major commercial flying in Airlink but we cant afford 100k tuition in airlink and its is trimestral

Ms. Confused 2 years ago

Hi. I am currently in college and taking up bs psychology. I want to know if there is any required course in order to be accepted in these flying schools? I was really torn between law & aviation but now, I know what I want for myself.

Harry 2 years ago

hi there, i also want to be a professional pilot so i came here in the Philippine . I want to go to an aviation university which provide a degree. Because my parents won't allowed me until unless i got a degree.

I already talk with Airlink International Aviation University . But they have class on Saturday , so as for me Saturday is our holiday so everything is conflict.

Can you please tell me the aviation university that didn't have class on Saturday.

14 2 years ago

Hi!! I'm still in high school I really REALLY want to become a pilot (this has been my lifelong dream ever since I was still little) but my mom can't afford the tuition fee cuz' it's too expensive. What should I do???

Would PMA(Philippine Military Academy) be a good college to go to if I want to become a pilot?? Plus,the tuition fee is free.

Oh!! And my eyesight isn't clear , can I still become a pilot??? Can I wear glasses or contact lens to make my vision clear??

I really need an answer.Please!!!

Eight 2 years ago

Um,miss twenty five.I'm in high school and I really REALLY want to become a pilot but my mom can't afford the tuition fee!!! What should I do???

Jeff 3 years ago

What aviation school offers 1500 hours of flight training that cost $30,000-$40,000

Maverick 3 years ago

Hi twenty five! Can you pls help me by giving me an idea how will i be able to continue my flight training. I already have my CPL lic but it is expired and I also want to have IR,FI and ME. But the thing is, I dnt have that much money to continue my flight training.Could u give me an idea what flight school offers a financial assistance? I really really need your help..Thank you so much!

Darius 3 years ago


i'm graduating this month in course of criminology and i plan to become a pilot not a police,!

can you help me,.?

can i ask if how much the tuition and if they have a scholarship?

and where the in the Philippines can i enroll?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

You're young. Just focus in your studies and do it well before your pilot schooling

Anonymous 4 years ago

This is good cause I want be a pilot and Im still in high school today.

Jonathan 4 years ago

oh sure!:) i'll keep you posted.:)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Yeah I was talking to you about the future interview :)

Jonathan 4 years ago

Miss twenty five, are you referring to me? I just turned 24 and I'm planning to enroll in Masters by age of 26. My dad said he would help me and I'll just pay him when I'm already a pilot. Im really excited! cant' wait! If only I already have the money.. .

NB 4 years ago

So guys, tell me.

I'm planning to be a pilot, and I'm looking around for the perfect school for me to be a commercial pilot.

Here are the requirements that I want to meet:


2. Class 1 medical license

3. valid instrument rating

4. english proficiency level 4

5. MCC - multi crew corporate

How much would the flight training cost, and how long would it take? I'm targeting 6-9months.

1. Time

2. Cost

3. Accommodation

Let me know the best school you think there is that can meet the requirements that I mentioned above. :)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Please contact OMNI or AAG personally if you wish to enroll at them. Thanks for visiting :) Have a sweet day!

sufian 4 years ago

hi from malaysia and i want to join the cpl program in the philippines asap..i wanted to join near your place either aag or omni..could u give me juz the details on both the fees and duration from ppl until my cpl/ir..i need ur help on dis..btw,we can meet one day when i am already there..tq

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Sounds so good. Can I feature you in my website when you have done the CPL and PPL? :) I am featuring a flight attendant, would be cool if I feature a student pilot too :)

Jonathan 4 years ago

IBK, I am not enrolled yet in Masters Flying school, I am still saving for my tuition fee. Its the most affordable school I've found and would only take you 1 year yo have a PPL and CPL (you should be a 4year bachelors graduate) and if you can pay the tuition fee) just prepare around 1.2Million pesos. or you could visit them along the domestic road.

Flying dragon 4 years ago

hello 25, I wanna be a pilot too. I've achieved the diploma in construction & I'm now attending for bachelor degree. So, I don't have any income & my parents can't afford too much to achieve CPL. I just wanna know is there any scholarship program for CPL training & how can I get it ? Please help me , thanks.

IBK 4 years ago

@Jonathan- How far have you gone with Masters flying school?I have gone through their website but I didn't see their estimates.Do you have it?Please email me,Thanks

Danny 4 years ago

Hi !

I would like to ask how much it cost for the PPL in Phils ? I would like to do my PPL in Phils and How long to take that course ? many thanks..

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Chargers never heard of Leading Edge so I cannot comment on that matter. How many planes do they have?

@Youngaviator Will add PhilSCA. Thanks for sharing that info. That is so helpful to fellow pilots and pilot-wananabes :) God bless.

Youngaviator16 4 years ago

Hi there!

I'm just wondering why You didn't mention anything about PhilSCA or you are just unaware that it exist?

FYI, PhilSCA or the Philippine State College of Aeronatics is consistently producing top graduates for many years now. PRC licensure examinees for Aero Engineers always occupies the top 10. They are always on top 1.

If this blog is for pilots only, then why did you include PATTS which does not offer a pilot course?

Chargers 4 years ago

Hi miss 25, can you give me reasons on why I should or noy choose leading edge aviation in la union?

And when will the ceb pacific flying shool open?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Jay you will be eligible to apply to any airline company if you have a pilot license. CPL is just a training. You need to pass a licensure exam before you become a professional pilot.

@Nine Only the admission department aviation school could assess your brother application. I think he’s qualified because you mentioned he is totally cleared.. :)

@Maxine You can visit the pilot school website which I provided in the article. I hope your brother enjoys his flying course. Wow!

maxine 4 years ago

miss twenty five my brother is also thinking of taking up Aircraft maintenance technology in WCC, would like to ask if the tuition is expensive for this course? and how many year will he be studying in order to finish?

Nine Aguilos 4 years ago

Good Day! My brother is hoping to be a pilot. But he had a serious Medical Issue before. To be exact, he had a Lung Tumor when he was around 15 years of age and had major operations. Now he is totally cleared from this illness. So my question is, is he qualified for the medical requirements for the Pilot Training? or more so, qualified to be a Pilot someday? Thank you. Hoping to hear from you soon.

Jay 4 years ago

Hello ms. 25. I just want to ask, if I have a CPL from the Philippines, will that make me eligible to apply in international airline companies? Will CPL also allow me to fly A-320? Thanks for the info...

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Emmanuel of course you have a chance. Go there and break a leg. :) Cheers! Don't let your eyeglasses stop you from being a pilot.

@Kevin Yeah pretty much. Licensed pilots are wanted everywhere not only here in the Philippines. I wonder why you prefer to work here if you have more chances abroad plus the salary of pilot is so high and amazing. :)

kevin 4 years ago

if i already licensed as a pilot it will have opportunity to work here in the philippines?:) thanks

Emmanuel 4 years ago


I have a question. I was looking forward to enroll at PATTS. Since I'm wearing eyeglasses would i still get a chance to be accepted? Being a pilot is my only dream.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Mac hi there. Yes WCC aviation school is one of the largest flight schools in the Philippines. It’s been there in good and strong standing. He could wear contacts for some instances in the course.

@Rav pilot jobs in the Philippines are not so hiring lots of staff because there are only few domestic airline companies here. Fortunately, you can always try the international pilot career to some rich counties and huge airlines like the Emirates Group, Qantas and the like.

@Jonathan Oh you just resigned.. I think there are some aviation schools that offer financial assistance to their students. Some even offer scholarship. Just inquire from the Admin of the school you are interested to enroll. Cheers! Take it easy and don’t worry too much.

Jonathan 4 years ago

Miss twentyfive, i think I can't get a loan for a million pesos.i had a job, i just resigned last feb. i am thinking if a bank would really lend me money for my tuition fee. i am looking for something like a 'study now, and then i'll pay it when i become a pilot. tnx!

rav 4 years ago

Hi. Im from Malaysia and im interested in the piloting course in Philippines. But, Im very concerned about getting a job after completing the course. There are so many pilots jobless at the moment. Of course getting onto a major airline is difficult because of flying experience and all. So what do you suggest me and is it possible for me to work in Philippines?

mac 4 years ago

hello miss twentyfive, just wanna ask if wcc aeronautical college is OK and eligible school , my nephew wants to enroll there and plans on taking up aircraft maintenance, is weraing of eyeglasses allowed for the course he wants to take?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Jonathan yeah if only I could turn back time, I wouldn’t take that course anymore hehe Wow, that sounds so awesome. It’s a complete package for an aspiring licensed pilot like you. Amazing it is that it can be done in a year. I can only imagine those who have the enough money, they would surely fly anytime.. Did you try loan from banks? If you have a regular job and you’re a CPA, it’s so easy to get a loan here :)

@Amir what do you want to take up further? There are aviation schools and universities to suit your needs.

amir hossien zare 4 years ago


I am a student pilot in Iran and I am currently holds a private pilot license.

I come to your country for further education.

Please help me to be a good choice.


Jonathan 4 years ago

Sorry MISS twentyfive.:) yup, it's a very boring job to be an accountant. I cant imagine myself doing financials for the rest of my life that's why i really wanted to pursue this dream. btw, i went to pasay to look for the cheapest school, I found Masters Flying School. and only cost 1,179,000.00++ (1.2M to be prudent) all in all!as in from a PPL to CPL.(but you need to be a college graduate) and it can be finished in a year!! that's what i'm preparing for they said there's no age limit,someone is taking a CPL there thats already 41yo. so maybe i'll take it by the time I'm 25.casue im still saving. i just really wish they offer loan or collateral or something like that. I really wanted to enroll now if i have the money. wish me luck!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Lon there are so few licensed commercial pilots here and in some other countries. I think it’s never too late. You will never know once you try. You said it’s your dream, why not make it come true.. :) Cheers, Captain!

@Jessie Please read the related article I posted there about how to become a pilot in the Phil. I discussed the details there. Thank you for dropping by. Cheers!

@Steen Wow you are already licensed :) I think you can become what you want to be easily now. You must contact the admin of the aviation school you are interested about taking the course. ;)

@Jonathan I am a Miss :) Oh I graduated accountancy too but not a CPA since I don’t really like to be an accountant. It’s just not for me. It’s a very tough job plus everything is happening over and over again. You might want to read the related articles I added there so you will have more ideas about becoming a pilot here. God bless..

Jonathan 4 years ago

Sir twentyfive,

its my dream to be a pilot, right now i'm a Certified Public Accountant but not happy with my job, always dreaming of flying. And i'm worried cause i'm already 24 and i believe there's an age limit to be a pilot,30 years old won't be accepted,is is true? cause i'm still saving money for the tuition fee. just wanna know, the cheapest and fastest way to be a pilot.a commercial pilot.I can't afford the 4-year there a 2year course or lesser?i mean,you mentioned that there's 7-8 months, how is that? thanks in advance!..or if someone can answer my questions,i'd really appreciate it. thank you! here's my email address.

steen 4 years ago

Hi Miss 25 :) thx for all the info here...

My plan is to do IR/CPL-ME in the Philipines, i was thinking at striker wing, any info om them?

Second thing, i have a British PPL and Danish ATPL theory, do you think it can be a problem converting the to Philipine?

Jessie 4 years ago

Hi fhel! this is an amazing post!

I just want to ask a simple question.

I want to be an airplane pilot, where i can apply to big airline companies as a pilot.

How can I become a pilot? and How many more years of study should I need to take?

I'm currently studying Bachelor of Laws. Prior to that, I already have a Bachelor's Degree in the field of Commerce.

I'm planning to be a pilot after I finish my Law Degree, and hopefully pass the Bar.

Lon 4 years ago

I'm 40 y.o. and I'm interested in taking up PPL and CPL. It was my childhood dream to become a pilot. Do think taking up these flying courses with my age still practical for me and can I still be hirable for a job after I earned my licences?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Charm read the related article about becoming a pilot in the Philippines :)

@Sharp It's a great pleasure to share these info about best pilot schools in the Philippines :)

sHarP 4 years ago

thanks sir twentyfive for the info! God bless!

Charm 4 years ago

I have the private pilot and instrument training done. Have over 350 total time, how can i get my commercial pilot training one in the Philippines sinc I lready have these previous trainingsnd certifications? The cost would be much less correct? Please reply if you have any info or let me know ho should I contact. Thank you!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Secret yes there are schools that offer scholarship for aspiring pilots especially the universities. God bless.

@Hope It’s a pleasure to be sharing this. I have listed the best schools here. If you want to inquire about the current tuition fee, you can visit their admin section from the website I have listed to each pilot school. Thank you so much for dropping by. :) God bless.

@Wazir 12 years old?

@Hope hello there. I suggest you read the related articles I have included above on how to become a pilot in the Phil

Hope 4 years ago

What airline company in the Philippines offer ab initio training to become pilots? and how can i possibly get in? and how does it the ab initio training work? i believe this is the cheapest way to become a commercial pilot. thank you!

WAZIR 4 years ago




Hope 4 years ago

this is such an informative site.. thank you so much.. I'm a BS Nursing graduate and plan (HOPE :D) to become a pilot. I live in Bacolod City. What would be the best school for me to enroll in in terms of cost and location. How much would I spend each year for the course? and are the opportunities in the Phils good for pilots? This would really help me decide in becoming one. Thank You! I will be waiting for your reply! God Bless!

secret 4 years ago

Are there schools that offer scholarship for commercial pilot training?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

I'm sure these aviation schools offer weekend classes schedules for interested students like you. You can contact each school I'm sure they will entertain your request :) Thank you and God bless

sHarP 4 years ago

hi sir! i am currently working on weekdays but have a plan to enroll in flight school. is there any school that offers weekend trainings? thanks a lot!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

I love Subic. Been there once. Used to be US airbase. The beach is so amazing. Would love to visit there again definitely. I'm from Pampanga. Clark Zone also has aviation school. If you ever want me write about your flight school, I would love to :) It's free anyway. Have a great day!

VGA Philippines 4 years ago


here in the Philippines! The actual training is in Subic International Airport :)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

you are welcome. Your flight school is located where if I may ask?

VGA Philippines 4 years ago


I hope so, and thank you also for this page :) hehe

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Thank you for sharing that VGA :) Pilots wannabes would be so happy about that :)

VGA Philippines 4 years ago

We would like to inform you the greatest offers of VGA in March 2012:

1. We are giving the best Pilot Training at the longest airport runway of the


2. We are providing the three star accommodation to our eligible students.

3. We are offering the Instrument Rating Practical Training.

4. We are offering Type Rating Courses for Air bus 320 etc.

5. We are offering the Best Quality Pilot Training at the best ever offered price

package of 32,000 USD.


for 2012/2013.

NOTE : VGA is the only Aircraft Maintenance Training Centre which provides the

Sheet Metal Training, as well as Air Hostess and Cabin Crew Courses at

the very cheaper rate. Interested applicants, please enroll now for March

batch just for 6,000 USD which includes,

(a) Visa

(b) Round trip flight ticket

(c) Immigration clearance letter

(d) Three star hotel accommodation

(e) Training for 3 months

(f) The job placements abroad

Rush for enrollment just for 6,000 USD.

Old Pilot 4 years ago

Like this blog for some truthful info, thanks.

Angel 4 years ago

Hi miss 25. Im a 3rd year student at DLSU and I recently realized that being a pilot is what i really want in life. Im 21 now and I would like to know where I can go for the PPL training? Please do advice. Thank you so much.

skysweetie 5 years ago

My husband is 32 y/o and wants to become a commercial pilot. Is he too old to start a career in aviation? He's working in Makati and wants to juggle work and his PPL, IR...and probably quit his job and finish his CPL. Would you know if local airlines like PR and 5J have a max. age requirement to become a F.O.? Thank you in advance. :)

vision group aviation 5 years ago

We would like to take this opportunity to briefly introduce our company, VGA Vision Group Aviation Aircraft Maintenance Training Centre Inc. so that you may consider adding our company to your list of approved education services. VGA Vision Group Aviation Inc. is an Aviation training centre licensed under SEC Philippines (Securities and Exchange Commission). VGA was endorsed by TESDA ( Technical Education and Skills Development Authority) one of the technical institutes accredited by the Philippine Government, and endorsed by CAAP ( Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines).

Our company is committed to give quality education and best trainees in Aviation field that are demanded by the best airline companies in the world. VGA believe in profitable and enjoyable long term relationships with our students, clients, and employees.

Please do not hesitate to request from u s the training package/fees for each course. We promise to give you our competitive price but with high quality education. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact VGA at the numbers provided below.

Thank you very much and hope to make deal with your company in future.

Sincerely yours,

Christine Maryl Galang

Marketing Staff

+63(02)4842220 ; +639086831786

Jeison 5 years ago

Hi im 18 years old and im taked p.e.p.t. A deped program for the out of school youth and i passed it now im already a first year college . Wat course can i take to be come a pilot. Im so confuse cuz i haven't a bachelor degree ?

Can i take bs private pilot? But im p.e.p.t. Exam passers only its that enoungh grade requirements to enroll in your school. ?

@shley 5 years ago

@twenty five,

For other countries, you are required to complete at least 250 hours of flying an aircraft to qualify to obtain a pilot license, in the Philippines, aviation schools will let you fly an aircraft with over 1500 hours within your pilot training

Regarding on the above said matter which of the flying schools in PH provide this type of hours? (1500hrs)

Rot Dllan 5 years ago

"250 hours of flying an aircraft to qualify to obtain a pilot license, in the Philippines, aviation schools will let you fly an aircraft with over 1500 hours within your pilot training."

which school will let us fly over 1500hrs as in the training without paying extra? do hopes u can tell me about far i concern u have to pay extra to get more hours

Jensen 5 years ago

I want to enter any of the schools mentioned above prolly 5 years from now (to be able to earn a CPL). However, I'm now 23. Will there be an age limit for these schools? I mean as of now, I don't have funds for schooling, and I'm planning to work overseas for quite a while until I've saved enough. I heard from other people that when you go over the age of 26, you'd be denied entrance to these aviation schools. Any truth on that?

Kaz 5 years ago

Hey 25!

Good work with you blog!:)

am from kenya and would really like to pursue a career in aviation as a commercial pilot,but unfortinately am from a poor family:(are there any student loans,sponsorship/scholarships offered in the philippines flight schools?

profile image

vienjoshua 5 years ago

Sir I just want to ask this "how hard is it to become an Airline Pilot in the Philippines?"

cot109 5 years ago

Hello, I just wanna know. I am a college graduate but is really looking forward to become a pilot, I'm close to one of those schools mentioned above but I don't know any about payment terms. Can I ask if there are any options to start training despite limited resources? Like loans, scholarship, sponsorship or something? I hope there could be any options. Thanks in advance....

Pramod Janardhan Naik 5 years ago

Hi myself indian..I have just passed my class 1 medical test.. I have done my engineering and I want all details of the best and cheap flight school in the philippines.. also information on the flying hours would be a plus.. please help.. I dont have any background in aviation so far.. Thank you

athena 5 years ago

@twentyfive: hi madam just want to ask coz my boyfriend wants to take his A 320 type rating here in much it cost is it included the base training and 100 hours line?..

thanx thanx a lot..

God Bless!

ghost24 5 years ago

@twentyfive: Hello Mam. again i just want to ask, what would be the age limit for a pilot to work on an airline? especially here in the philippines, and what if he will start at the age of 30's is there any chance? and also how many hours in ppl and cpl? 5 years ago

VGA ( Vision Group of Aviation) Aircraft Maintenance Training Centre and Flying School. Check our website and send me a message on my name above :)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Hi. Yes you can be a pilot if you passed the exam for private pilot and commercial pilot. It's never too late. :) There are ppl and cpl training that are around 6 months. Would be cool to take some before you take the licensed exam. The cost depends upon the flight school. I've listed the flight schools in the article. Thank you. Best of luck to your pilot dreams.

profile image

ghost24 5 years ago

@twentyfive;hello im 24 years old and i finish associate degree in Aircraft maintenance engineering, but now im taking up BS radiologic technology, i just want to know if i have the chance to be a pilot despite on my age. and also i want to know how many years it would take in training ppl to cpl, and how much would it cost me starting from ppl down to cpl?? it is my dream to be a pilot and work in an airline.

ghost24 5 years ago

hello im 24 years old and i finish associate degree in Aircraft maintenance engineering, but now im taking up BS radiologic technology, i just want to know if i have the chance to be a pilot despite on my age. and also i want to know how many years it would take in training ppl to cpl, and how much would it cost me starting from ppl down to cpl?? it is my dream to be a pilot and work in an airline.

gaushiyabano 5 years ago

i want 100% scholarship above course because i am belonging from poor family.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

@AJ hello. Nope, haven’t heard about it yet.

@Dantong hi. I suggest you take PPL first then if you had your license, it’s time to take CPL.

@MC dela Cruz hi. Yes, I heard of Perpetual Help. I need to add it to the list. Thank you :)

@Mahbuballah hi. I suggest you contact the main admin of the flight school you chose from the aviation school above. They are the only one who could assess you if you’re qualified even if you have a pass mark of those units. Thank you and good luck.

@Eroz hi. It depends upon the aviation school operator lol I guess the helicopter is much pricey

@Eduardo hello. One can become a commercial pilot if he passed the licensed exam for commercial pilot. To pass the exam, one must have taken CPL training to prepare him/ her for the exam. Taking aviation curriculum can prepare you for it. I guess I have to publish soon about how to become a private pilot and commercial pilot in the Philippines. :)

eduardo 5 years ago

Hi ms. twenty five. Is it true that its possible to become a commercial pilot even if I finished a BS degree not related to aviation, if so how? Cause I'm currently taking up BS Maritime Transportation(seaman) and expected to grad this sem. What should I do after I get my degree in BSMT, should I take up the BS degree in Aviation?

eduardo 5 years ago

Hi ms. twenty five. Is it true that you can still become a commercial pilot even if you finished a BS Degree not related in aviation, if so how? Cause I'm currently taking BS Maritime Transportation(Seaman). I would like to know the fastest way possible to become a commercial pilot, would I still take the BS in Aviation Degree? I really need your advice pls...

eroz 5 years ago

i would like to be heli pilot training expensive or cheaper than fixed wing

mahbuballah 5 years ago

helo all my name as above written is mahmoud. I want to ask u all that is it possible 4 me to get admission in one of these college? I have my secondary certificate but unfurtunately i have a pass mark i mathematics and chemistry. Need ur help. My

mc dela cruz 5 years ago

Hi twenty five hope you can also have a look and see, an aviation school at the university of perpetual help las pinas that also offer courses for pilot and maintenance training, all I can say is they really have a complete line of training mock up equipment and simulator which where recently acquired from avotek and flyit (USA)

dantong 5 years ago

this is pretty damn cool. im indonesian 19, currently still looking for a pilot school and i want to take CPL with IR/MER. im looking for the best deal. can u help me by suggesting any school in philippines?? and just wondering, do u think its normal for a pilot if he/she doesn't have IR/MER??? btw, i have NO experience at all in aviation stuff. thanks! :)

AJ 5 years ago

thanks! ever heard of all asia aviation academy? any feedback on this school? :)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Take PPL first and then pass the exam so you become a licensed private pilot. Then take CPL, pass the exam and become a licensed commercial pilot.

AJ 5 years ago

hello twentyfive! im already a BS degree holder. which is better, take the ppl and then cpl course? or a BS degree in aviation? :)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

I don't think they would accept you if you're not high school graduate. Yes, the list of flight schools are listed on the article above. Go over their website and you can contact their admin. Hope you get accepted. :)

hassan 5 years ago

But it will take more time, i dont think i can get my high school certificate, because i have my interest in flying to get cpl so please kindly tell me can i take my ppl and then build up to cpl without getting high school certificate..? and is it possiable to get fly school number og phillipins flying school?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Hi Tom and Mav. Nasa and Airlink are very good pilot aschools here though I think it doesn't matter where school you'll go as long as you'll pass the pilot examination, then you're it. The pilot licensed is the most important thing.

@John, sorry I didn't make update for a while. The figures I mentioned where displayed on their flight school website I wonder why they would change it. Maybe because you're Canadian?

@Hassan hi. It would be possible. I suggest you try to talk with the flight school and have you on their training while you wait for your high school certificate.

Hassan 5 years ago

Hello my name is hassan, and i am 20 years old boy from norway oslo, what i want to know is, i still dont have completed my high school. so i do not have any high school certificate, and i want to become a pilot. Is it possiable to get private pilot liccence ppl and then bulid it up to cpl? without high school certificate..?

Tom 5 years ago

Hello, I'm a Student at PATTS College of Aeronautics BS in Air Transportation. I feel sad because our school is not offering Flying Lessons. A Pilot told me that he took his flying at NASA at first i was just laughing because i thought it was a joke but the NASA that he meant was National Aviation Specialist Academy and not National Aeronautics and Space Administration so probably i will also choose NASA because it's cheap unlike PAL AV. We can afford PAL tho but I would just like to be practical. Am I making the right decision? :)

mav 5 years ago

thanks for answering my previous question :) i am already planning to take a ppl+cpl course. just wondering, out of all the schools you mentioned, which is the best in terms of quality education and training? which of them has the highest employment rate after school? like when i apply for local airlines, do they have certain school preferences? thanks again :)

kim 5 years ago

The filipino pilots? Where the most of them have graduated?

John 5 years ago

Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me what the total price is for CPL + PPL (starting from zero). I contacted a few of the places you recommended but they all quoted high above the $30 to 40k you say is possible. Can others share what rates they are paying? Best deals you have found. I am not Filipino but from Canada. Thank you!

Kaelah 5 years ago

Good day! I would just like to put up a query. I am a sophomore student currently taking up Communication Arts at the University of Santo Tomas but I am having doubts whether I want to continue this program because I really want to take up BS Aviation major in Flying and I want to know the details about the prior steps I should and other related information (i.e. requirements, costs and rates, top schools)

Thank you!

Kaelah Domingo

ferdy 5 years ago

I just want to know if there is a age limit for taking a private pilot? im 33 right now.

Vickyy 5 years ago

I'm planning to join a CPL course in philiphines. Can you guys guide me for few good flying schools..

Aslo if anyone has an idea on how is AirVenture flying school??

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Hi Sowmiya! Aero International is not on my list. However Aero Equipt Aviation is. Aero International is not active I guess. I didn’t hear about it yet. No website, no news, no articles about it. So I can’t give a comment about it.

It’s a great pleasure Paul Albert :)

Hi Vergie. Yes, Airlink is a very nice flight school in the country. It’s along the domestic airport here in Manila. PATTS is awesome too. I have included the websites of each aviation school. Feel free to visit them and see how long is the school operate, and check out their planes and facilities. If they’re ok, then the academy is good too.

Hi Eduardo. Wow, awesome course you are into. I think my related article entitled, How to become a Pilot in the Philippines best answer your question. It talks about private pilot and commercial pilot. Read it and I hope you will learn a lot from it. Comment on the page when you did so I know. Thanks! The related articles are above.

Eduardo 5 years ago

Hi ms. 25, I'm currently studying Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation but I want to become a commercial pilot, so after I finish this course I'm gonna save money for my Pilot course. But what specific pilot course should I take then, I prefer the easiest way of becoming a commercial pilot?

your help would be much appreciated :)

vergie 5 years ago


kindly give some good advice i just wanna ask wat best school in pilot course her in philippines.i have found one school w/c is AIRLINK INTERNATIONAL AVIATION COLLEGE is thi good terms of teaching is suitable for the student to be come a pilot career. thank you in need your bad feedback and good in this school or any suggestion.

Paul Albert 5 years ago

thanks miss twentyfive

Sowmiya 5 years ago

Can any one let me know 'Aero International aviation' school in philiphines is good or not. My brother is planning to join there for pilot training.

Please let me know the details..



twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Hi Paul! You will know everything when you read the related article I posted about how to become a pilot.. Good luck to your aviation career!

paul albert 5 years ago

hi miss twentyfive, i'd like to be a registered air force and I want to have a flying lesson first. Is there any flying lessons or trainings in PATTS that takes only for a few months? Anyway, I'm 17 now taking BS Computer Science and I am planning to be an air force after graduation on 2014. My second question is that, is alright for me to take flying lessons even I do not have any backgrounds about aviation? thanks ^_^

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Hi Ian! Are you asking about the requirements? I recommend you read the article on How to be a Pilot in the Philippines. Thank you :)

Hello Marvin! Don’t be discouraged if you have that height. The skills and expertise are always the aces in being a successful pilot. Height is just a small portion of the resume. What is important are your experience, skills, knowledge, attitude and belief in yourself. Go Captain! :) Don’t forget me if you became a pilot OK? Best of luck to you. By the way, you might find the related articles useful. Read them.

Hi Mav! 20/20 vision just like all other airline crew. Yes, a lot of companies are so strict with that. Why not have Lasik or wear contacts? If there’s a will, there’s a way :)

Hi Othniel! Each school have different curriculums and tuitions. You may want to go to their website to know that. Thank you.

Hello Lance! If you have graduated BS Aviation Major in Flying, it doesn’t mean you’re a licensed pilot automatically. You have to take the exam to be a licensed Private pilot or Commercial pilot. Please read the related article entitled HOW TO BECOME A PILOT IN THE PHILIPPINES. I put the link above.

Lance 5 years ago

If I'll take BS Aviation Major in Commercial Flying will I be a First Officer-ready already or I will still take the PPL-CPL-IR-MER course? does Major in Commercial Flying mean after graduation i'll be a licensed pilot?

htetthuyazaw 5 years ago

I want to flight.

othniel 5 years ago

how much per sem?

mav 5 years ago

hi twenty five! do aviation schools require applicants to have a normal visual acuity of 20/20? you see, i'm already wearing glasses and i would really like to study and be a pilot someday :) hope to hear from you

marvin 5 years ago

hi, ms. twenty five! the information here are just really helpful. but this is one of my greatest concerns and what's holding me back from pursuing a career in aviation. it's my height. :( im 21 and im 5'2. what are your thoughts and opinion on this? i know that flight schools don't have any height requirements but airline companies may impose their preferences. im worried that after spending millions in obtaining a CPL, i won't be able to land a job in the airlines.

Ian Marlone 5 years ago

hi i just wanted to know in terms of academics are there any targets that one must have done or reached

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

It's a pleasure. Don't forget me if you became captain hehe Good luck pilot! Fly and soar high :)

kirstein kate 5 years ago

thank you..

you gave inspiration for those aspiring pilots like me..

you'll be blessed..

kirstein kate 5 years ago

hi twentyfive.. nice advice to everyone..

uhmm.. can you help decide what to take.. im a graduating student now w/ the course of BSIT.. but i want to study again.. i really want to know how to fly an airplane or a helicopter.. its my ultimate dream to become a pilot.. what's the right course for me..?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

oh that's so sad to hear. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. It will be so helpful to others.

Sasi kumar 5 years ago

Please don't go for national aviation specialist academy. They will cheat you easily... especially foreign students don't enroll in NASA. They swallowed my money up to 1.5 lacs INR, saying company policy and other excuses. They are well in making fraudulent practice.

ruben 5 years ago

im interested in become a pilot and im 20 years old im in first year of college what i can do to star studing there?.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

You might want to read the related article I posted at the end of the hub.. Read "How to Become a Pilot in the Philippines." I think it answers your question. Thank you.

jojo 5 years ago

hi everyone... I'm 21 and I'm an Aircraft maintenance graduated last march and at present I'm having my OJT here in Davao old airport...Id like to know guys if how much it will cost me to get a license..anyone please send some information.thanks God bless

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Thanks Ingenira :) You rock!

Hi Kenneth! I've included the link for all aviation schools in the article. Go there and download the application forms or whatever.. :) Good luck!

Kenneth Tewi 5 years ago

I need application for next year Pilot training with Airlink Aviation Training.

Ingenira profile image

Ingenira 5 years ago

A very comprehensive hub. Well researched and well written. Up, up and up !

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

didnt I email you? sorry.. Will attend to it later ;)

Najib Abubakat Usman 5 years ago

hi 25,my posts have not been attended to or replied yet.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

@RRX17 - Yes, Airlink is great. And it's neighbor of the National Airport here (NAIA and its terminal) SO accessible and it's been there with good standing.

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pilots 5 years ago

This post consists of brief information about affordable flight classes and aviation schools. The youngsters of Philippines had great chance to grab the opportunity of attending cheap flight classes and attend aviation schools that take affordable tuition charges so that any desired and intelligent candidates can able to become pilot and get success in their dream to fly.

rrx17 5 years ago

hello sir! i'm planning to take b.s avionics technology! Is airlink international aviation college a good school in that field?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Hi Imran! Thanks for the wonderful comment. From your situation the only thing I can think of right now is to try the air force in your country and try a scholarship from a reputable aviation academy and flight school in your place. Try them both. If you are good enough, you can be n scholar. The air force is quite an amazing idea, too. And it brings more pride as well. I don’t think it’s quite expensive in the air force so it would really work for you.

Hi Hybridjohn! Never heard of that link but thanks anyway. Have a great day and God bless!

Imran K. 5 years ago

Hii twenty five,

Your blog is a wonderful source of information. Really appreciate your effort here. I actually don't know whom to turn to so I need a genuine help from you.

I am from Bangladesh and i have always wanted to be a pilot. But it is a very expensive study and since i was not financially that much capable my dream remained as it was. I have completed my bachelors degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering by now and this time, i want to give a go for flying career seriously. I have gone through the websites and links that you have provided and have done various inquiries but the price in most places is quite high. Since you are very experienced in this, could you please suggest me a good flying academy where i can actually enroll and complete my training at the cheapest price possible.


Flying License 5 years ago

Thanks for the great hub, you have certainly put a lot of work into it. Can you tell me if the Philippine License is recognized internationally? Would member countries of ICAO like the USA or Australia acknowledge the Philippine License? I know some countries aren't recognized and would be very interested to find out.


Najib Abubakar Usmania 5 years ago

i will also like 2 know your view on the aviatour pilot school located at cebu.please dont forget to contact me

jamil17 5 years ago

im dreaming to be a pilot

Najib Abubakar Usmania 5 years ago

Hi,for i am inexplicably satisfied with your coaching to foresee that other people go to great heights in life,i pray that God reward you.Also,i have been looking for a guy like you who will coach me on how to fulfil my dreams and achieve my goals on becoming a great pilot.Again,i am 16 yrs of age and will graduate from high school by the ending of July,2011.Please for this your willing character to help,i will appreciate it if you kindly contact me via my so that we will get in touch frequently and you will give me some pieces of advises that will guide me.THANK YOU VERY MUCH AND GOD BLESS

Strike Wing Aviation 5 years ago

India Flight Training Programs

The following courses are recommended for Strike Wing Aviation students from India. Each course satisfies all of the DGCA requirements and uses aircraft recognized by that authority. All the courses include at least 210 total hours logged with over 200 hours in aircraft. Strike Wing Aviation does not use “shared time” or “safety pilot” time to reach the required pilot-in-command (PIC) time in these courses. Even though this shared time can reduce costs, it is not recognized as PIC time in many countries including India. Since it also reduces the amount of “hands-on” flight time each student obtains, shared time also diminishes the flight skill obtained by each student priors to graduation.

Three options are listed below. The most economical choice is to choose the C152 for all single-engine airplane hours. However, students heavier than 90 kg will be more comfortable in a C172. Strike Wing Aviation also offers the option of using the all-glass C172 SP with G-1000 avionics for all or part of your single-engine training. One of the most popular options is listed below and utilizes glass-cockpit aircraft for the instrument rating but the more economical C152 for all other single engine hours. We pride ourselves on being able to give students the equipment that meets the requirements needed by each student. If you need something not listed here, please ask and we will quote that for you. Our required multi-engine flight hours are done in the Piper Seneca which is acceptable to the DGCA in India.

Our Pilot program costs $32,000 USD, 1,430,225.64 INR, 2,291,199.95 NPR

For more information please visit our web at

ali 5 years ago

that was graet,

siraj 5 years ago

thnx a lot 25

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

thanks so much for the useful info and update :)

Tamim Aflah 5 years ago

dude! ..

you might want to update your blog!

Delta Air International Aviation Academy is not operating anymore, due the fake insurance of 6 aircraft! Delta is considered one of the top 5 corrupted school!! ..

Bulacan flying school closed

By Rainier Allan Ronda The Philippine Star Updated May 09, 2011 12:00 AM 1 comment to this post

MANILA, Philippines - A Bulacan-based flying school has been ordered closed by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) after its aircraft were found to have fake insurance.

The CAAP recently issued a cease-and-desist order to Delta Air International Air Academy Inc. prohibiting it from operating and admitting student pilots.

The CAAP made the move after the flying school was found to have falsified its insurance policy supposedly with Makati City-based insurer Solid Guaranty.

CAAP senior investigator Cesar Lucero said the flying school’s registration papers showed that the “aviation hull and liabilities” policy of its six aircraft was counterfeit, as confirmed by Solid Guaranty.

The submission of the “aviation hull and liabilities” policy is a requirement for the renewal of the Approved Training Organization Certificate of all licensed flying schools.

“This is a serious matter because aircraft insurance is very important especially in cases when these aircraft are involved in accidents and there are third parties that have to be compensated,” Lucero said ..

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Hi Chaz! Yes, it's ok. You can be a licensed commercial pilot if you passed the PPL and CPL exams and qualifications of the ATO. I made another article about commercial pilot training in the Philippines. The link is in the end part of the flight schools article. Thanks for dropping by. :)

Hello Mr. Pone :) Becoming a pilot depends upon passing the CPL and and its qualifications to have the license. BS in Aviation Major in Flying and Aeronautical Engineering course both will help anyone in becoming a successful pilot. Definitely, OK. :) But if you want to proceed to become a pilot right away, BS in Aviation Major in Flying both prepares a candidate in PPL and CPL. So I think hit it first. :)

mr.pone 5 years ago

hi !!i'm david from davao is it okay to take aeronautical eng. before proceeding to become a pilot??

chaz 5 years ago

Hi! I want to be a commercial pilot. Is it okay if I just graduated a course which is not related to aviation, like nursing? and how can I be a certified Pilot?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Hi Vanjo! If you want to become a licensed pilot, you may read my reply to J9-Kho above. I've discussed the options for you. Being a licensed ECE may be an advantage to understanding the training and flying concepts and grounds but doesn't mean an advantage to pass the qualifications to CPL and PPL. Only you could know your skills and knowledge. Thanks for dropping by and God bless! :)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Hi Lance! The best Aviation School in the Philippines is PATTS College of Aeronautics. It's considered as the most excellent in aviation education in the country. And yup, it's in Manila (Paranaque). They have very nice facilities and air crafts. I also want to consider the Philippine Air Force Flying School though it's not in Manila. In case you want to be part of the air force. A BS Degree in Aviation would be perfect to prepare you to be a licensed pilot someday. :) Good luck and God bless!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Hi J9-Kho! Sorry for late response. You know the Holy Week Holidays..hehe Since you already have a BS Degree you have two options: either become a Private Pilot by going on a training plus become a commercial pilot after passing the private pilot OR take a BS in Aviation Major in Flying. To become a private pilot, you have to become certified by the ATO as a fully fledged Private Pilot, you must successfully pass both Knowledge (General) and Practical (Checkride) Tests which include an oral and actual flight examination. You must also pass a physical examination done by an accredited physical examiner of the ATO. Only after all these tests have been successfully completed, you'll be granted a Private Pilot license. You'll need that to become a commercial pilot. Then to become a commercial pilot you also have to pass strict exams both general and real-time flying. If you chose to take a BS Major in Flying, you'll undergo the primary basic ground and flying course (private pilot license) as well as the advanced course to gain a commercial pilot license to allow you to become airline or general aviation pilots.

CPL takes about 6 months, more or less. Depends upon the weather. And PPL too. A BS Degree in Flying is usually up to 4 years.

Both doesn't guarantee a license once completed. You must pass all the flying exams and requirements to become a licensed pilot. Once you became one, wow you have all the pleasure :) Take me a ride! :D

vanjo 5 years ago

Hi, I am an ECE student and I think I will graduate on 2013 and I want to be a licensed pilot I just want to ask if, how many months does it take to finished the course and Is it my advantage if I will be a licensed Electronics Engineer?

Lance 5 years ago

Hi can somebody tell me what is the very best Aviation school here in Philippines? whitin manila only.btw im only 15 graduating of Highschool degree and i want to get a course like Bs in aviation major in flying.

J9-Kho 5 years ago

Hi, I have read your posts regarding the aviation schools here in the Philippines, it was really helpful and interesting. Well...I'm currently working as an FA and already got a BS degree in Tourism.. Recently, I've realized, I wanted to become a pilot... can you give me an advice what course should I have to take if I wanted to work on an airline as a pilot? and how long would it take? do i have to start taking a BS degree again? Thanks so much :)


wanna sit for pilot and aircraft mechanics, visit

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

@deadel - You can. There's no gender issue lol God bless!

@harsha - Hi! It depends which school you're going. Go to their homepage and you'll see all the requirements and fees. I've posted the links. God bless!

harsha 5 years ago


I wann to get my license renewal done at your school can you plz mail me the cost of renewal to

deadel 5 years ago

Am planning to be an aeronautic mechanic. Are there job opportunities for me? am a girl. Is the job tough?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

You can register for free by visiting the website of the flight school you have chosen. They have listed the requirements and steps both for the local and foreign students. They will surely assist you in everything. The websites are highlighted from the article above. Feel free to ask me if you need anything. Thanks and God bless!

Najib Abubakar Usman 5 years ago

i am unpredictably satisfied with the terms and conditions guided by the aviation schools in phillippines and i would like to join one of these schools but i have not yet graduated from secondary school and that will be in the next 4 months.i am requesting wether someone could help me with the procedure on how to register online.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 6 years ago Author

Hi Charles! I think it would be best to go to the Philippine air force college of aeronautics or the Phil. air force itself. They know the best deal for you. You might get a job right away. :) Check out their official website at and go over their personnel and career management department. The links for that department can be found at the bottom of the site's page. Thank you and good luck!

Charles Rosario 6 years ago

Hi i will be moving to the Philippines for good as my wife is a Filipino and i recently got my resident status to live and work here.I hold a Canadian CPl with multi i graduated in 2008 and i don't have a flying job so my skills are rusty i am sure i need to convert my lic can anyone guide me on which school is good and is it advisable to do FI or just convert my lic and try in charter or cargo,any advice and help will be appreciated

Thank you

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 6 years ago Author

@Saby - hi! sorry I only reply now. You know the Holidays..anyway, Happy New Year! I've mentioned from my article the flight schools who operate internationally..If I'm right, they are Delta air, Aplha aviation group and Achievers airline academy. Their websites say it all. Oh you've been to law school? How impressive! You're quite interesting :)

Hi Ace!

@aviation debt collection - thanks for the great comment :)

Aviation Debt Collection 6 years ago

I have a friend moving to the Philippines and was looking for info on flight schools there. This hub has some great info, an all in one phillipine flying hub. Great work...I want to move to the Philippines for flying. Thank you.

Saby  6 years ago

@ ace,Yeah I've just graduated as a law student.What about you?

ace 6 years ago

sabby, are you also aspiring to become a commercial pilot?? did you get any college degree??

saby 6 years ago

Thanks alot.Could you please tell me the names of those schools in philppines whose branches are located world wide :)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 6 years ago Author

Taking up a bachelors degree in aviation majoring in your passion (like flying) would be cool and would ace in any pilot field of your choice. You're 15 and so young so better take the best opportunity and time for your dreams. Good luck and Happy Holidays! :)

ace 6 years ago

i'm graduating from High school and I want to be a pilot, what course should i take first, by the way i'm 15 years old :) i hope you can help me with this

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 6 years ago Author

@David- haha why not :)

@Saby! Hi! If there's a country closer to yours that offers awesome CPL, just go there. But like I said, it's cheaper here and just the same. License here are valued of course. It's a big BS why it won't. LOL Just choose the right aviation school that is registered and recognized by ICAO. Why would foreigners waste their time in here doing their CPL and aviation careers if they don't recognize the license right? Some of the aviation schools here have branches worldwide, too. I suggest you must choose such flight schools that are running aviation training worldwide and has a branch here so it's a win win :) Cheap and sure :) Anywayz, just check the reputation of the school before enrolling.

PS: I've made an article about CPL in another hub whose link is at the end part of this article. "Best Commercial Pilot Training in the Philippines" Hope it would help

Happy Holidays! :)

Saby 6 years ago

Ummmmm I'm about to graduate and still I cant make up my mind.Whether I should join the a school in philippines or somewhere else.Cuz I've heard many people saying that license from philippines is not valued and they said it's tough to get a job with a filipino CPL. Is it true?

and hows the aviation in UAE?? If you know :)

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DavidLivingston 6 years ago

Maybe I can fancy a few lessons too! Nice post.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 6 years ago Author

These aviation schools have helped a lot of successful pilots, aviation mechanics, and cabin crews I'm sure your boy will have a great career with them. Good luck and more power!

georgiecarlos profile image

georgiecarlos 6 years ago from Philippines

Thank you very much! This is so useful and informative. My boyfriend wants to be a pilot and he isn't sure regarding the aviation schools here in the Philippines. Thank you for sharing!

Saby 6 years ago

LoooL my bad :P Sure I will.... :D

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 6 years ago Author

haha I'm a girl Saby :) Check out my profile by the way, I have another account here in the name of "blaise25" I wrote poetry stuffs in there in case you love reading and chilling.. :) Keep me posted about your aviation career in here ok? Bless ya :)

Saby 6 years ago

thanks alot :)mr.twenty five

@Simon I dont use yahoo so if your on msn do let me know :)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 6 years ago Author

Hello, Saby :) Yup, these flight schools happily welcome international students. It's easy and quick as long as your academic documents are completely submitted. You're a girl, not a problem. I've seen many girl pilots here already. ;) As far as I know, there's no gender issue or whatsoever in the aviation academe.

@Simon - Good to hear about Cebu. It's a nice and wealthy city in Phil. Thank you for the info.

simon menezes 6 years ago

saby , are you planning to do your CPL in Philippines? What about Cebu ? Cebu is also a nice place to do CPL...You will be flying from Mactan international airport for your training ,,This is an added advantage..Let me know if you need more info...You can email me on ..

I will be visiting Oman in decembe rthis year ..

Saby 6 years ago

Thank you so much :)

But I was wondering if it was easy for me to join this academy since I'm a girl and I live in Oman.And if its safe for me.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 6 years ago Author

@Kat - There are lots of amazing offers for the private and commercial flight training programs. If you're a graduate of BS in Aviation or Aerospace Engineering or Avionics Technology, CPL courses are just easy for you because you are very much qualified to take it. For private pilot training, it requires at least 10 hours of dual and 30 hours solo and cross country flight for a total of 40 flight hours. Ground schooling and simulator flight training is included in the course. For commercial pilot training course, it includes theoretical, simulator flight training and at least 150 flying hours. The complete brochure for this are available free to download from every flight school website. Check out their websites listed from my article. Thank you. Glad it helps. :)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 6 years ago Author

@Saby - first you have to apply and send all required papers for your application. For the CPL training course, most flight school requires anyone to be at least 18 years old, must hold a valid first class medical certificate, must be fluent in English (written and oral), must meet academics records (which are different from every flight academy). The cost of CPL ranges from $32,500 or above. It's available for installment payment scheme, too. It covers 7 Months Fast Track (150 Hours Flight Training + 30 Hours Simulator = 180 Hours Flight Training) Take note, every aviation school has different training periods. I recommend to check every website of flight school I've included from the article. Hope this helps. Goodluck :)

kat 6 years ago

any info bout Private and Commercial Pilot License Flight Training courses sa philippines? may training po ba sa avionics and Aircraft Maintenance? sched & ilang months po training? tsaka magkano?

Saby 6 years ago

Can anyone inform me with the procedures and cost of obtaining the CPL :)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 6 years ago Author

Thanks for dropping by here and share your plans ;) More and more foreigners are going here in the Philippines to take up pilot training and flight courses coz first, it's freaking cheap, thanks to the exchange rate LOL Second, coz of the very good feedback from foreign students who became licensed pilot :) And third because of the impressive standards of aviation programs of flight schools. Good luck and all the best :)

Warren 6 years ago

This is so cool. I'm planning to pursue my flight school in the Philippines soon after hearing my friend's advice. He's got a pilot license from Clark Airbase and he told me how amazing it was and so cheap. Oh boy, bookmarking this!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 6 years ago Author

Wow you've got a private pilot license, and would want to learn aircraft mechanics how cool is that! :) Don't forget to give me a lift when you're here lol

Hello Beth! That's so amazing. I guess I'll be enrolling in a flight school now ;)

Beth100 profile image

Beth100 6 years ago from Canada

This is great. My son is taking his ground school this summer. :)

De Greek profile image

De Greek 6 years ago from UK

This is really cool. I love the Philippines and the Filipinos and though I have a PPL, I should like to learn a little about light aircraft engine repair. It might be a good idea to learn in the country of glorious Rizal :-))

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