Choosing a College Major: Biology

What is a Biologist?

First, let's establish the definition of a biologist. Biologists study the natural world and the organisms within it. Among the concerns of a biologist are the vital processes, structures, interactions, and evolution of organisms. A biologist might study specimens in a laboratory, engage in field work in the natural world, or he or she might even teach classes at a university. 

What Courses Will I Study for a Biology Degree?

Biology, like any science degree, requires the completion of a more a rigorous set of courses than those taken by Bachelor of Arts majors. Prepare to take many biology courses and basic physics, chemistry, calculus and statistics courses.

What Can I Do With a Bachelor of Science in Biology?

Provided below is a non-exhaustive list of jobs available for those with a Bachelor of Science in biology. Note that you will need to return to school for a Masters degree and a Ph.D. for more advanced opportunities.

  • lab technician
  • lab technologist
  • teacher
  • manager, executive, administrator
  • insurance
  • marketing and sales

With a Bachelor's degree, you may also opt to enter medical, dental, veterinary, or another health profession school.

How Much Money Will I Make With a Biology Degree?

The National Association of Colleges and Employers reported in 2009 that beginning salaries averaged $33,254 a year for those who held bachelor's degrees in biology.

Biology Major

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