Chupacabra Pictures

Chupacubra Images

Does Chupacubra really exist? Scientists say "No way", but people keep reporting sightings now and then. Recently in west Texas, people suspected possible Chupacubra attack after they found about thirty dead chickens without a single drop of blood. They found two bite marks that made them suspect it could be the work of Chupacubra as shown in these Chupacubra pictures. Look at these chubracubra images and decide for yourself. The first reports of chupacubra sightings were made as early as 1995 in Puerto Rico. Some say, in 2006, they were spotted in Russia. Biologist say all of the 'chupacabras' were simply coyotes infected with a parasite, which yielded most of the features like little fur on body of chupacubra, thickened skin, and rank odor.

Chupacubra pic
Chupacubra pic

 Chupacubra is part reptile, part coyote and is an ugly creature. The name chupacabra means "goat sucker," because the creature likes to suck the blood out of its prey. Sometimes big racoons are mistaken for Chupacubras. A small, hairless animal was found dead in Jan 2010 by a maintenance worker at Runaway Bay Golf Course. How the racoon lost all its hair remains a mystery.


Chupacubra Pictures

A state biologist compared the shape of the animal’s head to that of a bleached raccoon skull, and they matched. The animal’s "dental formula" was also similar to that of a racoon. In 2004, the hairless, doglike "Elmendorf Beast" was spotted near San Antonio, soon followed by two more sightings in the same area. Tests performed on some of the carcasses indicated that the animals were coyotes infected with sarcoptic mange, a scabby skin malady that can rid an animal of its hair. The raccoon might have fallen into nearby Lake Bridgeport during freezing weather and died.

The chupacabra is a "mythical" animal that preys on goats and other livestock in the dark of night. With unexplained chupacabra sightings becoming less and less rare, the four-legged creature now believed to be a raccoon was found on a golf course. Chupacabra Pictures show how ugly they are and some people believe they do really exist while biologists don't. Do you really think Chupacubra exist?

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Chupacubra photo gallery

dead chupacubra
dead chupacubra
chupacubra sighting
chupacubra sighting
goat sucker
goat sucker

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Chupacabra Remains Discovered

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Nell Rose profile image

Nell Rose 6 years ago from England

Hiya, as I said in the other hub, I think it probably is a cross species. I know that it does drink blood, but that is probably because it is starving, and does eat some flesh as well. It could be an unknown type of wild dog. thanks nell

Jason Mack 6 years ago

hi i do think the chupcabra is real because most chickens and other animal are found dead blood dry. thanks for asling for my comment.

sara 6 years ago

this animal has been seen in a lot of places like kenya

Carlos torres 6 years ago

Is crazy to say this but the pictures on this are not the chupAcabra because the fangs are to wide apart the real chupacabra as discribe in Puerto Rico has vampire style fangs And not to far apart. Then again you no what they say About opinions

robbi 6 years ago

I think it is some kind of rare animal. It does look like some kind of hairless dog. I have never seen anything like it, but I don't believe it is a chupacabra.I have seen pictures of them and they look more human than animal. Alien like, those are not like what I have seen. Explain that to me.

Dale 6 years ago

One of these was found and killed in north Arkansas. The chickens had been disappearing at night, and we assumed it was raccoons or skunks. But then late one day,we kept hearing this strange screeching sound. Sort of like a hog squealing crossed with a cat screaming. A really strange noise. Anyway, my dad went out with the gun and found the creature and shot it. Nobody knew what it was. But it looked like a cross between a dog and pig. The skin was piglike and so was the snout, and a hairless tail....very much like these photos. So, for a fact, something is about that is unknown and it is apparently becoming more prolific. And it will kill your helpless small animals.

carla 6 years ago

im glad theres no chupacabra here

it lookskinda freaky

i never wanna see one here

Tom 6 years ago

I live in Limestone County, east of Waco and saw a Chupacabra this morning...It was a dark gray, hairless, walking on all 4's like a dog but the hind end was lower to the ground than the front...Kind of Hyena/Pit Bull looking head...About the size of a Lab, maybe a little bigger...Got a good long look before it disappeared into the coastal...

Kathie 6 years ago

It looks like a kangaroo with no hair and the face of a dog.

AMBER 6 years ago


Doll 6 years ago

Bullshit Does are burn big dogs. why don't dey put a alive one smh

6 years ago


caral 6 years ago

those r not chuacabras those r dead dogs i know already wat they look like they don't realy walk they fly and the ones on the computer do not have wings and right now they have babys and they look like owls and have white stripes on there wings and they r black on them to just wanted to tell u that.

Jordan begay 6 years ago

That is so werid. :/

morgen 6 years ago

ummm i agree with carlos torres but the chuupacabra has three fangs or two fangs wide and two small fangs in the middle:~0 the name chupacabra means goat sucker unlike the vampier witch is FAKE and DUMB and STUPID it does suck the blood out of animals

MORGEN 6 years ago


ad 6 years ago


jefe666 6 years ago

its a mexican hairless, or "a dog" ....i know- i have one

alyssa23 6 years ago

is it a flying animal or like a doggish type cuz im confused rite now?! I WANNA KNOW CUZ EVERBODY IS TELLIN ME DIFFERENT THINGS AND I WANT THE TRUTH!!!!

dee 6 years ago

i think the pics are a dog mixed with something else that has a type of disease.i think i might be wrong if there are eveidence of goats and chicken with no blood or little blood in there body.

karla 6 years ago

some can be a dog and one is a kangaroo but a Chupacabra will live to holes in the throut and it does not only eat goats it eats HUMENS to.

Joe 6 years ago

I think your absolutely crazy if you think that damn thing is real, you all must be drunk

jay 6 years ago

I think the chupracabra is real but ,I realy don't kno%Pr

roma 6 years ago

my mom and dad saw a chupachabra just 2 weeks ago the date is 24,2010 september

chris 6 years ago

its probably a crossbread with some kind of genetic disfunction

Billie 6 years ago

I saw one about a year ago north of Wimberly, Texas while visiting family. It looked like what Tom described east of Waco, Texas. I didn't know about Chupacabra until I went back to work, told co-workers and they called up a pic of one on the internet. It was late at night and it was on the side of the road. I hit the brakes of the car and backed up but it was gone. About half a mile further down the road, there was a herd of deer frantically running down the road. There were about 10 or 11 of them together. I had never seen such a large group of deer running so fast down the road. I do believe they were running from something.

Lisa 6 years ago

I don't know if its real or not real

kristen 6 years ago

well i really don't think they are real it just looks like a dead shaved animal all of those pics of it are dead that just dose not prof it is real

Shana 6 years ago

These are pictures of some poor dogs (perhaps also cats & coyotes) who have succumbed to severe cases of mange. This is a skin condition caused by mites that causes animals to lose their hair, and scratch themselves until scabby and infected.

It's disgusting what some cultures will allow to happen to their animals, and equally disturbing what some ignorant idiots will believe.

Jonathan Patterson 6 years ago

Its just a coyote with mange. That's all, not a new breed of animal.

john 6 years ago

its a hell hound

amanda 6 years ago

i think people wanted to beleive there was acually something out there terrorizing the livestock they want to believe in it as much as they do bigfoot

damian 6 years ago

I saw one in my yard

Ortafunk 6 years ago

Has Anyone ever seen a Pypoony they just a little bit bigger than a Sasquatch & have a long snout that looks like a Pig snout with big sharp teeth the pink Pypoonies are the worst. Pypoonies will come In Your house when the lights are off, just get a Cat & tell the Cat to Its face about a pink Pypoony, Cats do Not like them.

carl nichols 6 years ago

we just seen one of these creatures to day nov.5th 2010 in calabogie ontario

creaturefeature45 6 years ago

actaully look around the tail area it ingroved abit and the tail would be a bit thicker and the belly is about the size of a bowling ball, the teeth actally have a off white color and a normal dog would have yellowing teeth and last but not lest the teeth is sharper pointed

Brittany 6 years ago

it looks really weird almost like a dog

jean roland 6 years ago

surely it exist due to all the facts and the last decades evidences.

Rhianna 6 years ago

I think a chupacabra is real with all the pictures and the terrifing proof I have seen when I was watching Weird True and Freaky on Animal Planet.I think it is awesome but scary.I've heard that it sucks blood from its prey like a vampire.

franklyn 6 years ago

hahaha. Hannah is right you are all morons this animal is not cross bread it is not a undiscoverd species like cryptozoolagist want you to think. it is nothing more than a canine with a very horibale case of sarcoptic mange. this mange is very deadly and it symptoms are lose of hair all over the body, red eyes because of inflamed eyelids witch gives the apperance of deep dark red eyes, the canines ears become pointed do to shrivaled skin that causes the ears to tighten up making them very pointy. the skin of the animal is dark in complection because of the loss of pigment and all the eggs that the mite has layed in its hosts skin. this desease is seen all over the world. and anybody that knows anything about vetanarian med. knows that this is just the knew 21st centry creepy animal. i don't know y peaple persist in these absured things

KELLY 6 years ago

Im convinced that they are a totally different species altogether ..... front legs longer than back ..... has four long sharp fangs ..... horrible lookin long tail !! when stands looks like kangaroo coyote and wolf !!! They suck the blood outta goats ...... I think there is more to it than coyote with mites/ mange !!! Another strange creature !!! Kelly Dallas, TX

dan 6 years ago

you all people are right but he is a wolf with wings that come out of their skin from deap inside and some times thei eat people

psycheskinner profile image

psycheskinner 6 years ago

Carcasses often lose their hair in early decomp. Looks like plain old dead racoons and dogs to me.

jose marin 6 years ago

that chupacabra looks ugly

tiffany reilly 6 years ago

Chupacabras r real. ive seen 1 b4,so don't tell me there fake!if u don't believe n the chupacabra, then U must b drunk.Ure just 2 afraid 2 admit it.just wait til u c 1 n ure yard 1 nite!besides how much evidence do u need?sucks the blood out of animals,dogs cant do that.wat animal do u seriousley think would drink blood?its deff not a raccoon.if u don't believe n the chupacabra,then ure just a freak.sure everyone has there own opinions,its just that ures is really b4 i log off,theres 1 more thing i want 2 say:CHUPACABRAS R REAL! THEY R NOT FAKE,SO HA!

meghan 6 years ago

yep, ive seen 1 brother!LOL!

Tiffy 6 years ago

i don't get it.people will say they believe n bigfoot or the lochness monster,but not the chupacabra.ok,so they would rather believe a giant harry ape,that's been around waaay to long, and some kind of huge monster fit for an ocean but lives n a lake is real? o,so a bloodsucking beast, that kills animals is a little 2 much 4 ure world? think outside the box.

allie 6 years ago

o yes chuacabras r real. i believe n a lot of weird things and this is 1 of them.don't judge me!if u saw a chupacabra right now would u believe?or would u still say its a dog?hmmmm.......??????????

Shylah!!!! 6 years ago

i belive 2.i totally agree with tiffy,i mean it makes 2 much since!

john 6 years ago

looks like a fawn with no hair and little dead dogs to me

Rachel 6 years ago

I live in texas, more near houston tho.i have a weird friend who is obsessed with chupacabras.I always thought they were just somting she had made up.She would draw pics. of them in art, but then today i was googling texas, to see if it would be all cowboy stuff,and saw a pic, so now im doing reasarch.Im unsure wether i want them to be fake or real?

garrak 6 years ago

Why don't some veterinarians do a DNA test? Then every time one of these animals is found we will know what it is for sure. We have canine DNA and I'm sure wolf/coyote DNA as well. If they find a newly deceased creature a skin scrape or blood test could be done to check for mange or other disease.

emmy 6 years ago

I like what ''garrak'' said about the DNA test.It would help a lot.I have been watching a lot of shows about aliens , and I think that Chupacabra could be one.But,as I was looking at the pictures I noticed that it also looked like a type of dog or kangaroo.

Nickie 6 years ago

Its real allright i haven't seen one but how could the pics look sooo real!theres none here bcause we have alottas farms with alottas animals and we still have them all!Its no alien EMMY its just another of the holy fathers creation!But i agree with you about garraks idea it could tell us what kinda animal it is.But it looks soo much like a dog like pig like something else its really werd.....................................................................Im outta here..............PEACE

cheyanne 6 years ago

yeah i hear ya sister me neither and i hear they suck the blood of people too...

mya 6 years ago

wat up peeps i think that the chubicabra is a dog and a kangaroo because they have short front legs and long back legs

Sambo 6 years ago

One of the comments above said it looks crossed between a pig and a dog, but since it seems to be bloody thirsty, maybe its cross between some warthog/wild pig and a feral dog/wolf or something.

thetruth 6 years ago

I think chupacabras is real but i think the government and media are lying to the people trying to make us think it's a wild dog when in reality it's some sort of intergallactic alien that has flown into earth to feed on our livestock. and i also believe is looks more like a human mixed with a dog than a dog mixed with a dog

the truth 6 years ago

i also think the pictures shown here are the lies the media wants us to believe

Reagan hurst 6 years ago

I'm watching a show right now about chupacabras.It is really neat but really freeky.I love it a lot and I know it's real.

Javajojoe 6 years ago

You guys who are saying this is not real because folklore says otherwise, just suck it up and face that this is what they COULD look like. no one knows for sure guys....

kyle 6 years ago

I have one for a pet. It eats 2 chickens a day. They are real!!!

cade 6 years ago

i seen 1 yesterday in my backyard but it was a good thing i had a B B gun.i shot it and then i saw another 1 in the Midnight i saw it just sitting but then it stood up and looked at me and then a couple minutes later it was gone. I thought my eyes decived me. but they didn't. god.

pr33di3 fac3 edwards 6 years ago

omg i cant stand dis animal and mii cuzo going show it 2 me any way

mia 6 years ago

looks like dogs from ugly dog computition

6 years ago

They did do a DNA test, it was a bald coyote.

Those pics are just bold coyotes...but I'm not saying that Chupacabras aren't real....

kelly 6 years ago

god chupacabras r real when i wuz parking my van i saw 1 trotting across the mountain it was bald with sharp teeth and a really long black toung soooooo scary!!!!!!!

Josh 6 years ago

I think it's real but not in the pics I have saw my goat dead with bite marks but idk

brooke 6 years ago


kate 6 years ago

Hey! if the chupacabra is real, why do we find multiple dead ones, supposedly?

faye 6 years ago

do chupacabras bite holls through chickens

6 years ago

I wanted to believe this pic (grey animal with front paws curled in) was a real chupacabra but it only resembles a likeness of the creature in some respects because this pic is a red herring. The chupacabra has a long face..not a dog face like this. The chupy has 3 long fingers on each hand..not paws! The legs looks likes a dog on this creature whereas a chupy has dinosaurish legs..muscular arms..not doggy arms almost humanlike arms. Large eyes etc. U see I saw one a few years ago and the chupacabra was unlike anything on this earth. Why is the gov't covering this up??

Sadie 6 years ago

I believe in the Chupubra

julissa aguilera 6 years ago

I hate that mythical creature,well I shouldn't be talking cuz God created the animals for a reason, but right now our life is in jeopardy. I'm sure God cares more about us then any animal at this point especially when the animal can hurt us as well. Well I should not bother or anything until I see it and I'm just a little11year old girl who knows this stuff

lussy cooperstone 6 years ago

well i think they are just hairless dogs. there are so many different ones that its probably just a fake because every time they get one on tape it blurs and all u see is a small object far away. well that's what i think but u never no till u see 1.

tiffany 6 years ago

chupacabras r real.suck it up and realize tht our world is NOT normal.its possible tht a crazy creature is out there.aliens r real?so is ths thing.u shouldn't belive all da stories u hear.xpecially da stupid folklore!

charles 6 years ago

these photos where amazing!

shameka 6 years ago


Micah 6 years ago

Itt looks like a wild dog

michelle 5 years ago

wrong wrong wrong this is not a hiar less kangaroo or a pig with a dog face. this is simply a poor dog with a fatal skin deasese. this can be pruved by eny vetenarian or dog expert SORRY! check out this vidio on youtube called the montalk monster DIFFERENT animal but same fatal deasease.this does not mean the chupacabra is not real so all bealiever keep on bealiving

lilian munoz 5 years ago

the chupacabra is real they look so ugly

lilian munoz 5 years ago

i belive in the cupacabra but some pictures that people make up they lie a lot but if it is real watch out for the cupacabra!!!!!!!!!!

natilie  5 years ago

i bet the chupacraba is made out of the devil

Church 5 years ago

If that was a dead dog... look at the back legs in the photo gallery section photo. That doesn't look like a dog to me, but I'm still not sure if the cryptid exists. Any of them.

Dyona 5 years ago

You found that it looks like a coyote kinda write back ok but that is scary I can see what you could go trew

Jacky 5 years ago

Scary lookin :( im scared

Shorty 5 years ago

I am terrified of chupacabras :( Ahh it's next to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahaha:) just jokin

brynn 5 years ago

OMG Chupacabra is SO Real And Frign Scary

andy 5 years ago

chupacabra is real i saw it in my my back yard

Fer20 5 years ago

kyle:in case u had,nt known we r talking about chupacabras not wolf,s or cayotes n stuff like that...........and if u had one as a pet u,d b dead

profile image

Kida12345 5 years ago

Well I love cryptids and i mean it but this could just be a type of dog that got deformed or a birth defect from a disease the mother carried. But it doesn't mean it's a fake for new species are out there well maybe never know?...

LAtavia 5 years ago

It'S awesom a dog with no hair mixed wit any thing very cool!

Jaxn1967 5 years ago

The most interesting man in the world has a wallet made of Chupacabra leather.

naomi547 5 years ago

peoples it has two fangs close together so i don't know what these peoples were thinking when theys put thoses pics up(its also fairly lager then that!!!!!)u peoples that don't think its reals r just haters!!!!!!! always tring 2 shut peoples down!!!!!

smilieabc123 5 years ago

well i belive in tha chupacabra is real because i heard of sightings in texas and i live in texas and i don't live far frome the bigest chupacabra sightings and i am going to check it out someday !!!!!!

melissa 5 years ago


Kaira 5 years ago

you guys are all stupid because the chupacabra is real. one bit me in the leg when i was four. it had large teeth. a muscular body. and it was scary.

hottie in the sky 5 years ago

kinda weird in some ways but i wonderv if it is really real questions questionssssss???????????

olivia 5 years ago

i seen a chupacabra in Texes

Ethan 5 years ago

I think chupacabras are real becausehow many people say they have seen or heard them thousands so it wouldn't be to amazing if most of those people are telling the truth Another reason is my neihbor cares for diseased animals and i've seen hairless dogs and coyotes most chupacabra pics and videos don't look much like'm. Also dna taken from carccusses don't match known species so it's possible it is a new species so yeah see yaa

Calasam 5 years ago

It's a Xoloitzcuintli (pronounced show-low-eets-queen-tli) or Xolo for short. A rare breed of dog from Mexico not well-known in the US (even along the Texas border). As we expand our borders many strange and rare creatures are exposed to the greater population, but that doesn't make them mythical or supernatural, just previously unknown to the ignorant masses.

alyssa and susie 5 years ago

me and susie think that the Chupacabra is real. we love monsters that like to hide in shadows but now that the chupacabra showed itself i guess our work is done! :P

chupacabra real or not 5 years ago

this is dumb if you people beleve this that's stupid i live in the chupacabra capital of the wold and iv never seen one oh and its a hairles cayotie or a hairles raccoon



chupacabras real or not  5 years ago

i chooze not AND HOW DUZZ IT CATCH THE ANIMLES IN THE 1ST PLACE IT CANNOT CATCH A GOAT ITS SO SMALL TRUST ME IV seen a pack of coyoties fail to catch are goats a pack of coyoties faild but this thing can

jose4131 5 years ago

there not real you dumbos imm from mexico and i saw one of chupacabras but it was a dead dog so all of you who said yes you are feeling cheap.......

kb 5 years ago

Seen one in summersville

WVa 7/3/11

dillhyatt 5 years ago

I personally think the chupracabras are a Mexican legion that was passed down by story tellers back in the old days when October comes around like a scary story

Andrea 5 years ago

There are vampires around, but they look like a over sized rat that was tossed into some!!!

eisenhower 5 years ago

these are all obviously pictures of the taco bell dog. It's just PR cuz he got fired. (hence no hair) jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajhahahahahahahahahahahaha

happybunny 5 years ago

this boy in Texes was walking outside early and saw something hairless 20ft from him.he went back inside to his room. he looked in his binoculars he looked the thing up online. it look identical to the he woke his dad up and they went outside.then it was coming closer... then he shot it .it did look like a chupacabra.

Anonymous  5 years ago

They killed and freeze dried these dogs

vicky 5 years ago

its real like how isn't it theres so much proof

Sara McVey 5 years ago

We breed Peruvian Incas (a hairless breed of dog) and several of these pics look just like our dogs. My opinion is that these are just the wild 'cousins' of the domestic canines we know and love.

Caylie 5 years ago

My camp called Trends think we found one it has been coming out for two day at 3:21 and it looks exactly like a chupucabra and it is hairless!

yoyo 5 years ago

i just always get freak out when i see these pictures...

amber 5 years ago

u all are idiots, there not real ,there stupid manged dogs, or hairless mexican dogs, eaither way when an animal is starving,including dogs of a bigger breed they will tend to eat what they can wheather its an animal garbage or whatever, like said u r all idiots and need to get a brain and think about it. some also may have a belly full of worms to make stomach bloated and look fat, also some people may have dogs that they don't take care of and they possible end up with mange and get sick, so they may release them somewhere, it happens all over the world some people are just mean and cruel. and if it did exist maybe it'll come and eat u next

taylor 5 years ago

i saw one in my front yard last night

hannah 5 years ago

idk if they are real or not but if they are i hope i never see one.

chris 5 years ago

Check out online unexplaine road kill found in minnisota could that be a chupacabra

Jada 5 years ago

my friends mom herd a chupacabra in Mexico,so they are actually real :]

daisy 5 years ago

hi,i think everyone who thinks chupicabras are fake there

wrong because one of my chickens was found dead and two teeth marks and bloodless but all the meet was still there just like a chupicabra would do

alyssa 5 years ago

i think the chupacabra is real because ive never seen any picture with that long of a snout but it could be a hairless dog but i definetly belive in the chupacabra

ld 5 years ago

i do not really no if i think there real or not although in think their mangy foxes w/ really long snouts (amber that's kinda harsh)

jose 5 years ago

i saw a chupacabra in humboldt county they look nothing like that they look huge have fangs and wings and fly me and some friends saw them

bubble 5 years ago

you know one time when i was at Chirakawa School there was a forest or something but there was a lot of trees and stuff so my mom said she saw something really strange she said that it look like some sort of animal that was smaller than a dog but bigger then a cat i guess it was a chuppacabra but im not really sure it makes me wonder what a chuppacarbra would be doing in a school forest. oh, and by the this was in the city of sanata clara FROM: BuBbles

Saleh 5 years ago

you know what we have the same in Egypt its name Salawah

Fady 5 years ago

I got attacked by one in my village in ukraine but that one was very hairy :s i ran away from it !! I think its real

andrea 5 years ago

over where i was born in comitan,chiapas in my rancho we suspect that chupacabras killed all of my cows,chickens,and my dog.

mark 5 years ago

it looks like a dog!

Chilly 5 years ago

Just spotted one of these guys In Lewes,De.

David Wilson 5 years ago

I saw one in a neighbors yard last weeK in Oneonta Alabama.

Sandy 5 years ago

We had 2 down by our little lake, a big one and a little one. They were playing and cooling off in the water. They had hair, my husband shot at them and got them but they crawled off and died. A couple of weeks later the dogs found one, we have the bones and it is weird looking! We live in Spencer,IND. How did they get here??

Jorge 5 years ago

I saw one in my backyard and I was so scared that I grabbed my shotgun and I shot it

Chupacabra hunters 5 years ago

We found one in the woods in keyna we shot it we did DNA test and they do exist

countrycutie195 5 years ago

them mexicans needa quit bringin them thangs over here

santokat 5 years ago

i looked up chupacabra with my friend at school and we saw the same exact picture as 2 we think is a dog,kangaroo,and deer all together in one body

valpal 5 years ago

i wish i could see a chupacobra but not a live one ;D

kiara bishop 5 years ago

wow i don't know what it is gosh it is ugly my friend said that her neaibors saw one

Madison 5 years ago

Whoever wrote that the chupacabra is real ,there's no such thing.i never found any evidence.

coco 5 years ago

Please people i have a great thought i have to share with u. You all should know about the tasmanian wolf. most people have though it was extinct mostly because we haven't seen one in over 30 years! but this sort of animal is very similar to the animal in the pictures above. The wolves have wiskers and hunt alone. They hardly have fur and most of the fur color is blondish brownish and has some black features on its fur to! Maybe there has been a n unknown population of them on tasmania and they have swum over here to the U.S.A. This isn't exact evidence but this is my opinion THIS MIGHT BE A TASMANIAN WOLF! But honestley i don't have a clue what the animal in the last pic is. They say it misteriously washed up on shore. Its very strange well anyway thank u to those who have read my comment P.S Keep the earth clean for our animals and plants!

coco 5 years ago

coco here again! did a little quick research and i found out that the tasmanian wolf was called thalicine or something like that i have bad memory anyway they supposibly went extinct in the year 1932 due to the intruders of hunters and there hunting dogs. The tasmanian wolf was also called a tasmanin tiger. They weren't very big and maybe they survived and had no choice but to leave tasmania due to the amount of food or humans. They were animals with hardly any fur and usually had a bad case of mange.

Chloe 5 years ago

They are just freaks and if 9ne comes near me i would say die you undead flesh monkey i am afraid of snakes but if i saw a chupchupacupra it would be weard peace out loosers i have a life.

kyle dizon 5 years ago

i searched at the library but i don't know the chupacabra that day until i saw a picture of a mummified dog

FKY[OPTR;PI;P] 5 years ago


kkkk4444 5 years ago


kyle dizon 5 years ago

hey its me again!and did you saw the picture of the last chupacabra(a.k.a. its name below is goat sucker)that's the real chupacabra because it has two fingers straightened out and its face and teeth are weird examine it really careful and you'll see it search it at youtube

kyle dizon 5 years ago

hiya its me again!did anyone saw the picture of the chupacabra and weeeeeell.....don't believe the other pictures they said that its a cross hybrid of a dog and a reptile and the last picture is real(a.k.a. the name below is goat sucker)i examined it's two fingers is straightened out 2.the face,body,and teeth are weird examine it carefully and you'll know the truth

Tiara456 5 years ago

the chupacabra does exist but that is what is I think.

coolgirl 5 years ago

Its kinda scary.......imagine it jump 20 feet at u

David 5 years ago


jbearj1087 5 years ago

The picture of the animal with its tongue hanging out to left of its mouth is proven to be a coyote i believe. It had a disorder that causes hair loss. This i found out on a tv show on netflix. I wish i could remember which one it was. I will reply with the show name when i find it. But the chupacabra is out there and some day it will be recognized.

Dylan 5 years ago

Do chupacabras insist

eidan 5 years ago

I can't believe that in the 9th picter there is a chupacabra with a beack

kkdxd 5 years ago

chupacabra 's are freaky and in every picters there dead+hairless

Sabbs 5 years ago

Okay never believed in this kind of stuff. But there have ben some animals sighted in laporte about the size of a dog hairless piglike snout, flat tail only at night and last I was told of five playing off the rail road tracks on 225 la porte tx. Any idea what these are?

joseluis 5 years ago

chupacabras don't ixist

t FC t FC FCC tcf 5 years ago

I think it is real because i heard that a man was mowing the golf field and he saw a dead chupacabra on the grass and he picked it up with a towel and showen the people on the news one day but im scard right now.

Anna 5 years ago

This cold not be the chupacabra because the chupacabra leaves three puncture wounds and no blood left behind.FYI science created the chupacabra and let 10 escape by accident.

austin 5 years ago

well it kinda looks real

joseph moor 5 years ago

i saw it on my front porch .

5 years ago

U guys really need to learn how to spell!!! Jesus, it was like reading a bunch of 7 yr. olds typing! See!!! All spelled correctly!

Oh by the way I think it's a hell hound, because they say there is a sulfer odor it gives off and I believe they are bigger. These are pics of young ones who could'nt survive on their own. Once again, spelled right!!!!

Brett 5 years ago

Well I think it's real I've looked at all the pics I could find and did a lot of research and decided it's real.... Don't believe me? Well I have 28 notebooks full of evidence I worked on it for 14 years! So either believe me or look into it yourself??

kyle dizon 5 years ago

What's a hell hound?

Joe 5 years ago

It looks like a jacked up dog. Where did you find this?

Philip12 5 years ago

i think it's the most scary thing iv ever seen

Philip12 5 years ago

i mean scariest thing iv ever seen

love bug 5 years ago

its not real i tell you its not!!!

Xavier alvarez 5 years ago

Ive been trying to look up actual results from a medical group instead or short bios A lso interested in finding about if it can be a future household pet

sayrasexy@18 5 years ago

I think that Chupacabra's are real because just look at those pictures they look pretty real to me and my grandpa says he saw one with his very own eye's and it is a possibility that Chupacabra's are real,but on the other hand it could just be some type of dog that are suffering from a decease(s)that makes them have hair lose and drink blood from other animals.

sayrasexy@18 5 years ago

well in case for it to live

jessica-R@13 5 years ago

well i agree with sayrasexy@18 cuz it could just be a dog that is suffering from a decease that makes them drink blood for them to live or it could be a real Chupacabra and plus my grandpa has also killed 1 while hunting in Mexico.

big foot 5 years ago

Looks like a hoax to me.every pic looks different.maybe it is an infant big foot!!!!

popo 5 years ago

i think the chupacabra is real cause they have proof

brooke 5 years ago

how r we soppose to know if its real because u all show pics of dieffrent cinds and they don't fly but i live in teaxes were one was killed in 2011 and my dad is a cop down here

CarolLee 5 years ago

coyotes, foxes and wild dogs WITH MANGE...I even saw a squirrel in the pics with mange....that is all these are pics of....animals with mange.

dn 5 years ago

i dnt think its true just from my opinion

dylan 5 years ago


christi 5 years ago

yes they are real! if i had the picture off my other phone i would post it!! my husband went out with a couple guys an thought it was a coyote...turned out to be a Chupacabra...

cupacabra 5 years ago

OMG!!! I jest saw ittttt haahaa jest jokeing ahh maria what is behind you? :( :o

cupacabra 5 years ago

huuu it was jest a coyote or was it ;. hmmm

chloe10 5 years ago

omg i saw one 2 weeks a go sooo jacked up

Heyhey 5 years ago

I think it is real. I learned it is part deer and part dog, I think. If you don't agree, then reply to my question.

tntedwards 5 years ago

Looks like a Mexican Hairless(Xoloitzcuintle Hairless) or a mix of that.

RDC 5 years ago

I live in Ontario, Canada and one night while driving home with my son (11 yrs old), we were surprised by a large animal (white hairless deer like body with long legs, but the head of a wolf with a bit of a hairy main) walking out of the forest and crossing the road as we were driving(50km), we were shocked and my son kept asking "what the heck is that?". The forest runs along a ravine and surrounds my house, so i now have chills when ever i go near the forest at night and also believe that's why there are so many missing cats in our area.

kaylee pie 5 years ago

it looks fake but i know it is real because i saw one in my back yard

i know everything 5 years ago

i don't think it's an infant big foot because big foot's have 2 legs not 4 and they are hiary

True Aussie Pine Gap 5 years ago

1o years ago i seen a Chupacabra fighting a drop bear and @ psycheskinner nothing loses hair early decomp exspecially within the first 12 hours i know this because i work with cadavers and these pictures aint Chupacabra's even thoe Chupacabra come in many forms because CIA make them as pets for the intelligent ones that help the CIA in engineering

JOHN VICKTER 5 years ago


alexis 4 years ago

yep the are real

Aliyah Garcia 4 years ago

Oh my god it looks so real and like a dog

Emily 4 years ago

I seen these things on TV and they are real

but you don't have to worry they only suck the life out of animals so you better watch your pets mwhahaaaaaaaa

steve guy 4 years ago

i love u guys so much

Mercy 4 years ago

This is great my people

Haywood 4 years ago

yes Chupacabra are real I have killed one and have picture put don't know how to upload in here from my phone

sam 4 years ago

I need more to believe

google hunters 4 years ago

I think chupacabras r ugly they r demons if I knew they were that dangerous I would have neva went to the lake in Mexico where my grandma died

Sherye Cox 4 years ago

There was a sighting of a chupacabra here in Big Spring, Texas at Alon USA (Big Spring Refinery) at the Tank Farm. They took pictures of it.

kirah 4 years ago

I feel realy bad for them they are creepy to

logan 4 years ago

creepy look at the last picture

Maddy Harwell 4 years ago

Tonight around 9:30 we were leaving my nanny's and we saw something huge and scary. It came right across in front of us. We pulled over to see what it was and it was on the otherside of the fence, just standing there looking at us. He had oval ears and it was a dark,dark grey. His skin was also very leathery. We have never seen an animal like this. I believe that Chupacabras do live in West Monroe, Louisiana.

Celina 4 years ago

Idont believe these ugly hairless cross breeds of dogs are chupacabras at all.. If u followed the stories on these weird creatures that started in puerto rico, they arent dogs at all. The can stand on two legs.. They jave wings and move very fast. They are supposed to have red oval eyes and something like spines or spikes from their head all the way to their backs... Not saying its true or not but they are more like alien vampire sonic the hedge hog LOL. These pics are just dog/wolf/coyotes suffering from diseases. That's it.

tori 4 years ago

it seems so real i even have nightmares about it i aked my mom if they were real she said yes my dad said no even after 27 years i am still scared of them!!

brynn 4 years ago

i wonder if there thosr revolting chupacabras are real if so why do they only drink goat blood do they drink human blood i am really freaked out thank god they live in parts of mexico and purto rico!!!

Selena Gebert 4 years ago

hi i do think the chupacabra is a blood sucking monster i was watching a show called Lost Tapes and there were different episodes and i chose to watch the chupacabra episode and when the people got attcked there were 3 bite marks in the peoples necks not just 2.

Hobojoe 4 years ago

I want one as a pet :)

priya 4 years ago

if u really want a chupacbra as a pet think twice before having ur blood sucked by a highly revolting savage monster as a pet !!!!$$$$$****........

most conspiracys are real 4 years ago

ok then let me explain some of this none of these pictures or vids are the chupacabra the last picture is the genetecly created montouk monster from the biolab plum islan the chupacabra out rund bulls caches them flips them over and suckes them dry and a police officer shot one and the bullet bounced off it it lookes like a jiant mosquito.this may be offenceve to religis readers past this but this is truth oh btw the so called anchent mistereys aka the piramids stonheng atlantis all that can be atrubuted to the anunaki but sadly but a cuple of the the puniminded humans call them reptilians your all just slaves for them catle meet they made up all religions its so sad that most humans haven't reconised that the bibel is just another form of sun worship the son-sun the anunaki have a conection with the chupacabra.oh do u love cats the anunaki axidently created them.

vanessa 4 years ago

OMG! i really believe in this animal

ARI 4 years ago

The chupacabra is so real i think and i think if it was fake it is cool still.

brianna 4 years ago

im sorry but they DON'T EGZIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cindy 4 years ago

Maybe it is a cross between a saber tooth and a wild dog.

kora 4 years ago

I say no this is not real it is just a dog with mange and it sucks blood becuz it is rabid and hungrey most likely a cuzin of the pitbull I have been researching them for 10 years trust me I know

Dasia 4 years ago

I think they are real do to your facts,and I think they're so ugly they're cute!!!

Anonymous 4 years ago

Its real and by the way, These pictures are the american chupacabras which are less evolved versions than the Lower mexican and puerto rican chupacabras. Chupacabras are higly evolved Dogs which evolved from the same species the chihuaha, and that is why they are the only canines over there. and for sucking all the blood out of animals it is unusual but evolution has MANY strange features like,1 Bird Flight 2 Jellyfish stingers 3 Human thumbs 4 An ants incredible weight lifting ability 5 Chupacabras blood sucking ability. They don't mate often and also They don't need to because they are APEX predators and mating would leave them with less food and also make them a easyer to find animal. the "American chupacabra" is just an average dog and should be classified as something else.

logan 4 years ago

not real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kay pitts 4 years ago

We have a ranch in Stonewall, Texas (near Fredericksburg} About 4 mos. ago as I was walking near the ranch house I spotted this creature At first I thought it was a rabid racoon But as I got closer I knew it was very different from anything I'd ever seen It was broad daylight and looked compromised Sorry to say I shot it but took pictures with my cell phone It is defintely the same as the pictures

ryan da greatest 4 years ago

me and my cousin were out in the woods today and encountered 2 chupacabras

contry kidd 4 years ago

hey idk and idc if u beleive me but me and a buddy were out side and i felt something run between my legs and he said it looked just like these pics

ii 4 years ago

its real i spent years searching and i'm coming very close to finding rock hard evidence.

Emily 4 years ago

I Think It Is Real!I Told My Mom All About It Ever Sence We Read About It We Have Been Spooked Up!!I Was So Scared!!When I Heard About When They Are Allerted There Eyes turn red and glow i was very spooked!!!!

tiki,dikshya,isa 4 years ago

I think chupacabra is a dog with legs like cangaroo.

Hannah 4 years ago

I have been seeing something in my yard at night that looks exactly like this. I live in central Florida, just south of the Ocala National Forest.

Ashley 4 years ago

Does anyone really believe this? honestly I do but i don't think half of these pics are actually the chupacabra. I don't know what they are of. But people probably shave there dogs just to put them on the internet come on people. The Cupacabra is a hybrid of some sort of dog/kangaroo thing. but its hairless I live in texas I have seen it before I know what it looks like. Most people that read this wont believe it but it is 100% true One night I walked out side and saw something on one of my lambs As i got closer the lamb began to scream then it stopped the thing was hairless I was terrified to get closer as soon as i took a step forward it took off it was.jumping like a rabbit and it howled like a wolf the lamb was.drained no blood just two holes in his neck thanks for reading! Has anyone else seen this before

Grandma GG 4 years ago

I saw one early this afternoon on a N. Texas golf course. It stopped and stared at us for a good three seconds. It was near the first hole alonside a drainage channel with little water and lots of vegetation. It looked like a SMALL gray, hairless dog with a head too large for its body. It did not make a sound and soon scurried off but not before we got some rather poor pictures.

jom 4 years ago

Even if they do exist what's a big deal!!! There r some other deadlier animals then this poor creatures..everybody look ugly when they are dead.

Ashley 4 years ago

It is a big deal "jom" if it does exsist it could become harmful to the human raceyah there r things a lot more dangerous but what if it brought diseases to us? Do you understand the danger of that?

Luke 4 years ago

I saw two of them rip my neighbors cat apart. They are freaking real

autumn 4 years ago

lol i agree that they r real. they r creepy and dumb and stupid and i have done some research .

Moira Willenov 4 years ago

Chupacabras are are the result of an interdimensional incursion. That is why they are never found. They are not a mangy coyote. Those who think so are deluding themselves.

Captain 4 years ago

This is not a real chupacabra, all the chupacabra photos that resemble dogs are a new species of wolf/coyote hybrid.

The photo of that devil looking thing with red eyes stood on two legs in a crack in a cave in puerto rico i believe is the real deal.

mills man 4 years ago

it is AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

priscila 4 years ago

people say chupacabras are scary its just a freakin dog thing i mean what the heck personaly i think they dpnt exsist their stupid trust me i know

Nathan R Levinson 4 years ago

those are fake there just dead coyotes those are bad

Nathan R Levinson 4 years ago

I think chupacapras are just part fat man and part giraffe ***. trust me those are the worst photos i have ever seen. Why do they call it goat sucker the suck every animal blood they suck ***!

lexi 4 years ago

they call it "goat sucker " because that's their fav animal. and i do believe there is a chupacabras

Don C. 4 years ago

"Chupacabra Remains Discovered." Manhattan Island also remains discovered. Carlsbad Caverns also remain discovered.

I'm remaining at home this evening in hopes of discovering dinner.

erma_23 4 years ago

i don't know if it is real or not real but ,i heard some stories about it.

i also heard stories about montauk monster and lochness monster .

i already watch that on nat geo,

it looks like a dog and a kangaroo.

its very scary!!!!!!!

lily 4 years ago

well i don't know if there real or not but i have heard some stories SCARY!!!!!!!!!! I WOULD LIKE TO HEAR/LEARN MORE ABOUT CHUPACABRAS INTRESTING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

profile image

KCat0699 4 years ago

I don't know what I am more amazed at?? the photos of a "poor"dead MEXICAN HAIRLESS DOGS ( that people keep calling a "chupacabra" OR the illiteracy of my fellow americans & fellow bloggers! I NEVER respond to blogs because I don't have a lot of free time to sign up,get name then respond etc. I already spend a lot of time on it for work...anyway The only people that had anything worth reading is the others that told you that this & most of the other photos were of THE NATIONAL dog of MEXICO!!!.(and a few others that had sincere chat..thankyou!!)the Mexican HAIRLESS dog.Just punch in the word in your browser. These animals need sunscreen when they spend time in the sun.They are a liver brown color and have almost bat shaped ears!Because they are hairless you can see they look like other canines ,coyote or a fox.Some of the ones I've met have reddish-black eyes!!They don't have the mange which can cause an animal to lose hair which is different than not being born w/out hair.The photos are real ,they just are not a chupacabra! I am an animal biologist....I would know. Don't you think we would LOVE to discover one of these things they call a chupacabra? What I hate is people filling up blogs with useless,unreadable & unintelligible comments.If you are truly illiterate,I apologize & I do not mean acromyns,abbreviations or computer chat words etc. To all my fellow dog and animal LOVERS....Did you ever notice that on ALL those "CHUPACABRA" shows that...(pause for effect)...THERE ARE NEVER,NEVER EVER ANY CHUPACABRAS!!!! Just like the internet.All the sites I have gone through were appx. over 80% Mex. hairless dogs. I don't know if the chupacabre exists,I have not been able to find any physical evidence,but I guess a dog with no hair and big bat ears running in the dark w/real lit up eyes running in the dark would scare the batsh#t out of me!! BLESSINGS to all my fellow americans and animal lovers!

Albert 4 years ago

some of these look like coyotes with mange (a skin disease that causes the loss of hair among other things)

Kailey 4 years ago

This is obviously just a wild hairless dead dog if you feel otherwise you need to get a reality check

danielle 4 years ago

i think that the chupacabras look ugly .im scared of that thing now

Nathan 4 years ago

Sorry but don't bleve In this at all. I live In northern Australia, I have real animals 2 worry about just 2 go 4 a quite fish. Also where is the Mohawk/spikes on the head this animal is suppose 2 have? In the pics of the description of this animal it kinda looks like the grinch....merry x mas all

alex 4 years ago

they've been walking around my house

clay 4 years ago

this creature is very very real

lauryn hines 10 4 years ago

i don't think they are real and why would someone even think of taking pics of dead puppies and frame them for being a weird non real thing .let me ask u something .HOW WOULD YOU LIKE IT IF I TOOK A PIC OF YOU DEAD AND POST ONLINE THAT YOU ARE A BEAST !!!???so stop beliving it please its mean to even dre to think its real those pictures were just dead poor helpless dogs and other things you guys should be ashamed of yourselfs so think aboutyour just getting rabid dogs KILLED and you have gone way to far

brenden 4 years ago

y'all are right I saw one in my back yard yesterday died

Amie 4 years ago

Have you found any in tn? Cause that thing really scares me!!!!! :(

Ashley 4 years ago

Ok I put a comment up about 5 months ago and I would like a follow up. You people that call it a "poor" creature are plain retarded you aren't understanding that people could be harmed by these things, or people that need their animals to survive. These animals need to be removed. Look I'm a Paleontologist I've been one for almost 20 yrs. And after the attack I witnessed to my lamb I've taken up study on these "Chupacabra's" I've learned that there are few attacks on humans that are "known" and if they get into a desolate position they will resort to hunting and killing humans. You all really need to protect yourselves' . I'm finished if you don't believe me you need to grow up and face that this world is changing.

Scientist#654 4 years ago

I completely believe where your coming from people should start listening to you.

KittyKat13 4 years ago

I love chupacabra!! I think it is a mysterious but deadly creature.

Katrina 4 years ago

We have them in Alabama

brianna 4 years ago

i like chupacabras are real because on anaiml plantet it shoud 2 people get kill by one and the little girl got tocin to ploice officers on her 9th bday

sally 4 years ago

Chupacabras are real and something growled at school and its crazy scary

Ashley 3 years ago

Wow thanks scientist#624 your right though people need to wake up and realize what is happening I hope people will start listening to people like us that know what were talking about.

Bo 3 years ago

All I have to say is did most of you go to school? There is a spell check. When the shows up with a red underline that means the word isn't spelled correctly. I had to stop reading because of all the bad English and grammar.

HOOLLA 3 years ago

OMG!!!!! Some of these pic's were like SCARY cool!!!! The's Animals are AMAZING!!!!

Cool guy 3 years ago

I think they do exist,but its very freaky

bob 3 years ago

These are pictures of fox that died of mange you morons

badboy123 3 years ago

yes these things are real because their was on that look like vaultcher believe they the people but we the the people get ready they coming to get us watch we the people

CHASITYA062499 3 years ago

Chupacabras ARE SO SCARED

kayla 3 years ago

they r real

jonica 3 years ago

In the corn filed I seen an animal that look hair less black and we have coyotes so I don't know if that was one but it was black it look like a coyote but it look at me and ran and then started walking never seen it again

Jean 3 years ago

To bad they didn't say anything about a DNA test on the animal in the video. That would be so cool to see if it's a new species of canine.

Melanie 3 years ago

I came across this animal (for lack of a better word) near Charleston, West Virginia in May of 2012. My neighbor was outside carrying groceries inside his home and he saw it too. He said he thought it looked like a coyote with mange. It was identical to the pictures posted on here. I was so scared that I wouldn't get out of my vehicle until my neighbor agreed to walk me to my door. It was about 9:30 p.m. at night and something I vividly remember is that the hind legs were much longer than the front ones. It is something I'll never forget!

Joyce 3 years ago

Well sorry to burst your bubbles of those who say its not true.One was shot and killed on yesterday on a farm in Leake County,here in Mississippi where I live on yesterday Sept.12,2013,It was televised on our local news.

Kowana 3 years ago

My husband and I saw one at a friends farm a few weeks ago as we were going up to his barn. We were told that he had also seen it, and my husband drove over to the friends house today and saw it again.

emily 3 years ago

I believe in every single creature that ever walked the earth, becuase there all real!!!!!!!! :-) :-)

fra 3 years ago

this is mexican hairless dog. or perro sin pelo del peru

Mallory brewer 3 years ago

They are real I saw one mauling a chicken It looked in the eye

Kristy 2 years ago

I've this unclassified animal as far as northeast pa during the summer months. Whatever it is, it does exist and when you see one for for yourself you'll realized it unlike anything most people have ever seen.

Daisy in Florida 2 years ago

What are they are they all dead. Do they have to be killed?

Frank 2 years ago

I seen one when I was camping

leigh 2 years ago

First off none of those pics above are a chupacabra. the real chupacabra is an ancient reptilian species that lives way under the ground!! they have quills down their spine and are very creepy and ugly like nothing you have ever seen!! they crave blood especially human but they are only about 1 foot tall and by the way, they stand on 2 feet not 4!!!!! I believe they created this ugly dog type creature in order to protect and hide the real creature!! they are the same thing as the gargoyle and the lepracaun and the gremlin! the picture of the reptilian with the quills and red eyes is the real chupacabra and the first person to see it up close was a man in new mexico who is a farmer and it was absolutely nothing like these weird dogs everyone is trying to say is a chupacabra! its a deception so people won't know the truth!! they are evil creatures that live way underground and come up every once in a while to suck the blood out of small animals! horrible demon creatures!! Donald marshall will tell you the name of them and all about them because he has seen them in person! look him up and read his story!! Thanks

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