Definition of Civil Engineering

 Definition of Civil Engineering:

Civil engineering is field of engineering sciences, related to design, construction and maintenance of buildings, dams, bridges, tunnels, highways and other structures by the use of physical laws, mathematical equations and theories of mechanics. Civil Engineers utilize the available resources (expertise, materials, manpower) to complete the project in the given time span keeping in view the time, expenditure, environmental issues and physical hazards of the project.

Also known as the mother of all engineering, it is the oldest, broadest, most simple and useful of all engineering sciences. Being a broader field Civil Engineering is divided into the following sub-categories and / or fields.

  1. Geo technical Engineering
  2. Structural Engineering
  3. Transportation Engineering
  4. Water Resource engineering
  5. Environmental Engineering
  6. Earthquake Engineering
  7. Urban Planning

What does a Civil Engineer do????

A Civil Engineer is responsible for planning, design, construction and/or maintenance of structures. Civil Engineer can work in private constructions companies, governmental public works organizations or in universities as a research fellow or a teacher. A civil Engineer can be a surveyor, a technical report writer or even a project manager.
Civil Engineer is able to do the following jobs:.....

Scope of Civil Engineering

Due to increase in the scope of civil engineering with the passage of time, it has now got diversified into many branches of study. Some of the significant ones include structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, transportation engineering, hydraulic engineering, environmental engineering and a few more important areas of study.

Engineers are employed by a wide range of companies in the United States, from small start up businesses focused on a new invention idea to large-scale companies that work on immense contracts. Engineers from different fields constantly work together to create successful products. When considering the design and manufacture of an aircraft, for example, the workforce behind the development will include aeronautical engineers optimizing airflow paths, analysis engineers evaluating the strength of landing gear developed by design engineers, electronics engineers developing wiring methods and pilot controls, ergonomic engineers designing comfortable seating and computer engineers programming the aircraft operation systems, including everything from the autopilot system to the cabin crew call system.

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owais 6 years ago

gr8 elaboration of civil engineering

om prakash narayan 6 years ago

Dear Sir

My Name is Om Prakash Narayan.I am Civil Engg.Passout 2009(Jan)in Ranchi University.

My Education Qualification Details 1st Diploma in Civil Engg.Passout 2002(Jan)Govt.Poly.Ranchi.Jharkhand/india.My Work Experience in National Highway,PMGSY,PWD Preparation of Detailed project Report (DPR).My Good knowldge of Staad Pro,MxRoad V8i,Autocad2000i/Map/Mx-Office.I am Serching/Urgent fast work in highway Engineering.

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lasya 6 years ago

please tell me more details about environmental engineering.

Azeem 6 years ago

here you will find details about environmental engineering.

Wilfred E. Baryou 6 years ago

hi Iam Wilfred Baryou of Liberia. A student of the University of Liberia Iam kindly asking any individual that knows any school that providing scholarship for student in the engineering area, should please contact me on this address, or call this phone number +2316384117. please the help me because our country doesn't have a qualify instructors to teach us so please i want to serve as a volunteer to work for my country.

sher muhammad 5 years ago

hi iam a student of university polytechnical institute Dera ismail khan im passad ist division in diploma now im finding job in me my email address is

Nozipho 5 years ago

Wow very informative, thanks

Mbata kasarachi 5 years ago

Pls tell me more about hydrulic engineering.



majid 5 years ago

i'm studnt of civil engg in sarhad univsty peshawer. plz tell me why civil engg is known as mother of engg ?

majid 5 years ago

my email address is

SIVIWE TSELE 5 years ago


Mansi 5 years ago

how much years it takes for be a good civil engineer

??????? and which progarmmas sholud take ?

siva 5 years ago

now i am studying 3rd yaear of civil branch.i have a doubt about the who is tha father of civil engg .

shyam babu 5 years ago

sir iam a student of final B-TECH civil eng 2008To 2012 batch so what to do became a good civil engineer.

md.Abu Masum Bhuiyan 5 years ago

need company links where i utilize my careear

Balaji.T 4 years ago

i want to desire my carrier in which field(civil engineering) is the best and give more income

saeed malik 4 years ago

what is the main difference between civil engineer and geotechnical engineer.

sathappan.k 4 years ago

civil engineering full detail?what do you mean civil engineering1?how to prepare interview question?

Civil Engineering 4 years ago

I have to say it was a brief article but good one to introduce civil engineering in few lines. But if you want detail information on civil engineering, you can visit:

npk 4 years ago

civil engineering is realy interesting

zarakkhan 4 years ago

what is mean civil engineering?

zarakkhan 4 years ago

what is civil engineering?

david poopoo 4 years ago

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zarak 4 years ago

what is civil engineering?

Uosuph Abuobakry 4 years ago

Hi am Uosuph N A. Graduat from nuh bamalli polytchnique zaria kaduna state of nigeria am happy to you all.

Sinteshin 4 years ago

what is the most country with civil eng.?

shiela 4 years ago

hi sir, i just want to ask something about this course, anyway i am a newly graduate from high school and now a freshmen student in college, regarding this matter i just want to know a piece of advice from you,, is it really hard to study civil eng.? what is the common lessons that you will be encounter?

BATHMANATHAN.T 4 years ago


vijay bahadur 4 years ago

dear sir,

My Name is Vijay Bahadur.I am Civil Engg.pursuing b. tech(4th year) 2012in Kanpur(U.P.)

My Education Qualification Details 1st Degree in Civil Engg.from INDUS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY & MANAGEMENT (350 code of GBTU) KANPUR/india.My 1st Training in Building Construction in KOLHAPUR(Maharastra) of 30 days & PWD Kanpur Preparation of Detailed project Report (DPR) of 28 days.My Good knowldge of Autocad& Staad Pro,Estimation &Costing, Building Construction,MxRoad,Ms-Office.

As Site Egnineering or Related fields.Entry Label. My Contact Email and Contact No : 09795123758.Thanks

sufyan qureshi 4 years ago

civil engineering full detail?what do you mean civil engineering1?how to prepare interview question?

Adil khan 3 years ago

please sir let me know which one is the best among these all categorize???

M Yasir 3 years ago

Dear sir,

I am student of 1st year civil engineer. My question for you that diploma of civil engineer should be passout private institute or govt institute.

And thanks for this detail.

waseem 3 years ago

to future civil engineering is better or not..........its status will be how on future?

Mani Kanta 3 years ago

Sir,I am studying 2nd year civil engineering ,in it which steam is better to serve people....I.e. env,struct,geotechnical,transport,etc

ehl bheee 3 years ago

thanks a lot .. this will help a lot ..

Saveen Maan 3 years ago

dear sir plz tell me the starting scop or how to get the first job in any field of civil engg for a fresher bcz I have passed my three years diploma in civil engg june 2013

a/fatah awil abokor 3 years ago

i study civil engineering for semester three and i work as site engineer for fcc and also i like

Zubair 3 years ago

i am student of civil engineering diploma associate engineering

i want notes of civil engineering

kadir adam 3 years ago

please tell me further details about civil engineering .

Govinda ulaka 3 years ago

What is civil engineering?

vijay sankar 3 years ago

i am 1st yr student of civil engineering in loyola institute of technology pls give the tips of civil engineering studies

nizamuddin 3 years ago

hellow friends,

i am engineering 1st year student my field is Civil Engineering can you guys tell me what are the benefits of studying this course

aqib sultan 3 years ago

i am student of civil engineering plz tell me full details

i am arsalan 3 years ago

my field is civil engineering i want note civil engineering plz tell me

†iyazoi† 2 years ago

what is the difference between structural and urban in the field of civil engineering?

abdul arif chowdhury 2 years ago

Hi i m 2nd year 4th sem students of civil engg . I m interested c e that's why my engg studie is civil engg....

Julie 2 years ago

for any kind of help , please visit our website...

rajesh bind 2 years ago

who are lead to top 10 pocition of civil engi. company (detail)?

mayuri gawai 2 years ago

hiii... i am 2nd year diploma student of civil engineering i want to know is there any job of good salery after diploma in this course

kabelo 2 years ago

This year I study civil engineering

msk 2 years ago

whether campus is required for civil engineering

knb 2 years ago

my name is 'kulprakash bajpai' this is a simplest and shortest way to describe civil engineering. i like geo technical the most and my request is to please give some more information about geomechanical

subratha 2 years ago

what is the best course in ME-ENGG?

Kushal Azza 2 years ago

Thanks for post

im momin 2 years ago

Sir i m civil eng diploma holdr working in UAE for last 17 MONTHS as a site eng i need yo join a good one copmany for my carere


Ted Smith 2 years ago

I didn't know that civil engineering is the oldest type of engineering. It does make sense when you think about it though, because civil engineering has to do with things like structures and earthquakes. I am actually thinking of becoming an engineer. I am not sure what kind though. I think being a civil engineering would be fun. 2 years ago

respected sir,

I am sahiti pursuing b- tech 2nd year. A small doubt is, for Civil Engineers autoCAD is important or not if important how? please answer for my question sir.

anudevhari 23 months ago

plz, inform who is the mother of civil engineer?

naresh 21 months ago

Why they put civil name is provided our branch and who gave different deciplains to engineering and if they gave based on what

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