Civil justice and Criminal justice?

The following is the difference between civil justice and criminal justice or crimes:

  • For Civil justice there is civil proceedings and for criminal justice there is criminal proceedings. The object t of civil proceedings.s is to enforce rights while the object of criminal proceedings is to enforce rights while the object of criminal proceedings is to punish wrongs. Booth are administered in different sets of courts. In a civil proceeding the plaintiff claim right, and the court secures it for him by putting pressure upon the defendant. IN criminal proceeding the defendant is accused of a wrong a seeks punishment for him.
  • Crimes are more harmful to the society and state as compared to civil wrongs. Or e may say that civil wrong injure the private individual while the criminal wrong injure the public. Crimes are infringement of public rights and effect the whole community. Whereas civil wrongs. are the infringement of a private rights belonging to individuals and are termed as civil injuries and effect individual not the public
  • In civil proceedings the state is not a party so both the parties are individual while in the criminal proceedings the state constitutes itself as a party.
  • ciivil wrongs are private wrongs are crimes are public wrongs.

criminal and ciial proceedings amy have similar result in some cases.

purpose of criminal justice or object of punishment

the punishments are looked at different aspects, either as method of proceeding society by reducing the crime or as an end in itself. The object of pushment or needs of crimianl justice are to be four they are

  • Deterrent;
  • Preventive
  • Reformative and
  • Retributive

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