Classification of Animals According to Backbone Structure 2

Classification of Animals According to Backbone Structure 2


The outstanding feature of vertebrates is the presence of backbone or ecdoskeleton. A second major feature is the presence of a centralized nervous system.

Animals with backbones are called vertebrates. They have strong connective tissues called ligaments. These enable them to move around. And finally vertebrates have a closed cuculatory which is more efficient than that of the invertebrates.

There are five major classes of vertebrates.

1.       Amphibians – they have scaleless and moist skin. Some of them live in water and some live on land. Most of them are meat eaters that feed on insects, worms or fish.

They are rarely seen because they prefer places that are dark, cool and damp. Frogs, toads are examples of amphibians.

2.       Mammals – a mammal is a vertebrate that feeds its young on mother’s milk. Mammals are warm blooded and most have fur or hair on the skin.

Mammals differ from most other animals in the following manner:

a.       They give their young more protection and training than other animals do.

b.      They have a larger more developed brain than other animals.

c.       Mammals have a complete four chambered heart – two atria and two distinct ventricles.

3.       Reptiles – they have dry , scaly skin and breathe through their lungs. They are cold blooded. To stay alive, they must avoid extremely high or low temperatures. Many reptiles have long lives. An example is the turtle which can live for 100 years.

4.       Birds – they belong to the class aves. They are the only animals with feathers. All birds have wings, but not all birds can fly. For example ostriches and penguins have wings but they cannot fly. Birds are warm blooded.

5.       Fishes – they are cold – blooded aquatic animals. They have scales and fins. Thin respiratory organs are their gills. They can rise and sink into the water because of their air bladder.

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