Clipped Words-Love Or Not

The use of clipped words has increased in recent times. For many people, the clipped words bring freshness and creativity to the language.
The use of clipped words has increased in recent times. For many people, the clipped words bring freshness and creativity to the language. | Source

The shortest form of longer words or the abbreviated versions of the words used in our daily lives are "clipped words". According the definition provided by DICTIONARY.COM clipped words are,

”A word formed by dropping one or more syllables from a longer word or phrase with no change in meaning”

In recent times, the use of clipped words has increased much. From our day to day conversation to even the formal usage of the language, the use of clipped words is greater than before. Words like “phone” instead of “telephone”, “gas” in place of “gasoline”, “bike” as an alternative to “bicycle” are very commonly used. In fact, the use of these words has increased so much that many people find it quite annoying while there is a large number of people who love to use clip the words.

The question that has always been raised is that whether the usage of clipped words helps or is it just the way of spoiling a language. Over the period of years, languages do evolve and develop. Clipped words are a part of that process. They bring freshness and creativity to the language. Obviously to pronounce or spell long words is quite a task so we can take clipped words as a much easier way to do that especially with regard to the daily conversations.

However the use of clipped words in formal language has not been appreciated much. Many writers and the English linguistics do not encourage the use of such words. For many the clipped words are like qualitative words that have been given a makeover. Therefore they do not support these words and have often advised to avoid its usage.

Despite the love and hate relationship of many with regard to the use of clipped words, one may not deny the fact that chopping a piece or two of a longer word makes it easier to use. Perhaps that is also the reason why we have seen the extensive application of clipped words over the period of years.


Below are some very common instances of clipped words with their related longer forms,


















Zoological gardens

Agreed or not it is hard to get through a day without clipped words. It won’t be wrong to say that they are a blessing in disguise for many as they have brought creativity, freshness and much ease to the language.

Do you think clipped words are good to use ?

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Keith Matyi profile image

Keith Matyi 5 years ago from Denton, TX

Good Hub! I like it very much. Well-written.

learner365 profile image

learner365 5 years ago Author

Keith Matyi ...Glad you liked it and thank you very much for the appreciation.

Brooke Lorren profile image

Brooke Lorren 5 years ago from Mesa, Arizona

Interesting hub. I think that some clipped forms of words are now acceptable in almost any situation, but some clipped words, like congrats, stats, or pro, don't really belong in professional writing right now. Over time, who knows?

learner365 profile image

learner365 5 years ago Author

Thank you Brooke Lorren for your appreciation.That's true there is a wide variety of words which are so common in our daily usage and you never know maybe one day they become a part of formal writing as well.

nifwlseirff profile image

nifwlseirff 5 years ago from Villingen Schwenningen, Germany


I think clipped words are find to use informally, especially in text messages or on Twitter where the character count is limited (or costs real money).

Having said that, I use maths (Australian English), fridge, vet, and zoo in all situations, both formal and informal. I use pro only in a sporting context, else I use the full word. I'd never use pantaloons -- I suspect that many of my friends wouldn't know what I meant!

learner365 profile image

learner365 5 years ago Author

Hello nifwlseirff ...Thank you for stopping by and yeah i am sure many of my friends won't even know what pantaloons means also haha :D

Clipped words are fun to use and i think they have become so important part of our daily language that we hardly even notice about them :)

divakar3368 profile image

divakar3368 4 years ago from Maldives

good hub

learner365 profile image

learner365 4 years ago Author

Thank you divakar3368 !!!

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