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Ship Scene

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This information can be a great help to anyone researching ancestors who were in the United States Navy in 1854 or around that time. I do have a copy of the book and would be happy to check any name you like to see if there are unusual stories or mentions of your ancestor.

Listings by Name and by Ship

In 1854 the United States sent out Steamers and Schooners to conduct survey’s of the East and West coasts. Their task was to map the coast lines and report their findings back to the United States government.
Professor A. D. Bache was the superintendent of this tremendous feat.

The following listings are from the report of The United States Coast Survey of 1854. They will be of great interest to historians and genealogy researchers.

On the survey covering the area of the coasts of Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Rhode Island the following crew members are listed. Each listing shows the name, title and attachment date for the March 1, 1854 survey.

Benham, Henry W. - Capt. Engineers, 4/1/1853
Clark Jr., Joseph C. - 1st Lt. 4th Art., 1/17/1854
Cram, Thomas J. - Capt. Topographical Engineers, 12/7/1846
Evans, Andrew W.- Brevet 2nd Lt. 7th Inf., 11/10/1852
Foster, John G.- 2nd Lt. & Brevet Capt. Engineers, 3/20/1852
Gibson, Augustus A., Capt.2nd Art., 1/17/1851
Hunt, Edward B., 1st Lt. Engineer, 5/5/1851
Oakes, James, 1st Lt. & Brevet Capt. 2nd Dragoons, 2/7/1854
Ord, Edward O.C., Capt. 3rd Art., 12/20/1852
Palmer, William R., Capt. Topographical Engineers,3/2/1852
Prince, Henry, Capt. & Brevet Major 4th Inf., 12/10/1850
Roy, James P., 2nd Lt. 2nd Inf., 10/7/1853
Seward, Augustus H., 1st Lt. 5th Inf., 12/8/1851
Totten, James, 1st Lt. 2nd Art., 12/10/1850
Trowbridge, William P., 2nd Lt. Engineers, 4/18/1851
Van Buren, Daniel T., 1st Lt.2nd Art.,12/2/1852

The report of September 1, 1854 contains the same names as above. Other names listed in the 1853-54 survey are:
Bache, A. D., superintendent
Adams, I. Hull, sub-assistant,(part of season)
Bache, R.M.., sub-assistant
Boutelle, C.O., assistant
Dean, G. W. ,Assistant to Prof. Bache
Fairfield, G.A., assistant - Tidal Observations
Harris, Stephen, Aid, (part of season)
Hilgard, J.E. , assistant- astronomical and magnetic observations
Longfellow, A.W., assistant- topography
Mitchell, H., sub - assistant
Stellwagen, H. S. Lt. commanding, U.S. Navy assistant
Wadsworth, A.S., assistant - topography
Whiting, H. L., assistant - topography
Woodhull, Maxwell, Lt. Commanding. U.S. Navy assistant- hydrography

Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina and Georgia

Navy Officers on Coast Survey Duty on March 1, 1854, listed by the name of the schooner or steamer and the location. Each listing gives name, title and attachment date.

Schooner John Y. Mason

Length: 62.8 ft.,Beam 17 ft.,Draft 5.3 ft. Built in 1847 for the survey. named for the 16th Secretary of the Navy.

Davidson, H., passed midshipman, 1/17/1852
Harrison, Gustavus, passed midshipman, 7/29/1853
Jones, J.P., acting master, 6/28/1852
Maffitt, J.N., Lt. commanding, 5/9/1843
Stewart, John B., acting master, 11/15/1852
Trenchard, S. D. Lt., 3/1/1853
Wainwright, R., Lt. Commanding, 1/31/1848

Steamer Lagere and Schooner Bouncer

Schooner Bouncer: Length 70 ft., Beam 20 ft., Draft 2.9 ft.

Davidson, Hunter, ….do…. do. 1/17/1852
Jones, J.P., acting master, 6/28/1852
Maffit, J.M., Lt. Commanding, 5/9/1853
Rhind, A.C., Lt., 6/20/1845
Whiting, William D., passed midshipman, 7/30/1853

Florida Coastlines and Alabama

Steamer Corwin and Tender

Abbott, Trevett, …do…do…, 12/3/1854
Belknap, George E., …do…do…, 6/27/1854
Craven, T.A., Lt. Commanding, 11/27/1858
Cronmiller, T. Le P., assistant surgeon, 11/28/1853
Eaton, Thomas C., …do…do… , 7/23/1852
Feberger, J.C. …do…do…, 12/3/1851
Renshaw, Edward, acting master, 6/3/1853
Westcott, B.N., Lt., 4/3/1852

Schooner Crawford

Length 60 ft., Beam 16 ft., Draft 4 ft.

Berryman, O.H., Lt. Commanding, 12/8/1853
English, Earl, acting master, 12/21/1853
Erben Jr., Henry, …do…do…, 12/21/1853
Maxwell, J.G., midshipman, 12/27/1853
Tunstall, R.B., assistant surgeon, 12/21/1853
Ward, W.H., …do…do…, 1/3/1854

Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas

Steamer Walden

Bassett, S.S., acting master, 3/17/1849
Duval, R.C., passed midshipman, 11/17/1852
Sands, B.F., Lt. Commanding,5/14/1850
Seawell, J.A., …do…do…, 12/5/1853
Williamson, C.H., assistant surgeon, 12/5/1853

Schooners Arago and Belle

Length 81 ft., Beam 23 ft., Draft 4.5 ft., Arago was built by Fardy Brothers in Baltimore , MD, 1854

De Haven, E. J. , Lt. Commanding, 11/12/1852
Huestis, James F., Assistant Surgeon, 01/04/1854
King, G.H., …do…do…, 11/12/1852
Lyne, L.H., acting master, 9/26/1852
Wilkinson, John, Lt., 11/12/1852

California, Oregon, Washington State

Steamer Active and Schooner Ewing

Active- Tank Steamer, 5218 tons net

Ewing-Length 76 ft., Beam 19.5 ft.

Alden, James, Lt. commanding, 5/18/1849
Cuyler, Richard M., …do…do…, 6/20/1845
De Bree, A.M., acting master, 4/2/1853
Kennard, Joel S., …do…do…, 5/6/1852
Stevens, Thomas H., Lt. 2/21/1851
Suddards, James, assistant Surgeon, 4/3/1852
Wait, Israel C., …do…do…, 5/6/1852
Office personnel:
Almy, John J., …do…do…, 3/12/1851
Franklin, S.R., passed midshipman, 4/2/1853
Huger, Thomas B., 5/14/1852
Law, R.L., passed midshipman, 5/1/1851
Mccauley, J.B., passed midshipman, 10/16/1850
Parker, Lt. Foxhall A., 3/31/1853
Pendleton, A.G., Professor of Mathematics, 5/8/1848
Perry, M.C., …do…do…, 1/15/1853
Phenix, D., …do…do…, 4/7/1853

Rutledge, John, …do…do…, 5/3/1852

Smith, A.N., Lt., 11/8/1853
Smith, Joseph B.,…do…do…, 8/4/1852
Walker, John T., …do…do…, 4/7/1853
Woodhull, M., Lt., 5/30/1848

Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island

Steamer Bibb

Length 95 ft., Beam 20 ft., Draft 4 ft.

Garland, H. M., midshipman, 6/13/1854
Franklin, S.R., passed midshipman, 4/2/1853
Mayo, W.K., …do…do…, 7/9/1853
Stellwagen, H.S. , Lt. Commanding, 10/22/1852
Stout, E.C., acting master, 6/7/1854
Truxtun, W.T., …do…do…, 7/19/1854

Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware

Schooners Gallantin and Madison

Armstrong, W. McN., midshipman, 5/18/1854
Johnson, Oscar F., passed midshipman, 5/18/1854
Luce, S.B., …do…do…, 5/18/1854
Rutledge, John, Lt., 5/3/1852
Smith, Joseph B., acting master, 8/4/1852
Woodhull, Maxwell, Lt. Commanding, 3/30/1848

Schooner Nautilus
Harrison, G., passed midshipman, 7/29/1853
Pendergrast, A. , …do…do…, 7/20/1854
Stewart, J.B. ,acting master, 11/15/1852
Trenchard, S.D., Lt., 3/1/1853
Wainwright, Richard, Lt. Commanding, 1/31/1848

Schooner Graham and Steamer Hetzel

Steamer Hetzel played an important part in helping passengers and crews in trouble.

Almy, J.J., Lt. Commanding, 3/12/1851
Perry, M.C., Lt., 1/15/1853
Law, R.L., acting master, 5/1/1851
Walker, John T., …do…do…,4/7/1853
Phenix, Dawson, passed midshipman, 4/7/1853
Walker, James C., midshipman, 4/7/1853
Dozier, W.G., …do…do…, 5/10/1854
Shippen, Edward, Assistant Surgeon, 4/22/1854

A handwritten Inscription in the book is as follows:

Received October 24th 1855 (undecipherable word) by
W. A. Palmer Capt, Topo, Eng. afn e( F. or T)
In charge
To whom a (indecipherable) this date
Treasury Department

Label pasted on inside cover:

With the compliments of
Professor A.D. Bache

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