Rainbow of Colors: Colorful Shrimps

Life under the sea
Life under the sea | Source

I'm noticing I'm having fun making hubs about colorful living things. And I am enjoying it. I'm learning as I research and at the same time I get to enjoy looking at the different beautiful colors of such living things I choose to hub about.

And for the next hub to add to my "rainbow of colors" hubs, I am choosing "shrimps." Such colors just lift up those stress away and just spread some inspiration. Before the images, here's some facts about shrimp.

Interesting facts about shrimps:

* Shrimps can rapidly swim backwards

* Shrimps is included in the food source of larger fishes. To add to that, it is one of peoples favorite seafood. Squids, octopus, and flamingos feed on shrimps too.

* Shrimps are shellfish, but their shells aren't as hard like other shellfish like crabs.

* Cone-shape nets are use by trawler boats to caught shrimps.

* Shrimp can be found living on ocean floors and lakes.

* Shrimp eggs are attached to the female shrimp's swimming legs.

* Shrimp have two pairs of 2 segmented sensory antennae.


Pseudosquilla Ciliata

Called the "mantis shrimp," because this shrimp resembles the praying mantis. The colorful mantis shrimp has variety of colors. Some are brown and some has bright neon colors.

Up for a fun fact about mantis shrimps? They can remember well about ocean floor neighbors that they frequently interact with. And, this shrimp is a solitary creature of the sea.

"Cleaner shrimp"
"Cleaner shrimp" | Source

Hippolysmata grabhami

Also known by its name "cleaner shrimp," feeds on both animals and plants, such as snails, and algae.

An interesting fact about the cleaner shrimp? Up to 1 million eggs can be laid by the female cleaner shrimp. As pet, this shrimp is a good cleaner for your fish tank because they feed on debris and parasites that might be on your fish tank walls. They also does the same at the sea and help the fishes on grooming when they eat parasites off the fish body.

Caridina Breviata

Or known as "bumble bee shrimp," has black and white bands on them. Also the bumble bee shrimps doesn't have a larval stage.

This shrimp's source of food? This shrimp will feed on soft moss, fish food, and algae.


Neocaridina heteropoda

Known as "yellow shrimp" are easy to take care of.

Female yellow shrimp are larger than the males and carries over 25 eggs. Yellow shrimps are also very prolific. They readily and virtually breed.

This shrimps source of food? Yellow shrimp are easy to feed and wouldn't make it a hard time for you. They would eat any fish foods such as fish flakes, algae wafers, shrimp pellets, and even zucchini.

Caridina cantonensis

Known as the "blue tiger shrimp." It has orange eyes, blue colored body and non aggressive.

When it comes to feeding time, just like the "yellow shrimp," the "blue tiger shrimp" would eat anything from algae wafers, to shrimp or fish food, and blanched spinach.

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Bob Figgins 8 months ago

You didn't include the orange shrimp! The one that we eat in seafood today! Mhmm it's so good though, especially at hibachi.

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