Coloring book for children

Colouring book or coloring book is a map of drawings or pictures, which are ready to be colored by using colored pencils, crayons, marker pens or water paint. They are usualy used by children.

Pictures can be some simple drawing or more complicated pictures for adults.

Coloring picture - dog and cat

Coloring and health

Coloring is widely used as educational tool or for health. For example: a nurse can reduce fear of children before surgery. With pictures they can herlp understand childrem, what will happen.

Coloring books can also be used as rehabilitation tool. For exapmle for accident victims - with painting they improve coordination between hands and eyes. Coloring isalso used fot authistic children to calm and entertain.

Coloring book - video

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bujes profile image

bujes 6 years ago from Slovenia

I used to love coloring books when I was I child. It gives you touch for style and precision. Good toy for children, 10 times better than violent Japanese cartoons.

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