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Community colleges a great resource

I recently received a mass mailing from a local community college. At first I didn't think too much about this mailing, I had received them before and really was not interested in going back to college. After all I am a mother of three teenage kids, They should be the ones thinking about college and what their future holds. Well I was kinda restless so I decided to look over this mailing and was surprised at all the classes they offered. This was not just about getting a degree, this had some interesting stuff. I did not know that I could take a class for pottery, glass blowng, silversmithing, or cake decorating. I was impressed. Not only could I take these classes and a multitude of others, but they were very inexpensive. I had decided this is what I am going to do. I will take a class in cake decorating. It would be fun, I could take a friend along, escape the monotony of my daily existence. Wow, I was going back to college, even if it was just a cake decorating class.

This could be the start of a whole new movement, The gathering of middle aged women across America invading community colleges everywhere. We would descend upon pottery classes, and silversmithing classes and rule the world.

Ok, so I got a little over excited, but this was going to be fun. I was so glad that I looked over that mailing.

Community colleges really are a great resource. They do offer some very interesting classes for a very resonable price. They are also a great place for continued education at the fraction of the cost of a university or college.

If you are interested in continued education or just looking for a fun thing to do with your friends, please look into your local community college, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

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