Community Resources for Edmonds Community College Students by Valerie Read

Edmonds Community College has a number of resources to assist students in their studies. Here on campus one of those resources is the Learning Support Center located in Mukilteo Hall. Students can find the Learning Support Center on the first floor in Room 113. There the student will meet one of the staff members, Jeremiah Roland associate director of the Learning Support Center. When I interviewed Roland I asked when the best time for students to get in touch with him and what they should bring with them. ‘The best time to get in touch with me is to schedule an appointment and this gives me time to talk to them about the subject they are struggling in,’ said Roland. Students can schedule an appointment with Jeremiah Roland and contact him at or call 425-640-1045

One of the key things Roland looks at is how the student reads the textbook and if they understand the material when taking notes during the instructor’s class. ‘This gives me an idea on what level of learning skills the student has when I assign a tutor,’ said Roland. Then Rolland finds a tutor for the student in the subject he or she is taking that semester. “It helps that the tutors are Edmond Community College students who have just completed the class and excelled in the subject they are tutoring the students in,” said Roland.

Roland is not a stranger to Edmonds Community College. He started as a writing tutor in 2001 during winter quarter and continued to tutored students in the Learning Support Center for three years before he transferred to the University of Washington. I asked Roland when he was hired on at the Learning Support Center and what subjects he helps tutor students in? ‘After a few years of not knowing what to do after college I applied for the assistant director position at the Edmonds Community College Learning Support Center and was hired on in the fall of 2008, I tutor students in Math, Physics, Chemistry and Writing,’ said Roland.

I asked Roland what was the tutor’s responsibilities at the beginning and end of the tutoring session with the student. ‘At the beginning of the tutoring session we work with the students to look over their syllabus and read through the material from the textbook from class, then schedule a time when the student can come in and received tutoring in the subject he or she is taking that semester, after the tutoring session with the student is completed it helps to sit down to ask the student what he or she thought how it went,’ said Roland.

I asked my fellow students on what their thoughts were on the tutoring services he or she received at the Learning Support Center. I receive a positive response from Amy Stewart a college student at the Central Washington University-Lynnwood Campus who said, ‘I have never been to the writing center at the Edmonds Community College, I use the writing center at the Central Washington University-Lynnwood Campus however, I will take full advantage of the tutoring center at Edmonds Community College because I know how valuable it is.’

One student response was the opposite of what Stewart had said about the Learning Support Center’s tutoring services, ‘I had a negative experience”, “ I was supposed to write an essay for my introduction to Communication class, I came to get the tutor’s help only for the reason to proofread my paper because English is not my first language and I could misplace the sentence’s structure, I explained all that to the tutor at the beginning of our conversation, the tutor did not want to read the whole essay, we read together the first 2 sentences and the last paragraph for thirty minutes, he pointed that I had a good conclusion and found my first 2 sentences good, I changed one word in the first sentence (making me guess that word for a couple of minutes) and did not proofread anything even though I asked him again, I felt like I wasted my time and since then I avoid going to the tutoring center,’ says Ilona Crowley.

These two opinions from our fellow students might be a clue that the Learning Support Center needs more volunteers. Students who would like to volunteer as a tutor at the Learning Support Center can contact the Learning Support Center for tutoring services on the website

The Learning Support Center helps tutor students in Math, Science, English, or any other subject that he or she are enrolled in Edmonds Community College and can contact the Learning Support Center at The tutoring is free and they will work with the student’s school or work schedule.

"The tutoring center’s goals are to provide support for the students, help them avoid any road blocks along the way when the student feels frustrated on learning a new subject and assist the students in obtaining new study skills, it is a resource for the student to help him or her during their time here at Edmonds Community College," said Roland.

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terrific great detailed hub read thanks sorry was sick

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