Conversion of Cebuanos to Christianity


Homonhon was uninhabited. Magellan built two huts for his sick companions. Some people came in boats. They gave the foreigners fishj wine, bananas and coconuts.

From Homonhon, Magellan sailed to Limasawa, an island south of Leyte. Here, he found the friendly chieftains, Rajah Kolambu and Rajah Siagu. It was in Limasawa where the first mass in our country was held. Magellan called our country "Archipelago of San Lazaro".


Rajah Humabon allowed Magellan and his men to land in Cebu. The Spaniards were surprised to see the natives wearing clothes, jewelry and other ornaments. The people were friendly and they gave the Spaniards rice, pigs, goats and chickens. In exchange, the natives received mirrors, bells and other European goods.

Magellan made a blood compact with King Humabon. Mass was celebrated on the shore on April 14, 1521, after which a cross was planted. This cross has been preserved in Cebu.

The Cebuanos were persuaded to accept Christianity Led by King Humabon and his wife, more than 800  men and women were baptized, Rajah Humabon was baptized Carlos and his wife Juana, in honor of King Carlos of Spain and Queen Juana, his mother. After the baptism ceremony, Queen Juana received an image of the Child Jesus which to this day is preserved in the Augustinian Church in Cebu.


 Magellan wanted all Filipino chiefs in Cebu and other islands to submit to Spain and accept Christianity, Lapu-Lapu, the chief of Mactan. refused.

With 60 men, Magellan fought Lapu-Lapu's 20 boatloads of warriors. In the short but fierce battle. Lapu-Lapu killed Magellan.

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