Corey Goode And The Cosmic Disclosure Enigma

Blue Avian Psychological-Operation?

Secret Societies such as The Cabal use coded language to alert members of certain information. The word "Blue" is used to denote false flag operations or disinformation.
Secret Societies such as The Cabal use coded language to alert members of certain information. The word "Blue" is used to denote false flag operations or disinformation. | Source

The Enigma

I used to be a B I G BIG fan of the Cosmic Disclosure Show and couldn't wait for Tuesday night to roll around so I could watch the latest episode. I was such a big fan and follower that I even sent him a donation because I actually felt some sympathy for his plight. But over time, as more and more obvious questions were left unanswered, I began to question the motives for the message. I began to wonder if perhaps these unanswered questions were due to a hidden agenda and not just the glaringly severe lack of physical and visual evidence. This article Corey Goode And The Cosmic Disclosure Enigma is the result of over a year of research into the veracity of the show's message.

I hope this article Corey Goode And The Cosmic Disclosure Enigma will help to clear the air and reveal the inconsistencies I have found being presented to the public on the television series Cosmic Disclosure with host David Wilcock and inside whistleblower Corey Goode. It is not that I don't accept the information as true nor how it is presented; it is that there seems to be a hidden agenda, and to a degree a double standard, that no else seems willing to recognize and question, although that is changing.

The double standard is that so many people readily accept the information as true, without a shred of physical, photographic or even corroborated eye-witness testimony. When other Secret Space Program insiders share similar information and do step forward, and mind you this has happened more than once, they are ridiculed and called fakes. This prevents the Cosmic Disclosure fans and followers from using their own discernment and comparing notes; it creates a monopoly on the information, by implying that Cosmic Disclosure is the only "true" source.

Here is the opening paragraph from a disclaimer telling us to beware of any other source than Corey Goode on his website Sphere-Being Alliance, you can read it for yourself by clicking on the link above.

"Please beware of some of the newer "SSP" whistleblowers that have come forward recently. They are mostly mixing their imaginations with the data I have released. There are a lot of people trying to bend the info I have released into their own belief systems and UFO religions. They just have to make this new info fit into their currently held belief systems."

Even the subject of UFOs has a plethora of all the evidence mentioned above, despite what one accepts as true on the subject of Alien visitors and their space craft. Don't get me wrong there is more than enough evidence to convince me that there is indeed a Secret Space Program but I arrived at this conclusion long before Corey Goode and the Cosmic Disclosure Show arrived on the New Age scene.

Since learning to think with my heart, physical and even eye-witness testimony isn't as important to me as it used to be but after 2 1/2 years of watching the Cosmic Disclosure show on Gaia TV and reading numerous books, articles and watching videos on the subject of a Secret Space Program, there does seem to me to be a glaringly deficient amount of either physical or corroborating testimony. Although other people have come out before and after Corey to share information about a Secret Space Program, they have not provided much evidence as well, so their testimony is problematic at best.

However the evidence or proof is not the issue or Enigma, it is the message itself that I have a problem with. This message in a nutshell is essentially telling us that many outside groups of ETs and Humans, have formed an Alliance that is fighting for us and wish to save us. This savior concept is disturbing because it implies that the human race need do nothing to help its own cause.

  1. Cosmic Disclosure is asking us to only accept their word, regardless of the many other sources available to us.
  2. It is trying to convince us that Alien and human groups are fighting for our rights and wellbeing based only on doing the right thing.
  3. The show completely ignores the wide variety of material already published on this subject (they don't provide sources).
  4. Despite ongoing negotiations, visits and contacts, no progress or compelling evidence has been revealed to substantiate the story.
  5. The narrative offers no other variations of testimony by other insiders that might offer a different perspective on the same subject material, they only use corroboration by various 'experts' testimony, this seems suspect.

This monopoly and one-sided account of information pertaining to a Secret Space Program, 20 and Back Program, memory wipes and implanted memories, raises questions in my mind that have no easy answers. I grow suspicious when I cannot independently verify information from other sources. It creates concerns that perhaps I'm being fed a story line that can't be proven, to further a hidden agenda.

This has led me to reexamine the information and search out and find other whistleblowers who can provide a different perspective. After months of research I have now found four insiders that offer compelling arguments that, although Corey Goode may actually think what he is describing is true, David Wilcock is a paid Cabal Handler and that the whole Cosmic Disclosure show is designed propaganda to distract, misinform and obfuscate the truth behind the real Secret Space Program.

In fact it is becoming clear that there may not be anything even remotely close to a Secret Space Alliance working for the greater good of mankind, and this narrative is what is really behind the deceptive story line created to dis-inform the public. In other words, it is up to us, as most rescue scenarios are only a pipe dream created to induce complacency and hope within the New Age community and the public as a whole.

The Ruiner

Honestly I have an issue with any race who would deliver a message through one person in a compartmentalized way. Whether it were the Blue Avians or anyone else. With what I know of the exopolitical workings of the galaxy, this is disgusting. Another secret society and knowledge horde. Nothing more. If any outside race has a "message" for humanity. Come visit and deliver the message yourselves. If these Blue Avians existed, they would be a cowardly and and devious race at best.

Working For Donations

One part of the hidden agenda that he makes clear in the video below (around the 2:25 mark) is that he is able to live quite comfortably on the donations of his fans and followers. Now don't get me wrong, we live in a society based on money and everyone needs it, so if he can do this and morally and ethically has no problems with it, then I say more power to him.

My own morals and ethics would prevent me from doing this, as I still have just a shred of integrity left but clearly he has no problem bragging about living off the donations of others, so be it. But let's not kid ourselves into thinking he is not making money off sharing crucial information the public needs for Full Disclosure using the Cosmic Disclosure Show and other marketing enterprises to rise out of his whistle blowing efforts, its a business for him pure and simple.

Follow The Money, Baby!


These four sources wish to remain anonymous for this article, two of them after being rebuffed rather harshly by the Cosmic Disclosure show, and do not wish to engage in a tit for tat internet flame war scenario and the others for purposes of remaining hidden and untraceable. However I will be publishing articles of interviews with these sources in the near future, so it maybe come clear whom my sources are.

I will respect their wishes for privacy because it is important when revealing this kind of information. Even Corey Goode used an alias for a long time before being "supposedly" outed by unscrupulous writers. I myself use an alias on this site but not because I wish to remain hidden but because I enjoy creating a mysterious presence on the internet. Most people know who I am and I make no effort to hide my identity but because my alias has gained a reputation I leave it in place . . . for now.

Hidden Agenda

The hidden agenda that most of the Cosmic Disclosure fans are unwilling to accept is that The Cabal has had thousands of years to plan, prepare and install programs to prevent Ascension. The most obvious of these, is the Cosmic Disclosure Show. In order to get ahead of any new awakening groups of people and individuals, The Cabal has their own inside whistleblowers in place and ready to trot out at anytime, complete with their own television shows, websites and Face Book pages to spin the information anyway they see fit.

Of course this requires that they activate agents to serve as hosts with recognized credentials that base their rhetoric on ego and self worth, David Wilcock fits the bill perfectly. For lack of a better term David is Corey Goode's "handler" much like a circus entertainer would handle a wild animal, David "handles" the wild information that Corey shares with the public.

David is subtle at times and blatant at other times with his control or handling. He will often ask a question of Corey and supply the answer at the same time, "leading his witness" down the chosen path. Other times he will simply interrupt Corey's train of thought to get him back on the controlled message and conditioned programing. While most people find this irritating, they don't recognize what is being done and why.

The Cabal recognizes that many people have already made the jump to realizing that our entire education system is one Big Lie and so they use shows like Cosmic Disclosure to provide a narrative that will create complacency in these people. Corey Goode And The Cosmic Disclosure Enigma centers around the idea that most people will not research any of this information for themselves and will accept only the information that compels them through logic and conditioning. They don't want individuals using creative thinking, researching and contemplating information, they want folks to become complacent so that they can be told what to think.

Many people will ask in disbelief, why would this deception be done, and although it seems obvious to this author I will share my thoughts with you on this matter. They use this deception because they can, are good at it and to make sure their version of Full or Partial Disclosure is told over and over again to implant it into the publics mind. So when Full Disclosure does happen it will help to set a precedence, help confuse the public and ensure they have parts of the public to defend them.

I regularly post on a Face Book pages and I can tell you that the Cosmic Disclosure Show has a huge following of loyal and gullible fans, willing to defend, sometimes vehemently, the veracity and integrity of this show, Corey Goode and the host David Wilcock, despite an overwhelming lack of evidence.

These groups do The Cabals work for them, making it so much easier to pull the wool over peoples eyes. The show is defended by thousands of people, and a quick internet search revealed that only two websites out of hundreds on the topic, actually had the audacity to question and debunk some of the information. This shows just how willing people are to accept information without vetting, questioning or researching the material for themselves.

But what is the hidden agenda?

in a nutshell Immunity.

The top dogs in the Secret Space Program want to make sure they are not prosecuted for any of the number of crimes they have committed against humanity for decades. This would include but is not limited too human slave trade with Alien Civilizations, abduction and enslavement of thousands (perhaps millions) on various bases throughout our solar system, war and even murder.

By creating a show that casts the Secret Space Program in a favorable light it allows the Secret Space Program Leaders' the ability to negotiate for better terms when the truth does eventually become public. It also allows them to sell Full Disclosure at a price and by putting a seemingly trustworthy, humble, all American guy out front in the limelight, they have portrayed themselves as victims instead of oppressors.

It also helps to distract the public from the vast amount of new information coming out about our ancient common heritage, that will require a scholarly review of what we understand as our past. New information is being revealed that our common ancestors were far more advanced technologically and spiritually and that it is more than conceivable that many of our ancestors were also parts of breakaway civilizations that reached the stars.

“Acknowledging that we are witness to fundamental proof of advanced civilizations dating back over 29,000 years and an examination of their societal structures forces the World to reconsider its understanding of the development of civilization and history,” explains Dr. Semir Osmanagich. “Conclusive data at the Bosnian Pyramid site revealed in 2008 and confirmed this year by several independent labs who conducted radio carbon testing dates the site at 29,400 +/-400 years minimum.”

— Dr. Semir Osmanagich

Consider the Subject Matter

The narrative that the Cosmic Disclosure show provides is not "new " information, I have books some 150 years old that describe many of the same topics discussed on the show. Yes, they provide a new refreshing look at these topics but all they have really done is dress up old ideas in new clothing and provided an interesting and reasonable story line that gives it creditability, so that it can be introduced into the public eye, without a lot of discernment.

The idea of breakaway civilizations is as old as recorded history and has been published in the Bible, in ancient Sumerian Clay tablets and is held in the narrative and oral traditions of Native Americans and many aboriginal tribes in Africa, Australia and South America. This is one of the reasons why such racial groups as Blacks worldwide, Native Americans in North America and the Aboriginals of Australia, South America and Africa have been hunted, exploited and terminated almost to complete genocide.

It is not a mere coincidence that such Empires as the Inkas (Incas), Moor Empire and many Native American tribes were destroyed as their oral and written histories contained information, that if known, would have radically altered out understanding of our ancient past. These groups were then, and to some degree are still a threat to the Freemason, Illuminazi, Cabal (whatever name you wish to call them) way of controlling and manipulating our society.

To be sure all the Cosmic Disclosure Show has done is reintroduce many topics of interests that has made a resurgence in todays' society. In 2014 a group known as the Secret Space Program held their 2nd annual conference in San Mateo, CA on June 28-29 where a host of speakers from the military, the space industry and financial backgrounds presented compelling evidence of a black budget operation designed and run by the (MIC) Military Industrial Complex, through hidden finance by a group known as the Bilderbergers.

The narrative supplied by the Cosmic Disclosure Show still paints the newest breakaway civilization as one that holds humanities best interest close to the heart by describing a group known as the Secret Space Alliance as battling the evil International Corporate Conglomerate (ICC) for control of our planet through Full Disclosure. While this is a enticing and favorable picture of hope for the public to embrace, it creates a scenario that not only can't be proven but lulls humanity into the deception that other more powerful groups or breakaway civilizations are here to rescue us.

Even more importantly we now are being told that only one source holds all the information about this and no others sources should be trusted as they are fake.

This creates a monopoly for the Cosmic Disclosure show while preventing other whistle blowers from contradicting or even comparing information by its fans and followers. Supposedly Corey uses certain criteria to confirm the authenticity of other Secret Space Program insiders but has yet to share with the public what these are.

It is important to recognize that this subject is much bigger that one lone whistleblower and his host can possibly cover and that they are both just pawns in a much larger game that hopes to use this show as propaganda to manipulate and sway public opinion into accepting the Secret Space Program as their saviors.

Fired My Ass!

Another part of his story that isn't well known is that he didn't get fired from his job but quit due to a supposed injury, he simply walked off the job and never returned, so of course you are going to be fired but essentially he quit. You can read what little is known publicly about it by clicking on this link Injured on the job Fired Illegally.

My thinking is this was done to justify his need for donations and to create sympathy for his situation. There are rumors that he has continued to work as an consultant IT tech and that he maybe still part of the National Guard but I have been unable to confirm these rumors.

Information Monopoly

One of my sources bemoaned the fact that they had been turned away from sharing their parallel information on the Cosmic Disclosure Show and couldn't understand why this was done, when it was obvious they had similar stories.

I explained that the reason was really quite simple, knowledge is power and those that don't have it MUST pay for it, one way or another. By turning you away privately, ridiculing you and attacking the integrity and veracity of your story, the Cosmic Disclosure Show can remain the one and only source of information and even more importantly if you do go public with this information they can show that you are a fraud, deceptive and paint you as a person seeking attention and/or money.

It is an age old tactic, designed to make sure that they remain the only source of information for a group of supposed highly advanced beings, that are here only for our protection, safety and well being.

Why would a group such as this need a intermediator, a human lackey to bring forth their message? Many say this is because our free will cannot be interfered with, even though other Aliens have obviously tampered with our evolution in the past. I say it is because they have their own agenda and it doesn't involve sharing this information with the humans on this planet.

The answer is they obviously wouldn't, there are a half dozen ways they could deliver their message more effectively . . . We interrupt your regularly scheduled drivel you call entertainment to deliver a message from the 6 through 9 dimensional beings, known as the Blue Avians . . . "Be nice to each other, love each other unconditionally and forgive each other for your trespasses." . . . wait isn't that part of Step 11 in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous?

So Corey Goode is the only person on a planet of 7 BILLION people that is qualified to deliver this message, Hello, Lucy Anybody Home?

I find it amusing when both David and Corey talk about how they expect other whistleblowers to come forward and can't understand why they haven't. Of course to maintain the idea that they are the only source of information being gathered from the Sphere Beings and Blue Avians would require them to discredit others with similar stories.

Real or imagined any race that relies on the integrity of one human to deliver their crucial message to mankind needs to be questioned.
Real or imagined any race that relies on the integrity of one human to deliver their crucial message to mankind needs to be questioned. | Source

Questions For Corey

Questions I would like to ask Corey . . .

1. Why do the Blue Avians/Sphere Beings, supposed higher dimensional beings with advanced technology, need a human to deliver their message?

2. If the message is for the planet Earth is it being translated into every language spoken on the planet and also being dispersed to every country?

3.If the Secret Space Alliance is about Full Disclosure why haven't they revealed themselves to the public and shown they exist, why are they continuing to remain a secret?

4. Why haven't any photos of any of the three main subjects, Inner Earth Civilizations, Secret Space Program and Sphere Being Alliance being made public, this alone would spark enough debate to get the issue into the public eye, once and for all?

5. Many people are coming forward now with their own stories of contact with Sphere Beings/Blue Avians and memories of the Secret Space Program, why have we not seen one of them on your show?

6. Their is a whole FB page dedicated to these people, what criteria do you use to determine the veracity of their stories?

7. Why did you lie to us about being fired from your six figure job, when clearly you quit due to injury, and are claiming but have not proven, that your were illegally terminated?

8. Anyone asking for donations, should be willing to publicly disclose their previous tax returns, which would prove you indeed had a six figure salary and that you are indeed not making any money currently, why have you not done so, what are you hiding?

9. If your memories were blank slated as you claim and new memories were introduced, how do you know the memories you are now having are real and not implanted?

10. Why haven't we heard from the one person that is closest to you and could confirm that you actually go missing or has seen you transported from your house by the Sphere Beings, your wife?

These are ten questions I can think of off the top of my head that I would like answered, if you guys can think of more, feel free to add them but at the very least let's discuss them.

Cosmic Disclosure Story Line

The Cosmic Disclosure Story Line is a compelling one but it can be found in a plethora of already published material that spans over a century an a half of information in books, articles and movies. I have compiled a list of reading material for you that will show how easily all of this information could be gathered together and retold.

Keep in mind that Corey has already admitted that his memories have been tampered with through a blank slating program called "The 20 and Back Program", that allows people to serve in the Secret Space Program (SSP) and then have all their memories wiped clean, so that new ones can be implanted and they can be returned to Earth at the time they entered into the SSP service. That "Voice of God" technology already exists, that allows thoughts to be implanted at a distance in real time from remote locations and that various other electronic mind control programs and technology are commonly used on an unsuspecting public everyday.

Coupled with this information is the readily admitted fact that Corey spent a good deal of his time after returning to Earth, working as an Information Technician setting up computers for paid Government trolls and "disinformationists". He said that he would set up as many as six screens per user to have access to multiple IP addresses to be used to dispute, debunk and ridicule websites, YouTube Channels and FB pages on any information the Cabal wished to discredit. This gave Corey direct access to a plethora of information, stories and ideas from websites that are now shutdown, so that nobody can access where he got his information. This allowed him to gather information that is relatively unknown, research it and reformat it into a scenario that would allow him to become the "insiders", insider.

At first he tested the waters by posting his information on various sites until he became a sought after commodity and source of insider information. Then after making numerous contacts he zeroed in on those that would allow him to maximize his story to its fullest. Wilcock at this point had been making numerous appearances on TV Shows such as Ancient Aliens and seemed the logical choice to connect with . . . the rest is his-story.

Below is a list of books that will provide enough information to show where the basis of the Cosmic Disclosure Show back story comes from.

The Black Sun (1997) by Peter Moon - Describes the Nazi involvement with Aliens and their technology, the breakaway Thule and Vril societies of early Nazi Germany, esoteric sources, scientist and ideas gained from Oriental connections in Japan, China and Tibet and how Nazi Germany was able to rise to power so quickly. a must read for anyone seeking verification of subjects discussed on the Cosmic Disclosure Show.

The Rise of The Fourth Reich (2008) by Jim Marrs - Shares with the reader the compelling and well researched evidence that Nazi Germany decided to lose World War II on purpose as part of an insidious plan to infiltrate Corporate America to gain their invaluable natural resources and transform the "Land of the Free" into a National Socialism society. This incredible well documented book describes a plan that the Cosmic Disclosure Show only scratches the surface of but provides even a staunch skeptic with enough food for thought to radically alter their paradigm.

The Omega Files (2008) by A Combination of Authors and Forward by Ivan Fraser - This book describes a wide variety of topics, here are just a few - Foo Fighters - World War II - Philadelphia Experiment - Reptilian & Grey Connections - CIA & Nazi Connections - Underground UFO Bases - Hitlers Escape to the South Pole - Black Helicopters - Weather & Geological Weapons - AIDS & Bio-weapons - Terrorism - Star Wars (Space based Weapon Platforms) - Black Programs - Stealth Technology and many, many more!

Deep Black (1988) by William E. Burrows - An in depth look at Space Age Technology used by American Intelligence Agencies to eavesdrop on their own citizens, allies and enemies. This book written almost thirty years ago isn't well known but provides the reader with a detailed analysis of technology that is still used today to keep track of everything anyone is doing world wide. The information in this book alone will quite literally stun the reader into recognizing that the Cabal has been listening to our most private conversations for a very looooooong time.

Dark Moon (1999) by Mary Bennett & David Percy - This book describes in painstaking detail all of the shenanigans concerning the NASA/Apollo Moon Missions. It isn't about debunking landing on the Moon it is about revealing that the entire Apollo Missions were just propaganda designed to deceive an unsuspecting public. Yes, we went to the Moon and are still there but we didn't use Apollo rockets to get there and back. It reveals the international conspiracy of silence and cooperation into Secret Space Programs between supposed sworn enemies from the Cold War Era. This book is a tour deforce and is not for the timid or weak of heart, it will shock you to your core and stun you into silence.

Dark Mission (2007) by Richard D. Hoagland - Another stunning book in revelation and detail will literally bring the reader to their knees with the recognition that we have been deceived on a scale that defies the ability of the average human to conceive. The Secret History of NASA is revealed by an insider that was there from the very beginning. It shows ancient technology on the Moon, NASAs attempt to get it and reveals the Builder Race from the human perspective, including the Face On Mars.

The Coming Race (1871) by Edward Bulwer Lytton - This book written in novel form establishes many esoteric ideas and information concerning civilizations living within the Earth's crust. It describes contact made by the author with a race called the Vril-ya while exploring a newly exposed tunnel with a mining engineer some where in America. The book details an unknown, unlimited power source they call Vril, which has the power to heal or destroy. It goes on to describe an advanced civilization that has existed for thousands of years complete cities, towns, forests and astounding technology, much like the Inner Earth societies Corey describes on the Cosmic Disclosure Show.

The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America (2014) by Richard Dewhurst - This painstaking portrait of discoveries made all over North America in the early part of the 1800s by colonists, explorers, road and town builders and farmers, shows just how the true nature of our past can be completely removed from our education system without even the slightest hint of conspiracy. Hundreds of newspaper articles are reproduced in this book to show the reader how the newly founded Smithsonian Institute thoroughly removed an entire race of humanity from our history books. And yet the Cosmic Disclosure Show reveals this information as if it was only recently discovered through Corey's readings of the "smart glass-pads" he used in the SSP.

Journey To The Earth's Interior: Part One (1913) by Marshal B. Gardner - Explained in laymen's terms by a layman many scientific concepts unknown to the public. This two part book examines all that is known by Arctic and Antarctic explorers and the many inconsistencies surrounding their discoveries of the geology, fauna and weather at the Earth's Poles. It is one of the first good descriptions of the Nebula Theory of planet creation, scoffed at then but widely accepted now. This book builds one of the best cases for our Earth being hollow and inhabited on the inside, not just by animal life but entire civilizations of humans and shows that information existed 100 years ago, that the Cosmic Disclosure Show describes as recent.

Genesis For A New Space Age (1980) by John B. Leith - Here is a classic example of censorship, this book is based on Freedom Of Information Act Documents, insiders, whistleblowers, Military Industrial Complex Admirals and Generals, Government Officials, Intelligence Officers the world over and even off world diplomats and advisors. Genesis was written in 1980 but the author could find no publisher brave enough to produce it. This book describes ongoing contact with Hollow Earth Civilizations, the history of Americas Secret Space Program and round winged aircraft, advanced technologies hidden from the public and a wide variety of other secrets with held from the public for decades.

When you consider that these ten books are merely a small sample of the hundreds of books, articles and movies revealing everything the Cosmic Disclosure Show has described it makes even the die hard skeptic realize that the entire narrative Corey and David have revealed could easily have been taken from already existing documents, reformatted, dressed up and retold in a set of 30 minute interviews, without the public ever being cognizant of the true sources.

Now consider that NOT one of these books has ever been even mentioned in passing on the show and you will begin to realize how easy it is to create a story line that the public thinks is new. People are always asking me to prove to them that the Cosmic Disclosure Show could be contrived and yet I offer you ten books that does exactly that, and everyone of them were written and published before the Cosmic Disclosure Show began.

Now consider that I have confirmed independently that four Secret Space Program insiders have recently come forward with parallel stories and alternative explanations to Corey and David's story line on Cosmic Disclosure and all four have been turned away from sharing their information with them, called frauds and worse and publicly denounced even though two of them have been sharing this information with the public before Cosmic Disclosure began.

Gaia TV Disclaimer

Granted this is a standard disclaimer but it does show that not everything discussed on the Cosmic Disclosure Show is embraced by its producers.
Granted this is a standard disclaimer but it does show that not everything discussed on the Cosmic Disclosure Show is embraced by its producers. | Source


This article Corey Goode And The Cosmic Disclosure Enigma should not be consider evidence, we are not in a court of law and you and I are not the judge or jury. This article isn't an attempt to discredit anyone, but to sheds some light on questions many people have but are not willing to "rock the boat publicly" and ask, for fear of disparaging two media icons of the New Age Movement.

Consider for a moment the idea that when you send money to another person to help them with their financial situation that it is an investment. As an investor, shouldn't I have the right to review my investment, to question the motives of the message of my investment, to investigate my investment as a possible fraud, a scam, a money making scheme . . . I think I do!

I do not have any anxiety about such notions, I follow the truth, my truth, where ever it takes me. If this article doesn't resonate with you do not share it, do not promote it and merely accept it for what it is, one persons view about a story that doesn't provide any proof or evidence to the veracity of its claims.

A friend of mine, once asked me how good does a person have to be when they surround themselves with criminals, charlatans and con-artists?

The answer is quite simple, all they have to do is provide a shred of humility, an ounce of integrity and a smidgen of honesty and they will be heralded as a saint.

Corey Goode easily fits the bill. Considering his claims and the people he is surrounded by, such as David Wilcock, a writer that uses other peoples research to publish books and write articles and a supposed Secret Space Program that deals in human slave trade, abducting surface humans to serve in the program that no one knows about and fighting clandestine wars with Aliens and other human factions. Who wouldn't consider this man a saint for coming forward . . . if of course any of it is true and he isn't doing this because of some other secret agenda?

Consider how an unemployed, down on his luck, self admitted IT Guru could use the information he had gathered through multiple insider sources while setting up addresses and computers for Government paid trolls, to sell a story to the public that couldn't be traced, it sources couldn't be revealed and can't provide a single shred of tangible evidence.

Would this not be the perfect scam?

Now consider if this wasn't even his idea, that he was approached by a group, the same group he worked for in the Secret Space Program, to share their story in such a manner as to create immunity for all involved.

  • A story that could be painted through rose colored glasses, so that no one would have to implicate themselves to any criminal wrong doing?

  • Now, consider the possibility that he is still being paid by The Cabal to tell their story in such a manner that many can claim they were just following orders and are really the true victims.

  • In an effort to create transparency shouldn't any party asking for donations be required to show their tax records publicly, if not legally, at least morally and ethically?

  • Has anyone else wondered why he won't discuss the criminal aspects of his story?

  • Of course he uses the excuse that it is too difficult, too troubling, too painful but wouldn't it add a bit of integrity to the whole enterprise, things that make you go Hmmmm?

  • One of the biggest Red Flags for me about this entire story is that there is only one website on the entire World Wide Web, that has tried, albeit weakly to debunk the Cosmic Disclosure Show, ONE?

  • Are other website being taken down as soon as they appear?

  • Can any of you reading this really come up with a reasonable explanation why, in this day and age of instant debunking, why the Cosmic Disclosure Show would be off limits to debunkers?

For me the entire show is just a little too smooth, avoids answering any of the hard questions and just completely refuses to provide physical evidence of any kind. I have asked about thirty questions on Corey's website Sphere-Being Alliance and Gaia TV combined and haven't had one answered of even addressed in the comments section.

I have gone from a true-believer to a hard-core skeptic in a little less than two years. I know a Secret Space Program exists. I do not think a Secret Space Alliance does however. I hope they prove me wrong but when all is said and done, I think many are going to be really disappointed with the conclusions of the Cosmic Disclosure Show.

I wrote this article Corey Goode And The Cosmic Disclosure Enigma, not just to clear the air on how I feel about the information but to help stimulate the community to ask questions, listen to the answers and demand Full Disclosure. This includes those that would use this topic to gain fortune and fame. I hope you have enjoyed reading it and feel free to leave your comments below, thank you.

Where Do You Stand?

I used to be a die hard fan of the Cosmic Disclosure Show but over time have become disenchanted with the information, where do you stand?

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The Corey Goodebillies

This little ditty should sung to the tune of the Beverly Hillbillies . . .

Come and listen to my story about a man named Corey
A poor IT Guru, barely kept his family fed,
And then one day while surfing the internet,
And up through a website come a bubblin' scam.

Money maker that is, pure fiction, Texas BS.

Well the first thing you know ol Corey's a millionaire,
The kinfolk said "Corey move away from thar"
Said "The People's Republic of Boulder is the place you ought to be"
So they loaded up the truck and they moved to Coloradee

Boulder, that is. Hippie Town, Legal Marijuana.

Old Corey bought a mansion, lordy it was swank
Next door neighbor's the president of the bank.
Lotta folks complaining but the banker found no fault
'Cause all Corey's millions, was a-sitting in his vault!

Our Money. Donations and Gaia Subscriptions.

Well now it's time to say good bye to Corey and all his con-artists friends.
And they would like to thank you folks fer kindly making them rich.
You're all invited back next week to this localitee
To have a heapin helpin of their total Blue Avian BS

Send Donations, that is. Can't prove nothing, don't even try.

Y'all sen' mo donations now, y'hear?

Sorry folks, I was inspired and just couldn't help it . . . I will be setting up a donation address so that I can afford to continue to bring you my clever wit and sage wisdom, hey if it works for Corey it should work for all of us, Ubuntu at its finest.

© 2016 somethgblue

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Tom 7 weeks ago

Six decades ago on my first sea voyage I was advised by an old salt who had been for over fifty years a whaler, a sailor, and a wild tar, to "believe only half of what you see, son, and nothing of what you hear!"

I took that advice on board and to this day never believe, or disbelieve, anything. I try to keep an open mind, and even the things I would love to believe (e.g. Cosmic Disclosure) I would like an awful lot more evidence of truth. Your post is a very helpful reminder of that. Thank you...

and do you run blog-site that I might access?

somethgblue profile image

somethgblue 7 weeks ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee Author

You can read most of my articles here on Hub Pages and click on the numerous related articles or on the name somethgblue in the upper right corner of this article to see the list of articles.

I do administer a few FB pages but I would have to get to know you bette to invite you to them, they are private and require some vetting to get an invitation.

Thanks for reading, I also require some more information and until Corey and the boys are more forthcoming in sharing that , I will be a skeptic.

Babyblue 6 weeks ago

And not to mention the fact they were saying how they needed to get more info out more quickly then have hardly released anything at all since then of any real interest. David goes on and on about his book and Corey just updated his website. I always go on my gut instinct and my gut told me right away Corey Goode is a false operative. He may well have implanted memories.

somethgblue profile image

somethgblue 6 weeks ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee Author

Without a doubt and David's book is a flop, the first 200 pages is mental masturbation on a scale that amounts to an emotional flogging and confession of grandeur.

I suspected that Corey is being run like a program and is only there to put an All-American face to the SSP and portray them as the victims not the oppressors.

Neds 6 weeks ago

Putting a spin on the info to sway opinion and make a profit isn't preferred but the easily accessible and prepackaged info can be a good stepping stone for those in their full slumber yet..... I mean unless ur saying the info is a straight up lie and intentionally misleading people. I've actually liked David's other show more , I forget the name at moment but references the law of oneness a lot which has helped reinforce beliefs I had come to through my own research, main point is do you believe David's show is net positive or negative

somethgblue profile image

somethgblue 6 weeks ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee Author

I think the other show you are referencing is Wisdom Teachings and I like it too . . . Here is the thing you need to at least be aware of and the first time I read about it was in the book The Stargate Conspiracy by Clive Prince and Lynn Picknett (1999) . . . the Law of One is channeled material.

Channeling requires some faith however it has been suggested that it is merely psy-op programs using Voice God technology invented in the late 60s, early 70s.

This would mean that people are picking ELFs (Electronic Low Frequency) waves on the same mega-hertz signal the human brain uses, 415-430hz as way of introducing subtle information into the New Age Movement.

My research has also revealed that the Law of One from the books of the same name are actually distorted and twisted versions of the true Law of One teachings however we really have know way of knowing what is distorted.

The thing that raises a red flag with the Ra Material, is how often they change the dates an years of events, it seems to me that higher dimensional beings should be able to be more accurate.

I think the Cosmic Disclosure show is actually negative but I do agree it is a good starting point, for those still sleeping. I say this because the message creates complacency even among those awake by suggesting there are other groups fighting for our rights.

After 6 seasons we have ABSOLUTELY no proof or evidence the Alliance even exists, let alone is fighting for our rights. If they do exist, they are most certainly angling for some sort of immunity by selling Full Disclosure to get immunity for their crimes.

Think about this if the Moon Landing is a hoax, what are the chances a SSP is as well, what has NASA accomplished besides siphoning off a huge sum of money from the American public, since 1958?

We really can't even prove the International Space Station exists?

I think the Cosmic Disclosure Show is part of an elaborate con that includes Aliens, UFOs and perhaps even Hollow Earth . . . but I so hope I am wrong.

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