Creative Excuses For Not Doing Homework...I Don't Want To Blame The Dog!

If you aren't a genius or have good time management, you may end up cursing your teachers until a deadline forces you to get to work.

But, don't panic. Because you are not alone, 90 percent of the population are stuck along with you, looking for creative excuses for not doing homework. And there is need, there is market. A lot of ready-made excuses out there. Such as this one, the author lists 87 excuses which belongs to 11 categories.

The excuses related to computer, internet, or other technique failures maybe first choice for those people who are addicted to games or internet. Here in the Ferris Bueller wannabe's playbook, excuse No. 32, the author gives out serious technical failure as legitimate and semi-legitimate excuses, although a complete computer crash may be reasonable, and sometimes an email misunderstanding or printer error can serve as a temporary excuse, but unfortunately, as technology improves, this kind of excuses may lose its legitimate.

But, while the priest climbs a foot, the devil climbs ten. There are new technologies, and new excuses for you:

  • USB pen drive lost and weeks of work on it; not your CD or soft disk drive or even hard drive failure.
  • USB pen drive left in jean's pocket and was damaged in washing machine & tumble dryer.
  • I couldn't use the internet to research because my internet stopped working.

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boby smith 4 years ago

tell your teacher that someone took it out of your bookbag

watt 4 years ago

this is cool

elizabeth 4 years ago

say that there was no food

Smithy 4 years ago

Some are really funy but some are just retarded

HomeworkSucks~ 4 years ago

I think a good excuse is, saying in a very polite way (works best if you're a girl or a shy boy), that you were doing your homework at home on your table a day before it was due, and then you went to the toilet. But then your little sister started crying, wanting some paper to scribble on, and your parents got so annoyed that they (not realizing that it was your homework) gave her your homework and she ruined it with dribble and crayons.

Another excuse is that you thought it was a lollipop, and because it was made of paper, it melted and went all soggy in your mouth. One dude tried this at my school, and it actually worked because the teacher laughed and said: "Ha ha, fine then, but I expect both week's homework done by next lesson!"

MoFo 4 years ago

okay. just say sorry i have a life tell them u were hanging up pictures of one direction on ur wall all night... cuz i was!! haha :) I had a book report due the next morning and instead of doing it guess what i'm doing sitting on my bed looking up excuses for unfinished homework im super lazy and i never get my homework done EVER but guess what im a straight A student and i don't cheat i just tell my teachers what happened or i just totally freak out on them and yeah haha my parents think im an angel but really all i do is finish the homework in the morning or i become the sweetest god damn girl u have ever met and be a teachers pet haha!!! :)

good exuces :D 4 years ago

ok just say my dog pissed on it then ripped it then he pooped on it then he ate it ok

chinu007 4 years ago

tell her that i gave it to one of my friends and today he's absent

CCC 4 years ago

my dog pissed on it

corey123 4 years ago

never ever ever do an excuse if your brother or siter is in school because your flipen teacher calls in your brother/siter and she/he finds out and busted

HWSPITTER 4 years ago

Just say that you have done your homework and left it on your table,but our table was really in disorder so your parents decided to clean it and thought that your homework was junk so they threw it.

cleobellaxb6kikigirl 4 years ago

1) i lost it

2) i left it at home

3)My mom sent me to a go green campass for the weekend and i couldn't do my homework cuz it kills trees

jessica 4 years ago

go to your teacher and say me and my mom tried to go to my knew grandmas house and got lost and i was doing it and it whent out the window sometimes my teachers say yaeh right wheres your homework i say i didn't whant to do it so i made it grow wings and fly away they say where is it i say okokokok here it is before i turned it in i bunched holes in it and said my dog ate it so no resses............................................................................nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Samm 4 years ago

Usually i come in late in class after doing work and if the teacher asks where i was i just say another teacher wanted my help with something. Butt you're screwed if they ask what teacher and they're going to ask them

Emma 5 years ago

When i was walking to schol miss i dropped my bad and it was opened because we where in a rush miss and my homework fell out and a dog came over and did its things over it soo are we even

LoLoLoLoL 5 years ago

SRY I meant do it in the bathroom then if your teacher asks you where you were, tell her you were talking to the principal!!!!!!! REALLY, IT WORKS!!!!! I'VE DONE IT!!!!!

LoLoLoLoL 5 years ago

do it in the bathroom.............. duhhhh then, tell the teacher you had to talk to the principal. (or go with Sids answer. :D) works every time.

Sid 5 years ago

Its much simpler really, just take In a different book or piece of paper and say you got them mixed up and you'll have it in tomorrow/after lunch... Then just do it and hand it in, works every time :)

rob 5 years ago

i once did this an it actually worked right say to your mum/dad that you have a super bad headache and your neck really hurts and that you feel really hot then your mum/dad will let you stay at home and you wont have to do your home work hope you like it

joey 5 years ago

have a teacher who likes saving trees and recycling and not polluting and stuff? hers a good excuse-


basketball23 5 years ago

Just say I didn't understand the assignment my parents were both working late and I called some of my friends but no one answered the phone.

Boboiboy 5 years ago

I ate mine

Nomas 5 years ago

Tell your teacher that you were playing paper fight with your cousins and that you crumbled up the paper accidentally and threw it at one of your cousin and you threw it away when u were finished playing (:

prince12 5 years ago

do my homework but the but this helped me lot a

charly 5 years ago

i didn't do my homework because i left it in my tray and forgot about it until the night before handing in my homework!!!!

McKenzie 5 years ago

Well if u don't do ur homework do it in the car or at break. If u have it first period then check in after it and say there was alot of traffic. If its later in the day get checked out before and say u had a family event or wasn't feeling well with a note from ur parents.

I love Cats! 5 years ago

I's say something like "Sorry,I forgot to bring my homework to school. I'll bring it tomorrow."

Bling bomg 5 years ago

Lol all of you guys have meen teachers all of mine say oh well I would have forgotten it two and they don't care if im late.

Sarath Sekaran 5 years ago

i kept my homework note in the school itself(or) i kept my note(from which the homework to be copied)in the school

dodo 5 years ago

just say that you left it in your locker over the weekend so you couldn't do it or say that you left it at home !! im am stuck in this sort of situation and it needs to be in for tomorrow first lesson !!!

Gingerninja 5 years ago

My dog actually ate my homework!

Sasha 5 years ago

These Are My Excuses For Not Doing Home-work. 1) The wind blew it out of my hands.2) Dog ate it.3) I didn’t know we had home-work.4) What Home-work?5) I forgot it.6) Goat tore it out of my hands.7) I lost it on the way to school.8) My sisters scribbled all over it.9) Alana needed for the rat; he needs paper to line his cage.10) Some-one stole it off me.11) I had a right hand pencil, but only left hand paper.12) I have an allergic reaction to home-work.13) It was needed as evidence for the police.14) My little brother ate it.15) Ran out of loo paper.16) Had gourmet paper for dinner.17) Computer system went down, didn’t you watch the news?18) Power cut to my house.19) I forget how to write when I get home-work.20) My relatives died to I had to go to an emergency funeral.21) Civil Defence Emergency.22) Couldn’t be bothered.23) Got hungry on the way to school.24) Flood in the bedroom.25) Dog urinated on it.26) Mum and dad disliked it so they tore it up.27) I kept making mistakes on it so I ended using up all my paper and I am waiting for Mum to buy me more.28) We don’t have a printer so I couldn’t print it out, and besides mum is always on the computer so we can’t use it. Also we’ll get our hands chopped off if we touch her computer or laptop.29) My home-work got up and walked away from me.30) It is a dangerous idea.31) It’s against human rights.32) Don’t you think I have already done enough?33) I was sick last night, but made a miraculous recovery this morning.34) I had Air Training Corps.35) I had sea scouts.36) I hate doing home-work.37) My little sister is doing it for me.38) My parents are doing it for me.39) I got distracted by Shortland Street; it was really great last night.40) I never do it, so why should I bother starting now?41) I had too much other home-work.42) Burnt the hand I write with, and when I write with the other hand even my littlest sister can’t read it.43) Sprained my writing hand.44) My little sibling was sick so I cared for them the whole time.45) I was not allowed to do home-work as a punishment.46) I turn deaf when you say we have home-work.47) I got hungry on the way to school.48) Dad accidentally threw it into the fire before I could stop him.49) I was away camping in the weekend.50) I went to bed really early.51) I have an after school job.52

amy. 5 years ago

some of you really don't get the excuses do you? they are terrible.. no teacher would believe them to be honest!

tfyf 5 years ago

went to america for holiday lost homework

shitto 5 years ago

don't do it just say cant b arsed

littlejoker 5 years ago

i was going home and the wind blowed it

jb 5 years ago

LOL you spelt 'panic' panick. DO YOUR SPELLING HOMEWORK!

fruitfly123 5 years ago


princess 5 years ago

i really love ur brilliant ideas lovely

lol 5 years ago

You guys fail so bad

None of these will work. The best way is do it a break or lunch. If its first lesson am afraid u have to tell the truth. If you don't and they find out which they will probably will ohohoho0h0h0ho0ho0hoh your IN TROUBLE!

They also call your parents so just admitt you didn't do it if you cant do it at break or lunch

Thxs for listening!

realreasons :) 5 years ago

if your teacher is nice sure/mrs we went to granns i did do it but forgot it sorry sure

tacnayn 5 years ago


Give it to a dog as a chew toy, and bring it to class as 'proof' your dog got to it.

Make fake puke- mix gravy powder, vegetables (like carrots, corn, anything green, etc.) with water. Put it in a bag to save for 'being sick' when you're at school or straight down the toilet at home, if you know your parents will believe you threw up. It's best to save your puke for a few days- keep telling your mom/dad you feel ill, then use the fake throw-up. THEN, it's foolproof. TIP: Make enough to keep the puking thing going for a while. If you throw up ONCE, your parents might think you're fine and send you to school anyway. Hide a sealable bag of it somewhere mom/dad won't see it, and use it when you think it's necessary. It depends on how long you want to stay out of doing homework.

You're Welcome!

HWHATER 5 years ago

i hate homework i mean who doesn't hate hw unless they are nerds or they are forced by parents.

Once we had an assessment which is a power point presentation and i handed in my assessment but i forgot my speech so i told her the truth. she gave me an extra day and i didn't do it as well so i told her the same story and guess what i got another day to do it. if it is a small problem then tell the truth. if it is big then you have to act smart. for some reason each time i didn't do my hw and i think of a reason something always pop out of my head and not only 1 reason but loads. so i choose the best one. i made loads of excuses and rarely got caught. i even lied to the year co-ordinater and i got away something really bug that could get me expelled. well if u want to get away then u must be smart and think fast. that's the best idea i can give u. hope u guys or girls really get away with detentions and stuff.

neet 5 years ago

just say: my granma changed the baby's nappy over it or i made a paperplane out of it and it got stuck

meet 5 years ago

these excuses are so dum even i can do better than this

RachelNielsen 5 years ago

I forgot my homework in my desk and its due tomorrow and I'm supposed to edit and rewrite a whole story of a kindergarten book using complex sentences AND english is my first class tomorrow morning AND by now, the school is probably closed, locked and empty!

me 5 years ago

yeah what sonia said

dara 5 years ago

I would say I slept at my grandparents and I forgot to bring my homework along with me from my home and by the time I came back my little sister had torn it apart.

And I couldn't do it over because I had forgotten the page.

Fucking sheep shagger 5 years ago

Sorry but it's against my religion to do homework :) :) :) :)???

msaha 5 years ago

i hate it


Do the title and first 2 or 3 lines then rip it ut up where the lines are and say some one nicked it and tore it

cheese 5 years ago

say " my dad used it to get a wasp out the house then threw it in the bin" it worked for me

??? 5 years ago

Most won't work! 'I was busy' works.

mmmmm 5 years ago

for me the only time the excuses worked is when it is fullproof

mmm 5 years ago

hmmm... cool... i am smart!

person 5 years ago

you can say that you ran out of dog food and your dad feed it to the dog

bob 5 years ago

i didn't do it because my dog ate it :)

oriane 5 years ago

i really don't care, but im just going to tell my teacher the truth, we were supposed to finish of our pillow things at home, we had to stitch it together, but i left it in my book at school.My teacher said if we don't finish it shell make us write out this stupid thing, and then shell rip it up, better then a detention, i mean its not the end of the world so i don't care.

sally101 5 years ago

that's a good idea KYLIESMILEY

KYLIESMILEY 5 years ago

Don't worry about it, Its one homework thing....maybe your parents could write u a note or something! If shes such a feak, don't listen to her.....just because u forgot it one time!

Ellie 5 years ago

So, i lost all my rlly freaking out!! My teacher is a control freak! I'm terrified of her! I cant find my homewrok anywhere! im soooooooo STRESSED OUT! PLEASE HELP! She wont listen to ANY excuses!

alleyesasnana 5 years ago

No effence but the terroists one they would never believe.

what>?>>???? 5 years ago

I ran outa toilet paper/wipped ma arse with it by accident!!!

i/someone else made a paper airoplane out of it and it got HIJACKED!

i got captured by terrorists and they have only just let me go so i couldn't do it!!

My gosh ur breath smells , what hav u been eatin???

i was buzzy prayin!

alleyesasnana  5 years ago

Yea i guess those were not pretty good excuses...

And it does not have to be raining (for number 1), it said "my parents could.nt find anything to use so they accidentally took my homework and burnt it", you don't really get it do you?

darius 5 years ago

tese comments dumb as s@!#

darn 5 years ago

i was busy watching saturday night live :P

sophie_saurus 5 years ago

say u left it outside and it started raining so ur hw got destroyed. obviously, DON'T USE THIS 1 IF IT HASN'T BEEN RAINING.

also, to make ur story believable, put a random piece of paper in the shower the night b4 so that it gets destroyed enough that u cant read it and say 'i recovered some of it' and show the mangled,soaking piece instead.

sally 101 5 years ago

those are really weird excuses???!!!!!

alleyesasnana 5 years ago

2. I had to go to the bathroom when I got home from school and I brought my backpack with me, when I was done I realized that their was no more toilet paper. So I used my homework, I have paper cuts if you need any proof.

alleyesasnana 5 years ago

i do not know if that is a good excuse? WHAT DO YOU THINK? of that excuse......

IS IT GOOD::::::.....OR... IS IT BAD?

alleyesasnana 5 years ago

we had a bon fire last night and my parents could.nt find anything to use so they accidentally took my homework and burnt it

HOTSTUFF 5 years ago


Me 5 years ago

Homeworks a bad word and I'm not allowed to use or write bad words.-

Chuck norris 5 years ago

Just don't go to school that day

Who,Me? 5 years ago

When my great, great, great grandmother was freed from slavery, she vowed she would never work for someone else again. I intend to honour and preserve her greatness by following in her footsteps and thus, I’ll not be doing your homework.


I didn't do it because I didn't want to add to my teachers already heavy workload. *sweet smile*

annoymous 5 years ago

i said one that my dog ate it i spent half an hour forcing it down her throught but she eventually did eat it and another one i said was ny little bro had a party and thought it was spare so he cut it up as confetti beleive me the teacher was to smart to believe eith but he did think the second one was possible hahaha :)

alana 5 years ago

haha funny or it ?

michael 5 years ago

im really smart, but i jate everything and imm tryin 2 find a short story for sats!

Hopethishelps 5 years ago

1) if it was set a while ago and ur teacher didn't pay much attention to u when it was set just say i don't think i was here when it was set

2) i felt so presured i just wanted a break i will hand it in tommorow (hopefully she will say never mind)

3)tell u teacher i forgot to do but before class she shud let u off

Mark C 5 years ago

Guys just say your copy got full and you had to buy a new one and that your homework is in the old one but you threw it out! :P I'm using that in about an hour ha!

AssHole 5 years ago

you have to be creative and realistic with them. i had a project where we had to record something, and i said that we recorded the file at school on iMac computers, but i have a pc at home so when i wanted to edit it, it wouldn't open.

damien wells 6 years ago

MY baby sister ate it

poo 6 years ago

my poo ate it

me 6 years ago

just poke holes in the paper and say my dog ate it

Jess-x-x 6 years ago

Guys all you haave to say is i did it all, and i checked it, put it in my bag, went to school, it was still there,and when it came to the lesson, i wasn't there!!!!

Shan:D 6 years ago

OMG!!! Im tryin too do my geography homework now && really don't get it we have had 3 weeks to do it its like a project && my geography teacher is the deputy head && VERY STRICK:/ Any GOOD excuses anybody??x

F@#KNationPride 6 years ago

best ACTUAL excuse:

Go in crying, seriously, worked a couple of times, but risky

mom- *sniff* *sniff*

had a heart attack...

*sniff* I TOLD her!!!

NOT to smoke...

*sniff* but she wouldn't listen to me!!!!!

Gran Finale (a.k.a cry like hell)

and rip up whatever email or note your teacher gave to your parents, either it's a letter that says I'm sincerely sorry about what happened or it's a letter to confirm it. This probably won't happen, because now that I'm grown up would you really write a letter that basically says ARE YOU DEAD?

Tina Dynamite 6 years ago

my llama accidentally ate my h/work so i threw some ham at it mwahhhhhh :/

Helooooo  6 years ago

just tell the teacher you couldn't be bothered !! you may get a detention but hey, other kids think your cool B)

bob marley your mom 6 years ago


GreatBritainRules!! XD 6 years ago

@ Homework...go die :( Ohh okay... i'm in my seond year at secondary school :)

Homework...go die :( 6 years ago

Senior 1 (first year)

GreatBritainRules!! XD 6 years ago

@ Homework...go die:(, what do you mean by "S1"?

I'm also sorry for misjudging you. :)

Homework...go die :( 6 years ago

GB rules, no I'm from britain in S1 :)

Elisha 6 years ago

umm oh so sorry miss it's just that on the way to schol i let it on the bus train ect and it went off somewhere or it's in my locker but i forgo thmy keys today or just skip the lesson

GreatBritainRules!! XD  6 years ago

@ Homework...go die, WOW !! are you from the U.S?? Because we have what is called the "C" system. This includes C1, C2 and the worst C3, theses are punishments for your bad behaviour, and lack of homework, and such, this means that you get House Points take off you if you don't had it in on time. So really you have it A LOT harder than we do, over here in the U.K.

I feel so, so sorry for you!!!

Homework...go die :( 6 years ago

All my teachers are bitches and if I have to hand it in after break/recess or lunch then if u have a good phone that can email send it to whoever is at you house and get them to print it and bring it to you during recess.

A sorta good excuse is if ur techer hasn't checked homework yet do it 4 nxt day and put it on a shelf or somethin and pretend you just found it and if that bitch still doesn't believe u... Well the fu#k her :L

GreatBritainRules!! XD 6 years ago

I have to wirte about a "hero" (e.g Martin Luther King Jr.) and write the good things about he/she and the bad things about he/she.

UUUUURRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!! I f-ing hate homework!!!!

although i am REALLY puzzeled about when it is due in :S

tom  6 years ago

the best is to say you are being Eco-friendly and not wasting paper (:

Georgina 6 years ago

problem with all these is they are all to stupid just use the more realistic ones like:i forgot to write it down so u forgot.... simple as.x.x.x

Jennie 6 years ago

just say you were sick all day and you went to the doc. and came back very late & had to sleep!(works like a charm)

or : you had a headache and took pills that make you sleepy and slept till the next day!

Voldemort 6 years ago

Usually, I tell my teachers I did it but left it at home. This usually gives you another day to do it. I also tell them I lost it or my sister hid it because I told my mum something that she didn't want me to tell her. Since I am usually a good student, they let me get away with it. You could also fake being sick so your mum and dad let you stay home, and you could do your homework in bed. If your teachers are nagging you for your homework, before they can realize you didn't do it, compliment them or tell them something that happened yesterday or something. But when you do this, you must ramble profusely or they will get to you. You can ask for a loo pass before they start asking for homework and stay there until after they finish checking homework. If all else fails, tell them you didn't do it and that Voldemort made you say the things you said, and that you have been forced to do what you did. Hope it helped! Now I gotta go kill Harry Potter. Bye!

HW bullshit  6 years ago

Do a little bit and then go sir I wasn't sure about it so i only did a bit ask for help and u end up not doin it :L

dylan Evans 6 years ago

I had an accident and fell on my laptop and it broke

:Phelloo. 6 years ago

if you do your homework then why are you on this website.?

Lol..after all it is for people who don't do their homework..

sara 6 years ago

do your homework if you do not "want to just be honest

samantha 6 years ago

flirt with ur teacher wat if ur a girl wat ur teacher is a girl huh wat if ur a boy wat if ur teacher is a boy

lew 6 years ago

global warming melted my pen

HW!-hate working* 6 years ago

I had to write an essay on the best homework excuse ever... I told the teacher that I told the teacher that I could best express my work if I came up with an of why I don't have it written ((;

your mom 6 years ago

hey!!! iv been hearing all of this this is your mom

your growded!!!

asdfghjkl 6 years ago

1.)The bully took it!

2.)You said it was due next week

3.)I'm allergic to paper.

4.)I spent all night praying

isaynohomework 6 years ago

just say that you weren't in and teacher will by it. if not and they find out u lied u will get a detention.

CloseEnough 6 years ago

Who even invented homework!!?? I'm seriously behind on ALOT!! but procrastination seems to be my middle name :( i just can't make myself do it, even though i'm quite capable, i get the work in class, blah blah but who actually needs homework!? We spend enough hours in lessons and we do what seems like a life sentence worth of going through the education system, so why do we want to bring it home with us to? all those hours wasted when it could be spent doing something fun (although probably not productive but at least it's fun) and if theres a chance i might die tomorrow, i'll wanna go knowing i haven't just wasted so many minutes/hours on some shitty assignment or essay but that i've actually just lived a little and had some fun, argh it just makes me angry, seriously teachers (or just one in particular) STOP GIVING ME F***ING HOMEWORK!!!!!!!!!!! ..... there rant over lol and as for excuses, i've used 'em all!

kerio 6 years ago

what the hell my techers wouldn't tolorate such poor exscuses. i don't them anyway

BwukBwuk 6 years ago

Mr/Ms ____, I was unable to do my ______ Homework on the terms that it is not possible. You see, for me to finish my ______ Homework, I must first complete half of my ________ Homework, correct? So for me to do half of it I must first do a quarter of it, and to do that I must first 1/8 of it, and to do that I must first do 1/16 of it, and to do that I must first do 1/32 of it, and to do that I must first do 1/64 of it, and to do that I must

first do 1/128 of it, and to do that I must first do 1/256 of it, and to do that I must first do 1/512 of it, and to do that I must do 1/1024 of it, and to do that I must first do 1/2048 of it, and to do that I must first do 1/4096 of it, and to do that I must first do 1/8192 of it, and to do that I must first do 1/18384, and to do that I must first do 1/32768 of it, and to do that I must first do 1/65536 of it, and to do that I must first do

1/131072 of it, and to do that I must first do 1/262144 of it, and to do that I must first do 1/524288 of it, and to do that I must first do 1/1048576 of it, and to do that I must first do 1/2097152 of it, and to do that I must first do 1/4194304 of it, and to do that I must first do 1/8388608 of it, and to do that I must first do 1/16777216 of it, and to do that I must first do 1/33554432 of it, and to do that I must first do

1/67108864 of it, and to do that I must first do 1/134217728 of it, and to do that I must first do 1/268435456 of it, and to do that I must first do 1/536870912 of it, and to do that I must first do 1/1073741824 of it, and to do that I must first do 1/2147483648 of it, and to do that I must first do 1/4294967296 of it, and to do that I must first do 1/8589934592 of it, and to do that I must first do 1/17179869184 of it, and to do that I must first do 1/34359738368 of it, and to do that I must first do 1/68719476736 of it, and to do that I must first do 1/137438953472 of it, and to do that I must first do 1/274877906944 of it, and to do that I must first do 1/549755813888 of it, and to do that I must first do

1/1099511627776 of it, and to do that I must first do 1/2199023255552 of it, and to do that I must first do 1/4398046511104 of it, and to do that I must first do 1/8796093022208 of it, and to do that I must first do 1/17592186044416 of it, and to do that I must first do

1/35184372088832 of it, and to do that I must first do 1/70368744177664 of it, and to do that I must first do 1/140737488355328 of it, and to do that I must first do 1/281474976710656 of it, and to do that I must first do 1/562949953421312 of it, and to do that I must first do

1/1125899906842624 of it, and to do that I must first do 1/2251799813685248 of it, and to do that I must first do 1/4503599627370496 of it, and to do that I must first do 1/9007199254740992 of it, and to do that I must first do 1/18014398509481984. So that even if I write 10,000

words, and every word is 100 characters in length, I still can't write a single letter. This results in me only being able to write 18014398509.481984 of a letter. Making it physically impossible for me to start working on it.

none for me 6 years ago

just say how many teachers does it take to beleive me when your excuse doesn't work he he he he he

dudeisawesome 6 years ago

Say that you were posessed by the spirit of michael jackson and and used it to wipe the crap off your butt. Hahahahahaha i just make things up as i go along!!!

purplewhalez 6 years ago

I hardly ever do my homework, I have science homework from this year that was due about four months ago, I got out of it by saying I had forgot it, then the next day, when she asked me and the others where it was I pretended to look for it, waited for everyone to give put it on her desk and she never even checked that I did it.. I also use excuses like I left it on my desk, after reading over the spelling and grammar (yes, I know it sounds lame but some teachers appreciate it..)also if it has to be printed you could say that you have a new laptop and just bought office for the subject especially, but it took so long to install you had a very short time to type it up and after completing it tried to print it and it failed/your USB drive was full. But keep it short and snappy - don't go on about how your dog was hungry and it couldn't see nothing to eat apart from the homework sheet lying helplessly on the floor, waiting to be eaten so it decided it would eat it. Just simply say "My Dog ate my homework" although, DON'T use that excuse.. been there done that..

mattnath 6 years ago

i told my teacher that i was walking to school then a dog started chasing me ant ripped my pocket and took it

i ripped my pants with a knife and she belived me

x-smileyjojo-x 6 years ago

Say : " I have a solar powered calculator and it was windy :| ."

Akeel 6 years ago

umm what homework?????????? oh that homework sorry miss but i neva got it

JimmyLOVESme 6 years ago


6 years ago

1)left it on the bus

2)took cough meds and fell asleep in the middle of doing it >.

noor 6 years ago

i would just say um I DIDN'T,T DO MY HOME WORK CUZ IT WAZ TO MUCH >.< nah just say ur dog ate it :)

Bobskis 6 years ago

just say either:


2 - but my mom said it was family day

3 - i had a sports tournament could i get an extension please? (works 99% of the time if u have fake note as well) :D

omg 6 years ago

My parents couldn't afford to make dinner last night, and i had to eat it to live. :P

Niamh 6 years ago

I just say I forgot the copy book and that works or I say something like i forgot to do that homework or something that I haven't done yet but am going to do soon is tell my whole class to tell the teacher that we didn't have that subject or something my cousin says he has done it and it works perfectly by the way i have only 15 in my class so it is easy then my teacher Mr.Shocknasty is sometimes quiet stupid as well so I say it will work

omg 6 years ago

1 im not doing my homework anymore

2 my cat shot my hw book

3 i went on a crazy space adventure

4 my guinea pig pee on it then pull unhappy face

fuck 6 years ago

i have to write a story about a nightmare and it's due tomrow can anyone write one 4 me

miniman 6 years ago

you guys know that teacher dude that is on here is seeing this what if he is yo teacher and you say an excuse he wont buy it an you get detention. think about it!!!

i hate homework 6 years ago

1 I felt sick miss/sir

2 I droped it on the way to school in a messy puddle

3 Write messy very messy

4 miss its in my locker can i show you later thenpretend to lose the keys

hi all 6 years ago

1)say that aliens stole it to see how the humaan mind works.

2) say ur heating went out so u had to burn it for warmth.

Homework hater 6 years ago

1)Homework fell in the gutter.

2)show an old school book which is covered with juice/ink.

rabia shezad 6 years ago

ican't dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

eman 6 years ago

i do not do myhomework coz i waz bzy in sckool work exams

youguysaresostupidreadthisoneinstead 6 years ago

just go to the bathroom while the teacher is checking for done homework then by the time you come back if you were in there long enough she/he will forget about checking your homework. daaaaaaaaaaaa oh by the way all the other excuses you all posted are stupid so try again unless you want to be suspended

IAM A HEAD TEACHER 6 years ago

i AM i head teacher so none of these excuses will work in my school

riyaa jan 6 years ago

OMG looooooooool these comments are jokes.

iam not that lucky cuz my teacher always says no excuses.. wat ever happens if i die i hv to do it or go to the head office.

LOOOl omg omg

ladyalex profile image

ladyalex 6 years ago

this is what i say ill do my hw when u get smarter

Mikka 6 years ago

ur all gay

anonomous 6 years ago

write a lot of crap on your paper, then burst your pen all over it and take it in to school then say I done it but my pen kinda burst, they would have to believe you haha

Little Miss Cunt 6 years ago

I have a great one...'I just didn't do it cunt'

li-miss-shorty 6 years ago

I have some

1. a fairy took it a way

2. a troll came and crunched it all up

homework sucksssssssssssssssssssss 6 years ago

why is homework so boring i got 5 pieces over the holidays

madmadude 6 years ago

Just do ya homework ( not dat I do! Mwahahaha)

U loser 6 years ago

hey this is the best exuse

just say u atttavhed and it isn't attached if it is a email


Pasta 6 years ago

My excuse was a usb that didn't work and i gave it in to the teacher to print off and she sed that i must have dropped my usb and gave me two extra weeks to do it again

fatima.k 6 years ago

hi it is waste my teacher is so strict say some more better

omg  6 years ago

omg this site is stuped

bob 6 years ago

the wind was fast and the wind stole it

IF uskate 2?? 6 years ago

i didn't do it because it was monday, i don't do homework on mondays, >>>>>>>>>>>you may want to replace the monday with what ever day you supposed to handle the homework in

Yong 6 years ago

Say that you died

idiot 6 years ago

fake your own death.

Or, do your homework.

Or, answer in a different language.

Or, tell the truth

liam 6 years ago

(if you go to a Christian school) This is a Christian school right? Wouldn't god forgive?

sam 6 years ago

man u guys are noobs looking up excuses for not doing homework

year 7 :( 6 years ago

I have one that actually worked once in geography and avoided a lunch time detention : I have a little bit to finish off and it is in my office ( be specific about details on where it is).Also my teacher may have been slightly distracted

lol 6 years ago

also if the teacher got it form a website and it says it on the bottom look up the website 4 answers

lol 6 years ago

Everyone good ones but i personally reckon if it is a hard question just look it up on the internet. but if it is like write a world out 100 times then you are pretty much stuffed lol.

kainat 6 years ago

well i think they all good but the dog one is really good i tried it but my teacher mrs ra**** tld me to bring the bitten work how lame

Gilli ^-^ 6 years ago

BTW it's better to do your homework that way when ever you really can't they'll beleive you.

Gilli ^-^ 6 years ago

I did do my homework, but i ran out of toilet paper. (xP Do you get it?)

Homework sucks :P 6 years ago

i would just say i don't give a sh** about homework

BLAH 6 years ago


BIBBY 6 years ago

I droped it in the carpark and car ran over it

profile image

i was here 1k960 6 years ago

1st day you say my printer broke down get it in tomorrow

2nd day you say i fixed my printer but ran out of ink mums getting more tomorrow

3rd day you say mum bought wrong kind of ink

4th dat you should have made enough time to actually have done it worked for me so many times, hope it works for you!

or you could go on and say i had a club on last night like cadets or badminton club or whatever you young wippersnappers play these days, or hobby like golf?

or you where playing REALLY!!!! educational game on playstation that didn't involve homework but you were learning all the same

.............................................. 6 years ago

Why not just do the homework instead of getting detentions?

People are so stupid... but sure, go ahead and fail at your life if you want to.

Lydia 6 years ago

1 ) I didn't expect to be in this class

2 ) can i give it to you at break

3 ) I put it under your door already

4 ) I am sure I attached it in an email

5 ) I sent an email :)

like ?

ice lap mice elf 6 years ago

your homework got ran over and your attending its funeral after school :)

pen island 6 years ago

jst say sum1 died. used it bout 15 tyms, but da lst few scored me trip 2 the councilor :P

rl;kl;rktl;rktrt 6 years ago

I HAVE to do my homework because my brother got 2 d's on his report card and my parents say its up to me to get the good grades. but sense the teachers always think i'm good, that's when i say i had already done it and showed it to her so that's an easy A right there!

PNKFLYD 6 years ago

"We don't need no, education!"


My teacher doesn't believe any excuses however creative :( so its always detention for me!

Teacher 6 years ago

Thanks for the info, you dumb kids. Keep writing...keep writing and meet you in school on Monday...Mwahahahahahahah

- Fucked Up Teacher -

H/W IS ****!!! 6 years ago


h/w sucks ( ban homework!) 6 years ago

they will nevr beleive the dog ate it or left it in the car. or it got wet. though a funny one is....

i was hAving a crap and ran out of toilet paper i find that so funny!! :D LOL

h/w noooooooo!!!!! 6 years ago

my homework died.

it wont work but it will be funny!!


DOWN WITH HOMEWORK!!!! 6 years ago

wat i think is DOWN WITH HOMEWORK!!!!! as a excuse i would say ummmmmmm (then faint (pretend))

MYTHICAL ELITE7 6 years ago

i left it at my dads house.

only works if your parents R divorced

Teacherknowsall 6 years ago

Students that use these excuses usually depend on excuses regularly, and the teacher labels the student a liar among the other teachers. Here is an excuse that students use frequently: "I left in my locker (student goes to his locker for it and returns empty handed). Oh, I thought it was there, so it must be at home." (or) "I left it in my locker, CAN (not MAY) I bring it to you after lunch?" (Student does the homework during lunch and brings it the teacher).

All I can say is "Wake up! Quit being a lazy liar. Your credibility has been destroyed, but you can earn it back without using stupid lies."

bubblesthepanda 6 years ago

i usually just say that i was checking something on the homework in the car and i left it there...but only with the nicer teachers...the mean ones scare me a littlelol

CheeseCrazyxxlol 6 years ago

um.....i left my hwk at school in my locker over da weekend n its due in 2morrow....i dint mean 2 its never happened b4.......this is true nt an excuse....i need a good excuse!!!!! :(

Lollypop 6 years ago

Easy, just say the following;

"The thing is Sir/Miss i was walking home and a man approached me with a tape and tape player, the tape contained a secret mission from the government and I stupidly accepted, I'm such an idiot...well then me and chuck norris kick the baddies asses and save the world from TOTAL destruction and make it in time for bed...however, unfourtunatly I didn't have enough time to do my homework...don't blame me, blame the government" and then sigh dramtically.

Works most...okay it didn't work but the teachers face was worth the detention. :D

Whateva 6 years ago

By the time u have made up a good excuse the homework could have been done!!!!!

Whateva 6 years ago

By the time u have made up a good excuse the homework could have been done!!!!!

homework hater 6 years ago

yea i know what ya are doing this stuff wont work I need real help!!!!!!!!! REAL HELP my teacher wont catch it.

Scarletta 6 years ago

Tbh most homework is alright - google answers for activities and then google mark schemes for essays. You learn more doing that than having no clue and getting them all wrong and feeling useless :/

I Hate Homework 6 years ago

homework sucks my theacher Sucks

Klap 6 years ago

My Idea is catch da bus 2 skool & leave ur bag on da bus

Ps take a 10 dolla bill 4 recess n lunch

Adina 6 years ago

i didn't want to waste paper. doesn't our school want to go green ? don't be an outcast. save paper , no homework

HW is F*&^$$ 6 years ago

OHH hw is just ********** *** ****** just say ur homework is an offence to me becuse it keeps getting lost becuse it dusnt like to be written on wrks 4 me 79% of the time

Lorna 6 years ago

I lost my homework in a fight with a kid because he said you aren't the best teacher in the school?!

secret;) 6 years ago


tbh your excuses are all crap apart from it was in my trouses and my mum washed it .. hmm. might have to try that out eh.:)

thankkyou for that one ..


Alex Dyer 6 years ago

Sorry miss i don't have my homework, i lost it whilst fighting some kid who said you wernt the best teacher in the world.

Tazz 6 years ago

3. If it was to be done in a book, say you did it on a sheet, and left it in the the teacher lost it :D

Tazz 6 years ago

2. Depending on the actual difficulty, maybe justa simple...I didn't get it? :D

Tazz 6 years ago

Loool, ok so I don't always hand my homework in on time, and Im actually reaallyy good at making excuses, but my mates often take the mickey, and say things like "awww, you see miss, the bus ran over my homework, but I carried on, then I got hit by a steam train, and got paralized, but I made a miracoulus recovery, unfortunately my homework didn't" and stuff like that lol, but here's a good few

1) If its writing homework, write random words on paper, relating to the subject including and, it, also etc... and rub the paper into mud, enough so that its not very visible but you can still see the writing in parts..."miss, someone pushed me and i slipped, i managed to clean my clothes fairly well, but I thought wetting my paper, would make it worse...sorry :/

i hate hw 6 years ago

u could just say that i had a club on last night and didn't have time to do any homework, or you could say that you didn't think you had that lesson today, so you didn't do it. Or you just completely forgot about that subject, or you didn't write your homework down!!!!!! :D

ROB! 7 years ago

1) you overslept and started rushing to get ready for school but forgot your homework on the side

2) you left it at your mums but unfortunetly, she went on holiday and dident take you

3) ran out of toilet paper :)

4) your mum stuck your trousers in the wash with the homework in the pocket

5) your bag fell apart, so you had to buy a new one, but all the rubish in your bad (includeing the homework) was thrown in the bin

6) it blew out your hands; never to be seen again

7) it fell into the lawn mower

8) cant find it anymore

9) we had homework?

10) i had to go see my nan, took my homework with me to do it, but left it there

11) don't go to school on the day that its due in

12) your sister scribbled all over it

13) your sister ate it :L

14) your house got broke into and my homework was in the draw that they stole

15) OR, you can try the excuse that i always use, and it works a treat: You Couldent be assed to do it.....its the truth, but at least you don't get a detention

Sophie 7 years ago

For maths the other day she asked for homework so i gave her my old maths homework jotter

it worked and she never asked for it :)

diego 7 years ago

my dog ate my homework but I was watching cartoons....

Titus wright 7 years ago

Hey just take some advice from me tell your teacher that another student was makeng fun of them and u beat the kd up and I had to sho the police Evidence that I am a student in the teAchers class s the police have I in heir custody as evidence

Lawd 7 years ago

No just not working need some for drawings plzzzzz

COOL CAT 7 years ago


1. Say that your pet had an accident on it.

2. Say that your school bag fell in a puddle on the way to school.

3. Say that you spilt juice on it, and its still wet.

4. Say that you lost it when you went ........ and you took it there as you had no choice.

5. Say that your brother/sister/cousin took it and flushed it down the loo.

6. Say that you lost it.

7. Say that you didn't do it.



DaGabatron 7 years ago

It's easy just say you really needed o go to the toilet while doing your homework and say that allthe toilet paper was gone and you had no choice but to se it as toilet paper

Alex 7 years ago

Write some random words on apiece of paper, rip it up then show your teacher and say your new kitten attacked it!!!

Sam 7 years ago

This is easy, say you couldn't do it because you have ADD!

im bored... :( 7 years ago

i left it on the garden when my mum called me in 4 dinner and my rabbit chewed it up

(the problem is that my teachers give us detention even if we got a good excuse >:( lol)

man 7 years ago

my house got burnt

hi 7 years ago

truth truth truth

just tell the truth it works 97% of the time

says  7 years ago

***** when u get to skwl on the day just ask a friend if u can copy theirs *****

cooooooooooolkid01  7 years ago

i just say to the teachers im not doing it lol

best guy ever 7 years ago

A good one is saying my pet chewed the power cable to my computor.

Another on is saying you emailed it when you didn't

get the whole class to say it was never assigned or say a different deadline

MeWutevz 7 years ago

Here's a CLASSIC.

2 ways of doing this.

1. Ask to go to the toilet when he/she's handing it out, and if she/he doesn't realize, say you didn't get it OR

when he/she's handing them out, quickly sneak it into the bin and say you didn't get one. Works like a charm. My teacher did it once (she didn't have enough copies) she kept saying she would bring some more in the next day but she kept forgetting. It was cool.

foreva no truth 7 years ago

lol i say something like "im never forced to do homework so why should i?" or if its someone like my librarian i say 'musta fell outa my front pocket while i went to my uncles farm'

JONAO 7 years ago

I Like Like you suck.....

if you have a book report say i dint get to read the book but i can finish it in __ days

i like like 7 years ago

i like like i like ......MIKE!

homework is gay 7 years ago


Hello 7 years ago

Oh my god .Just do your homework and don't worry about it.The lying is not worth it because if the teacher finds out you WILL get a bad reputation.Just say the truth.At least you were honest.

dANiEllA 7 years ago

Ill just say i had to give it to ma brother because he was whinning a lot and mom screamed at me

leah 7 years ago

I left it on top of my best friends rat cage and she ate it!

lucy 7 years ago

i just say:

I left it on the bus..

I left it in the car

I left it in the kitchen

i dropped it in a puddle

my cat hasn't been potty trained

frankly miss/sir. i couldn't be bothered

i got suck and then i couldn't find you.

OMG, i can't find it. then start crying

my mum banned me from the computer

my printer's broken

think of things that make you feel sick, and say. i'm sorry, i couldn't do it. i've been sick all week.

mummy thought it was rubbish so she binned it

i was ill so i didn't get the homework

Mehh.. who cares?

I'm sorry, but i don't think we should have to do homework. work is for school. that's why we go. we don't go just so that we can do more at home?!

rosierules 7 years ago


shanessa 7 years ago


dick head 7 years ago

homework is for losers and the girls in my class think im hot but will oonly go out with me if i mates with a weirdo that always hands in homework and is part of a homework club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TEACHER HATER!!!! 7 years ago

My teacher is so harsh! If u have a note or family commitments he doesn't care u stay in at lunch and do it anyway! If u r sick u have to look on the website and have all ur books and do it! Urgh!!!! I hate it! If u yawn in his class no joke a months detention! I bet if a family member died I would still have a zero!

YAAY n_n 7 years ago

"The voices told me that i didn't have to make it"

Ep1c fail 7 years ago

what i do is that if your teacher is a bit "unstrict"

what i do is:

1.While she/he is collecting the homework "if he/she goes around the class to collect homework"

go and get your book when the teacher comes to your desk and 50% of the time they forget.

2. say you forgot it at home and will bring it in tomorrow.

3.pretend to look for it everywhere and tell him/her you'll try to look for it at home/redo it.

works 30% of the time.

4.if it is an essay, write 4-5 lines and rip the rest.

say that it got ripped on the way to school and [insert excuse here]


bor= 7 years ago

1 i have aids

2 alkaida

3 "it's a bomb"

they worked for me

(: 7 years ago

you really wanna know? kay, me + my boyfriend were having sex, we didn't have any condoms so we used pull out and my homework was the closest thing to hand...and well...i didn't wanna ruin my bedsheets!

im a teacher says  7 years ago

people use these excuses all the time but they always end up in detention so u myt as well jus to

Mel 7 years ago

My school goes by a demerits system, and my teachers a bitch. Must find a way to get my homework in to her by second period, or she will be even more of a bitch. Hmmm... Considering I was absent Friday, and the fact that she emailed us to tell us that was not an excuse, that it must be in by second, (I can't copy it was handed in) Im utterly screwed. Or I could make up a looseleaf with fake answers to fake questions. Woohoo -__-

kayla 7 years ago

what if your teacher is making you do a book and you have already typed it all and printed it but you need to put it on a hard drive witch then means you have to retype everything and send it to your email then put it on the hard drive thing because you diddnt save your work i know what your thinking wow stupidest teacher in the world!!

haha 7 years ago

say that your already smart and didn't want to make the other kids feal bad

Excuse Oh are you True5 7 years ago

I said my dog ate my hw 4 times this past year. He ate it once, ripped the second, and it accidentally got shredded into his food bowl the third. 4th never happened, but this excuse worked when I brought my 100 pound labrador to school on leash.

Best Excuse 7 years ago

Here is the best excuse for hand written homeworks:I was doin it last night but left it on the table and forget to put it in my bag this morning always works. And here is for computer homeworks to be brought in by USB: delete everything on ur USB then make a file saying homework but leave the file blank and bring it in and say: "WHAT but but it was here last night NO" then burst out crying. works a charm hehe

Emily 7 years ago

Mine are 1) my dog Ate it 2)my brother ate it 3)I set it on the stove and me mom made mac and cheese and she accidentally burned it 4) I droppedd it in my pool! The last one only works if u have a pool or else shell think ur a little confused in the upstairs portion of ur body!!!!!!!!!!!

IceMaN 7 years ago

say u put it on a fire by accident

Harry 7 years ago

My best one that worked: burst into tears and whisper " There was no toilet paper left in the cubicle so...."

im a teacher 7 years ago

im a teacher so non of these excuses will work!! haha

YummyScrumboes profile image

YummyScrumboes 7 years ago

1) i ran out of toilet paper

2) the police wanted it for evidence of a murder

3) dog peed on it

4) ferret tried to eat it but failed but h/w still ripped

5) a kid i babysat scribbled on it

6) wanted a snack while doing h/w and spilled my milk on it

7) neighborhood squirrel peed on it

8) i asked dad where babys come from and he drew it on the back (did actually happen)

lots of these work but the police one

Ha. HA. 7 years ago

AAARRRRghhhhhhh I h8 hoomework got a whole Geography assignment in 4 2moro could really do with usin 1 of these excuses!!!!

Oh and chris seriously get a life


superman 7 years ago

hw is shit non just runawy

Weird. 7 years ago

Chris.... Wat The Hell ... You Don't Do This On A Random Website -.- Meet Someone. And I Hate Homework. I've Not Done A Huge Essay In For Tomoz Morning .. I'm Just Saying That I Was Ill Through The Week And Had No Time Then And That On The Weekend I Was Really Busy, Then Halfway through The Lesson Ask To Go To 1st Aid Cause I Feel Ill. I Really Hope It Works.

Ps. History Sucks Balls!

Pss. Chris Your A Noob. P:

:P 7 years ago

i was too busy having sex. sorry.

Wow. 7 years ago

chris your a retard

chris 7 years ago

does anyone want to go out! i do i need a girl that is hot thanks!

I'm Going To Kill My Teacher Hehe 7 years ago

Just act proper shock and say:

Oh that's what it was i just thought you give me a piece of paper with gibberish on. Oh well maybe next time. No hard feeling.

Jyro 7 years ago

Lol I hate hw too, but think about it guys, in the time it took you to read all of these and search this up you might have finished your homework :P

I'm usually honest and I'm just like "I made a mistake and I didn't really get it, would you horribly mind if I handed it in tomorrow?" a lot of timed it's the truth and every single time the teacher says o.k.

genius 7 years ago

Say you originally had 3 pages, but you lost the second page. Or say somebody spilled their juice on it (you can just spill your juice on it). Say it got wrecked in the rain. Ask your teacher: would you rather have me hand it in or time and fail, or hand it in a couple days late and get a good mark.

I hate teachers 7 years ago

I actully forgot to bring my hw home and she said is anyone does not do I will get a punishmen and 2 days detention no excuses!!!

I am dead

homework sucksssss!!!!!!! 7 years ago

homework stinkzzzzzz i sumtimes like fun activities not borin 1s like write a story copy words 3 times and stuff like that homework sucksssssssssssssssss innit ??

well done for evry1 that hates homework !!!!!!!! x

whatever lmao 7 years ago

wow yur all very retarted serioiusly get a life do the homework its not a big deal yur just lazy so whatev

wo0w 7 years ago

why wont u simply do the homework?!

its the same work if u hand it on time or if u hand it late! except you'll get a better grade and feel better than those losers who don't do it and wont be anything in life.

kuul iz kuuuler 7 years ago

or u kan tell de truth and FAIL. The best way is to write a fake note, or say ure friend ripped it into pieces.(the don't know what friend it is though, so if they who, say he doesn't come to ure scool :D)

crack coke 7 years ago


silentcookie 7 years ago

homework sucks ballllllls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate it and i really hate smart kids too

ifuckedurmom 7 years ago

tell de teacher u don't get do. 1 or 2 Q den say i don't get it.

No one 7 years ago

1. Monster ate my homework.

2. Dinosaur ate my homework.

3. Alien stole my homework.

(Read my name.)

whatever lmao  7 years ago

someone say something

whatever lmao 7 years ago

just be like yeaaa i didn't wanna do it and i didn't have any time!!

whatever lmao 7 years ago

ok whatever

hahaha 7 years ago

oi PinkyBbz Xx why u on dis site if u don't want 2 risk it

dum assssssssssssssss

xftj 7 years ago

i need a excuse for not doin my geography assesment. plus my teacher is a retard

by the way PinkyBbz Xx you r a retard as well

about throwing your education away

why don't u try minding your own business


hahaha 7 years ago

u should sy dat your dad is crazy and ran away from his mental home just to take your homework:)

Jimmy 7 years ago

, My school sucks!

Seriously, don't try any of these excuses, they don't work.

The technical failure one is just a fail, seriously, the school teacher would've just asked you why you didn't use the school computers to re-do it then.

Plus some of the written work you need to submit in, if I did say anything (which I didn't but some guys in my class did) said that he had it on his USB but the teacher was like, "I don't give an ape shit, it was due in today, I need it." Unless your teacher is retarded don't try these.

LinkenParkRulz 7 years ago

I've done it for weeks, so I thought I'll take this week off

freweyni 7 years ago

just say that it got burnt

PinkyBbz Xx 7 years ago

i can't believe you people. Your throwing away your education by not doing homework. I wouldn't risk it if I were you.

Megan G. 7 years ago

Your dog ate it dood what if u don't HAVE a dog and your teacher knows it DOY!!!!!!!!!! What I would do is tell her my baby sister drew on it and if u don't have a sister say you listning to ure ipod outside while doing it it was wndy and it blew away (works like a charm

dfgcvg 7 years ago

if i was u i would do it in the first place

Arsenal Rule 7 years ago

Say your dog ate it

Simon 7 years ago

The worst excuse i heard was that it wouldn't fit in my bag!!!

im hungry 7 years ago

two useful ideas:

1) A film producer dropped by last night and asked if she could use my homework to star in the latest hollywood blockbuster. She took it with her and it won't be done filming until next year.

2) My house got burned down and i've had to come to terms i will never see my homework again. I'll be mentally scarred for life.

i guarantee your teacher will not buy any of these but it's well worth a try :)

bleh 7 years ago

i tried to convince my teacher she never gave it me,ha

she thought she was going mad

but it worked :)

zag 7 years ago

i hate to do homeworks. they are so lame.

jk8lvr 7 years ago

We got a new paper shredder, and we had to see if it worked or not, there was a return policy only for one day, and was the most useless paper I could get my hands on.

383 7 years ago

i dropped it on the floor in the class and the person nere me thought it was his and i asked you for one but u said wait and we forgot

Scotty420 7 years ago

Just tell your teacher you packed for the wrong week

Leah00 7 years ago

i had alot of homework that night and i mixed up the copies by mistake .. i done it on a page an i left the page at home .. i forgot the book/copy/page i done it on .

evee44 7 years ago

If its on the computer change a .jpg picture to a .doc document. It comes up with weird symbols, giving you time to finish the homework the next day.

georgia 7 years ago

just say nothing and ignore your teacher

lil miss magic 7 years ago

i walked through the park and a canadian goose chased me i was so scared i dropped i, they are proper evil!

mansa 7 years ago

there were soo many things to do..i din't have time..seriously..

i ♥ homework (not! but i still do it to stay out of trouble)  7 years ago


Dani XD 7 years ago

I used this one in 3rdgrade and they belived me: My best friend and i had a fight while she was at my house and she ripped it up.

Gromit 7 years ago

ooo i used one once got me out of trouble in pretty much every subject. Say your computer got a virus and your dad had to take it into work to fix it so you won't be able to get the work off it till next week lol

meeeeehhh!! 7 years ago

say that you were at ur dads yesterday and his girlfriend accidentally put it in the shredder thinking it was rubbish.. :) x

the R meister 7 years ago

went to nans to do my homework around 8 o clock but left it there by accident

that's the one im using for biology ;]

Laura 7 years ago

i have hw which is memory any gd excuses

lol 7 years ago

Here you go sir! Fresh from the washing :P

keanu 7 years ago

i was doing my homework while taking a shit and ran out of toilet paper

MY DOG ATE IT! 7 years ago

"I was checking it for any misktakes in the car on the way to school this morning & then we got to school and then those freaky people were taking photos of our car and my mum hates them so she made us rush out of the car. Sorry miss i'll get it from the car after school and give it to you next lesson."

Louisacg 7 years ago

I have some excuses

1. A ninja swiped my homework

2. Thank you it was delicious

3. I'll bring it in tommorow ( then suddenly get swine flu the next day)

jim.sheng profile image

jim.sheng 7 years ago from UK Author

Best idea ever. Are you teacher or dad?

Jason 7 years ago

Here is an idea: do the homework, start well in advance to avoid a last minute rush. works like a charm

screwhomework 7 years ago

&*$# excuses come right out with it and say there is no need to do homework because i want to spend time with family and friends we do work in school all fu#&*#% day!

Arshdeep 7 years ago

stay in the bathroom until its time to sleep and say my tummy hurts and there u go.

hello moto  7 years ago

I forgot we got given homework lasst night and i mean i completely forgot because i didn't do any HM for any SUBJECT!!!!!

BeCc@ 7 years ago

sorry i forgot we had homework last night but don't worry sir i forgot we had school yesterday.

becc@ luvz yhuu 7 years ago

i left it in school by accident last nite and i cant find it now , sorry!

Georgia (gigi) 7 years ago

i think my granny has it.. shes in Another country :)

MyTeacher'sLesbo 7 years ago

I say chuck noris met me on my way to school, said:"i didn't do my homework," kicked me with a roundhouse and stole my hm-wk

bruise urself on the cheek be4 going to school

99.99% of the time it gets u into 6w but it's worth it seeing ur teacher's face go crimson!! ;)

Moi 7 years ago

If you were smatrt then you wouldn't have to look up excuses, you would be able to do it easily. DUH!

hmmmmmm 7 years ago

i tried flirting but shes lesbo

zara 7 years ago

it was in my trouser pocket and my mum washed my trousers it works i have said it many times to different teachers

i.d man 7 years ago

what if its an art homework and its a drawing homoework, what do u do then?and no, people who looks for excuses are actaully smart as they have better things to do in life rather then do crap of homework.....and we go over the homework in class 99% of the time so i don't really see the point of it

Kenny 7 years ago

I just say that I didn't do it because I didn't think it was important, and I don't care about my future, and the only reason I even attend school is because the government makes me.

I usually get in trouble, but hey, at least I didn't have to do the homework.

Evangeline 7 years ago

'My brother ate it' that's stupid. This person in my class tried that once. He got sent to his brother's class, he had to bring his brother. The teacher asked 'Did you eat your brother's homework?' to the little brother. L.B looks shocked and says 'He never even does his homework' class started staring at B.Brother and then he gets detention.

nothin 7 years ago

wow ppl get a life other than looking up excusess for getting out of homework just copy from someone

WHAT DA HELL 7 years ago

omi god FLIRT with your teacher!!!THAT IS HALARIOUSLY MAD U MUST BE A LOON hehe in a good way

ciaran 7 years ago

start to flirt with your teacher if she doesn't beleive you.;)

HAHAHAAAA 7 years ago

I spilt ribena/ coke over it yesterday, and it's still dripping wet!

nacho ninja :3. 7 years ago

.one or two weeks should be enough : D

jim.sheng profile image

jim.sheng 7 years ago from UK Author

Simon, this trick might give you one or two extra weeks before your teacher realises it.

Simon 7 years ago

Send blank email to your teacher claiming you attached the homework when you know you didn't

works a charm ;)

Nicola 7 years ago

I just got a new Kitten and my home work was on the kitchen counter and he did an accedint on it this morning , then say , sorry

im always screwed 7 years ago

1. my computer crashed

2. my printer doesn't work

3. it fell into my pool

4. left it on the bus

5. left it in the library- go to library its "lost"

Roller coaster toaster 7 years ago

Um... The best excuse is that you really had to go to the bathroom but someone was in there so you accidentally peed all over your homework.

nicholeo 7 years ago

my teacher is making me get 66 excuses BECAUSE i didn't do my hw. sucks.

jim.sheng profile image

jim.sheng 7 years ago from UK Author

If you can tell the truth, I think you must be a good student, and don't need any creative excuse.

Kasia 7 years ago

You could also say, THE TRUTH!!! That way, if the teacher calls you mum or dad from a note, you don't have to get in trouble. The truth mdears!

Sophie 8 years ago

Wite a fake note from your mom/dad saying that you were ill and couldn't do the homework.

saerah 8 years ago

i didn't want to look better than the other kids, so i didn't do it

cake cheese olive 8 years ago


jim.sheng profile image

jim.sheng 8 years ago from UK Author

Don't think that sick leave is a creative excuse

jb 8 years ago

1It fell in the toilet 2 I was sick

Sonia 8 years ago

These Are My Excuses For Not Doing Home-work. 1) The wind blew it out of my hands.2) Dog ate it.3) I didn&rsquo;t know we had home-work.4) What Home-work?5) I forgot it.6) Goat tore it out of my hands.7) I lost it on the way to school.8) My sisters scribbled all over it.9) Alana needed for the rat; he needs paper to line his cage.10) Some-one stole it off me.11) I had a right hand pencil, but only left hand paper.12) I have an allergic reaction to home-work.13) It was needed as evidence for the police.14) My little brother ate it.15) Ran out of loo paper.16) Had gourmet paper for dinner.17) Computer system went down, didn&rsquo;t you watch the news?18) Power cut to my house.19) I forget how to write when I get home-work.20) My relatives died to I had to go to an emergency funeral.21) Civil Defence Emergency.22) Couldn&rsquo;t be bothered.23) Got hungry on the way to school.24) Flood in the bedroom.25) Dog urinated on it.26) Mum and dad disliked it so they tore it up.27) I kept making mistakes on it so I ended using up all my paper and I am waiting for Mum to buy me more.28) We don&rsquo;t have a printer so I couldn&rsquo;t print it out, and besides mum is always on the computer so we can&rsquo;t use it. Also we&rsquo;ll get our hands chopped off if we touch her computer or laptop.29) My home-work got up and walked away from me.30) It is a dangerous idea.31) It&rsquo;s against human rights.32) Don&rsquo;t you think I have already done enough?33) I was sick last night, but made a miraculous recovery this morning.34) I had Air Training Corps.35) I had sea scouts.36) I hate doing home-work.37) My little sister is doing it for me.38) My parents are doing it for me.39) I got distracted by Shortland Street; it was really great last night.40) I never do it, so why should I bother starting now?41) I had too much other home-work.42) Burnt the hand I write with, and when I write with the other hand even my littlest sister can&rsquo;t read it.43) Sprained my writing hand.44) My little sibling was sick so I cared for them the whole time.45) I was not allowed to do home-work as a punishment.46) I turn deaf when you say we have home-work.47) I got hungry on the way to school.48) Dad accidentally threw it into the fire before I could stop him.49) I was away camping in the weekend.50) I went to bed really early.51) I have an after school job.52) &nb

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