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What I feel I have gained and Why

Curious Learning

I have always been quite a curious and inquisitive person when it comes to applying myself to a topic and by doing Outside In it refreshed my memory of what it feels like to achieve not just the basics but to probe deeper into whatever the topic is. And in doing so, learn more about each module, look at things from every possible angle I can – even ones I don’t necessarily agree with - and produce a higher quality of work.

When approaching the conforming and challenging module I used some of the research from my Youth and Community college course to find out more about why society has rules. Also on the college Blackboard site I found many other links to sites I hadn’t been on before with more interesting ways of looking society as a whole. I then looked at the Tenant Handbook more in-depth than I had before to extract and summarise the information about my community, how we live and which rules we must abide by and why. The combination of these two learning methods I would say that I now have a better understanding of conforming and challenging and why it is important to when to do which.

The My Physical Health module was great for refreshing my memory about why it is important to exercise and also for actually getting me back into exercise as I used to do excessive dancing and body conditioning and recently had gotten out of shape. To complete the module I decided to take up some more physical activities offered by The Foyer and ones that are affordably available in Aberdeen. By doing this it reminded me how good exercising made me feel and I am now continuing to keep fit by exercising regularly, at least three times per week. Outside In gave me the kick start and motivation I needed to do this.

I chose to do the Rights and Responsibilities because although it seems a topic that is just common sense, I wanted to take it further than that as it was a topic I hadn’t really done in-depth before. I used the internet to find the exact information about our rights as a UK citizen from government websites. I took notes from this and wrote down the common sense responsibilities that would go with these rights. Whilst writing these I found myself disagreeing with some of these standard responsibilities so I decided to take it to the next level once I’d finished the flowchart of rights and responsibilities by having a discussion with my support worker to get a different angle on how different situations can affect the responsibilities of those involved.

With the Things I Do module I chose to use it to showcase my poetry ability as my poetry is something I hadn’t really shared before and I wanted to research and gain feedback on how to improve my poetry. I researched different poetic techniques and styles to help my poetry evolve and gain a deeper understanding of why we write poetry. For me, it’s an outlet of emotion rather than talking about how I feel as this to me can sometimes be more complicated and I can’t quite articulate it as well as I can in a poem. I did find it difficult to plan a poem as this was something I had never done before, usually I would just be inspired and the words would just flow out. This helped me develop the skill of thinking outside the box in retrograde as I was forced to go about writing a poem in more logical and step by step way, where as I normally would just write.

In conclusion, I am really glad that I did Outside In as it has helped me develop and refresh many skills and it has given me a new way of thinking about any topic I am presented with.


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