"Bad" words


It is disgusting to me that in this day and age people refer to others differently. We use words like the “N” word, wetbacks, Nazis, crackers and many more. Kids use words like loser, stupid, dummy, smelly, even brainy. The more we as adults use horrible language, our future adults will to.

These words are just the same to me as cuss words. Why should we let our children run around using them? Our Grandparents would never have allowed us to talk like this in their presence. Should we all assume it is fine to talk like this around our own children?

When we were growing up, this was one of the most disrespectful things we could think of doing. Now, it is not even a second thought. For our children, this will not be allowed. I see it as this, if you want to be called one of these names, keep hurting theirs. Just know  you will get it in return and probably, not like it very much! 

The more these words are used; the worse off our society will be after we are gone. We will all be acting like animals and constantly defending ourselves, time after time. I do not want my children living in a place where disrespectful, ignorant children live.


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