Cutaway Lives

A cutaway is a shot that's usually of something other than the current action. It could be a different subject, a close up of a different part of the subject, an earlier or a later time than the present or any of many scenarios.

Many movies use this device to add suspense, mystery, time travel or to fill in otherwise missing facts to a story. The camera may dart back and forth between the current and the past or future action. Authors use the device in books, using words to change the scenario back and forth. In fact, in some cases, it can be confusing as to in which scene the action one is viewing or reading as taking place, the "present, real" one or the cutaway. It does keep one’s interest piqued.

But what if it were not just a fictional device? I was thinking, how interesting if would be if our real lives had this capability of wandering back and forth between times and places, of actually reliving or pre-living those "flash-backs" we may at times sense or recall. But instead of vague feelings, what if the blanks were to be filled in so we’d be living the details while "there"? Just think! It might be an entirely different time of history, in a totally different place on Earth! Our role there could be any from the top banana to a lowly servant. We might walk the face of another planet or go to the farthest area of space! Or- we might be in the same place as now, but in a slightly different setting and time.

It would be a bit like a Time Machine, perhaps; and what if the fast forward or reverse actually delved into times we may have lived or may live in the future, but don’t recall at all? It’s mind boggling! If we could transport back and forth at will, - that would be really interesting! What if we could actually recall things that happened before our memory capability kicked in, perhaps even prenatal memories?

It almost seems that, if we can conceive of something, it’s possible. Makes me wonder whether all that we think we see and hear, smell, taste, touch and feel are somehow extensions of our own imagination and invention. Details we think of as real parts of life, such as joy and pleasure – well, think about it! They’re not organic, and if they are, they’re organic only within human life; you might say, subjectively. The earth and its features don’t feel these "realities" and we can only truly feel our own - subjectively.

We become so accustomed to accepting our subjective perceptions as "fact", though, that we really believe it is when often it’s really "just in our head". That’s not abnormal. In fact it’s probably the "norm". It was the mindset which had people believing that the sun rotated the earth. It’s ego-centric. So what-if we imagine a cutaway which is only in our minds? Does it matter? If one prefers truth, yes it matters when one believes and accepts an untruth – as truth. On the other hand, "positive thinking" means one chooses to emphasize the better rather than the worse in reality. There’s much to support that focus on the better brings it forward and that focus on the worse brings it forward. So perhaps we walk a narrow line.

Along with the ability to believe in one’s choice of possibilities, humans are also vulnerable to outside influences with hidden agendas promising things. Unless we are jaded, we also tend to trust, which allows unscrupulous manipulators to gain a hold on our credibility. Skillful manipulators are able to lead entire groups into incredibly self-harming beliefs. I think of Jim Jones and his followers.

So what is healthy cutaway? Better yet, IS there healthy cutaway as we’re considering it? And what-if we’re living, breathing cutaway artists? What-if there really are parallel universes in which we live the same – or different lives, with different time sequencing and populated with different "others"? Would we be aware of that if it should be so? Do we get glimpses across times/miles/eras? Is that possibly what déjà vu really IS?

I remember many years ago reading a book by Edgar Cayce. I found it felt so disturbing, I was unable to finish reading it. I wasn’t cowardly; it just seemed wrong. I recall thinking quite consciously, "Some things are better left unknown." The moment I thought that is so vivid in my memory. I was resting in the afternoon with a book, upstairs in the master bedroom of the farmhouse up in "The Knobs" in Southern Indiana where we lived then. The wallpaper was a tapestry design in pale blue, flocked design on silk shantung-looking monotone background. The floors were the original wide-planked pine, some with gaps between the planks wide enough to stash a secret poem or two. The book was thick, burgundy cover. Why did I remember that so vividly, though I stopped reading before I felt more uneasy? It was not typical of me to shut off knowledge or information. I was accustomed to reading quite serious and factual books, history, economics, science, psychology, philosophy. I had time for reading and took full advantage of it. Why not Edgar Cayce? I shall probably never really know. But I can vividly recall the cautious feeling I had at the time. Was I getting too close to opening some door within me I was not comfortable opening?

Am I unique in experiencing this kind of moment, – with it’s long-term impression?

Also - has this ever happened to you? I had a memorable recurrent dream for awhile. It was so vivid I still can almost physically feel the experience of approaching and entering what seemed to be a large single room, completely encased in glass, high-ceilinged , set up several steps from ground level, with the curved graceful steps all the way around the base and with silently sliding entry panels wherever one happened to approach. I never found it locked.

Inside the enclosure there was but one main thing: a lovely grand piano with its bench. But when I’d entered and looked on further, I discovered there were multiple lower levels to the edifice, with many nacelles – living nacelles with sleeping, bathing and eating facilities. However these were arranged artistically as personal spaces would be in a single-family dwelling, not as formal separate apartments. Each nacelle had its own lovely color-coordinated décor and tasteful accessories throughout its premises. Adjoining hallways were intimate, beautifully appointed extensions of the nacelles, though they did separate them for privacy and the hallways, as well as the nacelles were always appointed with fresh cut flowers on antique hall tables exquisitely lit with lamps and placed on gorgeous oriental rugs. The entire place was bathed in light, although one sensed it was all progressively underground in "stories". "Windows" were more like murals, though they were adorned with draperies and shutters like real windows.

But on each visit, I was intensely aware that there were no other people around or about, although each time I dreamt this dream, I discovered more stories and layers of its underground hive. But then suddenly I ceased dreaming this scenario.

What was all that? The only other recurrent dreams I’ve ever had were as a child when I dreamt I could fly and was always flying away from kidnappers! I understood the basis for that recurrent dream, though. It was during the Charles Lindbergh baby kidnapping incident all over the news. I was afraid I’d be next, though Mother assured me that 1) we weren’t rich or important enough folks for kidnappers’ attention and 2) they would hastily return me if they were so foolish as to kidnap me. That possibility of rejection by kidnappers may have frightened me more than being kidnapped, though I felt sure she was mistaken about it! After all, I had Shirley Temple ringlets and everyone I knew loved me! So I continued my flight practice in the unlikely event that they overlooked and didn’t realize we weren’t important or rich enough folks fo merit their attention!  Besides I really enjoyed flying and escaping those kidnappers!

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Feline Prophet profile image

Feline Prophet 6 years ago from India

Nellieanna, Hindu philosophy is based on the concept of 'maya' or illusion, which is difficult to explain but the crux of it is what you have written about here. Perhaps life is indeed an illusion and takes the meaning we give to would need souls more enlightened than us to truly understand. :)

PS: You truly were a delightful baby! :)

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 6 years ago from TEXAS Author

FP - that is most interesting about 'maya'. I have known of it but not very much about it. Perhaps I should be learning more about it.

I've been ruminating over what I've called "subjective reality' for many years and have struggled to try to explain what I mean by that for almost as long.

Perhaps at a point it could go either way, that there is objective reality all around us, but we just can't fully comprehend it because our concepts are limited to our personal subjective receptors and the climate or ground within us where the input must be personally processed. The other thought is the idea that nothing is objective, that it is all illusion in the sense that in this form or manifestation, the 'stuff' of reality is nothing like what we as a species or individually are equipped to see, hear, touch, feel and smell & then intellectually to interpret. All those impressions we get through our senses & minds are just our own subjective receptors & processors picking up no more than the essence of the real 'stuff' & calling it 'reality'.

But real 'stuff' is not stuff at all in any sense we can conceive. Perhaps it's pure energy or - simply light - or something far more sophisticated (or simple) than either of those. But it's not trees and rocks and sand, except here, in our realm. But those things we know are wonderful manifestations of the stuff and we are perfectly designed to interact with it in that form, which our form is related to, but nothing we know as reality relates much to its ultimate form - whatever it may be - any more than an ant can relate and interact with our human realities with any sort of understanding of what it IS.

Of course this gets me mostly strange looks! Fortunately - while I was developing, I was too timid to talk a lot so I wasn't cut down before I had my foot in my door! haha

But if I'm reading what you said correctly, that it would need more enligtened souls than we are to truly understand, that is very much what I find most difficult to explain, that, as human beings, who are optimally equipped to deal with this life on this planet, we're less than ill-equipped to comprehend the existence very far beyond here. We try to - we are geared to do that. We attempt to form firm conclusions based on our greatly limited comprehension & our systems which have no choice but to process the deeper input through our earth-bound receptors and our personal network of experiences and exposure to ideas.

There's something, to me just so incredibly presumptuous and even ludicrous about people assuming that everything outside our sphere is somehow subject to the same laws, relationships, & measurements, and then basing all sorts of premises and ideas on this – (to me) - almost inevitably inapplicable & insufficient perspective! True, it’s the scientific way, but at least scientists suspect that it’s merely approaching the door to understanding and not the final truth to be known.

To me the only 'faith' which measures up to even the meaning of the word is faith in what IS, whatever it may be. In ways, that’s closer to a scientist’s view than a person of religion in which it seems that when a conclusion is decided upon, it becomes a FIRM belief, a tenet, a dogma, which must be adhered to a risk of being a heretic, and which must be superimposed on any further evidence, so that it becomes more and more limiting to support its probably faulty premises.

I feel - - without knowing - - that "everything" in a sense is possibly much simpler than we can conceive of it being, and yet in that, if so, it is all the more vastly beyond our ability to conceive of it, and more comprehensive, really. When people think of illusion (or maya, I see now) the tendency is to think that is "nothing", but in fact it is more like "everything" - but of different form or substance than what we consider & experience as the stuff of reality in our sphere. Our view is a product of our limits, but at the same time, it's wonderful for understanding that which exists within our limits. We just seem determined to apply it to that which is far beyond them. Our best efforts surely should be applied to doing THIS life well, treating each other with compassion and avoiding violence and destruction, especially in the name of "right". Anyway - that's my Easter thought, I guess.

Thanks more than you know for the keen insight and interest in my humble efforts to express the inexpressible! Perhaps it’s foolish to try, since it seems that those who do understand see it, otherwise it’s just words on the wind.

And thanks for the very nice compliment! I was a happy little girl and my mother's 'nest egg'. She was 40 when I was born. We lived in Texas but my parents were from Indiana and Illinois. That picture was taken in Chicago at the World's Fair when we went to visit the folks 'up north'. I think I was about a year or so old at the time. ?

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 6 years ago from TEXAS Author

I've no idea where that final ? came from! LOL

Feline Prophet profile image

Feline Prophet 6 years ago from India

We are all supposed to be composed of energies vibrating at different frequencies...that being the case, all is surely maya? What I perceive as solid is merely 'denser' energy...and what exactly is energy? Nellieanna, you open up doors to more unanswerable questions! :)

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 6 years ago from TEXAS Author

I know - even as I dare to think that it's "energy" - I wonder what THAT is. Fortunately for me, though, I find that really knowing the questions are unanswerable allows a freedom not felt when thinking I might be expected to know. My answer for myself always comes out the same: There is no problem. Not beyond our noses. We can answer the problems that are right under it. That is a revelation actually.

ladyjane1 profile image

ladyjane1 6 years ago from Texas

Nellieanna quite interesting hub. I have often thought about deja vu and what it is exactly. Many people think that it is a glimpse of another life or a parralel universe. Very interesting thoughts here but if I think too deeply it gives me a headache. Nice job. Nellieanna.

De Greek profile image

De Greek 6 years ago from UK

There must be something wrong with my thing. I do not get information about new hubs from you. The same happened with FP. It must be a communist conspiracy. And I was a kidnapper, be asured that you would be on top of my list.

I have long realsied that you are too clever for me and I do not feel qualified enough to jusge teh writing of someone who is so much better than I. Kiss you :-)

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 6 years ago from TEXAS Author

Well, DeGreek - that's a puzzlement, as the King of Siam said to Anna. I suppose you'll just have to check the channels to see if FP or I have posted any new hubs. Communist conspiracies won't be able to get around that obstacle if you do.

But what if Mother was right and no self-respecting kidnapper would want me after a short exposure? lol

OHGOODGRIEF! I'm not more clever - just older! hehe

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 6 years ago from TEXAS Author

haha, LadyJane. But when I think too hard, the 'tilt' button goes off and shuts me down. LOL. I've pondered that about deja vu, whether it might be a glimmpse 'beyond' or into another universe. Of course some experts say it's just a delayed awareness of something that's already happened but we're just slow on the uptake. I dunno. One thing I'm sort of certan about is that any impression I get is surely a fragile and incoomplete impression at best. But interesting, anyway! Thanks for the nice response - and for reading all that!

JamaGenee profile image

JamaGenee 6 years ago from Central Oklahoma

Now that I'm totally captivated (and thrilled!) by this discussion of a subject dear to my heart, I'll wade in here with a few personal theories on what IS.

First off, "time" as we know it doesn't exist in the Universe. "Time" and the measurement thereof is man made. Therefore, deja vu shouldn't be at all mysterious or noteworthy, as it's nothing more than a memory of a glimpse into what we call the "future".

I've also come to believe there IS a parallel universe in which each of us are living lives very different from the ones we're experiencing in *this* universe. Many years before the Love of My Life passed on, I'd have flashes of the life we were living in another dimension. At the time, we'd gone our separate ways (by mutual choice), but hadn't totally lost contact. These "flashes" have continued, and if they were simply wishful thinking, I doubt I'd be able to imagine him as the progressively older man I see each time. I can even pinpoint when I was "flung through the door" from that life into this one.

I now know that the ability to time travel is unusual, or at least admitting to it is. I've done it several times, although not at will.

What we call "daydreaming" is in effect "time travel" and nothing more than a version of "making one's own reality". This I *can* do at will (and often). Humans are physically anchored to this planet by wherever our physical self happens to be, but our minds can go *anywhere*. To a place on the other side of the world, or even to another century if we choose.

Many recurring dreams can be explained as memories of former lives, although your "piano dream", judging by the many rooms in the glass house, sounds more like your subconscious was trying to find a solution to an issue you were having at the time.

Lovely, thought-provoking hub!

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 6 years ago from TEXAS Author

Ah, yes! Then we share devotion to this subject.

Absolutely, Jama! I concur & am delighted by your sharing your sense of this too, adding thoughts and expanding the dimension of its discussion! Very refreshing!

Yup - time is merely an arbitrary measurement of spacial relationships based on human perspective from this limited view and a highly limited/distorted infinitesimal pinpoint in the Universe, which is itself likely to be only an infinitesimal point in yet bigger or expanding ones.

If "proof" were needed - one has but to notice the vertigo which often occurs when the familiar landmarks are absent and all sense of time and space are suspended for the person while in that environment.

Time is handy for scheduling earthly activities but it's totally useless & unrelated to Universal realities, if indeed there are any of those to relate to. Any measurements there are - well - astronomical! haha

Existence, insofar as it has substance might be imagined to lie on a continuum of some shape, perhaps a shape we might recognize; perhaps not. A mobius strip might be one curved possibility. An asymptote might be a possible combination linear and curved model. The possibilities are endless because unknown possibilities are without bounds and we really don't know. And that’s ok.

But the valid concept that events are not limited to the "time" concept of being currently "in our time" has pretty much outlived its usefulness and it's highly probable it's all 'of' stuff other than that.

As you so clearly say - to sense experience from existence outside that arbitrary "time" limit is not in the least far-fetched but is within our sphere, accompanied by a heightened awareness of it. And what IS, is - there's no problem, really. It’s not awaiting our OK.

Yes, yes! Parallel universes &- parallel lives are equally feasible, although limiting what we expect in their regard and what we identify as "self" may present other yet primitive concept adjustmens to approach a sense of what existence IS. We may find that as we approach it, we simply meld into it without losing our present conscious identity while entering into the larger self, so that we exist in both dimensions simultaneously. It may be what it already is, we just haven't recognized it fully. Perhaps opening up to the forms of existence beyond the here and now or a “there and then” model is a plateau when we're able to conceptualize it with our present conceptualization equipment!.

It seems to me vital to accept that we have limitations for conceptualizing "there" within those which fit us nicely for "here" but that we also have access to the unrestricted more universal ones, first steps being to fathom that we do and recognize it as we discover. It may require a kind of revamping and relinquishing of conceptualization as we know it – or think we do.

In any case what is most real surely is not what is usually considered the everyday material-stuff which is an illusory manifestation of what is of the whole energy spectrum, including thought. To be able to matriculate to and within various other thought and experiencial dimensions - at a level of awareness without perceived restrictions of awareness is surely "elementary" in the larger view as we're developing the sensitivity to step in and out.

You've experienced it already. I have too, I'd say, though our reports of it may differ in some ways due to various individual factors. We each may easily move in and out of "time", place or dimensions. And what is amazing to me is that the portal to a next level is surely much closer & more "real" than the present illusions, although the present is sufficient for the present as our individual energies gather. .The next stop is surely at least the "super-real".

I appreciate your take on my recurring glass house dream, that it might have related to the times in which it was recurring. Entirely likely - certainly there have been such times filled with unresolved issues. However I find it's no longer necessary for me to dream it in order to have it. It has a kind of reality in my mind unbound by the time of its onset. It's never felt filled and fraught with feelings other than those of healthy curiosity, surprise & delight, its magnetic pull & a sense of peaceful relaxation. So I don't know.

I've come to terms with both questing for knowledge and understanding and easily accepting not knowing much as being quite all right. In fact now I'd be more alarmed if I felt totally right about many thing! I notice many of the tangles on this old planet are results of men’s certainties where there really are none, with the exception, of course, of knowing how gratifying it is to run into a kindred spirit how and then with insight and appreciation for insight! Thank you, thank you!

JamaGenee profile image

JamaGenee 6 years ago from Central Oklahoma

Nellie, if you haven't found it already, you'll find many kindred souls at a blog called "Synchronicity" (, which btw is where I first saw the mobius strip.

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 6 years ago from TEXAS Author

Fantastic - I must check that out. Mobius strips have interested me for so many years.

Had occaasion to lead a month-long discussion on any subject of my choice & chose The Mind. One topic I introduced was mobius strips among other tangents the discussion took off on. The group wasn't especially geared to intellectual discussion, however so I often ended up talking to myself. ;)

My George introduced me to asymptotes. Quite interesting as well. He was such fun! He'd have enjoyed HP! He wrote well & had a vast array of interests & varied background on which to draw. He preferred discussing "eyeball to eyeball" but would have warmed to this type, too, with its excellent feedback & exchange among a network of interesting folks.

prettydarkhorse profile image

prettydarkhorse 6 years ago from US

You never fail to amaze me with the depth and thought provoking ideas of yours mam, cutaway, self perception, now I understand more, Maita

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 6 years ago from TEXAS Author

That's quite a statement, Maita, because you understand much already! Thank you!

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 6 years ago from TEXAS Author

Jama - the Synchronicity link resulted in a "does not exist" message. I( tried it again, adding www. - but same message. ??

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