DANTES College Credit-by-Examination Program


Get ahead Faster

Credit by Examination

I know it seems impossible that there would actually be a way to get ahead faster but there is. It is by testing and receiving credit for the tests you pass. It may sound to good to be true but no matter how it sounds it is possible. 

Credit by Examination Program

DANTES College Testing That Offers Credit

Testing that offer college credit are widely accepted by college and universities alike. You can earn up toone thrid or more of college credit by passing these exams.

Taking Tests for Credit 

Testing for credit does not require college enrollment ~ You do not have to be enrolled in collegeat all to take these tests or exams.

Can help you skip ahead - by cutting out unnessisary courses you can jump ahead to interesting advanced courses that you need.  

Helps to saves you time ~ College course take three to six hours over three or four months. This is based on your knowledgeyou set your own pace.

Helps to Save you money ~college course can cost you hundreds of dollars per course. Through DANTES, Credit-by-Exam tests are free for Military however, Civilian students pay more than $40 per exam 

Three Types of Tests

The tests are  DSST, CLEP, and ECE. 

CLEP stands for ~College Level Examination Program

Fourteen College Level Examination Tests.

Paper-Based CLEP General Exams

  • Eng Comp without Essay
  • Social Sci  & History
  • Natural Sci
  • Humanities
  • College Math

Note: The CLEP General English Composition with Essay is not available as a paper-based test and must be taken at a national test center as a computer-based examination.

Paper-Based CLEP Subject Examinations

  • Analyzing & Interpreting Lit
  • College Algebra
  • Freshman College Comp
  • U.S. History of the  I
  • U.S. History of the  II
  • Info Systems & Computer Apps
  • Intro Psychology
  • Intro Sociology
  • Principles of Management

eCBT CLEP General Examinations

  • English Comp w/wo Essay
  • Humanities
  • College Math
  • Social Sci & History
  • Natural Sci

eCBT CLEP Subject Examinations


  • Principle of Accounting 
  •  Intro Business Law
  • Management, Principles
  • Marketing, Principles of

Data Processing

  • Info Systems & Computer Apps

Composition & Literature

  • Freshman English Composition
  • Analyzing & Interpreting Literature
  • English Lit
  • Freshman College Comp


  • American Gov


  • U.S History of the . I
  • U.S History of the II
  • Western Civilization I
  • Western Civilization II


  • College Level French
  • College Level German
  • College Level Spanish


  • Calculus with Elementary Functions
  • College Algebra
  • College Algebra - Trigonometry (retiring June 06)
  • Trigonometry (retiring June 06)
  • Precalculus (effective January 06)

Natural Sciences

  • Biology, General
  • Chemistry, General


  • Educational Psychology, Introduction to
  • Psychology, Introductory
  • Human Growth & Development

Social Sciences

  • Macroeconomics, Principles of
  • Microeconomics, Principles of
  • Sociology, Introductory

If you are planning on going to take an eCBT test at a Campus test center please be prepared:

  • The testing cost $15 to $25 for your registration fee, the college has to schedule the time for your testing. Most colleges do not reimburse scheduling  fee.
  • Ask about DANTES paying the $50 test fee for eligible military and civilian examinees. You will be asked to present a valid military/federal or state-issued ID card at the time of test.

A complete list of eCBT and Paper Based CLEP exams.

 Subject Standardized Tests through DANTES

ACE recommends three college credits for each examination. .

View the entire list of DSSTs..

View the entire list of ECEs offered through DANTES.

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