What to do in Dead End Job Blues - I tell You My boss Sucks

Do I have a Dead End Job

The signs are there and I had this feeling inside myself. I am at the point in my job where I have to ask myself is this job going anywhere. I am sure most of us that have been working for several years have had this feeling so I know that I am not alone. Just because you have those feeling doesn't necessarily mean that your job is at a dead end. What you must do however is to do a little checking and find out what options you have.

If you been working in the same position for years and years this is a good sign that you may be at a dead end job. I when you were hired you were lead to believe that you would have a good chance for advancement then this may be one of the signs. On the other hand if you lead to believe that this is a great job but there is not were else to advance than you may find for you. Keeping this in mind, if you have set goals for yourself and have not yet achieved these goals then that may be another sign of a dead end job. You should be reward for good work and not let an employer of many years not recognize your good service. Specialty if you had the same employer all these years.

If you been working at the same job for several years and you are still have not got a raise that is a very good sign that you job is really a dead end job. Usually most employers give yearly or even quarterly pay raises to all their employees. If this is the case you surely have a dead end job and should start looking for a better job. The good side of this is its just more of a pay issue and you may be able to turn this dead end job to a great job. What you do is go to your boss and ask for a raise. The worst thing that could happen is you still in a dead end job but on the other hand that's all it takes is ask and you will receive. Some employers expect this and will hold on to their money as long as they can especially if its a sole proprietorship.

Dead End Job

Dead End Jobs
Dead End Jobs

What are the Signs

Above is mentioned are just a few of the signs that you might be working at a dead end job. But what you have to realize is that you do not have to keep working at this dead end job forever and you have some options. You must take some action by taking the proper steps to get out of this dead end job and find a successful job. The first step is to discuss you concerns or feelings with you supervisor or boss This might just simply be asking for some more money or if there are some other duties you can get involved in. Now a days you will find that nobody wants to have the responsibility of a promotion but you must let your supervisors know that you will take on these responsibilities and do whats necessary to get that promotion.

Another one of the many ways that you go about getting out of what you may refer to as a dead-end job is by creating a stir, but in a good way. Despite your possible frustration, you may want to consider giving your job, dead-end or not, a second chance. With that second chance though, you are urged to take action. Be sure to do good deeds in front of your supervisors, volunteer to work late or cover someone Else's shift in an emergency and so forth. As previously stated, your supervisors may mistakenly believe that you are currently satisfied with your job. You will want to show them that you want more and that you are capable of handling more.

Another thing you might try is causing a little sir at work by telling your supervisor or bosses that you are not happy with the job and that you would like some changes or you will need to seek employment else where. This might awaken you supervisor who might not have even been aware that you are unhappy with your job and you feel that's its going nowhere. This is where you will really find out how much your supervisors think or value your work they can either reward you by giving you more money and more responsibility or they can ignore what you have told them by not taking any action at all. This would at least tell you if you have a dead end job or that you are a lot more valuable that you had thought.

Remember you always that if you feel you have a dead end job that you can always look for another job while keeping hour current job. You must first take care of your bills and take care of your family but you can still look until you find a job that you feel is going some were and you can be happy with. The one thing to remember its easier to get another job when you arleady have one and that being unemployed and not working is not a situation you want to find yourself in.

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k@ri profile image

k@ri 6 years ago from Sunny Southern California

I really enjoyed reading this. You bring up many great points in a very seriously, humorous way. :D

kia31 profile image

kia31 6 years ago from Los Angles Author

Thanks k@ri You know work is hard and jobs are hard to find but always keep in mind that you can always do better.

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