The Day Bermuda Triangle Swallowed NC16002

Bermuda Triangle

Perhaps one of the most fascinating and yet-unexplained mysteries in the world today, the disappearances at Bermuda Triangle still make for a sensational read as the mind wanders how and why could ships and airplanes disappear without any reason to this very day. Even though the last Bermuda Triangle disappearance happened forty years ago in 1969, when two lighthouse keepers in Bahamas disappeared without any trace, incidents at the Bermuda Triangle is considered a popular culture and with most of its cases remaining unsolved, people can only wonder and guess the happenings in and around the Bermuda Triangle.

Bermuda Triangle

bermuda triangle
bermuda triangle

On December 28, 1948, an Airborne Transporter DC-3 airliner, NC16002 was traveling from San Juan, Puerto Rico to Miami, Florida when, towards the end of its flight, off the eastern coast of Florida, the aircraft, along with its 29 passengers and 3 crew members disappeared without any trace and explanation. Even though its official report offers no probably cause for its disappearance, the flight data for NC16002 showed that even before take off in San Juan, the aircraft ran into some problems. The aircraft, after traveling its Miami-San Juan leg was bound towards San Juan-Miami but pilot Robert Linquist informed repair crew the aircraft’s landing gear warning light was not functioning and the plane’s batteries were low on battery water and was not charging.

Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

Due to the aircraft being on tight schedule on not wanting to go behind time, the pilot ordered a refill of the battery water but the battery was re-installed on the plane without being recharged, with Linquist stating that the batteries would be charged when the plane was flying towards Miami. This proved to be large error on the pilot’s part as the battery, with its semi-charged status, was lacking two-way communication and had problems with the radio transmitter. The battery also caused the plane’s electrical system failure to function properly, which meant that messages sent to the aircraft while it was en route to Miami were mostly not received.

With the weather perfect for flying and with the aid of high visibility, the NC16002 was well on its way towards Miami but its less-charged battery meant that calls made from San Juan to the aircraft were not received by the pilot. At 3:40am, Lindquist radioed stating he was 50 miles off Miami but due to a wind change and strong winds, the aircraft was believed to have drifted off course and the pilot’s report of being 50 miles off Miami was believed to be false.

It was during time when Miami attempted to radio the airplane regarding the wind change but again, the uncharged battery meant all attempts to contact the airplane was futile. The aircraft then lost all radio contact and have not been seen or heard till today. Search parties were created to find the missing aircraft and search area was extended to far beyond the reaches of the airplane but the lack of a wreckage and failure to find any missing crew or passengers meant the aircraft had mysteriously disappeared in the famed Bermuda Triangle.

While there has been no official reasons given for the loss of the aircraft, some believe the aircraft could have suffered a freak strong wind from the change in wind direction which caused a crash into the sea and all of the plane sunk without any trace of a wreckage. Others believe that in the official reports given, the aircraft was said to be 118 pounds over its allowed limit. This could mean the extra load could have taken its toll on the aircraft and crashed the aircraft into the Gulf of Mexico. Whatever the reason is, the NC16002 will forever be a mysterious anomaly and further fuel the strange occurrences of the Bermuda Triangle.

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I would of liked to be on the plane to find out what happened then phone someone about it!

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Interesting- I just watched a show on the Bermuda mysteries- It is a fscinating topic

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