Derren Brown Subliminal Power?

Did you get stuck to your chair?

18th September 2009 - Was the TV show Derren Brown - Controlling The Nation.

I am an out and out fan of Derren Brown. I have read his books, watched all of his shows and have seen him live with Trick of the Mind.

However - I did not get stuck to my chair!

Did you? Please let us know below in the comments forum........

I for one am very interested in physcology, i consider myself to be very good, and have learnt lots and lots reading books and visiting websites on the net. Once you have left your comment check out some of the links above and to the side for some brilliant sites that will be a beginning of making you the next Derren Brown.

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Terryandco profile image

Terryandco 7 years ago Author

I did not get stuck to my chair, i was intrested in the last comments from Derren - there was no subliminal messages used, only suggestion.

Lisa 7 years ago

I enjoy watching his talent but it didn't work for me :( disappointing

Danny Joy 7 years ago

I don't believe anything he does, i think its all set up. The power of suggestion is'nt that powerful. The other week he apparently predicted the lottery numbers after the draw had been done. Even i could do that lol.

Shoebox 7 years ago

Firstly the "clearing tone" to get you back up after wards was fake - How could he garentee you would hear it i.e if the electric went or someone turned over ... does this mean all those people would still be stuck there? I think not -

Almost all derrens tricks are based the fact it only works for sum and we only see it from their view - I.e the horse racing - We saw one person winning every time but failed to realise thousands had already lost - I could video myself asking people to pick a card at random in the street - i would get it right for about 1/52 people so if i only showed you the 5 that i got it right for you would be amazed!!

Emma Grimes profile image

Emma Grimes 7 years ago from Ireland

Hi ya. Recieved your comment, just clueless as how to send one back as a fan mail lol.. still learning. Anyways Thanks for becoming a fan, same goes for yourself, you've got some pretty good hubs there ;)

Emma Grimes profile image

Emma Grimes 7 years ago from Ireland

oh and no i didnt get stuck to my chair either :P but i think he's very good.. i'm Slightly sceptical but who knows could be all real!!

Timea 7 years ago

Its so weird no one got stuck. I did! Both times! I felt nothing, no numbness, no pins and needles, i just could not get up. It was like my bum and my thighs were glued to the sofa... im sorry it didnt work for so many people, it was absolutely hillarious! my boyfreind could get up right away and was laughing his head off at my attempts to detach myself!

7 years ago

he said it wont work on lower resoloutions so the tv u watched on mightnt work for it and he also said it only has a 50% chance to work

Terryandco profile image

Terryandco 7 years ago Author

He did say at the end - No subliminal messages were used, it was all suggestion. Therefore i think it depends how much you believed you would be stuck.. and how open to suggestion and influce you are

wheelerdealer 7 years ago

how about this for subliminal, give me ALL YOUR MONEY, eBay

Jamesy 6 years ago

s'not his fault it didnt work on alot of people though , its to do with your mind, it only works if you really want it to deep down.

The Pink Panther profile image

The Pink Panther 5 years ago from Sydney, Australia

Tricks involving subminal suggestion rarely work on everyone, as some people are just more naturally suggestable than others.

Derren used his honed skill of conversational hypnosis to induce the subconscious mind into a relaxed feeling. He did also use subliminal messages - if you slow down the tape you can find the image of a man tied to a chair.

Great trick in theory, but it didn't work on me either.

Lilla09 4 years ago

I got stuck to my chair when I did it on computer. It looked like the lines were far away on a laptop. I kept my head right where he said to and I didn't blink.

megan 3 years ago

not at all ...i didnt get stuck to my chair ........but i think hes awesome ,and what all he does is quiet aweome

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