Derren Brown - Hypnosis and Suggestion

Derren Brown is a self made expert on Hypnosis and Suggestibility. Many people may have heard of hypnosis before, but it probably unlikely that you would have heard the words Hypnosis and Suggestibility in the same sentence.

Much of hypnosis is infact actually just words of suggestion. The word Hypnosis could actually be removed totally and replaced with Suggestibility. Hypnosis in action is simply suggesting certain things to someone that leads them to doing as they are suggested to do. It is about making a person believe that you have the power to control them and leading them to believe that they will be hypnotized and will do the stereo typical thing that people do when they become "hypnotized".

When i think of someone being hypotized, I generally think of someone with a watch being dangled in front of their eyes and then falling in to some kind of a sleep, before taking commands to do the most daftest of things - such as run around on a stage pretending to be a chicken in front of 200 people. You may think to yourself - Surely these people must be hypnotized because otherwise they wouldn't do it! Well they are really, because they believe they are. This is achieved through suggestion. To learn more for free use the links provided at the side of the page of buy the Derren Brown book Tricks of the mind.

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