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Derren Brown's television shows and stage performances have shocked and amazed millions of people all over the world. Derren's huge understanding of physchology makes him the king of illusions, suggestion, hypnosis, persuasion and general trickery. Derren Brown is so far best known for his Russian Roulette show, The Seance, The Heist, Guessing the national lottery numbers and getting them all correct, and Controlling the nation; which involved stick people to their seats whilst watch a "subliminal" video that Derren played through the television. Who knows what he will come up with next? Wouldn't we all love to be able to do what Derren does? and we certainly all want to know how it is that he does it!; which is why we are very lucky to be able to read his very own book, that he has written and released, called Tricks of the Mind. The book takes us through a roller coaster ride of physchology and magic. Derren shares with us many of his amazing secrets and tells you where to begin and how to do some of his tricks.

Derren teaches us about how perceptions happen and are thought of, memory systems including the linking system and the loci system, suggestion - how it can influence people and where to be begin, a brief history of hypnosis and suggestibility, and how to do it, hallucinations, phobia cures and anti-science.

The illustration of the book is absolutely brilliant. Things are written in a way that everyone can understand. You do not have to already be a physchologist to get this book; you just need to be open minded and be able to pay attention when reading. Derren has a simple way of putting things and has some very interesting views on life, of which he shares with the readers. Talking of religion and science will come as very interesting, but if this is not your thing then you can simply enjoy the trickery and learning how to do the things he does.

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