Design process: The Planning our best friend!

Renault Twizy Design macro planning
Renault Twizy Design macro planning | Source

The Planning

Today I write few lines about Design process and mainly about The Poject Planning or Time-table with its deadlines to respect and differents design steps to organize and realize.

I am talking about project management, in a designer life you do not have only cool sketching and nice illustrations. It is fundamental to manage your available time to respect projects milestones.

It is about discipline, self construction and auto motivation, it means taking decision, choosing directions and action.

The objectify is to grow up as a real designer and not remain and recognized as a good student. This practice or attitude is specially indicated for last year students, when students start feeling getting close to the last day of school. Their heads get concentrated about the after school for something they do not know.

So how much time we have left? How do I start writing down my planning? How many steps and what type of activities?

Generally you start from presentation date and realize how much time you have in your pocket (counting the days back untill your today)! Take this time and divide it in 3 or 4 steps or phases. So you have : brainstorming/sketching - final layout renderings - 3D Alias - model making - presentation. This is your macro planning, now each phase has it's own micro planning which you have to develop specially for Alias and model making activities, once you are done set the presentation date at least 5 days earlier just in case something goes do not want run out of time!

Ok, so this is the main reason why it is important to get organized on our project management, this practice will help you for a better and faster integration in the real design world. It is good if you go to a design studio joining a design team as well as if you work for yourself freelancing. Be structured helps a lot.

I would like to conclude this hub by remembering to all of you that before becoming disciplinated and professional you must learn really well how to draw to design whatever you wish.

Thanks for reading!

In this video you will see one of my lectures made at IAAD Design school in Turin Italy. Here I gave a vision about R&D design activities in our design studio and made a particular lecture about how we plan our activities.

The planning of a project becomes a strategic element of our design process in order to make a good project having a good control of it. For this reason "The Planning" becomes our best friend with which control and manage our project.

I hope you will enjoy this video.

© 2012 Luciano Bove

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Ahmad murad 4 years ago

thanks for the precious advice Luciano

luciano63 profile image

luciano63 4 years ago from Paris Author

Thanks for reading.

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